KGP Conspiracy

is a new power trio featuring Weavil Jeff with master rhythm section of
Michael Kinney, and Travis Plantico.
Formed through a series of multi-tracked rehearsals in April of 2007 at The Lizardz' Area 31, 
this powerful ensemble plans to RECORD AN ALBUM (done)
and perform on occassion, primarily in the Central Wisconsin area. 
All members sing and contribute to songwriting.

All three members are a part of Sinner Street
so check that out

Available at Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI ...Thanks Mike!

P and G with Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult
2013-12-14 Menasha, WI

Inner Sleeve Wausau, WI 9/10/2013 

Inner Sleeve Wausau, WI 10/08/2013 

Available at RadioKAOS in Stevens Point, WI ...Thanks Randy!

Radio KAOS Stevens Point, WI Aug 2013 

Available at Deaf Ear in LaCrosse, WI
Available at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI...Thanks Angie!
Available at Mad City Music Exchange in Madison, WI
Available at C note Music in Wis. Rapids, WI - Thanks Jamie C!
Available at The Exclusive Company in Appleton, WI, Oshkosh, WI and Green Bay, WI
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Check us out at:

German Rock Magazine Review
Here's a rough translation from bing translator
Not with the from 1954 to 1991 of active in - and out - country secret KGB service of the USSR should you, change this force,
Although the name KGP conspiracy maybe so something suggests. The CD contains no secret recordings, but varied rich rock music in many shades and colors. In the last issue, the U.S. force was discussed the Lizardz. Their guitarist Jeff Gauss and drummer Travis Plantico stuck together with singer/bassist Michael Kinney behind KGP conspiracy, which have been active since 2005. Together with some guests this album emerged now, offering so many different listening impressions in its sixteen tracks, that they discovered a further influence of the band each time through the CD. With a great advantage of KGP conspiracy is the varied vocals, share is namely Michael Kinney, Jeff Gauss and Travis Plantico this task. Melody, melody and melody again - that offer titles such as "Let's play", "Ballad Of Queenie Rose", "River City Blues" or "come on Over Tonight". And you clearly realize that KGP conspiracy to recognize good taste are zen, one in her pieces ranging from the Beatles, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, Tom Petty to the Traveling Wilburys in addition to many others only high. This attraction lungsreich arranged a few discreet singer/songwriter elements and everything: an insider's tip, to discover it. Contact us at or various social networks.
Fan Feedback
I really like this album so be prepared for me to play more of it on WWSP 90fm
- Amber/Club Wisconsin
2013-10-24 THE Warren Hewetson (Includes bits of The Lizardz)
Now, I get to headphone listen to 'em. My word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are such a treat. Such a contrast between bands. And that's what impresses me. You're so pro-talented. The KGB...well reminds of the cross between The Byrds/Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty. Ummmmm... except 'Head Lock ‘and 'What Lies Ahead'...ballbusters. And I think 'What Lies Ahead' is my fav. Warren Zevon would love the lyrics to KGB's stuff! Eyeblinder is a powder keg. I like the vocals of that Jeff Gauss guy. All of it has such twists. Just like you advertisement says, 'genre-bending’! I now finally have 'Make It Happen' and 'Myrtle' and 'California'(not on the vinyl)! 'Let It Go' is on the vinyl (not on CD). Believe me when I say that it reminds me of BOC is not an insult. The Lizardz complement them. Thank you Jeff for these two journeys! 
I'm proud of you and proud for you! 
This stuff rocks me.
"Great album! I especially loved Ballad of Queenie Rose"
Rick in Texarkana, Texas
From LD at BOC's J&A
that's great!!  if you played that at the White Rabbit here, the place would go bonkers.
a pit full of Lucha Libre's.  arrrrrriiiiiiiBA!!! 
From  R Thomas Kofler 
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your CD. Great song writing and arrangements! Enjoyed the Beatles influence, along with a little of Tom Petty sound in some of your vocals. Had a few laughs listening to some of the lyrical content as well! 
Hats off to you guys, great job!! 


Sat., June 12 - Mr. Ed's
WiRapids, WI -FREE
4010 Plover Rd
!!!Customer Appreciation/Anniversary Bash!!!
For immediate Release Please

Recording Artists Return to Live Stage 
(by T.R. Dylan)

KGP Conspiracy will bring its unique brand of Rare Rock and Originals back to the stage after a six-month performance break. KGP Conspiracy consists of Michael Kinney on Bass, Jeff Gauss on Guitar, and Travis Plantico on drums 
and all members contribute vocals.

The Wisconsin Rapids-based power trio has been busy recording an album of original music at Studio Earth in Madison. As the band’s main songwriter, Michael Kinney has kept the trio busy, writing new material almost constantly. “We took six songs we’d written, demoed, and played out live and performed them at Studio Earth. We have been working on mixes for the past few months.” says Kinney. Gauss has worked with Studio Earth’s Jim Newhouser for over a decade with many projects. “I’ve trusted Jim with my music and guitars for many years,” he added, “so it just felt like the right place to record. It was a natural choice.” The band made demos of much of their material before heading to Madison to track. KGP Conspiracy rehearses at Plantico’s place, Red Carpet Studio, and can often be found making demos of new compositions there. “It really helped to have gone through the motions of recording, mixing, and producing these demos ahead-of-time,” says Travis, “as we already knew what sounds, feels, and effects we wanted to use before heading south to record.” The band hopes to release their debut album this summer.

KGP Conspiracy perform this Saturday, February 20 at Jennings & Co. at 9:30pm.

There is no cover charge.
For more information please visit these websites:

>>> 2010 Shows <<<
Sat., Feb. 20 - Jennings & Co.
WiRapids, WI -FREE
Our return to the hip place downtown
and first show in quite a while so please come out and support this one

(poster by Travis) 
>>> 2009 Shows <<<

Sat., June 6 - Mr. Ed's - WIRapids - FREE
Customer Appreciation Day - Time TBA

Stay In Time>
American Girl
Come On Over Tonight
She's A Lady
No Excuses
Rebel rebel>
Suffragette City
Heartful of Soul
Senior Pie
Forever Man
Psycho Killer
I'm 18
If That's What It Takes
I Can't Explain
Rockin' in the Free World
Fairy Tales
White Room
Getting In Tune
Green Light Girl>
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
Suffragette City 2
War Pigs
It's A Crazy World/Evermore
Headlock (debut)

Steve Kuehn/Take One Audio Sound

Sat., July 4 - Hollyrock's Beer Garden - WIRapids - FREE
Immediately following the Fireworks!!!

Sat., July 18 - FishFest - Kellner/WIRapids - FREE
UWCancer Center-Lovelights Fundraiser - Time TBA

Sampling some of the great appetizers at the brew pub is the best way to avoid DWI or DUI problems when driving home. Any San Antonio DWI attorney would say that eating something when 
out drinking and listening to bands is a good idea. 
Most brew pubs have an extensive list of appetizers, many of which may be able to order late into the night.

* Bookings *
New page at SongRamp...
give a listen and write a review 
if ya like

KGP Conspiracy won an award for rock melody of the week 
for the last week of April for "Tornado" on Garageband

KGP Conspiracy's song, "Come On Over Tonight" was featured as's Groove Rock Track of the Day on Friday, the 13th 
of March, 2009.

Thanks for all of the support! 

Also on myspace

The week of April 28th's TODDCAST featured 
KGP Conspiracy's
"Fairy Tales"
from The Egg of the Phoenix CD
(THANKS Roger!)
NOTE: it is now archived at above link

Here's an idea of what one may hear at a KGP Conspiracy show
ORIGINALS - Click to listen for FREE!
If That's What It Takes (Kinney)
Fairy Tales (Kinney)
Juan the Donkey Boy (Kinney)
*Review: Cream is back!*
Nonsence (Plantico)
River City Blues (Featherly/Gauss)
Contrast (Gauss)
Talk (Plantico)
Tornado (Kinney)
Come Back When I'm Different (Kinney)
It's A Crazy World/Evermore (Kinney/Gauss)
Look at You (Plantico)
Madeline (Kinney)
Come On Over Tonight (Kinney)
Senior Pie (Gauss)
Lucy's Petting Zoo (Kinney)
Let's Play (Kinney)
Hybrid Kid (Kinney)
What Lies Ahead (Plantico)
Web Of Lies - KGP Conspiracy
Getting in Tune - The Who
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
I Can't Explain - The Who
Bargain - The Who
Love Ain't For Keeping - The Who
Shakin' All Over - The Who/Johnny Kid & the Pirates
She Said She Said - The Beatles
Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
Come Together - The Beatles/Aerosmith
Money (That's What I Want) - The Beatles/Barrett Strong 
Forever Man - Eric Clapton
White Room - Cream
Why Does Love Got to be So Sad? - Derek and the Dominos
I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley/Eric Clapton
American Girl - Tom Petty
Breakdown - Tom Petty
I Need to Know - Tom Petty
Honey Bee - Tom Petty
Fire - Jimi Hendrix
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan/ Jimi Hendrix
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
Suffragette City - David Bowie
Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young
No Excuses - Alice in Chains
Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains
Stay in Time - Off Broadway
Bad Indication - Off Broadway
Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds
Deal - Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead
White Punks on Dope - The Tubes
Green Light Girl - Doyle Bramhill II
Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose
Remedy - The Black Crowes
One - U2
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
I Am the Highway - Audioslave
Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
Soul Sacrifice - Santana
She's A Lady - Tom Jones
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly and the Family Stone
I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper 
~ ************************************ ~

Sat., Feb 21 - Jennings & Co. - 9pm - FREE
Come celebrate our first show of the year!
to be given away!
(Post show note: Special THANKS to Milo Plante for mixing the show-GREAT WORK!)

Saturday, September 6 ~ WIRapids, WI
Hollyrock's Beer Garden

( permitting)

Saturday, July 19 ~ Kellner, WI
with Fish Audio Productions

with Element 13, The aTOMix and Blue Olives
(Blue Olives cancelled due to storm)
State Waterski Championship Weekend!

Fairy Tales
I Can't Explain
I Need to Know>American Girl
I Am the Highway
Heart Full of Soul
Getting In Tune
Juan the Donkey Boy
No Excuses
She's A Lady
Bad Motor Scooter
Psycho Killer>White Room
Stay In Time
Day Tripper
Interstate Love Song
River City Blues (aborted due to storm)

Saturday, July 5 ~ Jennings and Co.
WIRapids, WI ~ FREE
the 'new joint' downtown in the
Barmuda Triangle

210 1st. Street N. 
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494 

Stay In Time
Green Light Girl
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
I Need to Know>American Girl
No Excuses
I Am the Highway
Heart Full of Soul
Juan the Donkey Boy
I Can't Explain
White Room
Getting In Tune
Fairy Tales
She Said She Said>Tomorrow Never Knows
Heaven Beside You
Rebel Rebel>Suffragette City
MTV Sucks Jam
Forever man
She's A Lady
Bad Motor Scooter
Day Tripper
All Along the Watchtower
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
Money (That's What I Want)
Stay in Time 2
Soul Sacrifice>Evil Ways>Soul Sacrificie>
If That's What It Takes

River City Blues>American Girl 2

Saturday, June 7 ~ Mr. Ed's ~ WIRapids, WI ~ 5pm
First full show - 2 sets!
FREE Customer Appreciation Day

(poster by Redcap...THANKS) 

 Stay in Time
Green Light Girl
Why Does Love Got to be So Sad
I Need to Know>American Girl
No Excuses
I Am the Highway
Rockin' in the Free World>Heart Full of Soul
Juan the Donkey Boy
She's A Lady
Psycho Killer>White Room
Getting in Tune
Fairy Tales>I Can't Explain
Happy Birthday (for Jill)
She Said She Said>Tomorrow Never Knows
Heaven Beside You
Day Tripper
Rebel Rebel>Suffragette City
Forever Man
Bad Motor Scooter
American Girl (2)
Interstate Love Song
River City Blues>If That's What It Takes

KGP Conspiracy June 2008 Sampler
1. Bad Motor Scooter
2. Green Light Girl
3. If That's What It Takes* - The Egg of the Phoenix CD (2/2008)
4. Juan the Donkey Boy *
5. White Room
6. Psycho Killer
7. I Am the Highway
8. All Along the Watchtower ^
9. She Said She Said>River City Blues
10. Fairy Tales * - The Egg of the Phoenix CD (2/2008)
11. Tomorrow Never Knows ^

All songs recorded at Red Carpet Studios Rehearsals Spring 2008 
except the Egg of the Phoenix and ^ (Area 31)

Sunday, April 27 ~ Hollyrock's ~ WIRapids, WI
Benefit for Val Fenander
afternoon - OUTDOORS 
TIME 4pm
other bands on the bill inculded:
The Lizardz, The Recliners, and The aTomix

Fairy Tales
        I Need to Know > American Girl > 
Green Light Girl
Psycho Killer > White Room
Rockin In The Free World > Heart Full of Soul
No Excuses
Bad Motor Scooter 
River City Blues
Forever Man
Suffragette City
Juan the Donkey Boy
Heaven Beside You
If That’s What It Takes

(photo by Anita Plantico)

The debut show was
Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 at
 The Bar - 150 2nd St N - WiRapids, WI
Musch/Plantico Benefit


Fairy Tales>
Rebel Rebel>
Suffragette City>
Green Light Girl
No Excuses>
River City Blues
Rockin' in the Free World>
Heart Full of Soul
Bad Motor Scooter>
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
Juan the Donkey Boy
If That's What It Takes

 (poster by Travis Plantico) 

(photo by Jeff 'Weavil' Gauss with cameraphone) 

• KGP Conspiracy returns to Jennings & Co., 210 First St. N, at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free. For more information, call 424-5200 or go to the Web site at

KGP Conspiracy will play its unique brand of originals and rare classic rock at 9 p.m. Friday at Jennings and Co., 210 First St. N. There is no cover charge. For more information, call 424-5200.
Fish Fest started in 2008 as a way to honor and remember Nancy Fisher of Wisconsin Rapids, who died July 20, 2007, from cancer. As the inaugural event turned from a family gathering to a music festival, Nancy's son, Dean Fisher, and his friend, Jason Whitney, contacted Love Lights, an organization that raises money for UW Cancer Center Riverview.
Love Lights receives all proceeds from the annual festival.
"(With this event) we want to help benefit those suffering with cancer and remember all the people who have passed away from cancer, and celebrate their lives," Fisher said. This year's event, which will be from 4 p.m. to midnight Saturday at the Fisher Homestead, 8610 Mill Road, also will honor the memory of Whitney's grandmother, Shirley Whitney, who passed away seven years ago from colon cancer. "One-hundred percent of what we raise goes to the cancer center," said Marilyn Helgestad, who co-chairs Love Lights with Diane Pokrandt. "And the money we raise is used for something to help the patients, not for research."

Fish Fest 2009 will feature five bands. The aTOMix will perform from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., Shockwave from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., 
KGP Conspiracy from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 
and the Blue Olives Band will take the stage at 9 p.m. Four Shots and We're Good will provide music in between bands.

"The bands all play a real mellow, jazzy blues kind of music," Whitney said. "And all of the bands are donating their time, which is amazing."
In addition to music, the event also will include children's games, face painting, a silent auction with pieces donated by local artists, a dunk tank, disc golf, and food available from Great Expectations and 2 Fat Bikers BBQ. "(Fish Fest) is a wonderful family experience," Helgestad said. "There are enough things to keep people, from children to adults, happy." Tickets for the Charity House Raffle will be sold during Fish Fest, and the winner of a new home, valued at $230,000, as well as a $1,000 gift certificate from Furniture Studio and several $1,000 cash prizes will be announced at 8 p.m. Tickets are $100 each and proceeds benefit the Family Center Inc. and Love Lights. Love Lights also will hold a basket raffle and a 50/50 cash raffle during the event to raise funds for the local cancer center. 
Admission to Fish Fest is free. A $5 donation is requested for parking.
Free camping also will be available on the grounds; just bring a tent.
About 250 people attended last year's event, which was shut down early because of weather. A little more than $2,000 was raised in 2008.
"Cancer is something that unfortunately touches everyone in some way, shape or form," Whitney said. "And we are so fortunate to have a facility like UW Cancer Center Riverview in this area, so people can receive treatment here and not have to travel to receive care."

A customer appreciation bash, featuring KGP Conspiracy, will begin at 6 p.m. Saturday at Mr. Ed's, 4010 Plover Road. The group performs a variety of rare and original classic rock tunes. There is no cover. For more information, call 421-0851 or go to the Web site at
KGP Conspiracy -- featuring Jeff Gauss, Michael Kinney and Travis Plantico -- will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday at Jennings & Co., 210 First St. N. There is no cover charge, and the band is giving away 30 CDs. 
For more information, call 424-5200. 

Fish Fest 2008 is a one-day music festival from 2 p.m. to midnight Saturday to raise funds for UW Cancer Center Riverview. Bands scheduled to play include: The Blue Olives, KGP Conspiracy, aTOMix, The Locals and T.J. Greene. Food, beer, face painting, clowns, extreme motorsport demos, raffles, and camping are all part of the agenda. The event also is in remembrance of the late Nancy Fisher. It will be held at Fisher Homestead, 8610 Mill Road. For more information, call 459-2403. A $5 donation is requested for parking. 

Fire destroys Grant home
GRANT -- Charred remains are all that's left of a town of Grant home after a fire destroyed it Sunday afternoon. 
The renters who lived in the home at 2311 100th St. S. were Lizardz' drummer Travis's mother and sister. 
They lost all belongings and their dog. 

Two Stages, Raffles, Prizes, Food, Bevarages, and Fun for all ages!

Rock Stage bands include: 
Whiskey River Reunion, the Lizardz, the aTOMix, KGP Conspiracy, 
Surrender Dorothy, and Metalzedge 

Acoustic Stage includes: 
Jack and Connie Duo, Kosmic Sounds, 
Jeff Weavil Power Hour, Petey's Rage,
and more 


New info on its way so
Come back soon!