KILLER art by David Schrader...again!

**~~~~~~~~~~ FROM THE VAULTS 4 ~~~~~~~~~~**

Our first DVD, coming soon, is made up of two acoustic (unplugged) performances, recorded on
4/21/04 at Milwaukee's Shank Hall and 7/18/03 at Madison's The Annex.
These unique performances were opening slots for
Michele Rundgren and The Brain Surgeons, respectively.

Incredible mastering work, as always, from Jim Newhouser at Madison's Studio Earth
Supporting this first video release will help assure more video releases in the future.

Wonderful cover art by smeeg.

the weavils unplugged
april 21, 2004/july 18, 2003
from the vault 4

>>>>>>>april 21, 2004<<<<<<<
milwaukee, wi
shank hall

heart of yours (gauss)
river city blues (featherly/gauss)
happy land (finucan) [mislabeled on cover]
make it happen (gauss/finucan)*
ode to todd (improv-gauss/finucan/larson)*>
one world (rundgren)*

*special guest-mark larson
(opening act for michele rundgren's opening show of tour 2004)

>>>>>>>july 18, 2003<<<<<<<
madison, wi
the annex

make it happen (gauss/finucan)
comin' into los angeles (a. guthrie)
dance of death (finucan)
river city blues (featherly/gauss)
rain (lennon/mccartney)
BOC medley (arrangement: finucan)
happy land (finucan)

bonus: soundcheck
(opening act for the brain surgeons summer tour 2003)

**~~~~~~~~~~ FROM THE VAULTS 3 ~~~~~~~~~~**

Recorded 7/12/03 with a MULTI-TRACK setup, this new piece sonically blows away all previous releases! Mixed, mastered, and magiced at Studio Earth in Madison, WI
by Jim Newhouser and Jeff Gauss, this double disc
captures The Weavils at their favorite festival ... again.

!!!!!!!!!FABULOUS sound quality!!!!!!!!!
(Our best yet)

Wonderful cover art (once again) by smeeg.

1. Make It Happen (Gauss/Finucan)
2. Franklin's Tower->What's The Buzz?
3. Part 'til the Money Run Out
4. Eyesight to the Blind
5. Boogie On Reggae Woman
6. Television Zombies (Finucan)
7. Rain
8. Steely Weavils (Finucan)
9. Mr. Charlie
10. Since I Grooved Witchu (Gauss/Miller)
11. Dance of Death (Finucan)
12. Comin' into Los Angeles
13. One World


1. Smoke Two Joints->
2. Thunderbird
3. Satisfy (Hawkins)
4. Scarlet Begonnias->
5. Celebrate Yourself (Hawkins)
6. Stinkfoot->
7. Sleepin' Pill (Gauss)
8. Sir Segramore (Finucan)
9. Lookout (Finucan)->
10. Empty Spaces->Young Lust->Lookout
11. Possum
12. Mike's Song

**~~~~~~~~~~ FROM THE VAULTS 2 ~~~~~~~~~~**

Recorded 7/11/98, this double CD captures the band at their favorite outdoor summer festival, 
CORNSTOCK in Sugar Bush, WI. 
Excellent post-production work from original two track recording at Madison's Studio Earth
by Jim Newhouser, Alex Mielke, and Jeff Gauss. 

Wonderful cover art by smeeg.

1. Intro >
2. Make It Happen (Gauss/Finucan) 
3. Franklin's Tower>What's the Buzz?
4. Party 'til the Money Run Out
5. Celebrate Yourself (Hawkins)
6. Heart of Yours (Gauss) 
7. Steely Weavils (Finucan) 
8. Satisfy (Hawkins)
9. Since I Grooved Witchu (Gauss/Miller) 
10. Steamroller

1. Televison Zombies (Finucan) 
2. Smoke Two Joints>
3. Thunderbird 
4. Possum 
5. Phantom Fireworks Jam>
6. Scarlet Begonnias>Dark Star Jam
7. Dance of Death
8.Weavilin' (Tassone/Gephart)
9. Percussion Jam>Power Outtage

**~~~~~~~~~~ FROM THE VAULTS 1 ~~~~~~~~~~**


This fine hour-long disc features both studio and live tunes from the mid-nineties lineup.
The first half of this disc is made up of 6 original tunes recorded for the Knobbywood Studio Sessions of 1995.
These sessions served as rehearsals and learning experiences for what was to become the WEAVILS' first disc,


The lineup features Hawk Hawkins on bass and vocals and includes the finally-available
LOOKOUT from the pen of keyboardist John Luc Finucan and
THE TRACKS from Jeff's pencil.

    The second half of the disc gives us unique interpretations of several cover songs that were recorded live in the Madison, WI area in 1994-95. One track comes from the Knobbywood lineup while two others take us back to the days of Steve Keller on harmonica and bassist Bill Dicke.
These live tunes were multi-tracked and mixed down at Knobbywood Studios in Sun Prairie, WI in 1995
and include the much sought after classic, Smoke Two Joints.

    1995 STUDIO

1 Since I Grooved Witchu (Gauss/Miller) 5:35
2 The Tracks (Gauss) 3:42
3 Whiskey Waters (Hawkins/Gauss) 2:47
4 Satisfy (Hawkins) 3:59
5 Free Friends (Gauss/Rucci) 3:48
6 Lookout (Finucan) 8:11

    LIVE '94-95

7 Mercury Blues 9:18
8 Women Are Smarter->Not Fade Away 8:56
7.2.94 Cross Plains, WI Potts Inn

9 Smoke Two Joints 6:26
8.25.95 Madison, WI Angelic Brewing Co.

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