*** Celebrating 25 years ***

(collage by Geppy)

(photo by Jeremy Smith with Jeff's phone on 5/21/6-Madison, WI)
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The Weavils is a three-piece funky psychedelic blues rock band based in the Wisconsin Rapids, and Fox Valley, WI areas, that performs an eclectic mix of original music and covers by various influences
including the Radiators, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, the Beatles, and Phish.

 The Weavils were formed as a studio unit on January 29, 1992 and have been
performing together since that date.


Jeff Gauss is the guitarist and lead vocalist.
Performing since 1980 with bands ranging from folk to blues to rock to pop to theatre.
Previous bands include Oasis, Envelopment, and Piecework.
He has also been a member of
Chris Plata with Extra Hot (featuring Clyde Stubblefield), Barb Bazaldua Band, Olive Parade,
Psychobabble, 3 Day Stubble (featuring legendary blues guitarist John Davis),
Black-n-Blues, Neon Rainbow, solo acoustic shows,
and in an acoustic duo with former Weavil Hawk Hawkins..
He also performs with KGP Conspiracy , The Lizardz ,
A Tribute to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Funkstick.

He has also acted as assistant musical director and guitarist for
Act Two/Mainstage Productions/Theatrix's versions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita,
and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
in the Fox Valley area.

He has also worked as a house soundman at the Crystal Corner Bar,
the Portal Music Cafe, and The Annex in Madison.
Jeff also mixes for several bands including El Donk and PROG.

Jeff is a House Engineer/Producer at Area 31 Productions in Wisconsin Rapids.

He is also a seasoned veteran with hosting Jam Sessions and has shared the stage with greats like Todd Rundgren, Buck Dharma, Jules Radino, Jack Secret,
Clyde Stubblefield, Luther Allison, James Earl Tate, Willy Porter, "Steady Rollin'" Bob Margolin, John Primer, Michael Murphy, Michael Boyle, Kevin Stellman,
Tuck Pence, and Milo Plante...among others.

"Jeff has the kind of voice that ya just wanna cuddle up with, He is a passionate, talented cat and deserve the props"
- Albert Bouchard - Blue Coupe, the Brain Surgeons, and Blue Oyster Cult 1/22/14

"HEY FOLKS!!!! If you don't know these guys, you ain't hip!! (Do people still say "Hip?") Jeff Gauss is one of the first cat's I met when I moved to WI years years ago. He was impressive then, and he's LEGEND now!!! His old Weavils' keys player, Jim, became my best friend, and remained so until his passing. Mark Larson, his now keys cat, is phenomenal!!!! And, funny!! That's a prerequisite to belonging to a Gauss band!! Jeff plays in the true Brit style, and it's so damned refreshing to hear someone render old styles with such new breath!! They don't merely regurgitate like so many others, they re-interpret!!! Hey, go see 'em!! The LIZARDZ. They definitely put the "Rock" back in Rock and Roll!!!!!!"
-Michael Murphy

"Jeff Gauss is a crackerjack soundman and knows that room and the Crystal's soundsystem well."
- Jake ~Friday on My Mind~ WORTfm, Madison, WI 4/26/5

Jeff resides in Wisconsin Rapids and  serves as the main contact for The Weavils.
His blog can be found here:

*Jeff prefers Cleartone Strings*

I have tried many different strings over the decades of playing and performing (live and in the studio) but have never found something that could bend so well and stay in tune over multiple shows, until i found Cleartone. I never really paid much attention to the brand of strings i used until i discovered these. The way they hold their tone and tuning, even while bending WAY outside the normal realm, continues to amaze me. The durability - whether in a smokey bar, basement studio, outdoors, or a dusty theatre - is astounding! They also seem to last three times as long as other brands i have used! The residue from my hands has destroyed strings in the past but this has not been a problem with Cleartone, and that is something that amazes me.
I have also found that it takes A LOT to break them (and i have tried)!
They also carry great tone from low to high - and that's quite incredible.

THANK YOU for making such a high-quality product and teaching me that string brand can make a HUGE difference.
Jeff "Weavil" Gauss

...and is also the co-producer of the LizardzBootz series
One of Jeff's productions,
King Swing,
makes CD!

It's hard to believe that three years have gone by since I had Bake Sale on the brain. I have been drooling for months, so it's time to dig in and put some in the belly.
We start out with a smooth mellow dish in "Intro," but don't let it fool you, because you are about to have your palate assaulted by "Drive." BS4 alumni Meantooth Grin, bring you "Intro/Drive" and it's that combination of sweet and salty, that I know you'll like.
Next we continue the slide into "Turpentine/Wade in the Water." Clovis Mann returns with another combo taste as greasy breakfast slides into Sunday morning brunch.
Michael Murphy & the Mob bring some comfort food to the table with Why "Get a Chevrolet." Once you try it, you will be glad to have them back and realize that an oldie can be a goodie.
Next it is time to wash some of this down. Here to help us do just that is Bake Sale first - timer Aaron Williams And The Hoodoo with "Drinking Blues." 2:57 PM is close enough to Happy Hour…I need a drink.
You better put that drink down or you will end up like Cadillac Pete and The Heat. They bring us "Rolling Pin." That woman will hit you upside your chin.
New to the Bake Sale is The Charles Walker Band with a little something for later on, to help burn off some of these tasty treats. "Boogie Woogie" will do the trick.
The Nitecaps stop in to add a little dipping sauce to whatever you want to spice up. "King Swing" will definitely do that.
Welcome to the dining room.
Returning from BS4 is Deep Water Reunion. They will get you past that, this is so good but I'm starting to get full point. Once you hear "I Came Here to Play," you know that you are in for the long haul and happy about it.
We are proud to have the talented pat mAcdonald make an appearance to serve us up some thump and stomp on "My Troubled Mind." It leaves us with more room in the stomach. Bring it on!
Another new dish, brought to us by Hounds Tooth, reminds us that whatever new thing we are eating, it is because of the dishes served before. "Blues is Truth" does just that.
Perry Weber & The Deville's have made an appearance and brought us a classic Midwest casserole. All the basics are there but nobody is talking about it because they are too busy eating up "Got My Room."
First timers, The Delta Jets dropped off a plate of greasy appetizers, with "My Baby Blues." I know you are supposed to eat them at the beginning but sometimes you go back to them during the middle of dinner, because they are so good.
The fresh dishes keep coming with The Playground of Sound's "Leavin' Suzanna." You may be thinking about having that second drink about now, because you have just been inspired to keep moving on with your journey.
That inspiration led you to fall in love with what you are now sampling. South End Blues Band brings us yet another new dish with "Love Tsunami."
Sometimes when you try something we haven't had before, you can't help but laugh when you taste it. "Crossdresser's Blues" by Queenie & the Blue Cats makes that happen.
Making his first appearance serving us since BS2 in 2001 is Jimmy Vogeli, with "I Know What I Like." Your foot starts to tap and you're thinking it's almost time for desert because you really don't deserve this much good stuff.
BS4 veterans the Jerry Henry Band return with "Sugar Momma." They will inspire you to clean off your plate, because desert is about to be served.
Desert is a three-piece course with classics on the menu. These deserts differ a little from the rest of the meal but they are familiar.
This newcomer inspires us to burn off some classic calories with "Walkin Shoes." Welcome Doug Kroening to the Bake Sale.
"Crucify" by Sue Dabaco and Wise Fools reminds me of mixing the cake with frosting, ice cream, chocolate syrup and your favorite candy all together in a bowl. It's all familiar and tastes good.
Aaron Williams And The Hoodoo will "Hypnotize" you, with their song of the same name. That is what you are going to need after taking this all in. Hey maybe that type of diet will work for me? Loosen your belt and hit play again. I dare you!
Ron Hoerter
Compilation Producer,
Bake Sale Volume Five CD

This song was engineered, mixed, and produced by me
at Area 31 Productions


Dean Tassone
 is the drummer and one of the founding members of The Weavils. He also provides lead and backing vocals from behind his drum set.  Dean is a seven-year alumnus of the award-winning
Americanos Drum & Bugle Corps, and performed in Mediator-a Christian rock band-
and along with Gauss in Piecework before forming The Weavils.
A seven year alumnus of the award winning Americanos Drum & Bugle Corps, he performed in the band Piecework with Gauss before the formation of The Weavils.
Dean is  the backbone of the band providing a relentless driving groove while controlling the dynamics of the band with a mere flick of a stick.  Dean is also a full time father, husband, and boss - running his own company in Appleton, WI. Still, he has found the time to take the stage with acts like Little Cisco, Bobby Evans and the Alimony Blues Band, The Great Garbonzos, Otto's Jacket,
Father Mac (Beatles Tribute), Father Mike and the Hopeless Sinners,
and with Geppy on two live recreations of Pink Floyd's "The Wall."


John Luc Finucan is the keyboardist and vocalist that also plays accordian.
He has played with bands throughout the Midwest since 1981 including Thef, Dizzy's Horn, Accelerators, Politix, and the Blue Olives Band-
covering styles from jazz to classical, experimental, pop, and blues.
John joined The Weavils in 1994 and resides in the Madison area.


Mike Gephart is the bassist and vocalist. "Geppy" joined The Weavils in 1996 after spending two years
admiring them from the dance floor. He has been performing live since 1989 in every style from country to heavy metal. Bnads that have benefited from Geppy's in-the-pocket groove are Dark Ages,
the Alamo Band, F.B.N.C., Bobby Evans' Dairyland Kings, the Groove Pilots, the Great Garbonzos,
Otto's jacket, Father Mike and the Hopeless Sinners, Father Mac,
A Tribute to Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Boneyfingers, Wiggins and Funkstick.

In addition, Gep has played for such theatrical productions as
"Jesus Christ Superstar" and "A Chorus Line".
Geppy currently resides in Oshkosh, WI with his wife and dog.

*Geppy gets his gear fixed and tweaked by Angeltone Electronics*


Mike Boyle is the 'interim Weavil' filling in for John Finucan when needed.
A long-time brother of the band, his years of experience with Dean and Geppy
are well-known to most in the Fox Valley area with such bands as Otto's Jacket
and The Wall 'pit band'.
Known as Mr. Mike to many, this cat can tear-it-up and he also sings well.
Mike brings a new angle of cover songs to the band so look for 'guitar duels'
between Mike and Jeff on the horizon.

Each member of The Weavils contributes to songwriting and vocals.

The Weavils may be contacted through
Jeff at (608) 258-9441 or
Mike/"Geppy" at (920) 379-5307
or Email

   The Weavils all-originals debut CD Make it Happen and live releases
Live at the Barrymore (5.8.99) and Live at Cornstock (7.11.98 and 7.12.03),
as well as FOUR releases from the Vaults, are all available on this site.

KILLER art by David Schrader - 22th Year...

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