~jeff and stars~
a collection of photos taken with stars

with Stu Allen
8/4-5/6 black river falls ncn-north campgrounds at the grateful garcia gathering
(JGB's incredible axeman/vocalist that recalls the man himself)

with Kansas at Point Brewery's Rock the Block Bash

with the Weavils
5/21/6 Crystal Corner Bar in Madison, WI
(photo by Jeremy Smith with my phone)

with Howard"Guitar"Luedtke and Tuck Pence
the New Body Shop in Whiskey Rapids
(photo by Pete with my cell phone)

w/ Roger Steen of the tubes

with Blue Oyster Cult'sBuck Dharma
2/17/6 at hotel after Meyer Theatre show in Green Bay

with Jack Secret (Buck and Alex Lifeson's guitar tech) and Buck Dharma at Heroe's in Green Bay

with Jules Radino, newest drummer for BOC
(when i asked him to play with dynamics-as we tore up the stage at an open jam at Heroe's-he replied,
"i don't play that way"

with BOC's KILLER soundman Steve "Woody" LaCerra

with Ross the Boss at Hollyrock's in Wisco Rapids on 8/14/5
(photo courtesy of Barrymore Sal via chefdean-THANKS!)

with the Brain Surgeons' Albert Bouchard and the Lizardz at Hollyrock's in Wisco Rapids on 8/14/5
(photos courtesy of Redcap-THANKS BRO!)

with Christopher and Megan 7/4/5 downtown in the 'Pids

with Joey Molland of Badfinger on 7/7/4 at the Taste of Minnesota
(photo by Milo Plante...THANKS!)

with Lizardz at Lambeau Field in Green Bay

with Scott Walfer and John Toljanic at Walkerfest
(phot by Sharon)

w/ Roger Steen of the tubes

with Redcap at Fish Day in Port Washington

with The Tubes' Roger Steen, Prairie Prince, Fee Waybill, and Rick Anderson...and friends
Post-Summerfest show

with Todd Rundgren at the pabst theatre in milwaukee, wi 7/23/3 post-solo show gathering

 with Todd Rundgren outside of memorial auditorium in burlington, iowa 7/14/2 post-a walk down abbey road

at CLB's private party with Todd Rundgren in kenosha, wi 7/4/1 private party solo show

at CLB's private party in kenosha, wi 7/4/1 playing "mystified"

TR signing my birthday card at bridgewater hall in manchester, england 7/18/4.
many thanks to lauRA, tst, and jojo for being so incredibly kind!

~~~~~~~~~~> a critics' choice with Jeff and TR mention! <~~~~~~~~~~

Critics' Choice in The Capital Times/Wisconsin State Journal Rhythm Section
Thursday, April 14 2005

Be sure to brush up on current events
-and the latest Todd Rundgren news-
if you want to maximize your enjoyment of
Jeff Weavil's
acoustic/improv madness at The Portal Music Cafe, 310 S. Brearly St., on Tuesday.
Dead Horse opens at 9pm.
many thanks to Tom Alesia for sending me a copy!

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with liars T at walkerfest in aurora, il 8/7/4

with liars baseball jersey in lizardz studio - area 31 8/27/4
liars T and jersey by

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