UPDATE 1/1/15
 My Best Albums of 2013 List (in order)
1. Jethro Tull "A Passion Play-Extended Performance" Hi-Res Booklet/Box
2. Beck "Morning Phase" LP
3. Zephyr S/T CD/LP
4. Hookworms "The Hum" LP
5. Foo Fighters "Sonic Highways" LP
6. Hushdrops "Tomorrow" Double LP/CD
7. Ryan Adams S/T LP
8. Moon Duo "Live at Ravenna" LP
9. Temples "Sun Structures" LP
10. Jimi Hendrix "Hear My Music" RSD Double LP
11. Tame Impala "Live Versions" RSD LP
12. Elephant Stone "The Three Poisons" LP
13. Primus - "and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble" LP
14. The Black Lips - "Underneath the Rainbow" LP
15. Albert Bouchard - "Incantation" CD
16. Ace Frehley "Space Invader" CD/LP
17. Grateful Dead "Houston 11/18/72" RSD 2LPs
18. Joe Bouchard "New Solid Black" EP DL
19. "The Art of McCartney" 2CD
20. " A Psych Tribute to The Doors" LP & "Light My Fire - A Classic Rock Salute to the Doors" CD (features Todd Rundgren)

My Best Albums of 2013 List (in order)
White Denim - "Corsicana Lemonade" - LP
Todd Rundgren - "State" - 2LP & State Deluxe Edition CD with The Metropole Orchestra at “The Paradiso”, in Amsterdam, in November 2012
Tame Impala Record Store Day 2013 - EP
Wolf People "Fain" - LP
Nightbeats "Sonic Bloom" - LP
Pond "Hobo Rocket" - LP
The Black Angels "Indigo Meadow" -  LP
Jimi Hendrix "Miami Pop Festival" - 2LP
Cut S/T- LP
The Clash "London Calling" - hdtracks 24/96
Vintage Trouble "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" - 2LP
Chatham Rise S/T - LP
Govt Mule "Shout" - 2LP + CD with other artists' vocals
Paul McCartney "New" - Deluxe CD
Gary Clark, Jr. "Vol. 2 Raw Cuts" - LP
Joan Jett "Unvarnished" - LP
Blue Coupe "Million Miles More" - CD
KGP Conspiracy S/T - CD
The Lizardz "Eyeblinder" - LP and CD
Wooden Shjips "Back to Land" - LP
I lean toward the surfy/garagey/psychedelic bands these days.

2014-02-07 Instant Non-early Beatles Collection from Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI

2014-01-05 Recent LIZARDZ Airplay!

Utah Moon on COAST TO COAST AM - Dec. 1, 2013
NOTE The Lizardz in the middle-right picture above...me with the '72 Les Paul, got todd? shirt, and BOC hat!

2014-01-30 "Vinyl Richie"
Newcastle on WORTfm Madison, WI

 Make It Happen on WFKU NY, NY with "Origins" with Albert Bouchard

R.I.P. MaritimeJon Weiss
He booked us for 20+ years and was one of the BEST!

We sure miss him...
all our best to his friends and family

Obama’s Brother: President’s Life is a Lie
President Obama’s Broken Promises
Obama’s Year of Missteps
Obama: ‘I’ll Act On My Own’ Agenda He Does NOT Care!
CONFIRMED: Obama Birth Certificate Forged
President Pinocchio

LP of the Moment - CuT
I got turned onto this vinyl at Radio KAOS in Stevens Point, WI as the owner, Randy, spun it when I came in.
It is FANTASTIC, very "visual"
... about to sign. Space Rock with noise &
not much singing,
used like an effect. From U.K.
I look forward to more greatness from this fine band so CHECK 'EM OUT!

Lizardz Roadtrip
2013-10-14 Waverly Beach Menasha, WI Blue Oyster Cult
(Photos by myself and Jamie, I was Front Row)

Buck is the BEST!

Kasim still has the brace (Broken Foot)

A Line of Lizardz' "Eyeblinder" atop the bass bins and ready for signing from Buck and Richie

MY LP signed by Buck and Richie!

Roadhouse Blues EP. A recent aquisition gets SIGNED! I told the guy I got it from that I'd give here a new and wonderful home!
Top 10 Broken Obamacare Promises
Obama Denies ‘Lie of the Year’: “My Intentions Have Been Clear Throughout”

Feel Good Song of the Moment
White Denim
A Place to Start
I saw this band open for my new favorite band Tame Impala and was BLOWN AWAY by their uniqueness so I started by buying their double LP collection that I bought at the show and searching out their tunes, starting at soundcloud, and have quickly become a daily spin. I bought their new LP on opening day called corsicana lemonade and was super-impressed as this contains their newest member, Austin from Austin, a smokin' HOT axeman that plays a very old Goldtop Les Paul that adds TONS to the band's sound. I fell in love with this album but the last tune, a total feel-good song called "A Place to Start", bothered me a bit as it really didn't fit in with the rest of the album, but now I LOVE IT and cannot get enough of the good time feel it holds....
and now I am enchanted with this beauty!

I was recently asked about what 'new music' I listen to these days and here's my reply:
I listen to a lot of new music from new bands but I doubt that most of them are "popular". I tend to buy their vinyl but I don't check the charts ;)

For me, it started a few years back when I got my turntable setup with a new stylus. Besides searching for the TR-related LPs I was missing, or had been damaged by a couple of moves and one flood, it all really began with Australia's Tame Impala, my favorite "new" band. That led to Pond , also from Australia, and Melody's Echo Chamber, a Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala) production. I FINALLY got to see Tame Impala live and was VERY impressed by their opening act, White Denim,
and have sought out most/all of their stuff.
Their newest release is PHENOMENAL!

My fave local record store, Radio KAOS, tends to spin cool stuff that I was unaware of as I walk in and I often leave with it. I lean toward the surfy/garagey/psychedelic bands these days. These include such bands as Cut, The Nightbeats, Chatham Rise, The Black Angels, Christian Bland and the Revelators, Vietnam, Wooden Shjips, and Wolf People.
Inner Sleeve Records & CDs is also very helpful

Older Psychedlia like Os Mutantes and Dungen also appeal to me these days as well as surf guitar masters like Dick Dale and
The Astronauts.
"Guitars sound best on vinyl!"
-THE Tim Root (and myself)
I grabbed a lot of Record Store Day 2013 LPs after it settled down and prices dropped big time with bands like the Echocentrics and anything with Lenny Kaye, like The Fleshtones.

I also listen to a GREAT college radio station, WWSP, and get many leads from them. This has led me to Foxygen, ESQUIVEL, and Foals, among many others. I'm on several band-related forums that have also sent me in great directions.

I also attempt to check out all the Central Wisconsin bands when I can.

There's also some hot new axemen bands like Gary Clark, Jr., Rival Sons, and Vintage Trouble (HOT! HOT! HOT!) that excite me as a guitarist.

I also tend to read articles from my fave musicians and follow-up on new bands that they recommend.
An interview with Todd Rundgren/State got me into Daft Punk.

Don't believe the BS about Vitamins being un-necessary that the State-Controlled Media pushed recently as it is full or LIES! The survey was conducted by the Pharm Industry!
Creepiest Obama Story Yet
Obama is the “Very Danger the Constitution
Was Designed to Avoid”
The Incredible Failing Man!
U.S. General: Let’s Make Obama Resign
Barack Obama -- The Man Who Knew Too Little
Despite cost pressures, RFID tags gaining steam

The Healthcare.gov website turns out to be a Trojan Horse that gathers emails, passwords, social security numbers, private banking details and other information you would normally want to keep private.

This information is then cross-referenced to your computer's IP address. From there, all your web surfing habits are tracked by IP and recorded along with your social security number.

The Obamacare exchanges then promises to take any information you provided them and "turn it over to law enforcement" and IRS auditors.

This is not a joke.
This is how the government has tricked millions of people into self-incrimination

Impeachment Over Obamacare? - Let's Hope So!!!!
There Is No Care In Obamacare
FINALLY, A Democrat Asks: I Wonder If Obama Has the ‘Legal Authority to Do This?’
Lefty Totalitarianism: Conform or Else!

Obama's 29 Worst Assaults on Civil Liberties

America Rotting
Federal Judge Considers Injunction Against NSA Data Collection
Obamascare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text,
desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture
Hidden in Obamascare Site: Applicants Surrender Right to Privacy
Obamascare: The New “Animal Farm”
How The Billionaires’ Shadow Government Works
“Thought Police” Ban All Words
The Magnificent Failure of www.Healthcare.gov

The Conservative Alternative to Obamacare
Obama’s Approval Ratings Continue To Fall As His Panacea Cure For
America Continues To Fail

Obama Lies About Lying While Lying
Barack “Angel of Death” Obama
The Liar King
Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know…and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”
Obama now blatantly delusional: Denies ever promising you can
keep your health insurance
Our Know-Nothing President

My new nephew

Jeff with Redcap at Hollyrock's 2013 - 10 - 18
"In Thee"
Evening Closer

The KGP Conspiracy album has been released, I perform on this album and it is great.
We spent almost 4 years assembling this fine album...
Free Hi-Res files (24/88.2) and Surround Mixes of 4 songs with CD purchase if you order directly from me!!!
Also at CD Baby
$7.99 Download * $9.99 CD
You can also preview all songs at CD Baby
Google Store

The Lizardz "Eyeblinder" is NOW available!
 Above photos taken/LPs and CDs available at Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI...THANKS Mike!

LPs and CDs available at RadioKAOS in Stevens Point, WI...THANKS Randy!

LPs and CDs available at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI ...Thanks Angie and crew!
CDs available at Mad City Music Exchange in Madison, WI Thanks Dave and crew!
LPs and CDs available at b-side music in Madison, WI

LPs and CDs available at The Exclusive Company in Appleton, WI and Green Bay, WI
CDs available at The Exclusive Company in Oshkosh, WI

CDs available at C note Music in Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Thanks Jamie C!

Available at Deaf Ear in LaCrosse, WI

LPs and CDs available at Revival Records in Eau Claire, WI Thanks Billy!

LPs and CDs available at The Vinyl Cave in Superior, WI Thanks Toms!

CDs and downloads available at CD Baby

Track Listing:
Newcastle (with Richie Castellano)
Who Do
Utah Moon
Mormon Girls
Rough Mama
Eyeblinder (with Buck Dharma)
Let It Go
Make It Happen
Swamp Thing
Two-Bit Napoleon
Walk Through That Door (with false start)
Back From Milwaukee (with Buck Dharma)
Utah Moon
Rough Mama
Eyeblinder (with Buck Dharma)
Two-Bit Napoleon
Let It Go
Walk Through That Door
Back From Milwaukee (with Buck Dharma)
The Vinyl is HERE!
'I had vinyl in my satchel you should honor me with gratitude'
- Bevis Frond/Nick Saloman

Blue Oyster Cult founding member and lead guitarist Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser to make a guest appearance on the new Lizardz album “Eyeblinder.” The creative genius behind timeless rock hits such as “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, “Godzilla” and “Burnin’ For You” contributed some smokin’ hot rhythm and lead guitar for The Lizardz project. Buck also mixed his contribution. The album will also include Blue Oyster Cult and Morning Starlett’s Richie Castellano
on the rocker “Newcastle”.
This marks the first time these 2 hot guitarists have been on the same album!
* I am on this album *

Photo by THE Dave Schrader Maritime Tavern - Appleton, WI
Jeff Collector Card #4
From Blue Oyster Cult's Official Site!
Buck and Richie Appear on new Eyeblinder album by the Lizardz
June 1, 2013
Buck Dharma and Richie Castellano make cameos on the new album, "Eyeblinder" from Wisconsin band, The Lizardz.

The Lizardz have been together over 25 years, and this is their first release of original music. Two of the members are big BÖC fans, and asked Buck and Richie to contribute. Richie plays a guitar duel on one song, and Buck contributes not only guitar playing on one, but also the mixing of that and another song.
(BTW-Buck actually plays guitars on TWO tunes, not one as listed)

The album mastering and manufacturing just had a successful Kickstarter,
and the album will be available on vinyl and CD by August.

You can hear some snippets from the album here:
"Newcastle" with Richie Castellano.
"Back From Milwaukee" with Buck Dharma.
"Eyeblinder" with Buck Dharma.
For information on ordering the LP and/or CD, please see The Lizardz website.

"We are blown away, grateful, and humbled for press on the BOC site,
Thanks so much! This is press we never even dreamed of."

The LP is NOW available!
KGP Conspiracy CDs are also out and ready to purchase
Soundcloud samplers

I entered the Todd Rundgren "Collide-A-Scope" Remix Contest
DL the real deal here:
16/44.1 (CD Quality)
24/44.1 (Hi-Res)
Although I didn't win, I was VERY pleased to conTRibute to this
Congrats to Fernando Perdomo

Nieman Photography Season Ticket Holder in the Spotlight 2013

from the Rafters site, written by me
Jeff Gauss has been a fixture in Section D, Row 4, Seat 5 since the first day Rafters baseball arrived in Wisconsin Rapids.
So much so, he has almost taken on a new name that coincides with his seat---D, 4, 5!
Here are a few memories from that past four seasons that are unique and special to Jeff!

1. Moe Hill Day - Mar 10, 2010
The greatest player in the history of both the Midwest League and the Wisconsin Rapids Twins gets his own day at Witter. I'm standing by the fence on 3rd base line and it seems that EVERYONE is staring at me! I'm a bit of a 'small time celebrity' as I perform with several local bands but this is ridiculous, why is everybody staring at me? I can't figure it out so I turn to look behind me and there he is-Moe Hill, right on my back! I was hit by a deflected foul ball hit by Moe Hill at Witter Field when I was a kid so, for some odd reason, I decided to bring that up and he REMEMBERED that and brought up how the ambulance came and that they delivered a baseball signed by all the players from that year the very next day.
Unfortunately, I have moved too many times to still have that awesome piece of memorabilia but it did help lead to my purchase of a Rafters season ticket.

2. Augey Bill's arrival - July 2, 2011
A 6' 8 pitcher walks into Witter, commanding attention and respect just by his size and aura. I can immediately tell that he is special. Although he had some rough battles, I was proud to spread the news of this 'giant pitcher' and was able to catch most of the games he pitched at Witter Field and road-tripped to other stadiums to help support this fine new addition to the Rafters. Over time we chatted and I was fortunate enough to get some pictures with him an autographs.
Augey was a member of the 2012 College World Series Champion Arizona Wildcats and was drafted by the Orioles in the 39th Round in 2013, reinforcing that he is the real deal.

3. Home Furniture "Best Seats in the House" Promotion - July 20, 2013
I am approached by the ever-amazing John Fanta and he asks me to sit in the Best Seats in the House atop Witter Field under the Press Box. I reply that my season ticket seat (D/4/5) IS the best seat in the house but I grab Brent Gulenchyn, the 100,000th fan to enter through the gates to watch a Wisconsin Rapids Rafters game and model for a Rafters bobblehead. He is pleased but doesn't want to miss his friend's birthday cupcakes being delivered by Rosco, so a member of the Rafters staff assures him he can do both and he joins me in the big Lazy Boy seats. As I return to my seat Brent proceeds to share the big chairs with his birthday cupcake friends. His smile lit up Witter Field!
The Rafters provide affordable family fun and are a great asset to the community so I am pleased to share these favorite memories of Witter Field.

 August 29th, 2013
Rafters Hire Chris Ebright as New Field Manager

 2013 All-Star Game - Northwoods League (RULES!)
Congratulations to Rafters players Jackson Slaid, Donnie Dewees, Jonathan Moroney, John Kravetz, and JP Feyereisen for being named as All-Stars in the South Division! They will be representing the Rafters at the Northwoods League All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 23rd in Eau Claire. The Rafters' five All-Star selections tie the Madison Mallards for the most players representing their team in the South Division this year.

I have joined Sinner Street,
the Hollyrock's House Band
The Healthcare.gov website turns out to be a Trojan Horse that gathers emails, passwords, social security numbers, private banking details and other information you would normally want to keep private.

This information is then cross-referenced to your computer's IP address. From there, all your web surfing habits are tracked by IP and recorded along with your social security number.

The Obamacare exchanges then promises to take any information you provided them and "turn it over to law enforcement" and IRS auditors.

This is not a joke. This is how the government has tricked millions of people into self-incrimination.

"No constitution, no court, no law can save liberty when it dies in the hearts and minds of men. -- John Perkins
Need Healthcare? Dial 1-800-FUCKYO
(the 1 doesn't stand for any letter)
Read more at http://eaglerising.com/2075/need-healthcare-dial-1-800-fyo/#cFPrdTwIs1HTbeVq.99

There's Never Been a More
Urgent Time To Protect Your Privacy!
The so-called “Gang of Eight” are destroying our Nation!
Obama to Muslim Brotherhood: I’ve Got Your Back
White House Pays $53 Million for Voter ID in Kenya While Opposing Same in US
The Architect of Destruction
Government is also spying on your prescription drug use
The Egyptian People’s Message For America:
“Obama Supports Terrorism"
Obama to Africa: Be wary of USA
How "Gang of Eight" Amnesty Will Destroy America
Obama’s Plunging Popularity - FINALLY!
The Dark Future Of America’s Surveillance Culture
Tipping Toward Tyranny
HOORAY! Benghazi Scandal Takes Another Turn Against Obama and Clinton
Supreme Court FUCKS US ALL and helps RUIN our Beloved Country
Obama Is Dedicated To Terrorism, Says Noam Chomsky!!!
Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voter Registration Law
Obama’s America Sucks and No Longer Fights Terrorists; THEY Just Join Them

R.I.P. Clay DuVal 1961-2013

We did it - met the pledge on June 11, 2013
Thanks so much to EVERYONE for your help!
We got some local press from BOTH papers in town
Local band reaches for pinnacle with new recording
Local band reaches for pinnacle with new recording
Local band set to go on the record

"My first thought was no way. It seemed too good to be true.
Heck, the band put out a press release to quell the rumors.
The part press release, part 50-word string of intrigue started like the dozens or so that the VOICE receives each day.
“Hello Jeff. We understand there has been some confusion on what The Lizardz are up to with our upcoming album, ‘Eyeblinder,’” guitarist Jeff Gauss wrote in his email to me. “We have even heard that this is some type of a practical joke. We assure you that this is not a joke as our upcoming album does feature members of Blue Oyster Cult, as well as some local musicians, and we are mastering it at London’s Abbey Road…for real.”
For their upcoming new album, the Lizardz enlisted Abbey Road Studios and iconic guitarists Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and Richie Castellano from Blue Oyster Cult.
Seemingly unbelievable for a Wisconsin Rapids-based band that can be heard at many of the area’s local taverns.
It is an ambitious undertaking for the band that originally formed in the late 1980s. The current line-up — Gauss on lead guitar; Mark Larson, keyboards; Milo Plante, guitar; Jamie Bruhn, bass; and Travis Plantico, drums (they all sing) — approached the album like a tribute to music by reaching out to Roeser and pressing the release onto vinyl.
“We realized we had some really good songs and guests that we never dreamed would be on an album with us,” Larson said.
The rest of this story is for subscribers only ..."
Rapids pride...
"in similar creative circles, I was immensely proud to hear about the original music the Rapids band The Lizardz have recorded.
They had this mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London and had members of Blue Oyster Cult play and sing on some tracks. This is evidence of the high standards they are achieving. I've seen the Lizardz play enough to know they are a great covers band, but I'm so proud that their creativity might give them a chance to be known worldwide. ..."
- David Farmbrough
Wisconsin Rapids-based group meets funding goal for vinyl pressing
A popular Wisconsin Rapids-based band is set to realize a dream.
As of Tuesday morning, the five-member Lizardz reached its goal of raising $3,500 for the mastering and vinyl pressing of its first original album, “Eyeblinder.”
That’s right. “Eyeblinder” won’t only be on CD; it also will be available on actual vinyl. That’s not the only somewhat unique thing about the 14-track album, which also features local artists, guest vocalists and instrumentalists.
The original songs on the album include rock, Philly soul, arena rock and even a country tune.
“We felt it was time to really create original music and see where it took us,” said Mark Larson, who plays keyboards with the group.
Where “it” took a couple of the band members is a bit interesting.
Jamie Bruhn, bass player for the Lizardz, and Larson had planned a trip to London, including a trek to Abby Road Studios — where bands such as the Beatles and Pink Floyd have recorded music. The studio masters audio files for any artist, and the two Wisconsin Rapids-area men decided to book a session to master two tracks, one written by Larson.
The other? A song by Don “Buck Dharma” Roeser, founding member and lead guitarist of Blue Oyster Cult — the guy who wrote “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” and “I’m Burnin’ for You.”
The bands met up at a Wisconsin concert and that’s when members of the Lizardz asked Dharma if he would be interested in contributing to the album. About a year later, Dharma sent guitar tracks for the song, “Back from Milwaukee.”
About a year ago, Bruhn, a longtime fan and follower of the Blue Oyster Cult, connected with one of its guitar players, Ritchie Castellano, through an online fan site. Bruhn sent Castellano a couple of Lizardz tracks.
“Within a week, Ritchie sent back a searing guitar solo now featured on the song, ‘Newcastle,’ on the album,” Larson said.
The guest artists are modest about their contributions, Larson said. It just all adds up to cool.
“Abby Road was magical and being in the same spaces as the Beatles and Pink Floyd was a truly humbling experience,” Larson said.
When Bruhn and Larson returned to the States, band members decided they wanted to have the rest of the album professionally mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
“Since we’re all vinyl fans, we wanted to do a vinyl pressing,” Larson said. “The album in particular has a retro ’50s feel on the label and album back.”
The band decided to use Kickstarter, a form of crowd funding, which finances projects from pledges. Kickstarter accepted the project after band members successfully completed extensive credit checks. Those who pledged will get rewarded with band-related items, depending on the amount pledged.
The fans rose to the challenge and helped the band reach the needed amount two days before today’s funding deadline. United Records will press the 180-gram vinyl album in Nashville.
Rock on.
Yes, there are journalistic errors in both stories!
The biggest of these is:
"The other? A song by Don “Buck Dharma” Roeser..." WE (Bruhn/Gauss) wrote the song!
We are NOT covering a Buck Dharma song
Trailer Park Boys announce a new season
Congrats to Augey Bill
drafted by the Baltimore Orioles
I KNEW he was the real deal the moment I saw him

Me with the great Augey Bill at Historic Witter Field
Photos copyright Erin's Photo Creations
Augey fit the "Bill"

Petition to Demand the Resignation of President Obama
By arming al-Qaeda in Syria, Obama's transformation into Bush is now complete
Stop Monsanto
Over $30M spent last year on lobbying to keep GMOs hidden in foods
Monsanto Video Revolt announced: Join the uprising by posting your video everywhere on July 24, 2013
It's on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over
genetic pollution of wheat crops
 National Security Agency Whistleblower Warns:
Government's Illegal Spying on Citizens is
Turning America into a
"Totalitarian State!"
And There's Never Been a More
Urgent Time To Protect Your Privacy!
Obama: Stop Spying on Me
It's on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over
genetic pollution of wheat crops

BOMBSHELL: Document Examiner Tied To Obama Defense Attorney Says Birth Certificate Is 100% Fraud

Todd Rundgren's cover for his new album "State", Released April 2013!
Here's my review of Todd Rundgren's Live at the Warfield March 10, 1990 2CD set

Deep inside Area 31 in Central Wisconsin lurks a life-long collection that
is topped by Todd Rundgren treats and treasures

Keep your hands OFF my D.N.A.
fascism - a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
Health Care Costs In Some States Will Rise Over 80% Under ObamaCare With Health Care Costs Shooting Up A Whopping 32% Across The Board. -The Society of Actuaries
CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's a vital nutrient for food crops!
Listen to The Lizardz on WWSP's "On Point" show from Mon., Dec 10
Thanks to the crew of "On Point"
It was MUCH Fun!

Americans Fear Government More Than Terror
More and more it seems Barack Obama is clueless in how to govern, lead, and defend the United States. He bows to foreign national leaders, apologizes to the world and then is too limp-wristed to even deal with those who have murdered American citizens, including an ambassador, because he just doesn’t want to upset anybody. He’s overstayed his welcome and though I believe there is more than enough evidence to begin proceedings to deal with simply removing him based on his birth certificate forgery or even the fact that his father was not a US citizen and thus makes him ineligible for the office of President, if what the whistleblower says is true, perhaps Congress should be looking at the 25th Amendment, Section 4 and state openly that Obama is incapable of performing his duties as President. Of course that leaves us with “Shotgun” Biden, but I’m pretty sure that he was at least born here to two parents who were citizens,
even if he is a liberal.

Obama Lies About Lying While Lying
Obama ‘Does Not Believe He Lied’

!!!!Obama Officially Arms Radical Islamists!!!!

Obama Should Be Facing Impeachment
There are rising concerns on Capitol Hill that President Obama is considering sending US troops into Syria.  The military has already taken steps to increase its presence in the area and has been supplying Patriot missiles to Turkey.
At a recent press conference, Rep Walter Jones (R-NC) explained his resolution before the House (H.Con. Res. 107), saying:
    “The sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a president without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”
The US Constitution states that only Congress has the power to maintain an army, navy and to declare war.  None of these fall under the constitutional duties of the president.  Article I, Section 8 of says:
    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…”
    “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;”
    “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;”
    “To provide and maintain a Navy;”
Obama destined for prison?
“This president is lying to you about Benghazi in such spectacular fashion that I believe people will go to prison,” Beck said on the Blaze TV broadcast of his radio show. “This is impeachable; the president might go to prison for this one.”

CURL: The terrifying mindset of Secretary Clinton

Presidents may get pink slips for spending deficits: Bill
Obama Should Be Facing Impeachment
Obama Commits Treason By Arming Egypt’s Anti-American Dictatorship
Indefinite Military Detention Of US Citizens To Be Signed Into Law By Obama

We, the People, request that Barack Obama be impeached for the following reasons.
1. He proclaimed war in libya without getting congress approval first.
Article I, Section 8- Only congress can approve to start war.
2. Obamacare is unconstitutional. Forcing US citizens to get health insurance
whether they want it or not.
3. Obama disrespects our Constitution calling it flawed and trying to change it
even after taking this oath:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the
Office of President of the United States,
and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States."
4. Appointing agency “czars” without Senate approval.

It's NOT about Guns, It's about Control
and taking away more freedom!
Don't be duped over this, THEY WANT TO TAKE THE 2ND AMENDMENT AWAY!
Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment
Dem Congressman: To Get Gun Control, Obama Must ‘Exploit’ Shooting
Dem Senator: We Will Have Assault Weapons Ban Bill Day One In Next Congress
On Cue, Left Politicizes Murders of Children
Eric Holder Admits He Wants to Brainwash Americans
Why Eric Holder’s Dreams of Anti-Gun Brainwashing Could Never Work

"The simple fact is the uneducated voter is the greatest threat to freedom, liberty and to America itself; and sadly I think the uneducated voter is going to rule this day."
-Neal Boortz

Miller Park Row 5 2013-09-20
via TV capture
Two of my Faves...TR and Baseball!

Congrats to Liz Kern
Rafters' Liz Kern Part of New Ownership Group of the Green Bay Bullfrogs

The Weavils on Facebook
These posts may contain thoughts and/or ideas that may differ from your own.
The opinions and ideas conveyed in the message are solely that of the person who posted them (me),
and in no way are intended to be misconstrued as absolutes,
or in any way representative of anything anyone else might think.
The poster is not liable for any offense that might be taken as a result of individual expression...

Disseminate to Educate
Obummercare and Compliant Media
MUST be Stopped!

Here's my review of Todd Rundgren's Live at the Warfield March 10, 1990 2CD set
Keep your fukn hands OFF my D.N.A.
fascism - a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

The Healthcare.gov website turns out to be a Trojan Horse that gathers emails, passwords, social security numbers, private banking details and other information you would normally want to keep private.

This information is then cross-referenced to your computer's IP address. From there, all your web surfing habits are tracked by IP and recorded along with your social security number.

The Obamacare exchanges then promises to take any information you provided them and "turn it over to law enforcement" and IRS auditors.

This is not a joke. This is how the government has tricked millions of people into self-incrimination.

Hidden in ObamaCare Site: Applicants Surrender Right to Privacy

The Sinister Truth About Obama And Islam
“Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation…”-Barack Liar Obama
Stop Monsanto - even Putin knows it's awful!
Canadian's Version of David Letterman's Top 10
This is Canada's Top Ten List of America's Stupidity
Of course we look like idiots … because we are …

10) Only in America ... could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event.
9) Only in America ... could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black.  40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans – 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!
8) Only in America ... could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.
7) Only in America ... can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.
6) Only in America ... would they make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just 'magically' become American citizens.
5) Only in America ... could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as "extremists."
4) Only in America ... could you need to present a driver's license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.
3) Only in America ... could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).
2) Only in America ... could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion dollars more than it has per year - for total spending of $7-Million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.
1) Only in America ... could the rich people - who pay 86% of all income taxes - be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who don't pay any income taxes at all.

Stop Monsanto
Over $30M spent last year on lobbying to keep GMOs hidden in foods
Monsanto Video Revolt announced:
Join the uprising by posting your video everywhere on July 24, 2013
It's on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over
genetic pollution of wheat crops
National Security Agency Whistleblower Warns:
Government's Illegal Spying on Citizens is
Turning America into a
"Totalitarian State!"
And There's Never Been a More
Urgent Time To Protect Your Privacy!
Bilderberg Group Meeting This Week, Makes Feeble Attempts At Transparency
Obama: Stop Spying on Me
Barack Obama: The Ghost Of Columbia University
Petition to Demand the Resignation of Obama
This isn't the America I know and love. This isn't the America my ancestors staked their lives for.
Today, Big Government reign is enslaving our freedoms.
It can punish you for your political affiliation…
It can listen in on your personal phone calls, read your emails, spy on your every move without court authorization…
Big Government reign decides who lives, and who dies.
It can even kill you right where you stand, without trial.
Worst of all, it's so easy to get away with.
Take another look above… think about all they've gotten away with… all the blood on their hands.
Now let me ask you one last question - will you help me do something about it?
I can't stomach our "leaders" lying through their teeth one second longer. It's time to tell Congress enough is enough!
It's time to demand that Congress impeach this pack of corrupt, degenerate thugs, before it gets any worse. Because personally, I don't want to see what "worse" looks like…
Let's take a stand in favor of America's restoration. The America our forefathers built.
Petition to Demand the Resignation of Obama

Trailer Park Boys announce a new season
Need Healthcare? Dial 1-800-FUCKYO
(the 1 doesn't stand for any letter)
"No constitution, no court, no law can save liberty when it dies in the hearts and minds of men. -- John Perkins
Obama's 29 Worst Assaults on Civil Liberties
In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the
University of Edinburgh , had this to say about the fall of the
Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always
Temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent
Form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
The time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous
Gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority
Always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from
The public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally
Collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a
"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the
Beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200
Years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:
From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."
The Obituary follows:
Born 1776, Died 2012
It doesn't hurt to read this several times.
Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in
St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning
The last Presidential election:

Number of States won by:         Obama: 19               Romney: 29
Square miles of land won by:    Obama: 580,000      Romney: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million  Romney: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:

Obama: 13.2             Romney: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory
Romney won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.
Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low
Income tenements and living off various forms of government
Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
"complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of
Democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population
Already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase..
If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million
Criminal invaders called illegal’s - and they vote - then we can say
Goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

If you are in favor of this, then by all means, ignore this message.

If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how
Much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our
The Healthcare.gov website turns out to be a Trojan Horse that gathers emails, passwords, social security numbers, private banking details and other information you would normally want to keep private.

This information is then cross-referenced to your computer's IP address. From there, all your web surfing habits are tracked by IP and recorded along with your social security number.

The Obamacare exchanges then promises to take any information you provided them and "turn it over to law enforcement" and IRS auditors.

This is not a joke. This is how the government has tricked millions of people into self-incrimination.
How The Billionaires’ Shadow Government Works
Barack Obama -- The Man Who Knew Too Little

“We Know Where You Are” — NSA. “I Know Nothing!” — Obama.
Obama: ‘I’ll Act On My Own’ Agenda He Does NOT Care!
R.I.P. Nikita Gauss we will miss you!

Participated in the World's largest Trivia Contest and we finished
as # 121 AGAIN...2 years in a row
(Thanks to Striegs for the use of their Basement)

I took a break...miss me?
Coast to Coast am Last Night
World Turmoil & Xenogenesis:
On Tuesday's show, author and researcher Steve Quayle contended that secret powerful forces have been aligned against humanity since ancient times, and currently manifest chaos and threats of war all over the world. He addressed how these forces hope to use genetic manipulation to create a super race of humans and hybrids. They believe they can enhance humanity and ultimately do away with the human genome, and substitute it with something sinister brewed in laboratories, he said. The word "xenogenesis" means to add a third set of chromosomes into the human genome, suggesting a connection to aliens or the fallen angels, he continued.
"Transhumanism" with its life extension goals, and view of the human body as a work-in-progress is repellent to Quayle who sees it as a hubristic effort to outdo God's creation. Further, he argues that chemtrails and GMO foods are designed to destroy the atmosphere and cause negative changes in humanity. The current outbreak of Ebola and what looks like some strains of unknown hemorrhagic fevers are likely the result of someone testing a new bio-weapon, he added.
As for the missing Malaysian plane, Quayle suspects it was hijacked by remote control, and according to his sources, actually landed in Pakistan. The Fukushima disaster may have been part of the Illuminati's goal to reduce the planetary population, he remarked. Birth defects are already showing up on the West Coast, and kids should be taking potassium blocking iodine, he advised. He also touched on the recent mysterious deaths of a number of bankers, whom he believes were silenced because they knew too much.
 Superbugs & Bilderberg Group:
First hour guest, alternative media activist Alex Jones discussed 'superbugs,' the Bilderberg group, and various stories in the news. He reported that a number of people he knew, including relatives, had died this winter from a strain of bacterial pneumonia that was particularly drug resistant. All over the country, local news reports that hospitals are full even into the spring, of patients with this superbug, which is literally eating into their lungs, he continued. Jones revealed that the secretive meeting of the Bilderburg Group will take place in May of this year, in Denmark, and also gave his take on the missing Flight 370-- he views it as a "brain heist,"
as a number of important patent holders were passengers on the plane.
Homeland Security to Activate ‘National License Plate Recognition Database’
10 Successful Economic Lies from National Leaders
National Guard trains to fight ‘anti-government’ Second Amendment supporters

CONFIRMED: Obama Birth Certificate Forged
Iran sending warships close to US borders
Iranian Warships Head for U.S. Waters
House Republicans Set To Take On Emperor Obama’s ‘Pen And Phone’
Finally a bit of a win...FCC Backs Away From 1st Amendment-Infringing
Plan To ‘Study’ Newsrooms

BenghaziGate continues
The False Question of Benghazi - Please say NO to Hillary
Map Shows Dozens of U.S. Military Ships Stationed In North Africa Waters During Benghazi Attack
Unclassified Documents Reveal Sinister Plan between Former Rep. David Dreier & Muslim Brotherhood
Terrorist Cell in Texas: Declassified FBI Documents Reveal Jamaat ul-Fuqra Enclave Near Sweeney, TX

Coast to Coast am Last Night!
Banker Deaths/ Ukraine Update
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  _ V
In the first half, former commodities trader and "guerrilla economist," V, talked about the recent mysterious deaths of bankers, including three who worked at JPMorgan. According to his sources, there are some 20 dead bankers, and some of the deaths appear to be connected. Two of the JPMorgan bankers that recently died (Gabriel Magee, 39, and Ryan Henry Crane, 37) had similar executive positions, and may have been looking at the same spreadsheets, V conjectured. "They uncovered something that was so heinous, so incredible, that if it were to get out, you would see a massive amount of reprisals...and people getting arrested or thrown in jail...
So this is a 'clean house' method being perpetrated before our eyes," he continued.
He suggested that the deaths might be connected to a massive $2 billion loss incurred by JPMorgan trader Bruno Iksil in 2012 involving credit default swaps, a huge manipulation going on in the precious metals market, and fraud involving Libor (London interest rate) and Forex (currency market). V views the bankers' deaths as a harbinger of an economic implosion, and believes they're being murdered, with a "scripted" suicide story placed as a cover-up.
Coast to Coast am Last Night!
Fifth Dead Banker Found in a Month
Obama Plans to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms
DHS Contracted to Purchase 704 Million Rounds of Ammo Over Next 4 Years:
2,500 Rounds Per Officer
Obama Appoints HAMAS Adviser Robert Malley to Senior Director on
National Security Council

 I call slavery reparations 'rape-a-nations'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: The debate about slavery reparations is heating up again. Now Jamaica is demanding an apology, along with billions in settlement money, from Great Britain.
Dr. Savage correctly points out that these professional victims are asking the wrong countries for restitution; they should be suing the real titans of the slave trade: Muslims in the Middle East and the rulers of African tribes who cooperated with their ancestors to sell their own people. "Jamaica is now calling on Britain to pay slavery reparations," Savage informed his listeners, adding:
    This is a shakedown.
    Reparations are nothing more than a gangster criminal demand along the lines of Al Capone.
    I call reparations "rape-a-nations."
    If they're looking for someone to sue, they need to start with the families of the tribal leaders in Africa who sold their own people into slavery in the first place.
    These tribal leaders worked with Arabians to facilitate the slave trade, after the Muslims conquered various regions of Africa.
    Go to the Saudis if you want reparations, and see how far you get with that.
    It makes as much sense as it does going after America or England.
    Where does it end? Can the French sue the Italians for Julius Caesar's invasion of Gaul?
    Can the tribes of central Mexico sue the descendants of the Aztecs on behalf of the thousands of victims of Aztec priests?
    When do these handouts in the guise of equality and fairness end?
 Every time I hear Obama speak I go into a rage
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: President Obama delivered yet another "class-warfare" speech late last week, and Dr. Savage quickly pointed out his hypocrisy.
While decrying the richest of the rich, Savage noted, Obama not only accepts their campaign donations but also rewards them with prestigious ambassadorships.
"Every time I hear Obama speak, I go into a rage," Savage said to his audience, adding:
    The arrogance in his face! His demonic eyes are looking crazier by the day.
    He just gave another speech pushing his class-warfare agenda even though he knows everybody can see right through him.
    Obama talks about the rich getting richer, but who does he invite to the White House?
    Harvey Weinstein and other billionaires, not the homeless who live in the ghettos of America.
    How can you believe a word this man says?
    Do all politicians lie? Are they all as incompetent as this man?
    The new U.S. ambassador to Argentina has never been to that country, but he bundled at least a million dollars in campaign contributions to Obama.
    It's true that in the past, large donors have been made ambassadors by other presidents, but usually they could speak the language of the country and had some affinities with that nation.
    This nominee has no qualifications.
    Yet Obama just gave another speech attacking those at the top of the economic pyramid,
while taking their money then giving them rewards.
Devo's Bob Casale dead of heart failure R.I.P. I LOVE DEVO!
Jay Leno Dumped For Political Reasons? What Kind Of Regime Do We Live In?
Was Jay Leno Canned by NBC For Criticizing Obama?
Why Jay Leno Did Not Have to Leave The Tonight Show
Obama to Allow ‘Limited’ Terrorists to Immigrate to US ...WHAT!?
There is treason going on right in front of our eyes
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage is the only member of the media – be it liberal or conservative – who is talking about Obama's ongoing purge of the U.S. military.
Most recently, the president dismissed 93 nuclear-force officers who were implicated in a cheating scandal. Savage calls Obama's actions "treason."
"Why is Obama purging the military, especially of nuclear officers?" Savage asked his listeners, adding:
    It's frightening.
    Not one person in the media is talking about it. No one in the conservative media has even noticed this, except me.
    There is treason going on right in front of your eyes.
    What does Obama have to do before people realize what he actually is?
    Obama is like a spoiled child who takes watches apart then can't put them together again.
    I don't care if you're a liberal or a conservative in the military, you should be very worried indeed.
    You would think that anyone in the military would be conservative, but you'd be wrong.
    Most of them are liberals because they're worried about their pensions.
    The conservatives are usually found in the combat division, which has the smallest percentage of people.
    The patriots are all on the front lines while the rest of them are bureaucrats biding their time until retirement.
    It's the same with the police. Never assume that someone in a uniform is a conservative.
 Obama and his minions are goading us into a civil war
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: The ever-prolific Michael Savage is currently working on two new books. Along with the last installment in his fictional Jack Hatfield series, Savage is also writing a non-fiction book called "The Coming Civil War."
Researching the book has convinced Dr. Savage that America's future looks grim.
"I'm in the middle of writing my next non-fiction book, 'The Coming Civil War'," Savage told his audience, adding:
    It's a frightening book.
    The more I get into it, the worse it looks for us.
    I think we're being goaded into a civil war.
    Some people will say that the government really wants to create a revolution so they can declare martial law and suppress us.
    But how do you differentiate between a civil war and a revolutionary war?
    At the end of the day, people are forced to take sides.
    In this case, it is the government and their minions against the taxpaying public.
 How can anyone claim the Obama administration
has been scandal-free?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: The New Yorker magazine's lengthy interview with Obama is making news. Dr. Savage recalled being profiled by the prestigious publication in 2009 and contrasted that article with the president's interview.
Savage also noted that Obama's interviewer, David Remnick, made some strange claims on the president's behalf when he appeared on Charlie Rose's show to promote the New Yorker article.
"The 'New Yorker's' David Remnick was on the Charlie Rose show on PBS," Savage told his listeners, adding:
    Rose is the Kim Kardashian of the U.S. intelligentsia.
    Like her, Charlie Rose just got there, but everybody thinks it's important to go on his show.
    The guy from the New Yorker was on talking about his big interview with Obama.
    He said things that were shocking.
    Charlie Rose asks him if Obama thinks his chance of being "a big president" has slipped away.
    Remnick says no, then rattles off a big list of Obama's achievements.
    He goes on to claim that there have been no scandals in this administration and notes that for the first time, "science is now discussed as science."
    That was a shocker. It's as if Remnick hasn't heard about the cover-up in Benghazi or care that the IRS singled out conservative organizations for extra scrutiny.
    He doesn't care that Obama's Justice Department spied on journalists like him.
    He doesn't consider sending machine guns to Mexico a scandal either.
    Then Remnick says that only liberals understand science.
Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘We Have an Increasingly Lawless Presidency’
The Final Swindle Of Private American Wealth Has Begun
Obama defends Benghazi response

Coast to Coast am
NWO & Economy/ Parapsychology
 In the first half, alternative media activist Alex Jones discussed such topics as the New World Order (NWO), surveillance, the economy, and how sports and entertainment serve as distractions to the public. "There is a global awakening...but it's like we're wide awake while were being eaten alive. They're still accelerating this global, private, corporate, monopolistic anti-free market, anti-human movement..and that's why it's important for people out there to realize, now more than ever, it's important to be individuals, it's important to support true diversity of ideas, and support the true and independent press," he remarked.

The criminal elements of the NWO may stage a terror attack in America and blame it on Iran to start WWIII, Jones warned. He went on to advocate for a "velvet" revolution-- a revolution of ideas, in which people rediscover libertarianism-- real liberty, with a live and let live philosophy. He also talked about how professional sports have become "gladiatorial diversions," and was critical of the NFL with their billionaire team owners that get tax exemptions, and their stadiums and security paid for by federal and state funds.
Climate Fraud/ Surveillance & NSA
In the first half, space historian Robert Zimmerman contended that fraud and dishonesty have permeated the sciences of climate and environmental studies, including scientists at NASA and NOAA manipulating the temperature records. "Global warming scientists/activists within the climate science field too often are frauds," faking data, and working to destroy the careers of scientists who disagree with them," he remarked. For instance, both NASA and NOAA have claimed that 2013 was one of the hottest years on record, but they arrived at these conclusions by manipulating the temperatures from earlier in the 20th century, consistently estimating them at cooler numbers. While some of their temperature re-adjustments of the past may be accurate, the fact that they are always colder indicates they are manipulating the data to validate the global warming theory, he argued.

Some climate scientists have admitted that there's been a "pause" in global warming for the last 18 years, but they have no explanation for this as it goes against their models which predict warming based on increased CO2 in the atmosphere, he noted. When it comes to claims of extreme weather increasing, we're not actually seeing evidence for this-- for example, last year the US had its lowest recorded tornado count in 50 years, and a very weak hurricane season, Zimmerman detailed. He also talked about the lull in solar activity, as well as developments in space exploration.
Turning Points
 Scientist and author Gregg Braden discussed his most recent work on crisis and transformation. We are living in a time of extremes but we can turn the frightening tipping points of such extremes into life-affirming points of transformation, he argues. People haven't realized yet that things aren't getting back to "normal," and there's a "new normal" that's emerging in which extremes in climate, the economy, and other areas have become a part of our everyday lives, Braden remarked. How can we adapt to the extremes if we're not honest with ourselves about them?, he asked.

Regarding climate change, he believes both a natural cycle and human-created conditions are separate factors. We're told that greenhouse gases are the cause of the problem, Braden noted, but a variety of evidence shows otherwise, such as the "inconvenient data" from Antarctica ice cores which indicates for the last 800,000 years, temperatures of the Earth rose before greenhouse gases increased. Solar cycles which affect climate have also been overlooked, he continued, adding that with a cooling cycle affecting the Northern Hemisphere, we should expect disruptions, and it makes sense for people to adapt and become more resilient.

In other extremes, there could be a move toward a world currency, and an entirely new paradigm for energy that eschews oil. But before we reach these drastic changes, we have the opportunity to go through turning points or events that allow us to set a new course, change the way we think about the world, make discoveries, or embrace new knowledge, he said. Braden offered examples of previous turning points including the discovery of DNA, the 1969 moon landing, the discovery of Gobekli Tepe, and the election of America's first black president, Barack Obama.

Obama on IRS Corruption: 'Not Even a Smidgen' of Truth ...LIAR!!!
2 Barack H. Obama Foundations - 1 Tied to Terrorism
Candidate: Hillary is the Antichrist
Obama vows to act without Congress in 2014

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Welcome Feb. - the shortest month of the year that is also the LONGEST month
here in Wisco

Alarming trend: Attorneys general refuse to defend laws
Truths that need to be told about Hillary Clinton from Dick Morris
Coordinated Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Uncovered?
Was Obama’s Real Job to Destroy America’s Moral & Ethical Foundations?YES!
Coast to Coast am last night!
In the second half, Joshua Abraham discussed the "ancient astronaut theory" and how it relates to the New World Order. Joshua is the son of Larry Abraham, the man who co-wrote the best selling 1971 novel 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy', which exposed the "smoking gun" proof for the plans and the agenda of the New World Order. Joshua suggested that the bloodline of US presidents can be traced all the way back to British monarchies, Roman Caesars, and Egyptian Pharaohs.
Obama Executive Order Costs $10.2 Billion
Our Clueless President
NSA Can Gather Text Messages, Contact Lists, Financial Info, Location Data And More From Cell Phones 200 Million Times A Day
NSA Collecting Your Text Messages
Benghazi Timeline: Obama On The Campaign Trail While Security In Libya Deteriorated
Justice Scalia Implies the President is “Self-Interested”
Congressman: Hillary Busted in Monster ‘Lie
Security Expert Hacks Obamacare Website In 4 Minutes
 We no longer have a Fourth Estate. We have a Fifth Column.
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: America is in very serious trouble, says Savage, because we no longer have any entity acting like the loyal opposition.
Both the Republican Party and the establishment media have abandoned their role as watchdogs and are acting more like lapdogs."How is it possible that Obama gets away with so much?" Savage asked rhetorically, explaining:
    In part, it’s because we don’t have an opposition party any more.
    We also don’t have a free press any more.
    Maybe it's because the White House used the NSA to get compromising data on these so-called journalists.
    Or they were never worth anything to begin with.
    Some of these reporters have taken jobs in the White House, the way it was done in other dictatorships.
    For all these reasons, we no longer have a Fourth Estate. We have a Fifth Column.
    The Fourth Estate is the press. The media is supposed to be a watchdog, not a lapdog.
    Can you honestly tell me they’re doing their job?
    Without legitimate opposition from either elected officials or the media, we’re in very serious trouble.
It’s the people vs. the government.
 The Democrats have created a total police state
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage was unimpressed by President Obama's assurances that the men and women employed at the National Security Agency are as concerned about online security and privacy as the rest of us.
Savage says that at this juncture, the Democratic Party can no longer present itself as a champion of civil liberties, at least not with a straight face."Obama tries to reassure us by saying that the people who work at the NSA are our 'friends and neighbors,' who care about our privacy and security," said Savage, who added sarcastically:
    Aren’t you glad to hear that the people spying on us are our "friends and neighbors"?
    In East Germany, the Stasi were the friends and neighbors of everyone they spied on and threw into prison camps.
    In the former Soviet Union, it was the same.
    I guess we're supposed to believe that we Americans are better than the Russians and East Germans. We would never dare violate each other's rights.
    Obama seems to be saying, "If we like our spy, we can keep our spy."
    I feel much better now.
    The Democrats are now finished as champions of civil liberties.
    They are liars who have created a total police state.
    Whatever domestic monitoring may have begun under Bush has increased by an order of several magnitudes.
    Obama has lied on this and every other issue.
Surprise? NSA Data Sweep Determined “Illegal” - DUH! but Thanks
Obama’s Global Warming Action Plan Is Wrongheaded, Global Warming Expert Tells Congress
Florida Republican Calls Obama a Traitor – Liberals Whine and Moan
The Lyin’ King: America Hates Me Because I’m Black
Eric Holder’s Billion Dollar Extortion Scheme
Obama Proclaims ‘Religious Freedom Day’ While Fighting 91 Religious Liberty Lawsuits
Obama Exposed In ANOTHER Massive Obamacare Lie
Obama on domestic snooping: "Trust me" ...Absolutely NOT!
It’s The Constitution, Stupid
Obama Likes His NSA, And He’s Keeping It
Obama To Pave Way For 30,000 Syrian Islamists To “Resettle” In America
Know Nothing Obama Makes Excuses for Wrecking the Constitution
OBAMA: "Trust Me!" ...Absolutely NOT!
More Evidence We’re Losing Our Freedom
15 More Benghazi-Related Victims Murdered: Does it Matter Now Hillary?
The Hottest Political Issue of 2013 Isn’t What You Think It Is
Attorneys General In 11 States: President’s Obamacare Actions ‘Flatly Illegal’
Obamacare Taxmageddon 2014 is Here
Did Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Just Turn On Obama? Let's Hope So!
Walesa Blasts Obama's Failure to Reclaim America's Leadership
Marxist NY Mayor de Blasio has Multi-Millionaire Bill Clinton Swear Him In
59 Percent Of Uninsured Report Bad Experiences With Obamacare
Judge Upholds UnConstitutional Searches Within 100 Miles Of Borders
Another Lie from Obama? That Falsifies the Entire Rationale of Obamacare? Really?
Coast to Coast am 2014 Predictions Show
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Joseph Jacobs, George Ure, Glynis McCants, John Hogue
In our New Year's Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, consultant George Ure, numerologist Glynis McCants, and prophecy expert John Hogue. Jacobs, who uses a card system to help him tap into the "Akashic Records," said 2014 will be a tough year weather-wise for the US, especially in the months of February, September, and November. In fact, the mid-term elections in November could be affected by serious weather conditions, he noted. There could also be problems with the economy or the stock market from March 22nd through May 13th, possibly due to issues related to the debt limit, he added.
Ure, who uses a variety of approaches (including web bots, astrology, and language analytics) to forecast trends and predictions, said that the "rose could lose its bloom" for social media in 2014. More disclosures about NSA surveillance are coming, unemployment will bottom in 2014, and a global war will happen from 2020 to 2022, he continued. He sees the Dow reaching a high of 17,250 before it eventually falls all the way down to 3,000 over a 2-3 year period.
2014 is a "7" year, McCants announced, which is about a test of faith or spirituality, and also deals with introspection and nature. Accordingly, this year it's particularly important to be aware of Mother Nature, and have an emergency preparation kit on hand, she suggested. You can determine your personal year cycle by adding your birth month & day and reduce to one digit, then adding "7," the world number. For example George's birthday is 6/4-- 6 + 4 = 10, 1 + 7 = 8, so his personal year cycle in 2014 is "8," she explained. Here is her rundown of the personal year cycles this year: 1-- it's your turn to be in the driver's seat, 2-- emotions and love, trusting instinct, 3-- communications and finding sense of humor, 4-- education, 5-- moving quickly, never a dull moment, 6-- family, marriage, 7-- faith and asking questions, 8-- financial opportunities, check your physical health.
Hogue stated that 2014 is part two of an important 18-month period which started in May of 2013, and ends in December 2014. We can no longer postpone fixing systemic flaws in our society, economy, and planetary climate, he remarked. In the next four years, he foresees the collapse of centralized power grids-- we'll have new energy systems that are like little boxes in our houses that provide their own power grids. Centralized banking will also collapse, and multiple systems of barter like the Bitcoin will ascend during this same time period, Hogue predicted. There is a danger of Israel attacking Iran to prevent a holocaust (possibly during the April-May 2014 period), but this could actually backfire and cause a holocaust instead, he warned.
Coast to Coast am Predictions
It’s official: Obamacare debuts with more canceled plans than enrollments
Happy New Year!
Comeuppance for Democrats
The Progressive Agenda Crashes into Complexity
Muslims Kill Dozens of Christians On Christmas Day & White House Remains Silent
U.S. Judge: Obama Homeland Security Aiding Criminal Conspiracies
2013: Al Qaeda’s Big Year Thanks be to Obama!

Obama’s Year of Missteps
Obama’s NSA watchdog: Reasonable to Track Cars
Saudis: ‘We Have Been Stabbed in the Back by Obama’
President Obama’s Broken Promises
The Year’s Big Stories
NY Times Benghazi Report Meant To ‘Clear The Deck’ For Hillary
The NSA Intercepts Your Mail
My Outfit: Layer1=Gold XLV longsleeve. 2=Believe In NowTshirt. 3rd=Rodgers jersey.
4th=Bennett jersey. Cap with Super Bowl Wins - GO PACKERS!
Lie To Government To Get $19 Million Grant, Get Caught, Don’t Go To Jail
FBI Allows Informants To Commit Thousands Of Crimes
Merry Christmas!
Noah’s Ark Has Been Found. Why Are They Keeping Us In The Dark?
Egypt Does What Washington Won’t: Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group
House Members Suing Obama for Illegal Actions Concerning Obamacare Changes

Duck Soup – Left-Wing Hypocrisy Against Phil Robertson & Christianity, Not Islam
Merry Christmas From the TSA Grinch
Obamacare May Make It ‘Literally Impossible’ in US Territories to Buy Insurance
Top five O-Care controversies
US Embassy in Kabul attacked on Christmas Day
Merry Christmas Eve!
Did the White House Just Inadvertently Confirm Obama ID Fraud? YES
Healthcare.gov Can’t Verify Barack Obama’s Identity...NOBODY CAN
 Has Obama committed impeachable ‘crimes and misdemeanors’?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: After a caller expressed his view that President Obama should be impeached, Savage replied, “I agree with you in principle” – but added that the standards for impeachment were very specific and might not apply to Obama.
“There isn't enough willpower in Congress to actually impeach Obama,” Savage declared, adding:
    However, an impeachment hearing would discover who the man is, what his agenda is, what his affiliations are.
    It would reveal some of the disastrous things that have happened to this country and to our borders, language and culture.
    It would also keep Obama from doing what he wants to do, which is to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants.
    He must be stopped before that happens, because amnesty will be the final breaking point.
    If these illegals get amnesty we will never, ever have another honest election in this country.
    Remember what impeachment standards are: "Crimes and misdemeanors."
    So what crime has Obama committed?
    I don't think he's enriched himself, for example.
    Obama could be tried for the NSA spying scandal, however.
    He could also be impeached for lying about Obamacare.
    There are enough smoldering embers for people to at least start asking these questions.
Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers
Is Barack Obama Using a Fake Soc. Sec. Number? Gov’t May Be Forced to Answer
Happy Solstice and End of the World Anniversary
Happy Birthday Megan!
Obama Denies ‘Lie of the Year’: “My Intentions Have Been Clear Throughout”
Reid Uses New Senate Filibuster Rule To Confirm Homeland Security Nominee Who is Under Active Investigation
FCC Begins Tracking ‘Obama Phone’ Use
Two Hours Before Obama Presser, ObamaCare Site Crashes
NSA paid security company $10 million for secret access to users’ software
DHS delivering smuggled children to illegal immigrant parents
Maybe Barack Obama Misunderstood 1984
Obama Repeals ObamaCare?
Obama’s Brother: President’s Life is a Lie
Officials Urge 30,000 Illinoisans to 'Start Over' on Obamacare Application Process
Top 10 Broken Obamacare Promises
Don't believe the BS about Vitamins being un-necessary that the State-Controlled Media pushed last night as it is full or LIES! The survey was conducted by the Pharm Industry!
Mainstream media attacks multivitamins in yet another example of quack science catapulted into the news by pharma interests

Federal Judge: NSA Phone Program Violates Fourth Amendment
NSA Phone Spying Ruled Unconstitutional!
Snowden to NSA: I told you so

This Went Unnoticed: Obama Added Living Wages to the Bill of Rights
I'm surprised that he even knows what the Bill of Rights is as he RAPES it!!!
White House Doesn’t Want To Talk About Obamacare Numbers For Young Americans Because The Numbers Show That The Healthcare Law Is A Failure
Obama Administration Violates another Court Order and More Veterans will Die

I LOVE the NFL but this is CRAZY!
Congress allows NFL to retain tax-exempt status

The Mainstream Media Has Become Skynet
Michael Savage is BACK ON in Central Wisconsin - Thank you WPCN!
Stop taking vitamins -- if you're a liberal
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As the author of many books on natural healing, Dr. Savage is the only host qualified to comment on the study on the efficacy of vitamin supplements.
After reading the study, Savage concludes that the media is, as usual, misreporting scientific findings.
"If you're a liberal, I want you to believe CNN and not take any vitamins," said Savage, adding:
    If you love America, I suggest that you continue to take them.
    That's because the new study the media has picked up on, to say that vitamins are a waste of money, is a fraudulent one.
    I have a Ph.D. and have been in this field for over 40 years.
    That means that, unlike all these reporters, I can understand the original study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
    The researchers themselves admit their findings are unreliable, in part because so many people taking part later dropped out.
    The media are just ignorant shills for the drug industry.
    The headlines say "The case is closed," but in science, no case is ever closed. Don't believe it, be it about vitamins or global warming.
    All the same people who tell you that sugar and salt are bad for you turn around and say marijuana is healthy.
    They're drug peddlers.
 How dare Obama compare Mandela to our Founding Fathers
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Like many Americans, Dr. Savage was outraged by images of Obama's troubling behavior at the memorial to Nelson Mandela.
It's bad enough, Savage said, that the president shook Raul Castro's hand and posed for "selfies" in the middle of a funeral. However, Savage also criticized Obama's speech, in which he compared Mandela to America's founders.
"It was a low point in an already low presidency," Savage said to his listeners, adding:
    Obama goes to a funeral attended by world leaders and poses in a "selfie" like a teenaged girl.
    He snapped a photo of himself with the blonde president of Denmark while his wife sits there grimly by his side.
    You can see the shocked faces of the African leaders sitting around Obama while he acts like a narcissistic child.
    He also bowed down to the dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro.
    Castro may be wearing a business suit now, but he's a thug running a police state with concentration camps and death squads.
    Our president takes every opportunity to draw attention to himself.
    There he was in all his self-aggrandizing glory, acting like he was on a different planet.
    During his speech, Obama compared Mandela to our Founding Fathers.
    That's like saying our Founding Fathers were communists.
    Mandela was a member of the Communist Party who supported the murderous dictatorship in Cuba.
    Today we saw Obama shake Castro's hand. What does that tell you?
 Beware of Mayor Bloomberg's call for mandatory flu shots
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: It looks like the Big Apple's Mayor Bloomberg wants to add another "nanny state" initiative to his list of accomplishments before he leaves office. It's emerged that he now wants every New Yorker to receive the flu vaccine whether they want one or not.
Dr. Savage reminded listeners that he has his doubts about the safety and efficacy of annual flu shots to begin with, but added that forcing people to receive them was a violation of individual liberty.
"Now New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is pushing for a mandatory flu vaccine," Savage told his audience, adding:
    Bloomberg is demented in terms of his insistence on controlling people.
    This is proof that billionaires can be stupid, too.
    Bloomberg is the same man behind the bans and crackdowns on large sodas and caffeine and sugar.
    He's the perfect example of a short man with a Napoleon complex.
    I have studied this in detail and believe there are dangers to the flu shot.
    In many cases, it doesn't even prevent the flu.
    As I've told you before, don't believe everything the government tells you.
    What are the chances that there's a relationship between Bloomberg pushing for mandatory flu shots and the companies that make a profit from the vaccine?
    It's just like Warren Buffett trying to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline. Why?
    Because his railroad just happens to transport the oil now.
    It has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with Obama helping one of his rich donors.
 How much liberty are we willing to give up
to prevent another terror attack?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage rarely agrees with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
On the issue of national security, however, he concedes she may have a point: that despite Obama’s insistence to the contrary, America is less safe now than it has been for sometime.
“When I start to agree with Senator Dianne Feinstein, something's wrong,” Savage said, noting:
    Here we have a lifelong, lockstep Democrat disagreeing with President Pinnochiobama.
    He says terror is down, the war on terror is over and al-Qaida is on the run.
    The president says we're safer than ever.
    Yet here we have a Democrat saying terror is way up.
    She's not alone.
    On the other side of the aisle, Republican Mike Rogers made the same points this week.
    I realize many of you are skeptical, and I am too.
    I believe the real reason Feinstein and Rogers are saying these things now is because they're trying to cover their tracks on the NSA surveillance issue that's blowing up in everyone's face.
    They're telling us we're less safe to justify spying on us.
    How many of our liberties are we willing to give up to avoid another attack?
 Mandela was a statesman. Obama is a politician.
There’s a difference
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As the world marked the passing of South African leader Nelson Mandela, Dr. Savage reflected on the difference between statesmen and politicians.
“Obama is a politician, not a statesman,” Savage told his audience, asking rhetorically:
    What's the difference?
    Nelson Mandela passed away on Sunday. He's largely considered a statesman.
    A statesman is a man who is experienced in government, especially one who shows wisdom, diplomacy and leadership when dealing with public and foreign policy.
    A politician is a person who uses questionable means to attain power within a group.
    In our nation's history, we've elected both statesmen and politicians.
    In the early days, we elected more statesmen and fewer politicians.
    Now we exclusively elect politicians, and that's why we're in trouble.
    A politician thinks of the next election, while a statesman thinks of the next generation.
    A politician wages war, while a statesman works for peace.
    It's easy to see which of these categories Barack Obama falls into.
Obamacare exchange site caught automatically debiting citizens' bank accounts
Coast to Coast am Last Night
Medical Intuitions/...
Host:  George Noory
Guest:  Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz
In the first half, neuropsychiatrist and medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz discussed how to combine intuition with intelligence to solve pressing health problems. We really have 10 senses, the five earthly ones such as sight and hearing, and five intuitional senses, she detailed. "Basically, your brain is wired to perceive on Earth, but also to perceive intuitively," she explained. While illnesses can be associated with environmental or genetic causes, they also have an emotional/intuitive component, she continued. In the case of grief over the death of a loved one, it takes about nine months to get over it-- it's like the opposite of birth/gestation. If a person can't let go of the sadness, it turns into depression, which has specific physical symptoms, she noted.
There are a variety of negative thought patterns associated with certain health problems, she said, adding that for unresolved grief the antidote is to "import love and joy." Schulz talked about her own bouts with serious illness, including when she had breast cancer and used intuition to arrange to have a double mastectomy even though one breast didn't show signs of cancer (a biopsy later revealed that cancer was in both breasts). The most effective way to treat illness combines traditional medical care, alternative approaches such as herbs or supplements, intuition, as well as affirmations, she said. Schulz recently teamed up with Louise Hay to write the book All is Well, about how to heal the body with both medicine and affirmations.

The scale of illegal government and corporate spying on America's citizens and allies is literally beyond anything Orwell could have imagined in his dystopian novel, 1984!
   In fact, William Binney—who spent 40 years with the National Security Agency—says America is now inches away from becoming "a turnkey totalitarian state."
   And the proof is in the headlines...
    "European leaders denounce alleged US spying on EU allies" — FOX News
    World leaders are outraged over revelations that the NSA was eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel—and likely others! Who needs enemies when you have an "ally" like the Obama Administration?!
    "Obama Administration defends massive phone record collection" — Reuters
    The White House recently confirmed the NSA has been collecting the phone records and web search data of all Americans!
    "A.P. Scandal Raises Spectre of Big Brother" — The New Yorker
    Freedom of the Press is protected in the U.S. Constitution—but since when have Obama and his left-wing fanatics had any respect for our Constitution? But disrespect is a far cry from out-and-out spying! Shame on the President and his goons!
   The Obama Administration is guilty of spying... censorship... and gross misuse of power and intimidation tactics.
   These acts are egregious assaults on the privacy and rights of every American citizen. Does this sound like a government of the people?
   My fellow patriots, we can't let this happen—not in America!
   I warned you months ago... none of us is immune to government, corporate or opportunistic surveillance—and what my research has uncovered will shock you:
    Surveillance of your private communications—The U.S. government now routinely scans, records and logs virtually every electronic communication through its top-secret programs—including phone calls, emails, text messages, IMs and posts on popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.
   The secret purpose of built-in webcams—Former CIA Director David Petraeus admits U.S. intelligence agencies already have the capability to access these signals and view inside people's living rooms without their knowledge!
    Warrantless cellphone tracking—The New York Times recently reported that cellphones of private individuals in the U.S. are being tracked without warrants by State and local law enforcement all across the country.
    And now the NSA Surveillance Scandal... what's next?!
   Whatever you do, don't panic! If you start shutting off your phones and closing accounts, you're going to raise red flags to every agency or thug that has you on radar.

Coast to Coast am
Illuminati & Music Industry:
Host:  John B. Wells
Guests:  Mark Dice, Richard C. Hoagland, Wilbur Allen
On Saturday's show, media analyst and political activist Mark Dice joined John B. Wells to discuss Illuminati influences in the music industry and how some of today's hottest stars use esoteric symbols and song lyrics to push the secret society's agenda. According to Dice, the Illuminati are an extension of the ancient mystery schools and form a modern elite ruling class bent on dominating every aspect of society. Adam Weishaupt founded the group in Bavaria in 1776 and established the idea of controlling the media as a way to influence society, he explained. Illuminati idols have infested pop music with messages promoting pure evil, materialism, sexual debauchery, drug use and other destructive behaviors, he continued, noting how it has poisoned the collective mind of the masses and damaged society's moral compass.

Dice called Miley Cyrus a demonic dirt bag who teaches kids to do stripper moves, pop ecstasy and snort cocaine. He pointed to a video by Christina Aguilera that shows the singer holding a bisexual orgy in a church and then firebombing the desecrated site with a Molotov cocktail. Jay-Z promotes a philosophy of Satanism in his music and is a fan of infamous Satanist Aleister Crowley, Dice said, adding that the famous rapper has a gold-covered human skull worth $34,000. Crowley's philosophy of 'do what thou wilt' can be found in popular songs such as "The Motto" by Drake, which features the phrase YOLO (you only live once), and Kanye West's "I Am A God," he revealed. Ke$ha has posted Pentagrams on her Facebook page and even collected fans' baby teeth from which she fashioned a bra and headdress, Dice reported, noting that the singer-songwriter claims to have had sex with a demon.

Dice also commented on a story of a fifth grader who claimed to be a member of the Illuminati and threatened to sacrifice classmates to Satan before attempting to stab a fellow student, as well as one about a 27-year-old rapper who allegedly tried to sacrifice his friend in order to join the Illuminati.
Creepiest Obama Story Yet
IRS Quietly Proposes New Regs To Gain Political Advantage in 2014 Elections
The Incredible Failing Man!
Obama Whines About Media Not Paying Enough Attention to Government ‘Successes’
Obama is the “Very Danger the Constitution Was Designed to Avoid”
Congress Fears Out of Control Obama Could Suspend Election Laws
House Rumblings: Impeachment!
Congress to Obama: Cancel Iran deal

Intelligence Agency Reminds Americans With In Your Face Logo:

Given that Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about the Federal government’s surveillance efforts in the wake of leaks providing evidence that the National Security Agency has abused its powers and routinely disregarded privacy protections, officials at the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office appear oblivious of current events or are simply unconcerned about the image they present to the American people.
A spy satellite named NROL-39, launched by the office Thursday night, features a new logo portraying a sinister-looking octopus wrapping its tentacles around the globe. A tagline at the bottom of the logo informs: “NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH.”
After questions about the logo intended message arose, an agency spokesperson told Forbes that the logo was not meant to have a sinister connotation.
“NROL-39 is represented by the octopus, a versatile, adaptable, and highly intelligent creature. Emblematically, enemies of the United States can be reached no matter where they choose to hide,” said Karen Furgerson. “‘Nothing is beyond our reach’ defines this mission and the value it brings to our nation and the warfighters it supports, who serve valiantly all over the globe, protecting our nation.”

Team Obama Takes “Affordable” Out of Latest Obamacare Campaign
41% of Net New Jobs in November Were in Government
Obama Claims ‘Regular’ Secret Meetings with Sebelius

‘HIDDEN TAX’: Red tape tab nears $2T

White House Lied About Obama's Uncle
Caught In A Lie: Obama Admits That He Lived With His Kenyan Delinquent Uncle

Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Benefits ‘One of the Best Ways to Grow the Economy

Imbecilic ObamaCare Video Targets “Young Invisibles,” Wins $2,000 Government Prize
$100 Million in Stolen Bitcoins — “Sorry About That”
Constitutional Scholars Criticize Constitutional Scholar Obama’s Abuse Of The Constitution

Obama Will Never Be Found At The Center Of A Lie: White House Throws Staffers Under The Bus To Shield President From Kenyan Uncle Omar Bombshell

Another ObamaDoesn'tCare Tax That Insurers Are Forced To Pass Along To You
Impeachment Over Obamacare? - Let's Hope So!!!!!

Poll: Obama Seen as Biggest “Failure”
Despite cost pressures, RFID tags gaining steam
TSA Agents Caught Trafficking 11 Pounds Of Cocaine
Obama Backs Down to China – A Dangerous Concession
Obama May Stay in Washington After Presidency - No! He's ruined U.S. enough!
 The logical outcome of wealth redistribution is wife redistribution
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage continued to debunk the tenants of Marxist liberation theology by taking them to their logical – and surreal – conclusions.
He wonders if advocates of "social justice" will one day call for the maiming of talented athletes, in the name of "equality."
"What do you think of the pope's war on capitalism?" Savage asked his audience, adding:
    Do you think it's time for you to give up your nice house and your nice shoes, and your wife, if you think about it?
    Why should one man have a nice-looking wife and another man be stuck alone in a house with no woman at all?
    Wouldn't it be fair to redistribute women?
    That's the logical outcome of Marxism.
    If you let these left-wing psychotics keep going down this road, they may argue that if you enjoy good health, you should have poor health foisted on you.
    Wouldn't it be fair to take a perfectly healthy athlete and cut off a few of his fingers?
    Then he would know what it's like not to be perfect.
    That's basically the Marxist theory of economics.
    That's fairness. That's liberation theology.
It’s True: Government is Aggressively Engaged in Gun Confiscation In the US

BLACK Friday 11/29/13
Iran president: We won, enrichment will never stop
Iran is ‘Spiking the Football in the End Zone’

Will Israel Nuke Iran?

Obama Irrationally Attempts to Control Iran’s Divine Nuclear Weapons Ambitions

Common Core Third Grade Book Presents Messianic View of Obama
Hobby Lobby Will Have Its Day in the Supreme Court
CNN Host Says Criticizing Obamacare is 'Dangerous'

It’s Official: Obama Knew He’d Ruin Our Health Care
Obama Violates “Law of the Land”

Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Now Being Audited-ThisIsWRONG!
Obama Negotiating with Hezbollah Terrorists

Lefty Totalitarianism: Conform or Else!

Supreme Court to Take another Crack at ObamaDoesn'tCare
Military Tools for Occupying Iraq Given to Police to Help Them Control U.S.
NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software
80 Million More Insurance Cancellations on the Way
UN Troops Told to Kill Americans That Don't Give Over Their Guns
Obama Forces Christians to Violate Faith
Survey: Half Of Meteorologists Are “Climate Deniers”
Group Receives $1.1 Million Grant to Gather Obamacare Success Stories
Texas Suing Feds Over Hiring Convicted Felons

Hillary Clinton Supporters Slowly Realizing She Didn’t Do Anything as Secretary of State
(It's about time!)
Obama: I Haven’t Made Fun of Tea Baggers - LIAR!
Obama Claims He’s Among Most Accomplished Presidents Ever
19 Year Old Christian Girl With Knife at Her Throat Forced to Convert to Islam
Muslims Hijack Congressional Hearing that was to Address Islamic Persecution of Hindus

BLACK Friday Vinyl Purchases for me:
Vince Guaraldi Trio (Peanuts) 45
Jimi Fire/Foxey Lady 45
RUSH The Garden Studio/Live Picture disc
Grateful Dead Acoustic 1970-04-18
All from Radio KAOS in Stevens Point

Happy Thanksgiving !
Thanksgiving Proclamation
President George Washington
City of New York, October 3, 1789
Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor, and Whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me "to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness."
Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be. That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks, for his kind care and protection of the People of this country previous to their becoming a Nation, for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his providence, which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war, for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed, for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted, for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.
And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions, to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually, to render our national government a blessing to all the People, by constantly being a government of wise, just and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed, to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shown kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord. To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease of science among them and Us, and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.
Great Sinner Street show, this band gets better each time out!
CNN Poll: Obama's Honesty and Trustworthiness Numbers Take a Huge Hit
(It's about time!)
 Last night we lost our democracy to the Democrats' gangster regime
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: On Friday afternoon, the Democrat-controlled Senate destroyed the time-honored procedural practice requiring 60 votes before an executive or judicial nomination moves forward in the Senate
In effect, the Democrats have just voted themselves more power in one fell swoop, with little resistance from either the Republicans or even the average voter. Dr. Savage fears we're about to witness more such outrages from this "gangster regime."
    Last night we lost our democracy to Patrick Leahy and the gangster regime
    Harry Reid, the former pugilist, knocked out the opposition.
    We had a little tradition in the Senate that lasted several hundred years.
    Now we see a corrupted government. We're living in a post-constitutional society.
    We have half the country living off the other half of the country.
    We have illegal aliens voting and a president who caters more to them than to the legal residents.
    The entire system is upside down, due to lobbyists who can do anything they wish to our country.
    Many of you fear that this gangster regime is liable to do anything next because there's no opposition.
    Hillary Clinton and the rest of them were braying on about how wonderful the filibuster was a few years ago when they were in the minority, and now they're gloating that they've destroyed it.
    What will this gangster regime of liars and hypocrites do next?
Obama Assures Business Leaders: I Am Not A Socialist - LIAR!
Feds Use Intimidation to Confiscate WWII Vet's Assets
Muslim Holiday Ashoura: Islamic Blood Rituals on American Streets
Obama Honors Supporter of the Destruction of the Black Race
LIST OF NAMES of Purged Military High Officers – Extensive & Terrifying
Man Arrested, Charged with Felony for Having Secret Compartment in His Truck
Forbes: The Impeachment Option Would Be Well-Deserved
Did Obama Order Official to Lie to Congress? - YES!
USPS Dumps Christmas
Common Core Book Teaches Children White Voters Rejected Obama Because of Race
Send Your Youngster to Islam Workshop or We Will Mark Him as Racist for Life
Transparent: Obama Wants to Move the Enrollment Date Until After the Election
Obama’s Iran Deal: Worse than Munich
Obama Breaks His Own Law Again
Benghazi Gate Continues!
Explosive New Report -- Obama Knew Benghazi Would Be Attacked

Chiefs lose and Packers TIE...Damn!
Another Obama Lie Exposed: He Was Briefed On Healthcare.gov Problems In March
NUCLEAR: Harry Reid, Senate Dems Trash Precedent, Change Filibuster Rules
Security Fail: Major Hacking Threat
Out of Control! Feds ask for drivers’ DNA at roadblock
Does Obama Mean What He Says? ...NO! He is a LIAR
ObamaCare Is No Katrina, It’s Much Worse
Obama: ‘We’re Not Lavishly Spending on a Whole Bunch of Social Programs’
Barack Obama Wants His Name Off of Obamacare
How Washington Is Sucking The Life Out Of America
Dems frustration with Obama at boiling point?
Obama is actually worse than your average Euro-socialist
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: The president and a friendly reporter laughed off the notion that Obama is a socialist, especially compared to what he called "real socialists" abroad.
Dr. Savage scoffed that Obama's administration fits every criterion required to fit the definition of "socialist,"
and then some.
"What's so funny about that?" Savage asked after playing a clip of Obama's most recent interview, noting:
    It's always been true that dictatorships emerge this way.
    They let big businesses and power brokers have what they want while they strangle the people and stifle the middle class.
    That's how the cancer of socialism grows.
    Socialism is centralized secretive government
    In Obama's case, it's also corrupt and incompetent.
    He's actually worse than a Euro-socialist.
    They could never get away with what Obama gets away with.
    In Europe, they're not hamstrung with white guilt.
    As well, their parliamentary systems give the people an opportunity to dismiss a rogue, corrupt or incompetent regime.
    We don't have that luxury here, unfortunately. We have to wait another three years.

U.S. General: Let’s Make Obama Resign
The Beginning Of The End For Barack Obama
Benghazi Gate Continues!
Shocking Testimony - Benghazi is Hillary Clinton’s Fault
Congressman: Benghazi Attackers Had Inside Information - "They Knew Everything"

Obama Removes ‘God’ From Gettysburg Address
Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”
FINALLY, A Democrat Asks: I Wonder If Obama Has the ‘Legal Authority to Do This?’

 Immigrants are bringing Third World mores to America,
with deadly results
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Late last week, the bodies of the missing McStay family were discovered in shallow graves just outside Los Angeles, almost four years after they were first reported missing.
Haunted by the family's tragic fate, Dr. Savage wonders how such a thing could happen, whether or not America is becoming a more dangerous place to live, and if so, why.
"Why am I so locked in on the story of this family? It's because something is so wrong in the world," Savage explained to his audience, adding:
    They aren't the first family that have been slain.
    Nor will it be the last, unfortunately.
    Yet there is something so horrible about the thought of a human being who would slay children and throw them in a grave in front of their parents.
    Then again, maybe I live in a Mickey Mouse land.
    When I look at what's going on in the Middle East, and I see the bloodthirsty creatures who in the name of their god slaughter each other because they're the wrong sect of Islam, I say to myself: Anything is possible.
    So this kind of horrific crime is not so unusual in other parts of the world.
    The trouble is, America is devolving due to the seepage of  Third World people and their Third World mentality and mores into this country.
    We're moving away from being a God-fearing nation.
    We've opened our borders due to the corruption of our own politicians.
    You're going to see more of this rather than less of it.
 How can America send aid to the Philippines
when our country is broke?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: The Philippines has been ravaged by a devastating typhoon that's left thousands dead and an estimated 2 million homeless.
As always, the United States was quick to pledge monetary and material aid to another nation in need. However, Michael Savage wonders how America can afford such generosity and asks the vital question: Who benefits?
"Why is the United States leading the world on aid to the Philippines?" wondered Dr. Savage, noting:
    We're a basket case. We're broke.
    Even so, we've pledged $20 million in aid and sent down an aircraft carrier and 5,000 troops.
    Did you hear what China gave? They've pledged only $100,000. Can you believe it?
    What about Japan? They decimated the Philippines in World War II, but that doesn't relate to their relationship today.
    Japan is planning to send $10 million for emergency shelters and a thousand troops from its self-defense forces.
    It will be the Japanese army's single biggest relief operation abroad since the Second World War.
    Britain is sending its largest ship and aid exceeding $32 million.
    Is anyone making any money off the aid we're sending to the Philippines?
    You bet: The contractors providing all the material we're shipping down there.
    Ask yourself: How much do they charge for a plastic sheet or an aspirin?
    How much does the Pentagon agree to pay for these things?
    How much does this cost taxpayers?
 The Chinese Army is on American soil for the first time in history,
at Obama's invitation
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Did you know that the Chinese Army is currently massing on American soil?
Few people have heard about that alarming development, unless they listen to "The Savage Nation."
The federal government is calling these troop movements "disaster-relief exercises," but Dr. Savage doesn't believe that for a moment.
    China and the U.S. Army are undergoing a joint exercise in Hawaii.
    Did you hear that?
    Probably not.
    It's going on for the first time in history under Barack Hussein Obama.
    They're calling it a "disaster-relief exercise."
    I don't know about you, but I can't believe the People's Liberation Army is training in Hawaii, all under Obama and that "Dr. Strangelove" who runs the military, Chuck Hagel.
    I don't believe for one second that these are so-called disaster-relief exercises.
    I think Obama is giving the Chinese a little feel for the terrain.
 Obama's atheist friends are advising
the military on 'religious tolerance'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Dr. Savage discussed the ongoing demonization of Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, in all branches of the U.S. military.
He noted that Michael "Mikey" Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is the activist behind most of these campaigns to strip the military of its Judeo-Christian traditions.
"Atheist Mikey Weinstein has struck again," Dr. Savage declared, adding:
    This man is a public enemy and a deviant of the lowest order.
    He's gone after every religious symbol in the U.S. military.
    Weinstein is now being used by Obama to advise all branches of the military on "religious tolerance."
    One of his policies includes court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian gospel during spiritual counseling sessions.
    The Air Force Academy has just announced that it will now be optional for cadets to recite the words "So help me God" at the end of its honor oath.
    I don't care if you're an atheist or an agnostic. That's your right.
    But I really resent these people stepping on the hearts and souls of people who believe in God, especially those who believe in Jesus Christ.
    It's so offensive, because George Washington took the oath as our first president and said the words, "So help me God."
    Why does the American military now turn to a twisted sister like Mikey Weinstein and ask this piece of garbage whether or not they can say "God" in a military chapel?
    This would stop if we had a truly God-fearing president.
    This one doesn't even fake it.
 If the power structure was prepared to bomb Syria,
imagine what they could do to you
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Dr. Savage continued to warn any man or woman contemplating running for office on a nationalist Republican ticket that they will face powerful opposition from the right and the left.
If they were willing to bomb Syria, Savage reminded his listeners, imagine what they're prepared to do to on individual who dares to stand up to them.
"Anyone who runs as a nationalist Republican has to be prepared to take hell on earth from the power structure that is out to destroy the nation," declared Savage, pointing out:
    They were ready to destroy Syria for personal gain.
    Do you remember them calling for blood in Syria?
    John Kerry and Obama did. So did John McCain, that psychotic old man.
    He said if we didn't attack Syria, the war will come here.
    They were willing to blow up a nation for greed.
    No one blew up Syria and look at that: Nothing happened.
    Gee, they told us the world was going to come to an end, according to Obama and the rest.
    They were lying. They were willing to destroy a nation simply because some people have an oil pipeline that was going to run through that territory.
    If they'd attack a nation, so you think they'll let a single nation stand up to the power structure?
    They'll come at you in ways you could never imagine

Obama’s Insurance ‘Fix’ Is Unconstitutional
Obama Issues Veto Threat for "Keep Your Plan" Legislation
There Is No Care In Obamacare
You Won’t Believe How Obama is Celebrating Christmas
Obama’s DHS Secretary Nominee Plagiarized 23 Different Times
Obamacare Deadlines Shortened - More BS
Democrat Senator on Obama – “We all knew he was lying.”
Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report
Confused President claims ’100 million’ have enrolled
From ‘Four Score’ to ‘Yes We Can!’
Obamacare’s War on Pizza
Insurance industry warns against fix
House Energy & Commerce Committee: WH Knew Of Healthcare.gov Problems In July
Judge Tells Army Veteran: "Your Time in Iraq Makes You a Threat to Society"
Thousands of Doctors Dropped from Medicare Advantage
Amnesty so Illegals Can Enroll in Obamacare
Black Reporter Mychal Massie’s Summation of Obama: Nero in the White House

War on 2nd Amendment
Obama’s EPA Goes after Second Amendment by Aiming at Bullets
EPA ‘Shuts Down’ Lead Refiners: Administration’s Back Door to ‘Disarm’ the People
Stock Up on Bullets: EPA to Close Last U.S. Lead Smelting Plant
‘Repeal & Replace’ 2nd Amendment

Krugman to Middle Class: You're Dead; Get Used to it
After Four Months, Black Supremacist Ayo Kimathi Still Employed by DHS
Obamacare’s New Metrics Clear As Mud - He has NO IDEA WTF he is doing and/or he REALLY wants the U.S. DEAD!
Feel Good Song of the Moment
White Denim
A Place to Start
I saw this band open for my new favorite band Tame Impala and was BLOWN AWAY by their uniqueness so I started by buying their double LP collection that I bought at the show and searching out their tunes, starting at soundcloud, and have quickly become a daily spin. I bought their new LP on opening day called corsicana lemonade and was super-impressed as this contains their newest member, Austin from Austin, a smokin' HOT axeman that plays a very old Goldtop Les Paul that adds TONS to the band's sound. I fell in love with this album but the last tune, a total feel-good song called "A Place to Start", bothered me a bit as it really didn't fit in with the rest of the album, but now I LOVE IT and cannot get enough of the good time feel it holds....
and now I am enchanted with this beauty!
Federal Judge Considers Injunction Against NSA Data Collection
Chiefs and Packers Lose...Damn!
Obama's 29 Worst Assaults on Civil Liberties
Obama extends Patriot Act without reform
Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan
Obama signs NDAA 2011
Obama appeals the Federal Court decision that “indefinite detention” is unconstitutional
Obama uses his Presidential Drone “Kill List” to kill American cleric without trial
and his 16 year old son in a separate strike
Shitting on OUR Constitution
Continues to approve drone strikes that kill thousands of innocent civilians including women and children in Pakistan, Yemen, and other countries that do not want the US intervening
Protects Bush’s war crimes as State Secrets
Support for countries use of child soldiersAppointing Monsanto, GMO company with multiple unsafe practice violations, lobbyist to head the FDA
Continuing prohibition and Federal attacks on legal marijuana dispensaries
Protects AG Holder from Congressional “Fast and Furious” gun walking investigations
Bringing no charges against bank executives that misused bailouts
Engaging in a war on whistleblowers
Grants immunity to CIA torturers
Quadrupling the numbers of warrantless wiretapping since Bush era
Continuing military tribunals he vowed to end
Failing to close gitmo
Allowed innocent man to die at gitmo
Violating the War Powers Act of 1973
Signed Anti-protest law
Deported more immigrants than any other president
Increasing Drug War budget
Defends raids on Gibson Guitars
Defends raids on raw milk farmers
Granting the FBI access to private electronic communication without warrant
Building an even more intrusive TSA
Shitting on OUR Constitution
America Rotting
Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”

Yesirree! ‘We the People’ are Pushing Back

US spying tripled in three years
Walls Close in Around Obama
Obamascare Will Get Much, Much Worse
50 Insurance Policies Cancelled to Every 1 Obamacare Enrollee!
Barack Obama’s Pants Are on Fire
Has the Government Competence Bubble Finally Burst?
Or the Government Cares Bubble?
Nancy Pelosi: Math Genius Extraordinaire
Neo-Nazis: Haters We Love to Hate
Simple Truth: Obama LieS
If ObamaScare’s So Great, Why do Most People Want It Repealed?
ObamaCare’s Website vs. Austrian Economics
In private industry, he would have been fired on October 2

Obama Was a Crack-Smoking Gay in High School, Says Ex-Classmate

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As usual, Dr. Savage asks the questions no one else in the media dares to ask.
For example:
Why did Supreme Court Justice John Roberts declare, out of nowhere, that Obamacare was a tax? Is it possible, Savage wondered, that the president pressured Roberts to make that finding? And if so, how?
"All the other radio hosts are still talking about repealing Obamacare," Savage noted, adding:
    They can't repeal Obamacare. It's the law.
    What they really need to do is investigate what the government has on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.
    Remember when this whole law was hanging in the balance when
Justice Roberts was asked whether or not Obamacare would be a tax?
    Everyone laughed off the idea.
    Then suddenly Roberts came up with this crazy idea that it was a tax.
    Could this be tied to NSA spying?
    If they spy on the pope and foreign leaders, why should we assume Obama didn't spy on Roberts, find something and blackmail him with it to get the Supreme Court's seal of approval for Obamacare?
    Am I allowed to ask the question?
    Has anyone in the media analyzed it from this perspective? I haven't heard it.
CAIR & Muslim Leaders Plot Shariah Law Court in US
Benghazi suspects omitted from State Dept. tipline?
52 Million May Lose Their Health Insurance. Then They Will Vote.
Obama’s Fraud was Bigger Than Madoff’s
I salute all veterans today!
Grounds for Impeachment: Just Because He SHOULD Be Impeached,
Doesn’t Mean He Will
Obama courting CEOs on immigration
Socialists Pushing for Child Euthanasia
Iran general: No doubt Israel and America will be attacked
Obama Negotiating Secret Treaty
CNN Blames Christians for Obamacare Problems

Obama Lies About Lying While Lying
Obama ‘Does Not Believe He Lied’
Saudis Show Good Sense in Rejecting the United Nations
High School Classmate: Obama Lied Compulsively & Had Sex With Rich White Gays In Exchange For Drugs
‘Real’ Unemployment: 13.8%
Remembering Samuel Alito’s Infamous SOTU “Not True”
ENDA Will Put Companies Out of Business and Breed Lawsuits
Obama Voter Pays Ultimate Penalty: Time to Die of Cancer Because Insurance is Gone
Obama secretly lifted Iran sanctions months ago

Costly cuts for the military could leave nation exposed
Obummer is here to TEAR US DOWN...and it's working!

Obama accused of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ at International Criminal Court
and it's about time!

Obama grasps for climate legacy as his crappy second-term agenda crumbles
Next Obamacare Crisis: Shortage of Doctors Imminent
Student Loan Debt Owed to Federal Government Up 463% Under Obama
Dem Senator On Obamacare: “Why Not Shut It Down – and Do It Right?”
Obama Finally Fixing Health Care … in Kenya
Obama Lies About Lying While Lying
Barack Obama: "We are Remaking the Courts"

Republicans to Impeach Eric Holder
Retired General: Some in Military Want to ‘Take Out’ Obama from Presidency
Now Jimmy Carter is Calling Obama an Incompetent Loser
Liberal Bill Maher Says Obama Lied When Promising “If You Like Your Plan,
You Can Keep Your Plan”

White Flag Christmas: President Kind of Apologizes for ObamaCare’s Sign-Up Problems
Obama Kind of Says He's 'Sorry' for Americans Losing Their Healthcare Coverage
FDA: “No More Trans Fats!” Americans: “No More FDA!"
Return Airport Security to the Airlines
Keynesian Krugman: Higher Taxes and Death Panels Will Be Required
ObamaScare’s Sinking Ship: 16 Democrat Senators Meet With Obama

NYC Elects a Communist Mayor

“So help me God” removed from the Air Force Oath
If You Like Your God, You Can Keep Him
Obama now blatantly delusional: Denies ever promising you can keep your health insurance
Obamacare Providing Your Personal Info to Convicted Felons?
Obama Takes Away Your Insurance & Changes Rules So Unions Can Keep Theirs
NObamascare marketers could learn from book publishers
Obamacare Botched Launch Pushes Needed Young Pros Away
Big F'ing Deal: Delaware Has Spent $4 Million to Enroll Four People in Obamacare
47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 2

Dianne Feinstein: Obama Meant That You Could Keep Your Plan Until Obamacare Was Enacted
Republicans Need To Fight Dirty
Barack “Angel of Death” Obama
The Liar King
GMO labeling initiative 522 seems to have failed, proving once again that corporate money can buy food secrecy
Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know…and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

 Obama has just taken complete control of the nation's climate change policies
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Only the European press seems interested in reporting the story that Obama has just taken over America's climate change policies by executive order.
Dr. Savage notes that even in Europe, Obama's move is being called a "soft totalitarianism."

"Your soft totalitarian president has signed an executive order taking over the nation's climate change policies," Dr. Savage informed his listeners, noting:
    It's another step towards tyranny.
    This move could skirt legislative oversight and push a federal agenda on the states.
    Obama is supposedly trying to better prepare for events like Superstorm Sandy.
    In other words, he's a dictator.
    At least that's what the Europeans are saying. That's who is reporting this story.
    It didn't make it into your local paper.
    Obama's being joined on this task force by a few governors, including Jerry Brown of California.
    They're all radical leftists. No surprise there.
    All these people believe in the fraud called global warming while actual scientists don't.

 Don't trust the feds on the flu shot
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Flu season is here, and Dr. Savage has renewed his warning against getting the flu shot.
While advising listeners to research the topic themselves, he noted that among other drawbacks, the flu vaccine contains many ingredients that are unfit for human consumption.
"Did Barack Obama and his lovely family take a flu shot?" Dr. Savage asked rhetorically, noting:
    I am not advocating the avoidance of all vaccines.
I'm known for my many books about herbal remedies and natural medicine.
    That said: I've also acknowledged that I have been saved by regular medicines.
    But the flu vaccine? I wouldn't take it.
    Not everything your government tells you is true.
    It's good to have a cynic in radio who questions authority.
    To manufacture the vaccine, they choose five strains out of the more than 250 strains of Influenza A.
    If they don't choose the right strain, you'll get sick.
    Furthermore, the vaccines contain harmful ingredients that the Centers for Disease Control lists on its own website: formaldehyde, detergents, allergens and more.
    I won't take it.
    I recommend you study this topic before you listen to the federal government on flu shots.
    Are you really going to trust the same people who told you could keep your health care plan?
The CIA Retains Control of Drone Assassinations
The Central Intelligence Agency kills more people with drones than the military does. This is a matter of expertise. So, as a cost-cutting measure, the CIA is going to retain control of its drones.
President Obama said earlier this year that he was ordering the CIA to transfer drone operations to the Department of Defense.
He also thought www.Healthcare.gov would work. He was out of the loop in both cases.
The CIA is not going to give up its drones.
Democrats Rewriting History
Coast to Coast am last night
Voting Issues
 In the first half, researcher Bev Harris spoke about election and voting issues, including the latest news about Diebold, the company that makes electronic voting machines. Charges have been brought against Diebold (which also manufactures ATMs) for bribery and corruption involving bank employees in five countries outside the United States. "It shocks you when you look at this, because this particular company is running the elections in almost half the United States," she remarked. An advocate for transparency in the voting process, she said the public has a right to authenticate the process, by viewing a list of possible voters, the actual voters, the counting of the votes, as well as the chain of custody of ballots.

While the US is having disputes about voter ID, the rest of the world is involved in a much more questionable election ID trend: in many countries, in order to vote you must submit to biometric profiling, including five-point fingerprinting, as well as facial recognition scans. This is not science-fiction-- it's happening all around the world in such places as Europe, Africa, and South America, she noted. While there are some benefits to such technology, the potential for misuse is particularly rife in countries with violent or repressive regimes. With Colorado and Indiana harvesting data from touchscreen votes, and barcode ballots, "it's really a short leash to saying the secrecy of the ballot is pretty much on its last legs," she lamented.

Obama’s Approval Ratings Continue To Fall As His Panacea Cure For
America Continues To Fail
Convenient Illusions: The 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks
Catholic Business Owners Win Appeal Against Contraceptive Mandate
900,000 to lose health insurance in California as Obamacare disaster spreads
Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?
Obama Denies ‘You Can Keep It’ Promises
Joe Biden is an Idiot, a Plagiarist, and a Liar
How the Federal Government is Ruining Your State and What Can be Done About it
ENDA Bill Means End of Religious Freedoms
  Meet Uncle Sam, Your Partner In Crime
I Pay Dead People: Medicare and Medicaid Misspent $23 Million On
Benefits For Dead Patients
Our Know-Nothing President

 Obamacare was designed to fail, as part of the Democrats'
goal of implementing socialized medicine
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: The Obamacare website was designed to fail all along, Michael Savage declared.
The Obama administration's end game, Savage explains, was to create so much frustration that Americans would begin demanding what the Democrats have dreamed of implementing all along: socialized medicine."The anti-Obamacare chorus is louder than ever," Dr. Savage noted, adding:
    The righteous indignation can be heard from Maine to Mexico.
    But I have a little news for you: Obama and his minions are 10 steps ahead of the screaming anti-Obamacare chorus.
    Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Axelrod and the others actually wanted the website and the system to fail.
    Why? So that the people who want free health care will demand a government-run, single-payer system.
    Call it "Government Medical Insurance Inc."
    Ted Cruz is now saying Obama is abusing his power. He's right, but what president hasn't?
    They're saying he lied.
    And Bush didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction?
    My friends, we have entered -- not the first stages, not the infancy stages, not the adolescent stages quite yet -- we are in the childhood of socialism in the United States.

Rodgers goes down, the Pack is Fukd for 3 weeks!
Chiefs WIN!
Obama: ‘I Want To Put The Fear Of God In All Of You’
It's Not “In God We Trust” but “In Government We Trust”
Entitlement insanity: Food stamp recruiters have monthly quota of people to enroll
Food banks brace for wave of hungry masses as federal food stamp cuts kick in
Navy SEALs Ordered Not to Wear Navy Jack “Don’t Tread on Me” Patch on Uniforms
Cash for Clunkers program falls short
The Conservative Alternative to Obamacare
CNN: Senate Dems UNANIMOUSLY Voted To Kill The Insurance Plan You Liked
Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey The Government’s Commands”
Obama Turns Syria Into Home for Al-Qaeda
The Other Obamacare Shoe is About to Drop - Let's hope so!
Convention of the States to Rein in Out of Control Federal Government
Chinese state media show plans for nuke strikes on US cities
Japan’s ‘toxic’ monster creeping towards US
U.S. Immigration Officers Give Frightening Warning
Senate Rejects Controversial Obama Pick for Top Appeals Court - We stopped at least one liberal from getting into office
Obamacare State Exchanges Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Billion

The Messianic Character of the NSA
Obama’s DHS Advisor: “America is an Islamic Country”!!!!!!!
Out and Out LIES to start the Month from the new BAD HIRE!
Sebelius: “The Website Has Never Crashed”
Rep. Issa subpoenas Sebelius
Happy Halloween
Spooky or Science: Michigan's Paulding 'Ghost Light' Investigation

Phish's "musical costume" this Halloween was
their NEW not-yet-released ALBUM
How cool is THAT!?!

Congrats to Carlos Gomez as he wins Rawlings Gold Glove Award

NRO: Is Obama Still President?

Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC
Saturday Night Live Skit Mocks The Obamascare Website Failure
Obama Knew He Was Lying on Keeping Your Insurance
Of course he did, he is a LIAR!
Obama knew a month before launch that Healthcare.gov would be a disaster
RATE SHOCK: Obamascare causing 539% increase in health insurance costs for Texans (see proof)
Democrats are Hoping That ObamaSCARE Won't Make Them Lose Big
Obama knew of NSA spying on Merkel and approved it
Obama Hates Christianity - Of course he does, he is a LIAR!
More Obamashock! Glitches Hit Paper, Phone Applications
Obamascare As Anti-Second-Amendment Government Harassment Tool
Obama: ‘It Doesn’t Make Sense to Have 11 Million People Who Are in This Country Illegally…’ So bringing in MORE is STUPIDITY!
The Magnificent Failure of www.Healthcare.gov
Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Obama’s Twitter Account - Sends Video to
38 Million Followers
Intelligence Director Blames Public Anger Over NSA, Not Government Misdeeds,
For ‘Erosion Of Trust’ Complicating His Job
The White House Made Sure Millions Would Lose Their Insurance While
They Lied About It
Obama Admin Knew Millions Couldn't
Keep Their Coverage
If President Obama 'Didn’t Know,' then Who's Running the Government?
  Obamascare’s Real Scandal
R.I.P. Lou Reed - one of the BEST!
RIP - Lou Reed (1942-2013)
Lou Reed’s Cause of Death Confirmed- an ailment that stemmed from his recent liver transplant.
Jogging While White Leaves Woman Dead
Is Feinstein Too Old To Understand That The NSA Is Spying On Americans, Or Is She Just A Liar?
Organization of Islamic Cooperation Seeks to Silence Free Speech Globally Beginning With the US
Hidden in ObamaCare Site: Applicants Surrender Right to Privacy
NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders
 Who gave Obama the right to destroy our country?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Savage challenged patriotic Americans to look at the unprincipled behavior of Republican politicians, not just Democratic ones.
He renewed his call for a "nationalist candidate on the Republican ticket" but warned that anyone brave enough to put themselves forward can expect to face a backlash of biblical proportions.
"The internationalists are unraveling our nation, which was built up over several hundred years," Savage said, asking:
    Who gave Obama, this man from Nowhereville, the right to destroy our country?
    Did you vote for the Democrats to destroy your country?
    Did you tell Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid to destroy our borders, language and culture?
    Let's put aside the greed and venality of those people. Let's put aside all the Sopranos-like behavior we've seen going on.
    Mitch McConnell pretended he was holding out against Obamacare. What he was really holding out for was a slush fund for a $2 billion dam in Kentucky nobody wants.
    Rand Paul is also from Kentucky. Has he rejected that $2 billion slush fund? No, he hasn't.
    The only way out of this morass is a nationalist candidate on the Republican ticket in 50 states.
    I guarantee you that all hell will come down on that candidate, too.

Obama is always the victim
Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats
Waxman Hilariously Claims Obamacare Is An “Enormous Success”
Homeowner with Gun Stops Neighborhood Crime Spree
“Thought Police” Ban All Words
Death Panels: Palin Was Right, Says Liberal Salon
Cops Shoot Thirteen-Year-Old Because Second Amendment Is Dead Letter
This Court Ruling Could Bring Obamacare Down

Muslim Terrorists Using Mexico as Staging Area
Obamacare: The New “Animal Farm”
NY Mayoral Candidates Pushing For 2 Official Muslim Holidays For Schools
Poll: Majority Support Individual Mandate Delay
Surprise: Obamacare's 1-800 Number Doesn't Work Either
Coast to Coast am Last Night - IMPORTANT!
Privacy & Tech
Date:  10-23-13
Host:  George Noory
Guest:  John McAfee
In the first half, software entrepreneur and founder of McAfee Inc., the controversial John McAfee, discussed his life and career as well as why he is critical of NSA surveillance and what he plans to do about it. McAfee recalled how, in 1986, the emergence of the first computer virus was a stunning development that had been unexpected by those in the industry. Upon hearing the news, McAfee said, he simultaneously realized both how the programmers had created the virus as well as how to stop it. After posting his anti-virus program on an Internet message board, "it just went around the world and became, instantly, a required program." This initial success led to the creation of his security software company which has become a juggernaut in the computer industry.
McAfee was highly critical of the NSA spying program, which was revealed this past Summer, calling the practice "fundamentally wrong" and lamenting that "we have to have privacy to be human and we're losing that rapidly." Additionally, he warned that this surveillance is likely an even larger problem than the public knows because if the NSA is spying on people, then "so is the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Army Intelligence, they're all doing it." In response to the NSA spying, McAfee revealed that he has created a new company known as 'Future Tense,' which will feature a "completely secure network" that is fluid and ever-changing and, thus, cannot be breached. However, he pointed out that the music industry has already decried his concept as "dangerous" and "covert agencies" are also not happy with his plans. Despite these challenges, McAfee confidently declared that he will press forward with the project.
Buck Dharma wanted to use my Les Paul & effects tonight but he's 6 hours away
in MN! His gear didnt make the flight and I didn't have enough time to get there.

Obamacare Website 'Dramatically Underestimates' Health Costs
The Stupid, Lopsided War Against Electronic Vapor Devices
Obama Fainting – Karmel Allison was not Obama’s First Staged Fainting
The White House Pretends To Know Nothing About Obamacare Site Malfunctions
Obama leaves American POW Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl to Rot in Afghanistan – Provides Only Excuses
Worst. Ad. Ever. Obamacare Navigator Hawks ‘Brosurance’
HealthCare.gov Site Was Built by Canadian Firm
Obama Said This with a Straight Face
NObamaCare: What If It Were Fire Insurance?
FINALLY! MSNBC Wonders - Is the Obama Administration Lying?
Jon Stewart’s Blistering Takedown of Obamacare Rollout: Dems Can’t ‘Spin This Turd’
"Our" President is a Sociopath
Without Government Help Who Would Make Healthcare More Expensive?
ABC News Reveals Obamacare as Failure but Won’t Admit the Truth
Obama opens U.S. to Iran missile danger
Heckuva job, Obama: President excuses long list of scandals and blunders

Congressman Tom McClintock Calls for Americans to Rise Up Against Obama’s Un-Constitutional Usurpations
I've been calling for the creation of a third party for years
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Dr. Savage renewed his call for the creation of a third party that would break up the "two-card Monte" game otherwise known as the American political system.
Unlike other radio hosts who are only now taking up this cause, Savage has been advocating for a new nationalist party for years, one with a platform devoted to "borders, language and culture."
"I was the first one in the media who called for a third party called the Nationalist Party," Savage reminded his listeners, noting:
    I realize Hannity and some of his copycat friends got in on the act last week.
    They've suddenly discovered that the Republicans aren't trustworthy.
    I started calling for a third party several years ago.
    Would Americans support a nationalist party? That's the question.
    The trouble is, the term "nationalism" has to be redefined.
    Liberals have turned it into a synonym for Hitler's National Socialist Party.
    Liberals will tell you that Hitler was a fascist, which he was.
    He was also a socialist, which they won't tell you.
    We have to keep educating people about the true nature of nationalism: That is, "borders, language and culture."
Packers WIN!Chiefs WIN!

AP: Obama…a Man of Deep ‘Christian’ Faith
Nancy Pelosi: What Difference Does it Make What was in the Spending Deal?
Obama Sending $1.6 Billion To Aid The Taliban in Pakistan
Obama’s Pentagon to Sell Advanced Weapons Systems to His Islamist Allies
US quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance
America Sets a New Record For Debt in One Day
‘Fast and Furious’ is Ok, But The Innocent Gun Buyer Goes to Prison
Even Oprah Wouldn’t Pimp Obamacare
Evil Soros-Funded Group Plans ‘Fly-In’ To Push House Republicans On Amnesty
Army Officer Sentenced To 20 Years For Doing His Duty In Afghanistan
More enroll for Mars trip than for health exchange
 ‘Corrupt Bastards Club’
Looks like all insults hurled at the Tea Party are factually inaccurate
 I've told you for years that we have a one-party system
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: The government shutdown ended with a whimper instead of a bang, as the Republicans finally caved in to Obama's demands.
Dr. Savage isn't surprised. "As I've told you for years now," he stated, "There is a one-party system."
"President Obama is so out of control after bankrupting America even further than it already was," Savage said on the air, noting:
    He's pushed this grotesque welfare state budget down the throats of the American people.
    He did it by buying votes, even from the so-called Republicans.
    Mitch McConnell, the fraud, got a $2 billion pork barrel earmark for his state of Kentucky.
    I've told you for years now: There's a one-party system, an oligarchy.
    Do you think the Republican mainstream really didn't want a deal?
    They were just holding out for some graft all along.
    The madman in the White House now says he's going to start pushing for amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens.
    This is a man out of control. Obama is a runaway train.

Steve Stockman Hands out Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives
Obama Knew Healthcare.gov Would Fail?
Secret list of food companies funding GMO-labeling opposition slush fund revealed after illegal activities of GMA exposed
Unarmed Couple Executed On False Assumption; No Cops/Shooters Suspended More Than Ten Days
Payback: Obama Nominates Major Campaign Fundraiser to Head Homeland Security
Obama’s Manufactured Crisis
Obama administration caught in blatant software piracy; script powering
Healthcare.gov ripped off from UK company
Grocery Manufacturers Association caught running money laundering slush fund for GMO food companies to conceal their identities in opposing I-522
A Call for Secession & If Necessary Civil War

Obama administration caught in blatant software piracy; script powering Healthcare.gov ripped off from UK company
Is Obama Planning To Intentionally Incite Food Riots In November?
‘Articles of impeachment’ handed out in House
Senate Deal Fixes Nothing
Bombshell: Obama planned shutdown
China Downgrades US To A- From A (and that's probably being nice)
The Army has just declared a Christian ministry to be a 'hate group'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Under the Obama administration, black comedy and satire have become almost indistinguishable from the day's headlines.
Case in point: Dr. Savage reports that the United States Army has just recatagorized a Christian ministry as a "domestic hate group," akin to the KKK.
"The Army has just defined a Christian ministry known as the American Family Association as a 'domestic hate group' because they don't like homosexuals," Savage informed his audience, adding:
    I told you this day would come.
    I predicted this would happen.
    This means that, according to the U.S. Army, this Christian ministry is now in the same category as the KKK, the Black Panthers and the American Nazi Party.
    They have turned a mainstream Christian ministry into a hate group.
    You are now living in a madhouse under Barack Hussein Obama.
    What more can I say?
    How many ways can I say it?
    I've warned about this over and over again.
We’ve just learned that the NSA is collecting millions of contact lists from our personal email and instant-messaging accounts.1 This is just the latest in a series of revelations about the government’s overreaching spying programs.
The NSA has our emails, it has our phone records, it has our address books.
This has got to stop.
That’s why we’re rallying against surveillance in Washington, D.C., on Oct 26.
Ted Nugent Cuts Hair, Eyes Presidential Run
Dianne Feinstein Defends NSA Spying Because… Well, She Isn’t Sure
Palin’s Facebook Salvo: Obama Has Committed ‘Impeachable’ Offenses
I've said this for quite some time now,
"The end of America is at hand when a DRONE is spotted in the skies above Wisconsin Rapids!"
Well...I spotted one today and flipped it off
Obama: End Shutdown So We Can Pass Immigration Reform

Where’s the Support of the Elected Officials Who ‘Care’ About Our Country?
A Lot of Unanswered Questions in DC
There’s Nothing Affordable About the Affordable Care Act
Romney Was Right, President Obama Doesn't Work
Kathleen Sebelius is on a bad acid trip: Healthcare.gov will be repaired by magical elves and Gandalf the Wizard (satire)
Former Hillary Associate Claims to Have Been Her Personal Hit Man…
Admits to Killing for Money

When they've lost Jon Stewart...
Now that President Obama has lost John Stewart, maybe he will finally realize that it really is in his interest, as well as the country's, to delay ObamaCare for a year.
For someone who’s been highly critical of Republicans opposed to Obamacare, Jon Stewart was really adamant in pressing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about issues he has with the health care bill, from the website bugs to the one-year business delay that individuals didn’t get. He repeatedly pressed that last point and got noticeably frustrated at the lack of a clear response.
Stewart did not receive an answer after asking how many people signed up for the website, before bringing up the “legitimate criticism” about individuals not receiving the one-year delay. Stewart said it looks like “you were favoring small business,” and despite Sebelius attempting to explain that this is only a small percentage of businesses and small businesses have no mandates, Stewart still couldn’t figure the logic out.
 Here's the real reason Obama's approval is at an all-time low
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today’s issue: Dr. Savage explains why President Obama's approval ratings have plummeted to their lowest ever.
In the last couple of weeks, the American people -- and independents in particular -- have caught a glimpse of Obama's mean streak, and they don't like what they see.
"The huge core of independents has turned on Obama and the Democrats," Savage informed his listeners, adding:
    Believe it or not, Obama's popularity ratings are in the toilet.
    They're the lowest they've ever been, and I can tell you the reason.
    Obama made one critical error: His meanness came through.
    His inner Grinch came out.
    When he closed the National Mall to the World War II vets and, too, the Vietnam [memorial],
it spread through the country like a prairie fire.
    Then he opened it up to the illegals and their supporters.
    The people hate him. They don't like what he's doing to this country.
    They don't like that he's shutting the government down.
    Never mind what the fools in the media are trying to tell you. The average person knows Obama is behind this.
 Maybe we should rename the country the United States of Obama
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Millions of Americans are confused and troubled by the bizarre decisions being issued from the White House. Why bar veterans from war memorials but allow union organizers and illegal immigrants to assemble in the Mall instead?
Dr. Savage explains that Obama's dictates are all geared toward pleasing whichever constituency he knows supports him and other Democrats.
"We have a president who is close to becoming a dictator," Dr. Savage said to his audience, adding:
    But he calculates politically, not morally or spiritually.
    Nothing he does happens by accident.
    The man has no character.
    He wrote off the veterans because he knows they didn't vote for him, but the illegals will vote Democrat for life after he grants them amnesty
    That's why the Mall was open to them but not to the vets.
    Maybe the United States should be renamed the United States of Obama.
    That would be a more fitting memorial to him.
    Think about it: It'll be good to have a one-party system. There will be no more messy debates or loud arguments.
    We'll have a nice quiet nation of the type that all the powerful Democrats want to live in.
Cruz Outplays Hecklers at Conservative Conference
How Do You Negotiate With a President Who Cannot Be Trusted?
Obama is Going Down in Flames and Republicans Are in Compromise Mode
Obama Lies to Grannies about No Social Security Payments
More Of Obama’s Massive Lies
Obamacare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text,
desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture
Is red state America seceding?
Tame Impala was Great last night in Madison last nite, even doing that'simulated skip' I love so much in "Makeup Your Mind"
I met keysman Jay on State Street before the show and after the show and got a
Lizardz "Eyeblinder" download card to him.
White Denim opened-HOT so I bought their vinyl.
They also got a Lizardz "Eyeblinder" download card.

AMAZING SHOW from Tame Impala!
Great sight lines, excellent mix, SUPERB lighting,
fantastic setlist performed very well,
great vocals and harmonies from Jay,
AMAZING rhythm section with POWER...
and THE Kevin Parker!
I was lined up exactly with him through most of the show and really studied and absorbed his energy and attempted to steal a few tricks from him and the band.
Tame Impala 10/09/13 Orpheum Theatre Madison, WI
Desire Be Desire Go
Mind Mischief
Endors Toi
Music to Walk Home By
Alter Ego
Half Full Glass of Wine
Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
Be Above It
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Solitude Is Bliss
Apocalypse Dreams
It Is Not Meant to Be
Nothing that Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

White Denim at the Orpheum

Kevin, Gum, Melody - New York, 02/10/13
 Maybe we should rename the country the United States of Obama
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Millions of Americans are confused and troubled by the bizarre decisions being issued from the White House. Why bar veterans from war memorials but allow union organizers and illegal immigrants to assemble in the Mall instead?
Dr. Savage explains that Obama's dictates are all geared toward pleasing whichever constituency he knows supports him and other Democrats.
"We have a president who is close to becoming a dictator," Dr. Savage said to his audience, adding:
    But he calculates politically, not morally or spiritually.
    Nothing he does happens by accident.
    The man has no character.
    He wrote off the veterans because he knows they didn't vote for him, but the illegals will vote Democrat for life after he grants them amnesty
    That's why the Mall was open to them but not to the vets.
    Maybe the United States should be renamed the United States of Obama.
    That would be a more fitting memorial to him.
    Think about it: It'll be good to have a one-party system. There will be no more messy debates or loud arguments.
    We'll have a nice quiet nation of the type that all the powerful Democrats want to live in.
We have a president who is close to becoming a dictator
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: While veterans are being turned away from Washington, D.C., war memorials and park rangers are trying to keep citizens from visiting Mount Rushmore, Obama is allowing union organizers and illegal aliens to protest on the Mall.
Savage is outraged that "men who fought in wars have no First Amendment rights, but non-citizens do."
"We have a president who is close to becoming a dictator," Dr. Savage said to his audience, adding:
    Why do many people feel that way?
    Is it irrational? Is it racism, as the left would claim?
    The National Mall was closed to World War II and Vietnam vets, yet this president has opened it up to illegal aliens, so they can hold a rally.
    They told us it was closed due to the government shutdown.
    Now the National Park Service has confirmed this "immigration reform" protest can take place at the Mall.
    Let's see if I've got this straight: Men who fought in wars have no First Amendment rights, but illegal aliens do?
    Obama is encouraging this.
    Of course, he's the same president who encouraged the overthrow of a legitimate government in Egypt, and a dictatorial one in Libya which nevertheless was no direct threat to us.
    We don't have a presidency so much as we have a crypto-communist dictatorship in the making or an overt one.
Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can't be processed, 'nightmare scenario'
coming in January
Obamacare Train Wreck Continues
The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government
"The cupboard is bare. There's no more cuts to make."
That's what Nancy Pelosi told the country right before the government "shutdown."
Nancy must not have looked in the can of oatmeal and behind the sugar bowl, because had she done so, she would have found:
*** The Department of Veterans Affairs spending $562,000 on artwork to use up "excess budget funds";
*** The Agriculture Department spending $144,000 on toner cartridges in a single day;
*** The Federal Bureau of Land Management paying $98,670 for an outhouse in Alaska; and
*** President Obama sending $100 million of taxpayer funds to the Michigan spendthrifts who bankrupted Detroit.
And that's just a small piece of the pie.
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, where the median salary is $120,000, has spent over $30,000 on picture frames in the past two years . . . One federal employee leased a $53,000 car on the government's tab . . . the list goes on and on.
And administrators overseeing this waste are rewarded with more of your money!
This spending must stop before all our cupboards truly become bare
Our national debt is approaching $17 TRILLION
And since 2008, federal spending has increased 37% to $3.68 trillion per year.
That amount will only go up when ObamaCare is fully implemented.
You and I need to remind Congress this won't be tolerated anymore.
We need to let them know loudly and clearly that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
The madness must be stopped.
The good news is Congress is feeling the heat from grassroots activists like you. They have heard from Campaign for Liberty members across the country that we don't want ObamaCare's mandates.
They've heard from us that the days of spending like a "drunken sailor" must be put behind our nation once and for all.
But you and I can't let up now.
Nancy Pelosi may believe there isn't room for more cuts, but her rhetoric is a sad attempt to excuse waste, abuse, and a Big Government agenda.
Media reports and sources on Capitol Hill are saying the "cupboard is bare" claim is the opening argument in an attempt by Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama to ram through a tax increase.
And they may be aided-and-abetted by tax-and-spend Republicans, who would rather grab more out of your pocket - and keep protecting the Federal Reserve-created "inflation" tax - than cut one penny from domestic or overseas spending.
Right now, intense pressure from big-spending Republicans, Democrats, lobbyists, and more is pouring in on John Boehner and GOP leadership to cave and pass legislation increasing spending, allowing ObamaCare's full implementation, raising the debt limit, and even hiking taxes.
I entered the Todd Rundgren "Collide-A-Scope" Remix Contest
DL the real deal here:
16/44.1 (CD Quality)
24/44.1 (Hi-Res)
Harry Reid and Tom Coburn Agree: Obamacare Was Designed to Fail,
Pave Way for Single-Payer
Need Healthcare? Dial 1-800-FUCKYO
(the 1 doesn't stand for any letter)
ObamaCare Regulations So Far: 10,535 Pages...CRAZY!
Welcome October
Our form of government is one of the worst on the planet
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage surveys the ongoing damage President Obama is doing to America and declares that the country no longer has "a two-party system."
He notes that neither the Republican Party nor the media are serving as a true "opposition party," which would provide a much-needed counterbalance to the Democrats' destructive policies.
"Can we truly prevent the tsunami that is engulfing us?" Savage asked his audience, adding:
    I feel like it is pulling itself out to sea one last time before returning to crush us.
    What we're experiencing right now in America is the prelude to the real tsunami.
    I don't know if Obama is the manufacturer of the tsunami. He may just be the harbinger.
    All I know is, when we lost the press, we lost the country.
    We have no opposition party.
    I came to the conclusion today that our form of government is about the worst form of government on the planet.
    It is the most imperfect system ever invented.
    It's been abused by a tinhorn like Obama and his gang to the point that there is no longer a two-party system.
    A true participatory democracy would allow the people to throw out an incompetent government
more often than just every four years.
    A lot can happen in four years. Do we have three years left to wait with Obama in the White House?
LIES & Propaganda
CBS’s Bob Schieffer: IGNORES own Poll - Polls Show Most Americans Favor Obamacare

This is typical of how the media have reported on the ObamaCare train wreck.
For the past six months, there has been a steady drip of bad news for Obamacare, but you wouldn't know it if you watched only the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) news networks. Here are just a few of the Obamacare stories they've downplayed or
completely censored:

    A study released by the Society of Actuaries predicts that costs will shoot up an average of 32 percent by 2017 for insurers serving the individual health care market.
    Economists, business owners, and employees all report that Obamacare is shrinking the number of full-time jobs as they are being replaced by less stable, lower-paying part-time jobs.
    A Quinnipiac University poll shows two-thirds of self-identified Democrats expect the law will either hurt them or have no benefit.
Aside from one random report by NBC, not one of these trouble spots for Obamacare has been mentioned on ABC, CBS, or NBC's evening news or their morning show broadcasts.
Earlier this summer, when Senator Max Baucus, a Democrat and chief architect of the law, opined that Obamacare will be a "train wreck," it took nearly two weeks before any major network acknowledged the senator's dire prediction.
And even when PBS's News Hour featured a story about President Obama's efforts to defend his health care law amid increasing public skepticism, those on the show conveniently failed to mention the harsh criticism of the law from three prominent labor union leaders and an increasing number of Democrat congressmen. This censorship has to stop.
The fact is, the liberal media helped usher Obamacare into law, which makes them very reluctant to report any story that might undermine its success and ultimately damage their credibility. But the Media Research Center won't let them get away with it.
Tell the media: "Stop Lying to Me!"
Bill Clinton Says Americans Will Get Used to Communism

Why will Obama negotiate with the Iranians but not the Republicans?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: President Obama has just announced his intention to enter into negotiations with Iranian President Rouhani.
Dr. Savage compares this to Neville Chamberlain's absurd peace treaty with Adolf Hitler, which did nothing to prevent the Second World War and actually made the Allies look like gullible dupes.
"How do you feel about your president negotiating with Iran -- the enemy of America and Israel -- but not the Republicans?" Savage asked his audience, adding:
    How do you feel about the slime in the Democratic Party negotiating with people who would wipe Israel off the planet, and who would convert Americans to Islam?
    How do you feel about slime of the lowest order in the Republican Party for putting up with this without demanding impeachment immediately?
    We have a man in the White House who seems to hate the fact that he has to deal with Congress at all.
    He despises the American people.
    Now he says he will negotiate with Iran's new president, Rouhani.
    Obama speaks to him as though we're living in 1939 and he's Chamberlain negotiating Hitler.
    That worked out well for the British people, didn't it?
Hillary Unfit for Presidency
Eric Holder IS Lying to U.S.
San Antonio Discriminates Against Christians
500 Broken Obama Promises
Happy Equinox
The Obamacare Scams Are Already Starting
This Must be Bizarro World
 Obama Waives Law; Arms Al-Qaeda
Obama pushes for MORE debt
Obama Flipped Out Over Negative Coverage
Obama Receives Embarrassing Diplomatic Rebuke by Brazil
U.S. town flies Communist country’s flag
Obama’s DHS Seizing Local Power
Obama Defies Congress; Breaks a Law He Just Signed
Obama Thinks You're an Idiot
Identity Theft To Skyrocket Under Obamacare
Dem Rep Praises Rise Of ‘Stealth Socialism’ In America
Amnesty Bill In House Collapses
Democrats Treat Families of Benghazi Victims Like Garbage
Why you should avoid taking the seasonal flu vaccine
Polls And The Obamacare Fairytale
Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Pelosi Renews Push For Gun Control
AP History Textbook Rewrites the Second Amendment
Dictatorship is here!
Liberal Media Fret Over Obama’s Mind
Food Marketing and Advertising is None of Michelle Obama’s Business
Field Trip to Mosque; Students Given Qurans
The Obama Magic Failed to Produce Social Justice: Income is Down and Poverty is Up
All outdoor Christmas decorations banned
US government seizes NY skyscraper allegedly secretly owned by Iran
Assad calm, comfortable and clearly delusional in interview
Obama: ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling…Does Not Increase Our Debt,’
Though It Has ‘Over 100 Times’
TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine'
or natural healing
Federal Reserve: We Don’t Know How To Do Anything But Pump, Pump, Pump
Obama: Con Man Or Madman?
from the ever-amazing ONION
Carrie Underwood Releases Complex, Multi-Part Prog Rock–Inspired ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song
NEW YORK—Providing a unique interpretation of the weekly game broadcast’s iconic introductory music, country singer Carrie Underwood earlier this week debuted her own version of “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night,” a sprawling, multi-part progressive rock–inspired take on the NBC Sunday Night Football theme.

Drawing on the musical stylings of legendary prog rockers such as Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson, Underwood’s bombastic performance is reportedly marked by shifting time signatures, lengthy instrumental passages, and abstract, mystical lyrics, all of which serve to highlight the thrills and excitement of NBC’s flagship football broadcast.

The 26-minute song will play in its entirety before every single edition of Sunday Night Football, network sources have confirmed.

“When NBC asked me to come up with my own version of their intro music, I decided that I wanted to give them something really special,” said Underwood, who described her piece as combining the theatricality of ’60s- and ’70s-era symphonic art rock with elements more traditionally associated with the game of football such as tackling and touchdowns. “From the opening overture to the spacey, ‘Interstellar Overdrive’-esque middle section to the concluding reprisal of the central melodic motif, fans are going to love this one. And I think it’s the perfect way to kick off the Sunday night action.”

“This song is what football’s all about,” Underwood continued.

Although past incarnations of the Sunday Night Football theme have typically taken a straightforward rock and roll approach, with versions by singers Faith Hill and Pink not exceeding the two-minute mark, the former American Idol winner’s seven-part suite reportedly paints a rich sonic tapestry that utilizes analog synthesizer riffs, 12-string guitar arpeggios, and pastoral flute accompaniment. In addition, Underwood’s copious lyrics take listeners deep into a richly imagined alternate realm known as the Gridiron, a medieval world populated by monstrous linebackers, scantily clad harlequin dancers, and winged footballs.

Furthermore, the song is paired with a music video in which footage of Underwood performing with her elaborately costumed bandmates is juxtaposed with scenes featuring the cloak-wearing singer journeying deep into the Coaching Tree Woods to do battle with the Blackout, a vicious beast dedicated to destroying all light and beauty in the Gridiron.

As in past years, the video also includes interstitial scenes in which various NFL stars are shown preparing for a football game; however, given its sheer length, upwards of 200 athletes, coaches, and front office personnel are now featured.

Initial reaction to Underwood’s elaborate conceptual work has so far been positive.

“This is exactly what we were looking for,” said Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli, adding that the end product more than justifies the cost of the elaborate lighting, multiple backdrops, and stage props required for the song’s performance. “What Carrie’s done here is truly remarkable. She’s taken the stale, predictable football rock genre to an artistic and intellectual plane it’s never before seen. Some of our more unadventurous viewers may not be able to get into it, but I think this track is an immediate classic.”

“I mean, I’ve had that mellotron part from the halftime interlude stuck in my head all day,” Gaudelli added.

The producer additionally spotlighted the final five minutes of the song’s video—following the Dance of the Endzone, a driving 9/8 instrumental passage featuring a frenetic Moog solo from guest musician Keith Emerson—in which Underwood defeats the Blackout in battle, frees a captive Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth from the Bog of Suspensions, and emerges from the Great Tunnel clad in white for the song’s rousing finale.

“The evil is vanquished, the monster’s at bay,” Underwood sings, a bank of football stadium spotlights illuminating as the sun sets behind her. “Now the warriors shall meet on the field of play/For now all is beauty, now all is light.”

“And I’ve been waitin’ all day for Sunday night,” Underwood concludes

Calls to Congress 499 to 1 against Syria war

U.S. Spent $1B on Syria Aid 2012-2013 = DUMB

9/13/13 Friday the 13th

Hey Green Liars...
Global warming computer models collapse; Arctic ice sheets rapidly expand as
planet plunges into global cooling
U.S. Going to Kill Syrians to Show Syria that Killing Syrians is Wrong WTF
Unfortunately, the liberal media's swooning over Hillary Clinton as a potential presidential candidate comes at the expense of holding her accountable for the attack in Benghazi. Just look at how the Big Three networks have breezed past, ignored, or spun politically damaging bombshells:
    NBC and ABC completely skipped a scathing House Republicans report that singled out Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.
    On January 23, Hillary Clinton came before Congress to testify about her State Department's bungling of Benghazi and, when pressed about how the administration lied about the causes of the raid, coldly pronounced: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" The reaction of network anchors and reporters wasn't to condemn the chilling dodge, but to herald it as a moment of righteous indignation.
    When it was revealed, in July, that Benghazi survivors were being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, the Big Three networks responded with a yawn, offering not one single story.
    Clinton—who claimed "full responsibility" for the attack—was never even interviewed by the Accountability Review Board. But this blatant oversight never piqued the curiosity of liberal journalists. Instead, a Washington Post reporter mocked it as a "Fox News super-story," and Chris Hayes from MSNBC branded the ongoing Benghazi investigation as a "witch hunt."
It's been a year since terrorists in Libya killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans. Yet, despite mounting evidence proving that the State Department (led by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) misled the American people about the incident, the liberal media show no interest in digging for the truth.
In fact, the left-wing media are more interested in protecting the coronation of Hillary Clinton as the next president than they are in discovering her role in the death of four Americans.
Idiot Alert!
Liberals Mocks Benghazi Pursuit: ‘It’s in Your Head’
Idiot Alert!

The Consequences of Obama’s Likely Loss on Syria
Obama, Assad Go Head-to-Head in US Interview Duel
‘Either You Convert to Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded’
Obama’s ‘best bud’ turns against him on Syria
Lack of Confidence in Obama Explains GOP Opposition to Syria
Cruz: Syria Strike a Mistake, Obama Admin Has No Viable Plan
How Obama is really bombing on Syria and is really bombing at Presidency
Calling Kerry’s bluff? Russian official floats plan to avert strike on Syria
Kerry: Airstrikes on Assad will be “Unbelievably Small”

Why Are Obama And Kerry So Desperate To Start A New War?

From Russia With Love- A Letter From Putin to All Americans
The Wimp with Red Paint
History of medicine fact #30 - The Bush Administration pushed toxic food as plot to boost pharmaceutical dividends
As Fukushima radiation rages, Tokyo awarded bid to host 2020 Summer Olympics, hilariously named the 'Safe Games'
Monsanto leading super-secret 'above Congress' Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Syria Is Just Another Domino In The New World Order
Coast to Coast am Last Night
 Defending the Constitution:
Joining John B. Wells on Sunday night, Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, argued that there's a relentless campaign going on to centralize power, militarize the police, and strip power out of the hands of average citizens. This kind of situation sets people up for a dictatorship, such as seen in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, he remarked. Rhodes believes that economic collapse and the ensuing chaos will be used to accelerate the centralizing of power, and the scrapping of the US Constitution.
His organization, the Oath Keepers, works with military veterans, law enforcement, and first responders to remind them of their oaths to defend the Constitution, and not "just follow orders" that go against the people. Their mission also includes training these veterans and officers to become community leaders, to be able to step in during a crisis, and not just wait for FEMA to belatedly offer help. It's critical that people get involved with their own community, such as participating in a Neighborhood Watch, and learning what skills their various neighbors have, he suggested, adding that it's also important to understand the logistics of communications, clean water, and power on the local level.
The real war going on is the elites versus the free people of the world, whom they seek to usher into a police state, Rhodes stated. The American people have to get back to their independence, starting with self-sufficiency and food reserves, yet the survivalist approach of working in isolation isn't going to work, he commented. We have to think in terms of community, he said, such as a local VFW forming its own battalion.
Syria & Geopolitics:
First hour guest, political scientist Joel Skousen provided insights on world affairs such as the situation in Syria. He doubted that Assad was behind the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians. The US and Israel have been looking for a way to justify an attack on Iran, and they hope by attacking Syria, Iran may support Assad with a retaliation, which would open the door for a war with them, Skousen posited. The US wants to target Iran not only to curtail their nuclear weapons development but to cut them off as an oil supplier to China, he continued, adding that he foresees an eventual war between the US and Russia & China.
Packers get screwed again by bad call!

Putin Calls Kerry a Liar on Syria Posted on September 5, 2013  How pathetic is it when Putin sounds more trustworthy than our own leaders?
Snowden’s Pre-Russia Leaks Continue: The NSA Has Back Doors Into Your Records
NRA and ACLU Sue the NSA
Benghazi Anniversary: Known Benghazi Liar Susan Rice to Brief Congress on Syria
Pope, Putin Ruin Obama’s G20 Summit
Drone hunters line up for Colorado town’s ‘license’
Obama and Putin set for collision over Syria
Stay Out of Syria
What if Al Qaeda is Framing Assad in Syria?
U.S. Armed Service Members Speak Out Against War With Syria
The Problematic New $100 Bill
Though developed back in 2009, the new $100 bill has been plagued by blunders and snafus, preventing its release into circulation. The latest problem for the bill which has a Liberty Bell that changes color, and a hidden message on Ben Franklin's collar, involved too much ink being applied to the paper. Further details here.
Coast to Coast am last night
 Money & Currency:
In the first half of Tuesday's show, contributing editor at Wired, David Wolman, discussed the history of cash money, the liabilities of it and why people are so attached to physical, paper currency. As an experiment, he tried living without cash for a year to see what problems and realizations would occur. Using cards and other forms for payment, "many weeks would go by actually when I wouldn't notice that I was cashless, then all of a sudden I'd run into a pickle," such as when he tried to convince the babysitter's father to open a Paypal account on the fly. So many people are frightened by the idea of a cashless or digital money future, yet "the reality is, like it or not, we are already in the soup with electronic money. In other words, most money today is already zeros and ones on distant servers," he said.
Rather than ponder whether we'll become a cashless society, the more interesting question is what is money in the first place, and what gives it its value, Wolman remarked. Money is held up by the faith and trust we have in the issuing institution. Yet, many people are hungry for a change, and seeking alternative forms of currency that can get them away from monetary ties to the government. The digital 'Bitcoin,' independent of a central authority has emerged, and local currencies have been tried out in such places as Berkshire, MA and Ithaca, NY. People don't necessarily want to buy "a coffee table from CrateandBarrel.com, made in India, using their VISA card. They want to buy a coffee table from a local furniture maker down the street.
So why not use a local currency to do that?" he asked.
The Speaker of the House Caves in to Obama: “Bombs Away!”
Ted Cruz: U.S. not ‘Al Qaeda’s air force’
CNN Caught Faking War Footage AGAIN, This Time in Syria

While Washington, D.C. Slept...
A Benghazi memorial will soon rise from the corrupt soil of Washington, D.C.
Obama and Clinton will have no choice but to come face-to-face with their treachery. More importantly, this monument will stand as a reminder of Democrat corruption to future generations for centuries to come.
Greg Marra, the artist who created the statue for fallen Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, has already begun working on the memorial to commemorate the 4 fallen in Benghazi. The statue depicts the artist's vision of the incident
One man praying, another behind the two fallen Navy SEALS—men who fought for over 20 hours against impossible odds.  Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image
Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image
Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image  We're asking all patriotic Americans to sponsor this larger-than-life statue. We want citizens of all ages to walk around the figures and remember the deadly decisions made by evil politicians.
The statue will help Americans understand what happened to these men, while D.C. slept.
Don't let the memory of American patriots who died
at Benghazi fade into re-written history books!
We will never forget what happened WHILE D.C. SLEPT.
Thank you for your support!

'Allahu Akbar!' is NOT the Same as Christians Saying 'Thank God'
 Obama is playing both sides against the middle again
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As America stands poised on the brink of yet another war, Dr. Savage continues to ponder President Obama's motivations.
"Everything is convoluted," he told his listeners, "when you have a deceiver in the White House."
"It's very difficult to know which game he's playing and who he's playing it with," Savage said, noting:
    Obama has always divided and conquered to get where he is.
    He's divided America and conquered America by turning one race against another and one class against another.
    So that's what he's doing in the Middle East.
    Obama is playing both sides against the middle.
    We have conflicting reports about what Obama is planning to do, and whether he is going to bomb Syria or not.
    Obama and Biden have gone back on everything they ever said.
    How do they get away with this?
 In another time, Nancy Pelosi would have been put in a straightjacket
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage says that America has reached a new low, with "one of the most powerful women in the world" – Democrat Nancy Pelosi – using a story about her 5-year-old grandson to justify attacks on Syria.
Savage adds that Pelosi’s supposed outrage over the deaths of innocent children seems awfully selective."Nancy Pelosi sounds like a lunatic who just got out of a madhouse," said Savage, noting:
    Now she’s quoting her 5-year-old grandson to justify a war with Syria, to no opposition whatsoever from the Republicans.
    In another time, Pelosi would be taken out with men in white coats carrying straightjackets.
    This is one of the most powerful women in the world.
    I wonder how Pelosi felt when her party, the Democrats, killed 72 men, women and children in Waco, Texas.
    Remember when the children were gassed in Waco by the FBI and the ATF?
    Now of course, they were Christian children, and basically "white trash" Christian children.
    They weren’t the types of people who go to the non-churches in San Francisco, which are just show churches for the people who live on Pacific Heights.
Bombshell: Egyptian Media – Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member
DUH! His actions have reflected this his entire life
9/2/13 - Happy Labor Day
I made ot through a FULL SUMMER with no drinking!
Syrian Rebels Connected to Benghazi Terrorists
Obama: 2 More Executive Orders to Go After Guns
Bombshell: Britain Sold Chemicals to Syria to Produce Sarin Gas
Obama Wants ObamaCare Subsidies for Labor Unions
America’s Fall: The Modern-Day Roman Empire
Town Hall Erupts: Why Haven’t You Filed To Impeach Obama Yet?
Democrat Says Obama Risks Impeachment if He Goes Around Congress
Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria
Rebels, backed by Obummer, Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack
Syrian Rebel Leader Eats Heart of Enemy Soldier - This is who Obama wants to support?
Israeli Official Calls Barack Obama Coward
Headed to App. for Timber Rattlers finale, we got shut out but a great crown of over 5100

Obama Makes More Dictatorial Moves To Disarm Americans
Syrian Rebels Connected to Benghazi Terrorists
The "Peace President" Liar takes us to War!
After GameDay, Obama Announces National Emergency, then Hits Golf Course
Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria
Barack ‘Honcho’ Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot
Reports: Saudi Prince Bandar Using US to Topple Syria's Assad
Every American Should See These Quotes about the Coming War with Syria
Democrat Controlled States Involved in Gun Confiscation
Obama Refused To Send Gas Masks To Syria - So much for Obama the humanitarian
Obama Secretly Briefs Mayors on His Gun Control Plans
Obama Using Executive Orders For Gun Control While Nation's Attention Focused On Syria
Is Obama Making War To Distract Us From The "Recovery"?
Obamacare Forcing Employers To Cut The Employee Work Week

Have we REALLY come to this?!?!
20 Armed Police And Social Workers Forcibly Take Children From Parents For Homeschooling
 We've gone from 'I have a dream' to 'I have a scheme'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: This week, racial demagogues have been crawling out of the woodwork to "celebrate" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream" speech.
Among them was Al Sharpton, who, Dr. Savage noted, took the opportunity to try to "stir up a race war" at a Washington, D.C., rally. While that is hardly surprising given Sharpton's notorious past, Savage wonders why the "Reverend's" bosses at General Electric continue to encourage his antics.
"This nation is more racially divided since Obama, the Anointed One, was foisted upon us," Michael Savage told his audience, adding:
    The president has divided race against race and sex against sex.
    He only knows how to divide and conquer, and he has many people helping him.
    One of them is Al Sharpton, one of the vilest street preachers the United States has ever put up with.
    At a rally over the weekend, he tried to stir up a race war.
    Al Sharpton works for General Electric, which owns NBC and MSNBC.
    Why do his bosses allow him to stir up such hatred?
    We have gone from "I have a dream" to "I have a scheme" in one generation.
    And Al Sharpton is one of the vilest of all the schemers.

FANTASTIC Todd Rundgren show at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee
FANTASTIC show in Milwaukee at the wonderful Pabst Theatre last night!
(Right at Todd's feet-2nd Row Dead Center)
Todd's voice was in stellar shape and the band was incredible...
super tight.
John's harmonies really stood out to me as amazing.
Can We Still Be Friends
I even helped Kasim make a bass strap pre-show and met TR's shirt artist post-show.

Pix by Jim Snyder here
Review here

The Radical Racist Background of Obama & We’re Not Talking About BarackMuslim Brotherhood Leader Claims To Have Evidence To Put Obama In Prison
Associated Press Admits Obamacare Is Killing The “Recovery”
Obamacare Database Worse Than NSA Snooping
Terrifying! Obama Regime Unveils Behavior Modification Program to ‘Nudge’ Americans
Obama Appeases Taliban – Releases 5 High Profile Gitmo Detainees
Barack Obama And The Faces Of Phony
Obamacare Will Penalize You if You Make “Too Much Money”
Obamacare Delay Will Cost $12 Billion
Army Bans Soldiers From Reading About NSA
Obama Bombs Yemen
Obama Partying While Advisors Meet on Terror Threat
Obama Administration “Changing Names” & “Creating Aliases” To Hide
Benghazi Survivors
Secret NSA Wiretaps Used to Prosecute Americans
Obama Making His Own Laws – Again
 Obama is a cosmic joke foisted on America
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage can't conceal his disgust at the corruption and deception he sees emanating from the White House.
He believes, however, that even "the legitimate left" can see that Barack Obama is a "trickster."
"Obama is a cosmic joke foisted on America," Dr. Savage said to his listeners, adding:
    He's one of the greatest tricksters in history.
    Every day, we're supposed to take him more seriously, but every day, we take him less seriously.
    Obama has lost his base except the welfare recipients and the fraudsters making billions of dollars.
    Even the legitimate left has turned against him. They can look right through him.
    They see Obama flying here and flying there, and the next day he gives a speech about the poor.
    Nobody buys it anymore, except the idiots at the bottom who don't know anything.
    All they know is that they can ship their food stamp groceries to the Caribbean in a shipping container.
    The rehab racket. The disability racket. It's one racket after another.
    It's all a cosmic joke, and the last power you have left is to laugh in their faces.

“We Have Plenty Of Money If We Just Loot More People”
Obama Has Temper Tantrum on World Stage
Obama Was Indonesian Citizen When Attending Occidental College Claims Witness to Records
DHS Extinguishes 197 Million People’s 4th Amendment Rights In Constitution Free Zones
CNN Lies in “The Truth About Benghazi”
Pat Caddell: “John Boehner has been Purposely Suppressing Anything on Benghazi”
Obama Leaked Al-Qaeda Call - National Security seems to be a big joke to Obama
Obama Promises Additional $195 Million in Syrian Aid
(Bringing the Total Over $1 Billion)
We are Broke...help the U.S. please
Terror Alerts Everywhere, Obama Goes on Vacation Again
Obama Claims He has Decimated Al Qaeda - LIAR!
Issa To State Dept: Who Changed The Benghazi Talking Points?
Obamacare: $1 Pay Raise Costs Middle Class Family $9,355 in Premiums
Obama Publishes Instructions for Asylum Loophole on Internet
War On Drugs: Air Force Floods Miami With Cocaine
State Department Blasts Enemies of Islam - they ARE our enemies!
Fukushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of
radioactive water into the ocean daily

 Never in history have we had such lowlifes in such high places
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage was disgusted by reports that President Obama used a military helicopter to fly his dog to his vacation spot on Martha's Vineyard.
Disgusted, that is, but not surprised, given the caliber of individuals currently "running" America.
"Did you hear what the goofball in the White House did now?" Obama asked his audience, adding:
    This is the man who sent our Navy SEALs to their doom in an old helicopter.
    Do you know how Obama sent his dog to Martha's Vineyard?
    After he flew there on Air Force One and Michelle and the girls went there on Air Force Two, Obama had the nerve to send his dog there on one of the latest combat aircraft in our arsenal.
    I'm not making this up.
    Any other president would be impeached on the spot for such a slap in the face to our military and to the nation.
    All you liberals should be ashamed of yourselves, but you have no shame. You're just like Anthony Weiner.
    You're all on medication one way or the other, whether it's marijuana or anti-psychotic medication.
    Your hero, Barack Obama, sent his dog to Martha's Vineyard on an Osprey helicopter.
    Never in history have we had such lowlifes in such high places.

Holder Releasing Thousands Of Criminals Back Out On Your Streets
Reggie Love REVEALS: Obama Was Playing Cards During Bin Laden Raid!
White House calls Benghazi ‘phony’ scandal - B.S. PEOPLE DIED!
R.I.P. JJ Cale
Obama’s Phony Scandals Kill
  Society's insanity plea: the real cause behind global mass poisoning and the downfall of modern civilization
Obama Ignores Congress – Sends $500 Million Of Taxpayer
Money To Hamas
Chicago Gun Confiscation Underway
 What are these 'phony scandals' Obama keeps complaining about?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: In a speech last week, the president once again condemned his opponents for focusing on "phony scandals."
This leads Michael Savage to wonder which of the many scandals that have marred Obama's time in the White House really have been "phony"?
"Obama keeps talking about 'phony scandals,'" Savage said to his audience, noting:
    These scandals are very real to many Americans, but not to the president.
    The question is, which scandals are phony?
    Are there any liberals out there who believe these scandals are phony? Let me know.
    But before you open your big mouth (which I know you're good at), remember: Your great leader, the president, has already acknowledged the seriousness of two of these scandals.
    He said he would get to the bottom of the IRS scandal.
    I guess he's decided that's phony now, though. We're still waiting.
    I guess Benghazi is a phony scandal to you liberals.
    After all, what's the death of an ambassador and a few white guys who were defending him?
    So what are the phony scandals Obama keeps complaining about?
 If we don't support our soldiers, then who will defend us?
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Now that an investigation has been launched into the crash of that Navy SEAL helicopter in 2011, the disturbing incident is finally getting a bit more media attention.
However, Michael Savage – who has been pushing this story since it began – says it still isn't enough. He explained why he believes that if we don't demand answers and punish the guilty, "then we're worthless as Americans."
"If we don't support our soldiers, who is going to defend us from the headcutters?" Dr. Savage asked his listeners, noting:
    According to the parents of one Navy SEAL, their son wrote out his will before the mission. So did some of the other SEALs.
    They all knew they were sent to their deaths.
    They were told in advance they had to throw themselves onto their swords for someone.
    It was Joe Biden himself who put the SEALs and their families at risk when he announced that they were the ones who had killed bin Laden.
    I was hoping I wouldn't be the only man in the media to talk about this subject, for obvious reasons.
    One, because more people need to hear about this.
    Two, because bringing this up puts me in danger to some degree.
    This should be a major news story, not Anthony Weiner and "sexting."
    If we don't support the families of the fallen SEALs who were put on that ill-fated helicopter, then we're worthless as Americans.
    Men like this protect us, as do all of the other combat soldiers.
    If they don't have the confidence that we're watching their backs, why should they put themselves out there for us?
Timber Rattlers visit WitterField
Special thanks to the lovely and talented Ann Mollica


Hillary Clinton Hates America, But Loves Herself
How Obama Divided Instead of Uniting
Black Conservative: Where’s the Outrage?
TSA searches parked car "These idiots really have no clue what they are doing"
Obama Tracking All Cars
Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Forms
Enough with the Executive Orders!
Obama Executive Order: Americans Must Be Tested For HIV / AIDS
I'm trying to warn America not to repeat what happened in Nazi Germany
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage warns that if radical communists and anarchists are allowed to keep rioting in the streets, America may face the same political and social breakdown that occurred in Nazi Germany.
"How did it come to this, that we have such lowlifes in high places?" mused Dr. Savage, noting:
    The white communists who almost brought America to its knees in the 1960s are now running around with masks on, breaking windows and attacking people.
    Let me remind you of something even more important: The "Occupiers" with their masks on are repeating history.
    In Germany during the Weimar Republic, when the country was seething in degeneracy and its economy was floundering after the reparations of World War I, the communists wore masks and beat up people on the streets.
    They attacked business owners and anybody who loved Germany.
    Then the Nazi movement was formed. Hitler came along after the communist movement, not in reaction to it.
    And we know where that led.
    I'm trying to warn America not to repeat what happened in Germany.
You have the power to change the
American media landscape overnight
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage reminded listeners that they have more power than they realize to change America for the better.
Take stockholders in public companies like GE, which owns MSNBC. Dr. Savage called upon those stockholders to use their power to influence the kinds of stories the network airs, and who it hires as guests and hosts.
"The usual race baiters are at it again. They never change," Savage observed, adding:
    You see them in the media, at networks like MSNBC, which hit a new low with this Zimmerman case.
    I heard a contributor on MSNBC say that Americans will only care about violent crime when the number of white children who die approximates the number of black children who die.
    This is America today.
    Now, this man is a professor, and it's OK if we dump these people into universities, because that's where they belong.
    But when you see them hired by General Electric, that's a different story.
    Remember, GE owns MSNBC.
    Do you people own stock in such companies? Yet you say nothing?
    The real power doesn't lie with the vermin in the streets, with their sticks and stones.
    It lies with the stockholders of these companies.
    You could change this overnight.
    The middle class has more power than it realizes.
Add Snail Mail to Government Spying
Obama to Muslim Brotherhood: I’ve Got Your Back
Obama’s Executive Ordered Study Report On Gun Violence Slaps Him In The Face
White House Pays $53 Million for Voter ID in Kenya While Opposing Same in US
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Admits Senate-Passed Amnesty Bill Is UnConstitutional
Barack Obama: Honor Trayvon Martin With More Gun Control
DOJ charges against Zimmerman?
Why Does The Military Continue To Practice Assaulting U.S. Cities?
University Prof Says God Is a White Racist

Zimmerman May Not Be Racist, But America Is
There is no white Al Sharpton trying to stir up white supremacists
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: "Normally, I enjoy having the last word in talk radio," Dr. Savage told his audience,
referring to his late-night timeslot.
However, he wondered how much more "news" about the Trayvon Martin trial his listeners could stand to hear, a full 48 hours after George Zimmerman was found not guilty over the weekend.
Naturally, Savage still had some observations about the larger issues still facing American society in the wake of the verdict.
"This may be one of the toughest days in the history of talk radio," Dr. Savage said to his audience Monday evening, noting:
    Normally, I enjoy having the last word in talk radio, but how many times do can you listen to the same thing?
    I never want to hear the word "Zimmerman" again.
    There was a trial. To me, it's over. End of story.
    But I have some things to say anyway.
    There are lessons in this story for all of us.
    Many of us are over-identifying one way or the other.
    Was Zimmerman a coward or a hero?
    The answer is, he was both, depending on the situation.
    The most troubling thing about this case is how the media is reacting to it.
    What's been bothering me for a while is the amount of black-on-black crime that goes unreported in the news.
    Lots of black-against-white crime is never reported as a hate crime, either.
    There's no white Al Sharpton or Eric Holder, trying to stir up white supremacists,
and that's the problem those of us in the middle face.
Chicago Children Inform Barack Obama ‘We Want to Live!’
Coast to Coast am last night
Weather Modification / Searching for Bigfoot
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Scott Stevens, Cliff Barackman
In the first half, meteorologist Scott Stevens discussed strange weather patterns, weather modification, and chemtrails. We've seen a recurrent pattern for years now, where it seems that storms are going to develop, but they just don't deliver what they should, and this is a sign that the natural weather is being altered, he indicated. He believes, without a doubt, that chemtrails are real, and they represent part of a larger, geo-engineering program. The oft sighted aerial triangular crafts may be the home base for the chemtrail planes, which never have to touch ground, he continued.

Studying the research of Tom Bearden, Stevens suggested that North America is being subject to full time weather modification by a power-hungry military industrial complex. "If you own the weather, there's just not much else you're not going to own"...it's like your "disaster machine of choice," and you can target specific locations for hurricanes, droughts, and floods, he said. Stevens cited current weather anomalies like a squall line (line of thunderstorms) seeming to move backwards, and clouds passing intact through each other as though they hadn't touched, similar to the aerosol-created chemtrails, which don't seem to float with the wind. For more, check out Stevens' YouTube channel.
Coast to Coast am last night
Obama To Use $8 Billion Of Taxpayer’s Money To Wage War On Coal, Leaving Thousands Unemployed
Obama Funding Radical Islam Through Egypt
US Ambassador to Egypt Vows to Apply Pressure to Support Muslim Brotherhood
Navy Vet Asks If NSA Is Spying On Him – NSA Says It’s None Of His Business
Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans
Obama To Congress: Help Me Grab More Power
While IRS Targeted Christians and Conservatives, They Readily Approved
Muslim Group Tied To Terrorism
Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights
The Architect of Destruction
Obama Commits to Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty While Congress at Summer Recess

 The Egyptians have more freedom than we do
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage delivered his "Independence Day speech," noting ruefully that at this point, it looks as if the Egyptian people are "freer than we are" in America.
He blamed the general public's indifference, a lack of a real "loyal opposition" political party and even the U.S. military for this sad state of affairs.
"America has become a locked-down police state under the Obama administration," Dr. Savage declared, warning:
    You haven't seen anything yet.
    We have no military to protect us from these despots in the White House.
    A small number of people in the administration are controlling the entire country, and there are 350 million people acting like slaves.
    We don't even have the brains to say, "Enough is enough!"
    We don't have an opposition party, either.
    Never forget it: The Egyptian people are freer than we are.
    Your president and attorney general are spying — not on the imams, not on the mosques where they are training for revolution with live ammunition — they are spying on you.
    You wonder what you can do about it. Well, look at the Egyptians.
    They were powerless, I thought. But there are a million of them in the streets.
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: More and more talk-radio fans are listening to their favorite shows through their smartphones and other digital devices.
Now, for the second time, Talk Stream Live reports "The Savage Nation" is the digital king of America's talk-radio shows, drawing the most listeners via Web streaming in the second quarter this year.
Talk Stream Live, which provides a "dynamic directory" of Internet radio, ranked Michael Savage No. 1 in the second quarter of 2013, moving up from No. 2 in the first quarter.
Savage's share of the audience was 12.5, compared to Rush Limbaugh's 12.3.
It's the second time Savage has become the top streaming talker.
He ranked No. 1 in the 3rd quarter of 2012 just before a short hiatus due to his transfer to Cumulus Media Networks, which began airing the show in a new time slot, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.
Talk Stream Live used a sample size of 869,144 listener sessions from April 1 to June 30.
TSL explains that it compiles its "Top 25 Report" by tracking talk radio show metrics gathered on the Internet and collected through its cloud-based server via the TalkStreamLive.com website, gadgets, iPhone app and “click2listen” links on social networks.
Many listeners hear "The Savage Nation" through smartphone apps provided by TuneIn Radio or iHeartRadio.
More Warrantless Federal Surveillance:
CFPB Collects, Shares Americans’ Credit Card Data

Do NOT take your freedoms for granted as they may not be around for long
DNI Chief James Clapper Admits He Lied
The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Black Criminals
Obamacare And The Fourth Of July
Does The CIA Director Have Barack Obama’s Records That Prove He Is
Ineligible To Be President?
Ted Nugent weighing White House bid!
Obama Cancels July 4th - The Grinch Steals the 4th
Red, Divided and Blue Fly This Independence Day
Gov’t Collects Logs Of Every Piece Of Mail Sent in The United States
Electricity Rates Skyrocket to Record May Under Obama
Obama’s 2013 Air Force One Bill $24 Million – $6.5 Million for Africa Alone

Shameless: G. W. Bush Claims Snowden Hurt The Country
President Obama Supports Al Qaeda War On Women
Pro-Abortion Crowd Chants 'Hail Satan'
Key ObamaCare Insurance Mandate Delayed - REPEAL this Garbage!
Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health
Brave food sovereignty heroes destroy 6,000 genetically-modified sugar beets in Oregon
Snowden: ‘Deceptive’ Obama Has Made Me ‘Stateless Person’
Government is also spying on your prescription drug use
Happy July!
Obama to Africa: Be wary of USA
Media Put White People on Trial in Trayvon Martin Case
Obama Tells Christians He Doesn’t Give a Damn About Our Faith
New White House Study Finds… Guns Save Lives!
Yet they continue to bash the Amendment/Constitution
Senate Votes 68-32 to Legalize Illegal Aliens - This will ruin us
What Justice Scalia Got Wrong on DOMA: Democracy is Not Enough
Supreme Court: Christianity Is False, Immoral, and Socially Destructive
The Egyptian People’s Message For America: “Obama Supports Terrorism"
Stop Monsanto
Over $30M spent last year on lobbying to keep GMOs hidden in foods
The Threat is Coming From the Muslim Community, Says Cong. King - DUH!
Ted Cruz Exposes Amnesty Bill: $5000 Penalty For Hiring Citizens Over Legalized Aliens
US Infrastructure: Financed By China, Built By Amnestied Aliens?
Obama Destroys Jobs To Protect His Own Image
Obama Brings Mother-in-Law, Niece on Africa Trip…Aboard Air Force One
to the tune of 100 million $ - SO very WRONG!
How "Gang of Eight" Amnesty Will Destroy America
UK Spying Scandal Even Bigger Than In U.S., According To GCHQ Documents
Obtained By The Guardian
Evil Google's Plan To Take Over The World
Supreme Court Bombshell: No Right to Remain Silent- 5-4 They screw us again!
This is what happens when Idiots gain control
To Obama, there’s no such thing as ‘citizenship’
IRS Sent $46M in Refunds to 23K Illegals at 1 Atlanta Address - WHAT!?!
  NSA Snooped On Then-Senator Obama In 2004
New study links over 7,000 cancer deaths to cell phone tower radiation exposures
4 Senators Introduce Bill To Block Obama’s Funding Of Syrian Jihadists - HOORAY!
Happy Birthday Todd Rundgren
Is Marco Rubio Among Those Helping Islamic Terrorists Into The US?
Russian Paper Says “Weak Eyed Obama” Is Leader Of Sodom & Gomorrah
Following G8 Summit
Happy Summer Solstice!
Bizarre Mass Bee Death
25,000 Bees Found Dead In Oregon Parking Lot, Environmental Organization Says
The Dark Future Of America’s Surveillance Culture
US general to testify about Benghazi terror attacks
Whistleblower: Obama used NSA for politics
Obama Wants To Cut Nuclear Arsenal to Dangerously Low Levels
Michelle Malkin: It’s Not Secure the Border First, It’s Secure the Border Period!
Obama’s Plunging Popularity - FINALLY!
Desensitizing The Military To Make War On Americans
US Supreme Court Votes to Allow Voter Fraud
Supreme Court Tells Arizona To Ask Obama’s Permission - WHAT!?!
Is Marco Rubio Among Those Helping Islamic Terrorists Into The US? - YES
Obama Is Dedicated To Terrorism, Says Noam Chomsky!!!
Trust My Government? Are You Kidding?
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Papers!
Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer;
NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines
 We no longer live in a nation where the peoples' voices count
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage explained what the Supreme Court's decision regarding voter ID laws means for America's future.
Besides virtually guaranteeing that the nation will be overrun with even more illegal aliens, he said, it also proves that we no longer live in a democracy that respects the will of the average person.
"The country is over for at least a hundred years," Michael Savage told his audience, adding:
    That's what the Supreme Court decision means.
    The Supreme Court just told any state that wants to enact voter ID laws to drop dead.
    Why does the U.S. Supreme Court want illegal aliens to vote?
    Between them and the Defense Department and the White House, we have a gang running America.
    We have government anarchy. They answer to nobody except their bosses.
    We don't even have a mock democracy.
    We no longer live in a nation where the peoples' voices count.
    I don't care what part of the country you live in. Do you really think your congressman will listen to you and get things done?
    Congress has been hollowed out under Obama into a bunch of lobbyists.
    The news is pretty terrible on all fronts, but I'm not going to agitate myself over it.
    The only thing left is to figure out how to live with this disaster and survive.
Lackluster Obama Presser with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
 To Obama, you're just a number
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage mocked President Obama's statement that the National Security Agency isn't monitoring the phone calls of "American persons."
Obama can't even bring himself to use the word "citizens," Dr. Savage noted, calling the gaffe a reflection of Obama's unpatriotic, progressive worldview.
"Obama tells us the NSA isn't listening to your phone calls if you are an ‘American person,'" Savage told his readers, noting:
    He's about to go on a $100 million safari, but King Obama wanted you to know that before he left.
    He says he's not spying on you, so don't worry.
    But notice he didn't say, "If you're an America citizen."
    To Obama, a man of the world, there is no such thing as citizenship.
    He said, "If you're a U.S. person," but what he really meant was, "If you're a U.S. number."
    Do you believe a word he's saying?
    Speaking of trips, Obama and Michelle just went on a trip to Ireland on separate planes.
    I don't understand it. If you're going through the sham of being married,
why would you need Air Force One and Air Force Two?
    Then again, if you've got a bunch of morons in the country who let you get away with anything, why not?
    Then you can fly back and lecture the rest of us about wind power
(scary) China Just Pierced the U.S. Treasury's Veil...
 troubling news to report.
News that was NOT announced publicly by the United States government, that is.
In an unprecedented agreement, the U.S. Treasury has agreed to give China direct access to its auctions.
Per the deal, China is allowed to bypass Wall Street, and purchase Treasury Bills without placing any bids through primary dealers.
The deal wasn't announced publicly or in any message to primary dealers.
Never before... Not in the entire 237-year history of this great country has any foreign government been granted such intimate access to Capitol Hill.
Although there are no laws being broken, the Treasury's accommodation of China is definitely suspicious.
China already holds more than $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasuries. Before long, China will own 50 cents on every dollar of U.S. debt.

Now That 30 Republican Betrayers Have Voted to "Debate" The Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill in the Senate, Harry Reid Wants to Cut Off Debate and Push a Quickie Vote on Amnesty This Coming Week.
       It was a betrayal. Senate Republicans had the chance to KILL the Gang-of-Eight Amnesty bill by simply rounding up 41 votes against bringing Amnesty to the floor of the Senate... but they didn't.
       Instead, these 30 Republican betrayers voted to breathe new life into a massive Amnesty bill they could have killed outright.
Computer And Defense Industries Bribe Government To
Eliminate Our Privacy Protections
Obama Compares Catholic School With Racial Segregation - WHAT!!!???
Thanks to our hard work, this afternoon the U.S. House of Representatives voted 195 – 234, stopping the $940 billion food stamp and farm bill dead in its tracks.
Conservatives across the country called, wrote letters to the editor, and visited their Members of Congress in opposition to this mammoth spending bill. Our team worked hard to back you up with information and followup meetings with your Members of Congress.
This is a monumental win for taxpayers, consumers, the free market and yes, even farmers. The misnamed "farm bill" maintained the unholy alliance between food stamps and farm policy. Eighty percent of the spending in the bill went toward food stamps. Finally, after nearly 40 years of escalating costs to taxpayers and consumers, you stopped in the House.
As our nation nears $17 trillion in debt, Americans can rest easier tonight knowing that another reckless and irresponsible $1 trillion bill is not on its way to becoming law.
This victory is a result of your hard work. Thank you for everything you have done throughout this important battle.
MORE LIES - Obama to Launch Major Global Warming Effort
Tipping Toward Tyranny
Obama to Perform Background Checks on Syria Rebels?
FBI Admits: Domestic Use of Drones
Capitol Hill Police Block Tea Party Activists from Immigration Rally
U.S. to Provide Almost $1 Billion to Our Enemies!
NPR: Liberal Groups Now Say They Were ‘Targeted’ by IRS, Too
Scandalous IRS to Pay Out $70 Million in Bonuses
DHS Hopes to Get Same Cyber-Spying Powers as NSA
 Obama can't get away with all this forever
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Many Americans have given up hope, but Michael Savage isn't one of them.
He explained why he still believes the nation can be turned around and why we have to be patient: It will happen in God's time, not ours.
"I still have hope," Dr. Savage informed his audience, adding:
    Many of you have given up hope. You say, "Obama is a despot. There's no Republican Party."
    You're 100 percent right.
    If you look at things from the pragmatic governmental point of view, Obama is an out-of-control narcissistic maniac.
    He's liable to do anything. He can do anything he wants and get away with it.
    But I remain ever hopeful, and I'll tell you why.
    I'm one of those people who believes in God.
    I believe that God sees the truth but waits.
    And I believe Obama isn't going to get away with this forever.
    I told you before that something would happen that would bring America to their senses and bring Obama down.
    Now those things have happened, but America still doesn't see him for what he really is.
    But I still think something even bigger will happen, and it will bring this corrupt administration to its knees.
Obama’s America No Longer Fights Terrorists; THEY Just Join Them
Biden Goes After Violent Media With Taxation

Supreme Court FUCKS US ALL and helps RUIN our Beloved Country
Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voter Registration Law

HOORAY! Benghazi Scandal Takes Another Turn Against Obama and Clinton
Immigration Bill’s National ID System Raises Fears of Abuse
Are You An Enemy Of The State?
NSA and The Endangered 4th Amendment
The so-called “Gang of Eight” are destroying our Nation!
Obama hasn't built a single great monument with all those trillions of stolen dollars
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage served up a history lesson, spanning the days of ancient Rome to mid-century America, pointing out that powerful leaders from King Ludwig to President Hoover have left behind great monuments and buildings.
All except Obama, Savage added, who "isn't responsible for the construction of one grand edifice in this entire nation."
"Despite a trillion dollars siphoned away from the people, Obama hasn't constructed a single building," Savage pointed out to his audience.
    Look at France, where the rulers commissioned great architecture and monuments.
    King Ludwig of Bavaria was famous for building great castles.
    Even Roman Emperor Caligula, as mad as he was, ordered the construction of major aqueducts.
    Or think about America and the Hoover Dam.
    Obama hasn't built a dam — or a bridge or a tunnel.
    Instead he's taken apart NASA and the Defense Department, shutting down our space program and wrecking our military.
    In my book "Trickle Up Poverty," I call him "Obama the Destroyer
Roadtrip to LAX
Mississippi Queen Cruise

Hwy. 61/Apple Blossum Drive/ No Ed Volker at Loggers
Rafters beat the Helloutta 1st place Loggers!
John Kravetz twirled seven scoreless innings and scattered six hits, as the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters downed the La Crosse Loggers, 7-4, on Monday evening at Copeland Park. The Rafters rode a four-run fifth inning to pull away from Loggers using an inning that included three hits from the Rafters five, six, and seven batters. Overall the bottom half of the Rafters attack combined for five of the teams six base hits.
The seven innings pitched by Kravetz was the second straight start by the Illinois product as he has thrown back-to-back quality starts. Kravetz has issued just one earned run in his last 14 innings pitched.
The Rafters used a combination of four arms throughout the evening to down the Loggers, as Texas Tech commit, Nick Pettus, worked a scoreless eighth inning before yielding way to Nick Maiers and JP Feyereisen in the ninth inning. Feyereisen would earn the save, his fifth of the season.
The game got out of hand early as Wisconsin Rapids struck for their first run in the top of the third inning as George Ragsdale reached on a full-count walk and scored on an RBI single by Jonathan Moroney. The RBI by Moroney was his third in his last two ballgames and came one night after Moroney produced the game-winning RBI against the Wisconsin Woodchucks.
The Rafters added two more runs in the fourth as Erik Payne led the inning off by reaching on walk. Charlie Curl then ripped a double into the left-center gap that dropped between Loggers outfielders, Eric Toole and Johnny Bekakis. The double scored Payne from first, but a throwing error by the Loggers catcher, Austin Rei, would allow Curl to score on the play, making the Rafters lead, 3-0.
Robbie Coman would lead a three-hit attack in the fifth inning that produced four Rafter runs as the Loggers defense committed three errors in the inning. Wisconsin Rapids would make them pay as the Rafters scored two runs off Logger errors that ignited the four-run fifth. The four run innings was the Rafters first inning of three of more runs since June 10 against Battle Creek.
The Rafters pitching staff would hold the Loggers offense at bay until the 9th inning when Nick Maiers allowed two singles and issued two walks before the Rafters summoned Feyereisen out of the pen. The Loggers would tag Maiers for four runs in the frame, thus ending the Rafters 18 innings scoreless streak against La Crosse that dated back to the two teams first meeting of the season, June 2.
Feyereisen would earn the save as the Stevens Point product has now closed out the last four ballgames for the Rafters. The win gave the Rafters their first three-game winning streak of the season and moved Wisconsin Rapids to within two games of .500.
I got the head-nod, smile, and thanks from Coach Martin and was treated with much respect by Loggers personnel, especially the higher-ups, and got the BEST $9 bag of Loggers goodies ever!

Why Does NSA Spying Exclude Mosques? - Because they are stupid and welcoming an attack on U.S.
 Stalin would have loved to have the power that Obama has now
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Michael Savage continues to explore the implications of the NSA surveillance scandal. He challenges the indifferent and the self-righteous who insist they "have nothing to hide" to back up this smug assertion with concrete action.
"They've got cameras all over England," Dr. Savage told his audience, adding:
    There are millions of surveillance cameras in cities and towns,
watched by perverts in the British government via closed circuit TV.
    In England, the slogan for this program is, "If You've Got Nothing To Hide, You've Got Nothing To Fear."
    But the fact is, privacy matters, even if you say you have nothing to hide.
    If you really "have nothing to hide," then you should take the curtains out of your bedroom, and put in a camera that goes straight to a HAL 9000 computer for the world to see.
    As Daniel Day Soloff wrote in the Chronicle of Higher Education,
"I don't have anything to hide, but I also don't have anything I feel like showing you."
    It's about things not being anyone else's damn business.
    Soloff added that Joseph Stalin would've loved to have the power Obama has over the citizenry.
    The question is where will Obama go with this power?

The Incompetent Susan Rice Gets Promoted
THIS is the type of shit they promote!
While most Americans will only remember Rice as the face of the Sunday shows where she spun the tale about a YouTube video as the reason radical Islamists attacked U.S. embassies and consulates in the Middle East and North Africa on the anniversary of 9/11, she has a long history of failing to lead or even speak up on important issues.
While the national media debates whether or not she knowingly misled the public on the Sunday shows, her failings and shortcomings before the Benghazi terrorist attacks have not received the attention they deserve.
Here are 30 reasons (that have nothing to do with Benghazi)
why Susan Rice should not have received the promotion she did this week:
1.    failed to call an emergency meeting of the Security Council after the 2010 Haiti earthquake
2.    skipped the Security Council debate and vote to add new UN Peacekeepers in Haiti after the earthquake
3.    led the US during the most inactive Security Council since 1991 during her first year as Ambassador
4.    held her first press conference with the UN Secretary General on the pressing international issue of texting while driving
5.    failed to speak out when Col. Gaddafi’s Libya was elected to the UN Human Rights Commission
6.    waited 17 months before voting on the one and only UN resolution on Iran passed during her tenure
7.    dismissed by Hillary Clinton from negotiating most of the Iran resolution with the French
8.    lost the support of more nations on her one Iran resolution than the previous five Iran resolutions combined
9.    took 103 days to move the Security Council to issue a statement after a North Korean submarine sank the South Korean ship that killed 46 sailors
10.    took 18 days to lead the Security Council to action after a North Korean nuclear test (it took John Bolton 5 days in 2006)
11.    failed to support the Iranian opposition during their Green Revolution
12.    failed to speak out when Iran was elected to the UN Women’s Commission
13.    skipped the UN Security Council’s emergency meeting on the Gaza flotilla crisis
14.    snubbed Israel to the point they skipped President Obama’s 2010 UN speech
15.    took more than 2 years to find someone to head America’s UN reform team
16.    failed to address the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to ascertain how erroneous scientific claims were added to official UN reports
17.    painfully slow in getting a UN resolution on the Sudan-South Sudan referendum
18.    ignored Canada’s pleas for help in getting elected to the Security Council
19.    negotiated with the UN’s Arab Group to condemn Israel’s settlements
20.    failed to lead the Security Council during Tunisia’s Arab Spring protests
21.    didn’t speak out on the Libya crisis until the French, British and Arab League had done so
22.    failed to attend the first Security Council meeting on the Arab Spring protests
23.    failed to get the support of allies India, Germany and Brazil on the UN’s Libya resolution
24.    failed to lead the Security Council during Egypt’s Arab Spring protests
25.    failed to lead the Security Council during Yemen’s Arab Spring protests
26.    failed to lead the Security Council to confront Bashar al-Assad’s brutal violence where US resolutions received an unprecedented three vetoes on three different votes
27.    agreed to send former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to Syria where he failed miserably
28.    skipped the last open meeting before the planned UN vote to recognize Palestinian statehood
29.    failed to speak out when Iran was elected Vice President of the Global Arms Treaty negotiations
30.    delayed Security Council action and the UN report on Rwanda
Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue on Surveillance
We’re Only Spying on Ourselves...?
Obama Introduced At White House LGBT Event By Third-Graders
Shameful: Senators Ditch Classified Briefing On NSA Snooping For Flight Home
IRS Seizes Millions Of Americans’ Health Records
Congressmen To Leave Washington Over Obamacare – Why Not Repeal It?
UnMasking Islam: What You Need to Know
Importing Jihad: Obama Considers Bringing Syrian Refugees To America - STUPID
US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah” - WRONG!
By arming al-Qaeda in Syria, Obama's transformation into Bush is now complete
Gun Grabbers Losing Ground
Spying on Citizens but Not on Mosques? - WRONG AGAIN!
 Even the ACLU is shocked by what Obama is doing
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage continued to condemn the government's unprecedented surveillance of ordinary Americans' phone calls and email messages.
He noted that even the ultra-left-wing ACLU has spoken out against the extent of Obama's unconstitutional domestic spying.
“Although he studied constitutional law, Obama isn't so much a constitutional lawyer as he is a constitutional liar,” Savage told his listeners, adding:
    As I've told you for years since my first appearance on radio, the left wraps themselves in the Constitution
when it suits them.
    Then they use it as toilet paper when it doesn't.
    When we hear that the NSA is “mining metadata,” what does that mean?
    Obama called it “a modest encroachment on privacy.” That's not true.
    I went to the website of the American Civil Liberties Union today. Even they are shocked by what the Obama government is doing.
    All this is being pushed off the front pages, though, because there's been another mass shooting out of nowhere.
    Don't fall for any conspiracy theories about that.
    However, once more President Obama, the luckiest man in the world, is saved by a shooting or a storm.
    And the drunk idiots across America who voted for him, and threw away their country in the garbage, are too busy barbequing to know these things are happening.
    They may not care, but I do.
State Department Cover-Ups: The Corruption is Endemic and Wide-Spread
Did NSA already use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare?
 House Votes To Stop DHS From New Ammo Purchase Contracts
"Over the past year and a half, the Department of Homeland Security has put forth solicitations for nearly 2 billion rounds of various ammunition over the next few years. Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to stop DHS from entering into new contracts for purchases of millions more rounds of ammunition until they provide reports to the Congress on the cost and need for ammunition."
- It is about time!!!!!!
 The NSA surveillance scandal is the biggest story of your lifetime
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Needless to say, Dr. Savage was outraged by revelations that the National Security Agency has been spying on the phone records of millions of citizens.
Calling the Obama White House "crypto-fascist," he explained why he'd initially supported the Patriot Act and why he never imagined it would be used to eavesdrop on ordinary Americans.
"You've got an incompetent crypto-fascist government tripping over themselves to lie as they engage in terrorism against the American people," Michael Savage proclaimed, asking:
    First question: How did they fail to stop the Boston Marathon bombing?
    If the surveillance of every American is so necessary, as "Madame Defarge" Feinstein says, and all the bootlickers in the media are saying, how did they fail to prevent what happened in Boston?
    The only question is: Who were they spying on?
    They obviously weren't spying on Muslims, or people known to have associated with terrorists.
    Who do you think Obama's "Stasi" was listening in on, then?
    It would have to be patriots, "tea party" members, talk radio hosts, bloggers and anyone who criticizes the administration.
    This is the biggest story of your life.
    You may not believe that. You wonder what's the big deal.
    I'll tell you: When George W. Bush first enacted the Patriot Act, I supported it because under Bush — as bumbling as he was — I knew they weren't listening in on my calls.
    But now, we have a Stasi in the White House, going after their political enemies.
Military told not to read Obama-scandal news
UN Ambassador Samantha Power Shows Obama’s True Colors
Obama using NSA and FBI to Spy on You
The Left: You Gotta Trust the Spies and Hacks
How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme
High School Valedictorian Refuses to Cower to Anti-Freedom of Speech Bullies
THANKYOU, Patriot!
Student Obeys God Rather Than Men in Graduation Speech
BOMBSHELL: Document Examiner Tied To Obama Defense Attorney Says Birth Certificate Is 100% Fraud
Obama's Ministry Of Propaganda & The Great American Moment The Media Ignored
Kerry Waives Restrictions On Foreign Aid - Sends Egypt $1.3 Billion
John Kerry Approves $1.3 Billion In Aid To Country That Hates Us
Government Spying: Should We Really Be Shocked? - NO
Rand Paul: I'll File Class Action Lawsuit To Stop Government Snooping
NObama’s Bat Cave: $1.9 Billion Data Center Set to Open In October

NSA Leaker Revealed -

Obamas False Claims About Immigration Reform
China Encircles U.S. With Warships
USA spends $80 billion year on secret information gathering
Obama ’04: Govt. Must Tell Citizens They’re Being Investigated - Now, not so much
Obama Ordered Plans For Cyberattacks
Liberalism Must be Defeated in the Arena of Ideas
Limbaugh: ‘We are in the midst of a coup’
Lawmakers aim to change Obama’s Dragnet
Republican and Democratic lawmakers already are plotting ways to rein in the Obama administration’s mass collection of phone and Internet data, after a rapid-fire series of disclosures about the program set off privacy alarms.
“This is a dragnet,” Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., told Fox News on Friday.
The latest development, as reported by The Guardian newspaper, is that the British government has also been secretly gathering intelligence from U.S. Internet companies via the U.S. National Security Agency data-mining project. That project, along with reports about a secret court order allowing the government to collect phone records for millions of Verizon customers, triggered a renewed debate this week over whether Americans are trading too much privacy for a sense of security.
Exposing The Enemy Of The People Of America
Massive Crowd Protests DOJ’s Attack On Free Speech
Rand Paul Slams John McCain For Posing With Kidnappers
Muslims Demand (& Get) Prayer In Public Schools – Attack Off Campus Bible Studies
Obama Fails to Commemorate D-Day - Of course, he's a COMMIE!
‘Obamacare a House of Cards About to Collapse’ - PLEASE let it collapse! It is a take-over of our bodies
Even more revelations: The government is snooping, in real time, on users of Google, Facebook, and the broader web
Obama=Bush on Steroids: ‘You can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy’
App to Prevent Government Eavesdropping On Cell Phones
NSA Invading Our Privacy? LIAR Pres. Says Not to Worry
Big Brother Also Collecting Credit-Card Transactions

 Here's the real reason Obama just appointed
Susan Rice as his new adviser
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Just when the situation in Washington couldn't get any more surreal, President Obama decided to reward Susan Rice -- America's incompetent and embarrassing ambassador to the U.N. -- with a promotion.
Dr. Savage understands exactly why Obama made this decision but wonders if the average American still cares about this administration's shameless audacity.
"Obama has decided to ‘double down' on the damaged goods known as Susan Rice," Savage said to his audience, asking:
    Why would Obama move her from her job as ambassador to the U.N. to be his new national security adviser?
    This the same woman who lied nakedly to the world about the Benghazi attacks.
    She blamed a video for the death of a U.S. ambassador!
    He knows she's going to be the lightning rod that will absolutely sweep Republicans into power in the midterm elections and 2016?
    How do these people get these jobs?
    Well, for one thing, this means that now she can't be called to testify about anything important, like an investigation into what really happened to Ambassador Stevens.
    Which makes sense, because as we've already seen, Rice can't even lie well anyhow.
    They practically had to give her a script to read the last time, which is even worse.
    Here's the bigger question: Does anyone else in America care at this point?
6/7/13 Sickening!!!!
Big Brother is tapping your mobile phone: Obama admits NSA routinely spying on all Verizon phone customers in the USA
Spy state shock: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple all secretly sharing private user communications with NSA
Big Brother Hears All

Who’s Breaking News On White House Scandals? NOT The Mainstream Media
Obama To Ignore Senate, Sign 2nd Amendment-Violating U.N. Gun Treaty
4 Baseball Parks in 3 days!
Beck Releases ‘Defriended’ Single, Announces Two New Albums
Monsanto Killing U.S. Agriculture
 Radicals are trying to take over our military using false sex assault claims
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Hearings are underway in Washington to investigate alleged sexual assaults in the United States military.
Dr. Savage calls these hearings, "One of the most depressing stories I have ever covered."
"Today was a new low in the left wing assault on the United States of America and its military," Michael Savage declared, explaining:
    Obama and his radical feminist "Khmer Rouge" are trying to usurp the military command structure and literally steal the military away from the military.
    You have girls who have never been in the armed forces telling our military commanders in a time when radical Islam is at our door that they should pay more attention to so-called "sexual assaults" in the military.
    Many of these "assaults" have been invented because according to radical feminists, an assault can mean something as simply as being told, "Honey, you're cute."
    The government is now spending more time on this garbage than on prosecuting Muslim Major Nidal Hasan who killed thirteen and wounded 32 at Fort Hood.
    They're not investigating the death of 20 Navy Seals aboard an old helicopter.
    They're not looking into the penetration of radical Islam into the FBI, the CIA, the DHS and the military itself.
    We all knew this would happen eventually when women were allowed to serve in the armed forces.
    This is what happens in any country where a radical communist regime takes over.
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Noting that the infamous Bilderberg Group meeting is taking place this week, Dr. Savage addressed the "right-wing hysteria" about this annual gathering.
"The Bilderberg meeting is going on in England this week," Michael Savage reminded his listeners, adding:
    There's a lot of right-wing hysteria about the Bilderberg meetings.
    I think they're afraid of it because it sounds kind of Jewish. They think it's a secret Jewish meeting with a secret Jewish handshake.
    But if you actually look at the list of who's going, it's a list of business leaders and academics.
    Now, I don't like the philosophy in academia. They're mostly all leftists.
    You'll also notice that there are no Russians on the list and no Chinese.
    If the Chinese have the strongest economy in the world, why aren't they at the Bilderberg meeting?
    What is it, anyway?
    It's a conference that was founded in 1954 and designed to "foster dialogue between Europe and North America."
    Since it started, it's moved towards influencing American public policy; usurping the U.S. Congress, in plain English.
    In other words: The New World Order.
Tony Blair has finally admitted that Islam is the problem
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage has a message for Tony Blair.
In the aftermath of yet another horrific Muslim terror attack on his nation's soil, the former British prime minister has finally admitted that "Islam has a problem."
As far as Michael Savage is concerned, Blair's statement could be described as too little, too late. No doubt the family and friends of that murdered soldier feel the same way.
"The piece of trash who killed a soldier in the streets of London went to court this week," Savage reported, noting:
    It's not like in this country, where he'd go to court 10 years from now and get a liberal lawyer with a degree from Princeton to delay it as long as he can.
    When he went to court, he kissed the Quran.
    In other words, he spit in the faces of the victims. He spit in the face of England.
    Then he smiled and blew kisses to the audience.
    This is the world we're living in. The decayed, degenerate, broken, liberal world we live in.
    What's amazing about this Muslim murder is that he was born into a Christian family in Nigeria and was a recent convert to Islam.
    That's when he became a murderer.
    Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — friend of Bill Clinton, Mr. "Third Way" — is now saying Islam has a problem.
    Isn't that brave of him to say — after he flooded England with Muslims?

The Obama crime family
Obama Betrays Israel: Secret Base Revealed
Obama Aides Use Secret Email
Forgotten Scandal: Gibson Guitars Still Being Persecuted for Doing No Wrong
More government abuse!
6/1/13 - HAPPY JUNE!
Obama to Blame for Benghazi? Of course he is!
BREAKING: Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup - It's about time!
Allen West “…to launch a Chinook helicopter to go into the night, to go into an operation — a hot zone — that was something that absolutely violates every single principle of employments and tactics for the United States military.”
Louisiana Democrat: If You Oppose Obamacare, You’re a Racist - WRONG!
IRS Chief Visited White House More Than Any Cabinet Member
Obama To Spend $700 Million In US Tax Dollars For Russian Helicopters For
Afghan Air Force - Shame on you!

Obama Admits He’s A Socialist
Obama [In-]Eligibility: Sworn Affidavit Provides
Hundreds of Reasons to Determine Ineligibility
Benghazi Whistleblower: We Know Who Perpetrated Benghazi, But We Don’t Want To Upset Anybody
Americans Fear Government More Than Terror
CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's a vital nutrient for food crops!

Health Care Costs In Some States Will Rise Over 80% Under ObamaCare With Health Care Costs Shooting Up A Whopping 32% Across The Board. -The Society of Actuaries
Benghazi Whistleblower: We Know Who Perpetrated Benghazi, But We Don’t Want To Upset Anybody
More and more it seems Barack Obama is clueless in how to govern, lead, and defend the United States. He bows to foreign national leaders, apologizes to the world and then is too limp-wristed to even deal with those who have murdered American citizens, including an ambassador, because he just doesn’t want to upset anybody. He’s overstayed his welcome and though I believe there is more than enough evidence to begin proceedings to deal with simply removing him based on his birth certificate forgery or even the fact that his father was not a US citizen and thus makes him ineligible for the office of President, if what the whistleblower says is true, perhaps Congress should be looking at the 25th Amendment, Section 4 and state openly that Obama is incapable of performing his duties as President. Of course that leaves us with “Shotgun” Biden, but I’m pretty sure that he was at least born here to two parents who were citizens,
even if he is a liberal.
The behavior of the IRS now PROVES that government is lawless and out of control
Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi Cover-up Is The Proxy Battle With The War
With Iran

Coast to Coast am last night
Monsanto/GMO Protest Update
In the first hour, analyst Craig B. Hulet commented on issues related to Monsanto and GMOs. He lamented that Obama signed off on the HR 933 bill, which says that federal courts cannot stop biotech companies from planting or selling GMO goods to the public, even if testing shows they are hazardous. He was followed by food expert Jeffrey Smith who talked about the success of the recent worldwide March Against Monsanto, in which more than two-million participated, in some 52 countries. The topic is also starting to receive more mainstream coverage, he noted, with CNN covering the protest

 Are our leaders morons or traitors? (yes)
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: In his new role as secretary of state, John Kerry has been traveling in the Middle East, trying to convince the Israelis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table.
Dr. Savage mocked Kerry's efforts, noting that behind the scenes, Obama is "arming Syrian rebels who are allied with al-Qaida." How does this sort of meddling, he wonders, help establish peace in the Middle East?
"The Middle East is about to blow," Savage told his listeners, claiming:
    It'll be the worst policy disaster during Obama's regime.
    John Kerry is over there now, trying to talk Israeli and Palestinian leaders into resuming negotiations.
    While Kerry was mouthing these platitudes, al-Qaida and Hezbollah are pouring arms into Syria.
    So what is Kerry doing over there?
    Why are we arming Syrian rebels when they're allied with al-Qaida?
    We have morons running everything.
    Either that, or they're traitors. I don't know which.
    Are they incompetent?
    Look what this administration has done in Egypt and Libya.
    Now they want to meddle in Syria, too?
    John McCain is backing that plan. He's the biggest doofus in the Republican Party.
    He's a clueless fool.
 I thought I could save America, but I was wrong
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage looked back at his almost 20 years in the talk radio business, and reflected on how much he, and the country, have changed.
He always knew he’d be a successful broadcaster, due to the work ethic that he still possesses. What Savage didn’t expect was that he’d eventually lose the hope-filled idealism he started out with.
"If a person is going to listen to talk radio, they want value for their money," Savage told listeners, as he explained his philosophy about talk radio:
    They want to feel like it was worth their time to turn that dial to your show.
    I’ve been in talk radio for 19 years now. I always knew I’d end up in the winner’s circle.
    Being ranked number one, two or three — I don’t care about the specific number.
    I must tell you, though, that everything I thought I stood for has come to naught.
    When I began in talk radio in 1994, I was filled with hope.
    I thought we could save America from the liberal assault on our borders, language and culture.
    But our schools, our military and every other institution have been decimated.
    We have the most corrupt administration in history, seizing reporters’ records, harassing their enemies. It’s worse than the Nixon White House by far.
    The Obama administration makes Joseph McCarthy look like an angel, but because of the double standard, because of racial sensitivity, they’re getting away with it.

Gibson Guitar Another Victim of Obama Administration Targeting
Kerry Subpoenaed for Missing Emails - it's about time!
Obama’s Commerce Secretary Pick Failed to Disclose $80 Million in Earnings
Governor Perry Vetoes A Threat To Liberty
U.S. Admits Drones Killed 4 Americans
Bombshell: Govt Official Says Hillary Spearheaded Benghazi Review,
Not Independent Board
DO NOT vote for this Crazy Lunatic next time around!
The Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Dies
Obama makes U.S. Marine break military rules
Obama [In-]Eligibility: Sworn Affidavit Provides
Hundreds of Reasons to Determine Ineligibility
Ted Cruz’s Solution To The IRS: Abolish It
Obama Admits He’s A Socialist
Holder Lashes Out During House Hearing
Liberal Organization With Ties To EVIL George Soros Got Documents From IRS
 We're now living under a mini fascist dictatorship
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: First Americans learned that the Internal Revenue Service had singled out “patriot” groups for audits and other harassment. Now it turns out that the White House was keeping tabs on reporters for the Associated Press.
Dr. Savage doesn't know which insider is leaking these damaging revelations all at once, but he knows the reason why.
“We're now living in a mini fascist dictatorship under Obama,” declared Savage, adding:
    You might have heard that it was just a low level IRS employee in Cincinnati who was targeting all those conservative groups.
    But the Washington Post is now reporting that IRS officials in Washington, DC were involved.
    This deserves jail time. This is worse than Watergate.
    Obama has done far worse things than Nixon ever did.
    There is a perfect storm brewing around Obama. The ship looks like it's hit an iceberg.
    We're learning that Obama tapped Associate Press reporters and that the IRS targeted “tea party” groups.
    Who inside the government is leaking these damaging stories all at once, and why?
    It's because they recognize what a clear and present danger Obama is to the survival of the United States of America.
fascism - a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

The CORUPTION grows!
Benghazi Emails Prove Obama Lied
Hillary never called back
Obama to Announce Major US Nuclear Force Cuts…by Executive Action?
He is Hell-bent on taking U.S.DOWN!
Obama Fires IRS Boss – Who Was Leaving Anyway!!!!!!
Congressman Says Obama DOJ Spied On House Of Representatives
White House Email Bombshell: “Messaging Ramifications”
Reflect Fear Of Obama’s Benghazi Lies
Pelosi Tells another Whopper
Obama to Charge 14 Governors with Treason? WRONG AGAIN!!!!!
 'Benghazi is a much bigger scandal than Watergate'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As the Benghazi hearings got under way, Dr. Savage contended that "no one will go to jail or lose their jobs," regardless of the outcome.
He also wondered if the timing of the Jodi Arias murder trial verdict and the start of the hearings was just a coincidence.
"There are four people dead, and you and I know that no one is going to jail over Benghazi," said Savage to his listeners, adding:
    No one will lose their job.
    This is a worse scandal than Watergate, because with Watergate, no one died.
    But to liberals, what difference does it make if four people died?
    We all know this is a cover-up, but because the illegitimate left-wing media refuses to put things in context, we have to do it ourselves.
    Did the Obama administration sacrifice Ambassador Stevens?
    We know Stevens was arming Syrian rebels, who we now know are al-Qaeda.
    Did they terminate Stevens to cover this up, because they didn't want the world to know all this?
    Regardless, there will be no ramifications.
    It will all be forgotten because there is such a blasé state of mind among non-taxpaying Americans, and amongst government workers, and amongst the media.
    What is the average Obama voter paying attention to today: the Benghazi hearings or the Jodi Arias verdict?
    The answer is obvious. There are so many things that seem to happen not by chance that I have to ask that question.
IRS Gave Confidential Docs to Lib Group
Obama Has Won? Is Civil War Inevitable?
Benghazi Cover-Up: WH Official Tied To Benghazi Scandal &
CBS News President Are Brothers
Why Obama released embarrassing IRS bombshell DIVERSION from their CRIMES
NObama calls Benghazi controversy a ‘sideshow’
Democrat State Senators Accidentally Reveal True Gun Control Agenda
DOJ Secretly Obtained AP Phone Records
Obama DOJ Secretly Monitored AP Reporters’ Phone Records
Another Un-convicted Chicago Crook Nominated To Obama’s Cabinet
Disgusting Eric Holder Threatens Kansas Over Gun Control Nullification Bill
Badbama Vows To Keep Pushing Gun Control: “This Is Just The First Round”
Weather radicalization worsening, global food supply at increased risk of regional failures
HOORAY! A state stands up FOR the Constitution!
Alabama Senate Votes To Ignore New Federal Gun Laws

U.S. lawmakers secretly negotiating to exempt themselves from Obamacare
Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting
Obama Protects Islam At All Costs
Clinton’s Signature Proves She Lied to Congress about Benghazi
Official EU research verifies bee holocaust caused by dangerous man-made poisons,
Big Ag and Big Government do nothing
Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting
Iran planned Boston bombings for 2 years
R.I.P. Richie Havens
Secret Emails: ‘Use Boston Terror Attacks to Push Immigration Reform’
Obama ‘Wants People to Snap’
Obama Campaign To Go After Pro-Gun Democratic Senators
How the Obama Administration Justifies Not Reading Boston Bomber
His Miranda Rights
“Peaceful” Muslims Destroy Dozens of WW2 Headstones

"It seems that the value of vinyl appreciates the moment you get it
but depreciates as soon as you crack the seal."
I got Tame Impala's Debut EP
Grateful Dead 1966 Rare Cuts and Oddities
Jimi Hendrix Fire/Touch You 45RPM (leftover from last year's RSD)
House Passes CISPA CyberSecurity – Ignores Amendment To Protect 4th Amendment

As Radio talk show host Mark Levin put it:
"The Senate intends to vote on changing the Second Amendment without any pretense of going through the constitutional amendment process — none. ... The Second Amendment exists as a protection for us against usurpation by Congress and the rest of the federal government. The Second Amendment protects an individual right and it’s that simple."
Terrorism on Obama’s Watch
Massachusetts’ Strict Gun Laws Did Nothing To Prevent Violence At Boston Marathon
First Blame the Right Wing and Tea Party
IMPORATANT Coast to Coast am last night!
Host:  George Noory Guests:  Alex Jones...

Documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones spoke about the forces controlling world events, and the dark path laid out by the 'Globalists' including transhumanism, drones, surveillance, GMOs, and vaccines. He also discussed the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon. There were over 2,000 different types of security people including National Guard and law enforcement from various jurisdictions searching bags and running checkpoints at the Marathon, but it didn't stop what happened, he said. Yet, the Dept. of Defense is floating the idea of putting increased troops across America, to have checkpoints at places like malls, Jones continued. He argued that this kind of control, trading liberty for protection, is doomed to fail. "Having troops on the street is to control the general public, it's not to catch someone who's willing to die in an attack," he remarked.
While Congress is in the midst of considering a large amnesty program for immigrants, increasing powers of Homeland Security, and passing massive gun restrictions, the Boston bombing acts as a diversion, and rallies people behind the Obama administration, he contended, adding "that the whole thing is very suspicious." Jones suggested that the media is opportunistic after events like the Boston bombing, replaying disturbing footage over and over again. They only tell us to care and have empathy for the victims, "because they're selling an agenda on their backs, on their pain, to get rid of our republic and due process, and bring in tyranny," he exclaimed.
A plan to launch 30,000 autonomous drones in the US for surveillance of citizens is afoot, but Jones is even more concerned about surveillance that can be done from cell phones, computers, and smart meters. "Why is the Elite wedded to this idea of putting this digital skin, this smart dust into place?" he asked. It's because they want to track and trace people, socially engineer them to become pliable and submissive, so they can ultimately be exterminated, he explained. Jones warned of a coming technocratic conversion to a "post-human" state where people could merge with machines via nanotechnology and genetic engineering, "and those of us who don't accept the augmentation will basically be stepped on like a cockroach." He also addressed his controversial appearance on the Piers Morgan show discussing gun control.
YouTube Censors Family Guy Clip Which Predicted Boston Marathon Attack
Fox Pulls “Hoax” Episode of Family Guy
IMMIGRATION OVERHAUL: Senate Bill Aims to Boost Security, Legalize Millions
We Are Living in a Dying Country
IRS Searching Emails Without Warrants
4/10/13 The Return of NIXON!
Illegal Wiretap of GOP? FBI to Investigate
Liberals OK with Wire-tapping Republicans But Not Terrorists
Hillary Clinton snagged in Benghazi cover-up
Are Benghazi Survivors Hiding In A Washington, D.C. Hospital?
Mexican Drug Cartels Operating Inside American Borders
The Obamas live the 1 percent life
Obama Eligibility Appeal in Roy Moore’s Court
Mexican Cartels Assassinating US Public Officials
Brewers WIN Home Opener 5-4 in 10 innings!
'We’ve got an atheist in the White House'
“Easter Sunday is a big day. Normally a president says something to the Christian population,” Savage remarked, adding:
    After all, they haven't disappeared yet. As far as I know, they haven't converted to another religion.
    This year, all Obama did was mumble something about "common values."
    Not one word about Jesus.
    There's one thing you can say about about Obama: He's not a hypocrite.
    At least you know he's an atheist, and he doesn't try to hide it.
    Unlike Clinton, he doesn't carry around an oversized Bible with an oversized cross to pretend he's a Christian.
    If you've got an atheist in the White House -- which is apparently what we have -- he represents a great percentage of America today.
    I'm not a religious person myself, but we are fundamentally a Christian nation.
    America was founded by Christians, after all.
Sequestration Causes White House to Increase Personal Vacations
Phil Ramone, Legendary Producer, Dead at 72
IMPORATANT Coast to Coast am last night!
Chemtrails Special
Date:  03-30-13
Host:  John B. Wells
Guests:  William Thomas, Michael Murphy
In the first half of the program, investigative journalist William Thomas joined John B. Wells to reveal a correlation between chemtrails, electromagnetic radiation and human health. For some time now the military has been spreading barium in the sky in order to bounce military radio and radar beams, as well as HAARP, over the horizon, Thomas explained. This 'aerosol project' has been confirmed by two scientists at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he noted. Evidence of barium fallout can be found on rainy days in the soapy runoff seen along roadways, Thomas added. These chemtrails not only interfere with weather patterns but also amplify the harmful effects of radio frequency and microwave exposure, he said.
"Chemtrails give us a toxic exposure and barium-boosted wireless radiation inhibits our body's ability to compensate and respond," Thomas continued. Dosage is cumulative over time and can cause numerous symptoms, including aching joints, asthma attacks, headaches, sudden dizziness, rashes and sores, gastrointestinal discomfort, persistent cough, inability to concentrate, and problems with the heart, he reported. The dangerous synergism of barium mixed with our everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation is not the only hazard—the particle size is also toxic, according to Thomas. Inhaling particles of barium aerosol will inflame the heart and can potentially cause a heart attack within 24 hours, he disclosed.
During the latter half of the show, filmmaker Michael Murphy spoke about chemtrails and geoengineering, which he identified as "the greatest threat to our planet that we will ever have." According to Murphy, toxic aluminum oxide is being sprayed into the atmosphere to modify the Earth's climate. The stated goal of the geoengineers is to mitigate the effects of global warming, he said, noting that saving the planet has nothing to do with their real agenda. Geoengineering actually causes ozone depletion, changes to the pH of soil, as well as droughts and floods, Murphy explained, adding that as many as two billion people could have food disruptions because of it. So why are they spraying? Murphy thinks weather control is the most effective way for the elite to consolidate monetary and political power.
He announced that he is working with other organizations to get these programs stopped.

Obama’s Owellian DHS Demands “Obedience” From Its Agents
Immigrant Hops Fence While US Senators Tour Mexican Border
Biden on Gun Control Laws: “This is the Beginning of the Process”
"Vice President Joe Biden is not the smartest cookie in politics.  In fact, I would rank him among the dumbest members of the Executive Branch in American history."
Easter Eggs Redistributed by Obama Bunny
Obama Administration Seeks To Nullify The Nullifiers
More on the Moron!
Obama Uses Executive Power to Move Gun Control Agenda Forward
White House Demands American Sheriffs Enforce Gun Control
"It’s about to get real people. There are those in law enforcement who are standing for the law of the land and then there are the radical Socialists in Washington who seek to trample the law under their feet. Since a number of brave men in this country have come forward to state that as the supreme law enforcement officers in their counties they will not enforce new gun control laws,
(yet) the Obama White House has demanded that they must."

'California is turning into a Third World cesspool'
“You’re asking: What's the point of working hard if Governor Jerry Brown is going to steal over half my money?” said Savage, noting;
    High earners in the state of California pay up to 60 percent in taxes.
    The answer, of course, is to keep working hard, definitely.
    Having said that, work so hard that you get way ahead of the curve, and taxation reaches the point where you move to Texas or any of the low- or no-tax states, like Wyoming and New Hampshire.
    This government is going to drive people out of the state of California as sure as I'm sitting here.
    They don't think it's going to happen, but it will.
    Then all they'll be left with are the low earners and the immigrants – not all of them – who come here to suck the system dry.
    I see them every day.
    Soon California will become another Third World cesspool.
    It's a very dark vision I have for California's future under these socialist rulers.
More than a Vacation a Month for Obamas
Muslims & Leftists Plot Against Free Speech
IMPORATANT Coast to Coast am last night!
New World Order
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  ...Lindsey Williams
In the first half, ordained Baptist minister and former Chaplain to the 'Elite,' Lindsey Williams, shared what he'd been told by one of his 'Elite' contacts-- the agenda of the New World Order (NWO) for the next 4 years. He revealed that the NWO was displeased with Pres. Obama, as he went against their wishes by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline plan, among other things. The Elite do not want a financial collapse or catastrophic event with the American dollar for at least two to three years, which gives people temporary economic opportunities, he continued. The reason behind this is "forced debt creation" such as through college loans, and government spending, he said. This will bring debt levels up so high that when the Elite get ready to pull the plug on the currencies of the world, people will give up the Constitution, and accept a new world order, he outlined, adding that the end game for this scenario was four years.

While the super rich make up their own rules, the middle class will be taxed into oblivion, and be put into more and more debt, he continued. Within four years, 70% of Americans will be receiving some sort of check from the government, and the dollar will be phased out as the reserve currency and petro dollar of the world, Williams stated. Regarding gold and silver, he suggested that confiscation was unlikely-- the Elite are keeping this from being bothered. "One thing the Elite fear more than anything else, is the masses waking up...and as a result they are having to escalate their plans," he warned.
Obama Flies a 747 to Chicago to Tout His Fuel-Saving Plan
Being Made an ‘Obsolete Man’ by the Modern State
Obama Signals He Will Support UN Treaty To Restrict Arms
NRA President: Democrats Shocked By Second Amendment Support
Company to Sell Drone Defenses
White House Map ‘Erases’ Jerusalem, Biblical Territories
White House Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front
No More Drones for CIA
Here's a response from a reader at the above link...NOT my comment
 "foxxybey • ...
Coming to America soon, the military under the dictatorship of a islamist soon to attack Ameicans on our soil, the reason he is getting rid of anyone who says they won't fire on American citizens, already has a civilian army of the DHS and the IRS police and soon the state patrol and sheriffs to be taken over by EO's from the new Hitler in the house...
hard to have guns when only the government and criminals have them"

Now Obama targets your FedEx, UPS packages
Congressmen Demand DHS Explain 1.6 Billion
Bullets Purchase...FINALLY!

IMPORATANT Coast to Coast am last night!
Drones, Guns, & Rights
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Craig Hulet...
Analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet discussed the use of drones in war zones, as well as potential drone strikes on U.S. citizens. He also addressed concerns about the government trying to curb gun rights, and other freedoms. One of the biggest problems with unmanned drones is that "they are absolutely terrible at marksmanship. The collateral damage is always horrendous," he stated, explaining that typically 10-30 civilians are killed when going after a single al-Qaeda terrorist. The drones have no capability of having laser guided missiles or precision targeting, he continued. The US is not "winning the war" in Afghanistan, and has increasingly used drones because they can't sustain this level of warfare any longer, he added.

Obama has been secretive about how the drones are being used, and one of his administration's goals is to have 3,500 drone bases around the world, including domestic, Hulet said. Drones are already in the air in 11 major American cities, including Seattle, where protests against their use have taken place, he reported. Hulet described an incident in North Dakota where a drone was used to assist a SWAT team that came to arrest an armed man accused of stealing cattle. The explanation for the drone's presence was that it was there to secure the safety of the SWAT team.

In what he considers an erosion of citizens' rights and privacy, Air Force drones can now legally spy on you, TSA's "mission creep" is making the country a police state, California is using face recognition scanners to spy on people, and Obama's executive order expands Homeland Security into local law enforcement.
'Atheist liberals just love to play God'
In today's issue: A caller prompted Dr. Savage to note that godless progressives love to “play God” themselves, in their need to control every aspect of people’s lives, right down to how much soda they can, and should, consume.
“The less connected people are to God, the more they want to be like God,” said Savage, adding:
    Look at Hugo Chavez, the dictator who just died.
    Why are lowlifes like Sean Penn attracted to dictators?
    Because they themselves have no belief in God and believe themselves to be demo-gods.
    That's why they're drawn to the even bigger demigod.
    Do I personally know if God exists? Let's put it this way: I have my doubts.
    The older I get, the more doubts I have, when I see babies killed and I see evil thriving.
    But I'll never forget a conversation I had about God with a stranger.
    I was in North Beach in San Francisco in the mid-1970s. He was a hobo -- not a homeless bum, as they are today. In other words, he was a vagabond, with long white hair.
    I asked him if he believed in God, and he looked at me with unblinking blue eyes like I was crazy for asking such a question, and he replied: “Who do you think created me?”
 'Taxpayers are funding a left-wing hit group'
In today's issue: Savage talked about the Tides Foundation, the radical left-wing “charity” with ties to George Soros -- and one of Obama’s new cabinet members.
Tides has also received almost $30 million in taxpayer cash over the last two years. Dr. Savage wonders how the American people feel about funding this partisan organization.
“John Kerry was just made secretary of state,” Savage reminded his listeners, adding:
    He certainly couldn't do a worse job than Hilary Clinton, who set the Middle East on fire.
    Now let's look at the wife of John Kerry, Teresa “Ketchup” Kerry.
    She's tied in with the Tides Foundation.
    The Tides Foundation has supported every left wing monstrosity you can imagine.
    Tides is a favorite charity of liberal donors like Teresa “Ketchup” Kerry and Barbra Streisand.
    The two of them have give Tides up to $8.5 million over the years.
    George Soros is also tied to the Tides Foundation.
    From 2009 to 2011, the government has given Tides $28 million in grants, paid for by American taxpayers.
    That means you're funding this left-wing hit group.
    Did you know that?
    Now the husband of one of its biggest donors is in Obama's cabinet.
 'We have to stop these food fascists while there’s still time'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: A New York state judge blocked Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban super-sized sodas in the Big Apple, and Dr. Savage couldn’t be happier.
As a nutritionist, Savage doesn’t recommend the consumption of too much sugar – but as a defender of liberty, he believes that individuals must be free to decide what they’ll eat and drink.
“Mayor Bloomberg is dangerous, crazy and totalitarian,” Michael Savage told his radio audience, noting:
    I called it “food fascism” in my 1981 book “The Skeptical Nutritionist.”
    Look where these laws are coming from.
    Is it the right wing that's trying to impose fascistic food decisions on you?
    No, it's leftists like Bloomberg.
    Don't misunderstand me: I'm opposed to large intakes of sugar, but I believe people should make their own choices.
    Bloomberg just wants to control people. He's a little man who wants to be dictator.
    I'm so glad he lost, for a number of reasons. I want you to understand what's at stake.
    This man once limited baby formula in hospitals. He banned trans fats. Then he wanted to limit soda consumption.
    We have to stop these fascists somewhere.
    If you don't stop them when they try to ban large sodas, when will you do it?
Why must they pull this shit!?!
John Brennan Sworn In On Constitution Without Bill Of Rights, Not Bible

!!!!!Idiot Alerts!!!!!
Dianne Feinstein: “It’s legal to hunt humans”
Obummer Opens Borders to Terrorists to Punish Americans Over Sequester

Obama Poised to Carry Out Hostile Military
Takeover of US
CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's a vital nutrient for food crops!
 'I’m No. 1 across the nation'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: We call them “the mainstream media,” but how “mainstream” are they, really?
Yesterday, Michael Savage learned that his radio show continues to rank number one in markets from New York City to Nashville. How is this possible, he asked rhetorically, if he is such an “extremist”?
“The ratings just came in again, but no one else will tell you about this, because I'm the most banned man in media,” Savage told his audience, adding:
    In New York, as you may have already heard, I was No. 1 in the biggest market in the country.
    Some would say, well, that's an anomaly because Savage is from New York.
    Well, this just came in:
    In Nashville, I'm No. 1 with the key demographic of men 25 to 54, and No. 2 overall.
    How is it that I have such an astronomical following across America?
    If I'm having such ratings success, and I'm a die hard – well, whatever I am politically, define me anyway you want – how is it that the left-wing Democrat socialist Establishment that hates everything American can pretend that they represent the American people?
    When a guy like me, who abhors everything this communist fraud Obama stands for, is so popular,
what does that tell you?
 'Why don’t Obama’s billionaire friends have to pay taxes?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: For years, Dr. Savage has been talking about one of the biggest injustices in America: the fact that many mega-corporations pay zero taxes, while ordinary citizens are burdened with higher taxes every year.
Now there’s a new name to add to that infamous list: Facebook. A new report claims that Mark Zuckerberg's giant social media enterprise made more than $1 billion in profits last year yet paid no federal taxes.
Needless to say, Dr. Savage shared his thoughts on this latest outrage.
“We have a president who lies to the American people about paying your fair share,” Savage reminded listeners, adding:
    Meanwhile all the people who march in and out of the White House, like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, apparently pay no income tax.
    Even though Facebook reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits in 2012, it will pay zero in federal and state taxes.
    It's even getting a federal tax refund of $429 million!
    But they're not alone.
    GE gets the same treatment, as I've been telling you for years.
    There are other companies, too, like Bank of America.
    It's good to be a liberal and be invited to the White House.
    It's good to talk about paying your fair share -- then not paying it!

How Can the Leader of the Free World Lie With
Such Impunity?
"So why this snake-oil salesman being allowed to get away with it?"
The Campaigner-in-Chief’s Dishonest Tweets
"Obama is never governing — never governing, always campaigning, always "fighting those powerful forces"
“Freed Slave” Sheila Jackson Lee: Spending Cuts Will Enslave America
Talk is Cheap – But Obama SOTU Costs Americans More with Every Word
Administration Will Spend $1.8B to Build 20-Mile Railroad in Hawaii
'I have no respect for the government anymore'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: It just so happened that Michael Savage’s Tuesday night show coincided with President Obama’s State of the Union address.
“You can listen to this Politbureau speech on other radio stations across America if you want to,” Savage told his audience, adding, “All I see is a bunch of grifters slapping each other on the back.”
“Watching the prelude to the State of the Union speech, I feel like I'm looking at the Ukrainian parliament,” said a disgusted Dr. Savage, adding:
    The only difference is, they'd be punching each other out. At least we the people would get some entertainment out of that.
    All I see is a bunch of grifters slapping each other on the back. You just know they're cutting deals in the back room.
    I don't even feel it's my country anymore.
    I have no faith in them. I have no respect for this anymore.
    And I'm not going to sit and watch this clown giving another speech calling for higher taxes and more regulation, and listen to the stooges on the Democrat side clap like a bunch of seals.
    That's all Obama's talking about: tax and spend. Soft Marxism and hard crony capitalism.
    Tax the people. Control the people from cradle to grave, and then reward your crony capitalist friends by not taxing them, or giving them sweetheart contracts and grants.
    Do you really feel that you live in a representative democracy?

2nd Amendment soon to disappear...WHY are these States caving to the THUGS in D.C.?
We should be MUCH stronger than the Idiots running our country into the ground!
Missouri Democrats Introduce Bill to Confiscate Assault Weapons in 90 Days
Senate Gun Grab Bill Could Be More Disastrous Than Feinstein Bill
Missouri Democrats Plan Gun Ban; Michigan Follows Suit
Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms
and Gives Gun Owners 90 Days to Turn in Weapons
caving to the pressures of Overly-Big G,
Missouri House Bill 545 would make a felon of any owners of so-called assault weapons in the State who refused to destroy their firearms, move them across State lines or turn them over to law enforcement officials within 90 days of the bill’s passage
Have you heard about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NTSA’s) latest plan?
They are proposing the implementation of a new law that would basically require ALL passenger cars and trucks manufactured after September 2014 be equipped with a “black box,” similar to what’s currently installed on airplanes.
These boxes could be capable of tracking things like speed, location, number of passengers, etc.
It’s not clear exactly how these “black boxes” would be used, but it’s important to note that this isn’t something that has to pass through Congress…
The NTSA has full authority to change vehicle requirements on their own, and they’re scheduled to make their final decision, later this year.
To me, this is just another clear indicator that “Big Brother” is coming to America… And he’s coming fast.
What little privacy we have left in America today will soon be gone.
Already, the government admits to snooping on our phone calls and emails. There are cameras and microphones everywhere… And now even drones (like the ones we use to spy in Afghanistan) are rumored to populate our skies.

Interesting bit on the State of the Union from Gary North
"Stick it to the rich, deficits forever, raise taxes, do it his way, kick the fukn can, pigas can fly, more boondoggles, standard liberal BS, executive tyranny, spend spend spend, Gov't can do what free market can't..."
"The man is a Keynesian. He is a front man for the Council on Foreign Relations.
Nothing new here.
There never is."
coast to coast am last night
Covert Harassment
Date:  02-14-13
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Roger Tolces, Michael F. Bell, Jaimal Yogis
Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures Roger Tolces was joined by Michael F. Bell to discuss the unbelievable story of how Bell was tracked and tortured by a covert organization via implants and microwave harassment. Bell said the episodes began in 2005 when he started noticing small but noticeable damages in his apartment, as well as an unusual amount of car horns honking at him, and oncoming traffic flashing their lights at him as he drove during the day. By conducting Internet searches on his "symptoms" he began to realize that he was the victim of what he called "organized stalking."
Eventually the episodes escalated, culminating with an abduction from his apartment, where he believes he was drugged with scopolamine which has powerful hallucinogenic and amnesia-related properties. The abductors, who wore carnival masks, continued to drug him over a one-week period, and subjected him to mind control experiments, like in A Clockwork Orange, in which he was forced to view violent films and images. Bell said his dreams were infiltrated by the stalkers, and he suffered burns on his body from a directed energy microwave weapon. He also discovered a number of implants on his body, and had one of them removed-- a bead-like object, about half the size of a BB.
Bell, who estimated that some 100,000 people in the US are being harassed in this fashion, concluded that the perpetrators are part of a covert or black ops government program, but has no idea why he was targeted. Tolces has dealt with 3,000 to 4,000 such cases, and has characterized the technology involved as a kind of weapons system development. Their goal is probably to determine what kind of manipulations are successful, he continued, whether turning someone into a Manchurian Candidate, or to silence individuals so they won't speak out against the government. In aiding his clients, Tolces has developed types of electrostatic shielding that can protect people from directed energy.
coast to coast am
Obama made no phone calls on night of Benghazi attack
...useless and shoule be IMPEACHED
Say NO to smart meters!
Naperville anti-smart meter activists fight back at council meeting,
accuse city of breaking its own laws
Obama Set To Unilaterally Cut Nuclear Arsenal By One-Third
State Of The Obama Plan: Big Regulations That Bypass Congress
Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz Show How to Take on the Democrats
Obama May Have Nominated A Muslim To Head The CIA - another blunder!
Police Chief Wants Citizens As ‘Reserve Force’ To Defend Against Feds
Students Told USA Chant Has Racial Overtones
Obama’s 2nd Vacation of the Year: West Palm Beach
Obama’s State Of Denial
Obama Wants to Close Thousands of Businesses & Raise Unemployment
The Problem is Most Americans Still Believe It’s All Bush’s Fault
DHS Nullifies Fourth Amendment Rights of Millions of Americans

Marines Were Disarmed for President Obama’s Second Inaugural Parade
New York Citizens Vow to Disobey Laws Violating 2nd Amendment
Is Obama Setting US Up for Military Takeover?
Coast to Coast am
Date:  02-12-13
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Jim Marrs, Mitchell Scott Lewis, Lionel Fanthorpe
Appearing during the middle two hours, author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed archeological discoveries that not only support the notion that human civilization originated from ETs, but that advanced civilizations have made Earth their home long before the recorded dates in our history books. He also addressed how mainstream science and institutions have worked to hide our possible true heritage. He connected "ancient aliens"-- the idea that ETs were on our planet thousands of years ago tinkering with mankind's genetics, with the wealthy elite-- a group of about 13 families that try to run the world. Marrs suggested that the elite know of the ancient astronaut connection, and believe they are possibly connected/descended from them.
The government controls secret knowledge of the past such as the evidence for ancient aliens, as well as giants, he said, and there is a whole hidden history of advanced civilizations, as well, exemplified by sites like the mysterious Gobekli Tepe, which is 7,000 years older than Stonehenge. Marrs touched on various UFO incidents throughout history, including the UFO crash reported in Aurora, Texas in 1897. According to his research, a type of aluminum was found buried at the crash site that was not of the same make-up as modern aluminum. He also presented his theory that UFOs are flying in energy fields that nullify gravity and time, which explains why vehicles suddenly stop, and people experience missing time during a sighting.
Coast to Coast am
U.S. Spent a Whopping $2.2 Billion Last Year on Obama Phones
Coast to Coast am
Prophecy & Popes
Host:  George Noory
Guests:  Aubrey de Grey, Cris Putnam
In the first half, biblical prophecy expert Cris Putnam talked about the resignation of Pope Benedict in relation to St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes. In the 12th century, the Irish seer, St. Malachy, had a vision of who each Pope would be, and made a list of 112 names, ending with a final Pope named Petrus Romans (or Peter the Roman). Since the resigning Benedict is the 111th Pope, the next one could be the one Malachy prophesied about, saying he would deal with many tribulations, including the destruction of Rome. Whether or not the next Pope is actually named Peter may not be relevant because "every Pope has...a claim to the chair of St. Peter; just the fact that you get elected to be Pope kind of puts you as the Peter in charge at that time, so it could just be an oblique reference to an Italian Pope," he explained. Though, there are a few candidates high on the list who do have the name of Peter, he added.
Putnam found it interesting that Malachy's vision of tribulations and the destruction of Rome seem to correlate to the Book of Revelation, chapter 17, which refers to a "great harlot that sits on many waters" that has been interpreted as the Roman church gone apostate (abandoning its faith). Additionally, there's a prophecy from the ancient Book of Zohar that predicts a meteor shower hailing down on Rome in the Jewish year 5773, which corresponds to the 2012-2013 period, he noted. Putnam also shared a quatrain from Nostradamus that could be interpreted to mean that a young black Cardinal will seize the papacy.
Coast to Coast am

INSANE Pelosi: More Tax Revenue To Close The Deficit, Not Spending Cuts
INSANITY! Pelosi: It’s A ‘False Argument To Say We Have A Spending Problem’
Obama Proposals Mirror Ignored Bush Plan
Obama ‘Considers’ Series of New Executive Actions; Continuing His Aggressive Use of Executive Authority
Obama Caught Faking Oil Lease
Why Congress May Lawfully Require Citizens to Buy Guns & Ammunition, But Not To Submit To Obamacare
Muslim group to gun shop: Nix turban-wearing target
Obama Remarks That He’s Getting More ‘Humble’ - Yeah, right...WRONG!
Famed Neurosurgeon Slams Obamacare
"Politicians are so void of an understanding of logic; an understanding of actions versus consequences, that they are continuously falling into traps that the average person might avoid
Obamacare is a behemoth that is devouring money and destroying the integrity of the healthcare industry. It is nice to see someone, especially a renowned neurosurgeon, telling it like it is."
Connecticut Bill Threatens Homeschool Freedom
CA Assemblywoman Exposes The Pension Endgame
Woman Votes Multiple Times for Obama in Election 2012 but Denies Voter Fraud!
Chris Rock and other slavish Obama worshippers are fascists'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage unleashed a torrent of criticism in comedian Chris Rock's direction, after the comic announced that, on the topic of gun control, President Obama was America's "boss" and "dad," and "when your dad says something, you listen" – or else.
Contrasting audio from Rock's press conference with chilling chants from a Nazi rally in Hitler's Germany, Savage declared , "The slavish worshippers of Obama are fascists. Period."
"Now you see what happens when you have a drug-addicted moron like Chris Rock invited to the White House," Savage said to his audience, adding:
    It shows you the level of uneducated stupidity that is supporting President Obama.
    The same mentality existed in Germany in the 1930s from die-hard stupid drunken Germans.
    We have the same as we have here in the United States today: stupid stoned Americans.
    How do you feel about Chris Rock saying Obama is the "father" of our country, the "boss" of our country and you'd better listen to "dad"?
    Stalin was called "father," too. Chris Rock would've fit right in.
    The slavish worshippers of Obama are fascists. Period.
    The only reason Chris Rock isn't working in a car wash is because one of the biggest scoundrels in Hollywood discovered this man and made him who he is, simply because he is such a slavish worshipper of the "boss," Obama.
    It just shows you how sad this country has become, that such a lowlife uneducated martinet should be given any play whatsoever.
Liberals Come Out in Support of Black Cop Killer
Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who’s ‘Entitled’ to Second Amendment Rights
Obama Lashes Out at Cable News During Prayer Breakfast

Coast to Coast am
 Digital Identities & Privacy:
Bioethicist and biotechnology expert Lori Andrews has advised companies, politicians, and consumers about the impact of various technologies. On Thursday's show, she discussed her latest work on how our digital identities are starting to overshadow our physical identities, and the damaging effects of uncontrolled changes in privacy. There has been an increasing blurring between the public and private, with employers using social networks such as Facebook to glean information about employees and job candidates, often without their express approval, she observed. Law enforcement also peruses social networks, and can sometimes go overboard, charging people with gang membership, based on the pictures they post, she commented.
In what many view as invasive, a lot of websites use tracking and data mining to evaluate people for marketing purposes. This info can be used to select the type of ads you might see online, or even the type of offers you might get for things like credit interest rates, she detailed. There are also unscrupulous sites that post images and false or inflammatory information about people, and then charge a fee to have it removed, she continued. The judicial system too has been adversely affected by online issues, with jurors sometimes looking things up on the Internet related to their cases, and making decisions based on what they find.
Andrews is calling for a Social Network Constitution. "The best way to do this," she suggested, "is to extend rights we've had in other areas, to the web," such as the right to privacy, freedom of expression, and the right to fair trial. "Your Facebook page should be as private as your home and people should not have access to it unless there is some individualized suspicion, unless there's a warrant," she asserted. There has been some legislative interest around web privacy, but by and large the public has not been sufficiently riled up about the issue to press lawmakers into taking action, she noted.
Drones Update:
First hour guest, specialist in cyber warfare and technology, Charles R. Smith, reported on issues related to drones. The unmanned aerial vehicles can be thought of as spies in the sky, and some states such as Florida, are trying to ban their usage due to privacy concerns. In addition to surveillance, drones have been developed for military uses and are becoming increasingly sophisticated and miniaturized, he said. Some units like the X-47 can function as autonomous carrier-based strike aircraft, programmed to perform missions without any human pilots aboard, he added.
Coast to Coast am
Obama Did Nothing to Save Lives in Benghazi
and Lied About it
CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's a vital nutrient for food crops!
The German Central Bank Wants Half of Its Gold Back
Randy Rhoads Guitar Clinic
Ted Nugent: Piers Morgan “Leave Us The Hell Alone!”
Many kudos to Ted Nugent and I stand with him in telling Morgan and all gun grabbers to leave us alone and start dealing with the murderous element properly under the law
Beware: A President who justifies secret drone killings of Americans can justify anything
Doctor Slams Political Correctness Before Obama at National Prayer Breakfast
Mounting Questions on How Obama Chooses Whom to Kill
Really? Is THIS what a President does?!?
Obama Gives Himself License to Kill
DISTURBING: Is FEMA Storing 500,000+ PLASTIC COFFINS Near Atlanta!
City First to Ban Drones in Sky ...we need MORE to stand up against this!
Congrats Charlottesville, Va. - you have a strong backbone
I found this in the replies to this article
Let the resistance to Tyranny begin and grow like wildfire as those of us who believe in Democracy,Freedom,the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand up against those who have brought Class Warfare,Racism,Socialism and Tyranny to our homes,to our kids and our country!
The Right to privacy,our inalienable rights and freedoms written by those who opposed to "limitless" Government,socialism,extremist ideologues,the very reasons so many came here to escape have infected and eviscerated the"Beacon On The Hill". A group of "unelected" people will decide who lives and who dies,we are once again "taxed" for the Failure of this Government to enact Domestic and Foreign policy that has always kept us free!
Our phones are tapped.our conversations are recorded,the economy is failed as 23 million+ people not including the millions who have given up and/or quit are Not counted! We are bankrupt both financially and morally as 47 million need food stamps to survive.
Drones in the sky watching,camera's on traffic lights,hidden everywhere recording our every move,a bunch of Political Mafia circumventing the Constitution with Czars,unelected "advisers",politicians and self-possessed Potentates dictating their will on everything including what we can eat,how much we can earn who wins and who loses.
- Andrea Howard
The Karl Rove Cartel Will Now Pick Your Rhinos
Illegal immigrants have declared war on America'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage denounced the amnesty proposals being put forward by the leaders of both parties.
He noted that Hispanic gangs are openly attacking African-Americans in Los Angeles, while Obama remains silent.
"Both big parties now want to add 30 million illegal aliens onto the citizenship rolls," Savage told listeners, adding:
    Now let's put aside issues of demography, why they won't speak English, why they won't wave the American flag but wave the Mexican flag instead.
    Let's put all that aside.
    Who is going to pay for their health care?
    By the way, I don't want to hear one more story about "the sacred immigrant."
    Let me point you to a story in the Los Angeles Times. They report that Hispanic gangs are terrorizing blacks in Compton, California, telling them to get out of the city.
    In other words, they've declared war on America.
    And meanwhile, Obama has declared war on everything that's still decent in the country today.
    Did you know that God was all but eliminated from the inauguration?
    Obama was the first president in history not to mention God during his inauguration.
    We're in for a very difficult four years.
Sunstein: Obama Wants ‘Second Bill of Rights’
He should just go back to South Africa as that's what 'his' will be based on
Amnesty: Path to Citizenship Deal Made - Further DESTRUCTION by BHO (sucks)
Calling the NRA "venal", Feinstein insults legal gun owners
Iran sentences American pastor Saeed Abedini to 8 years in prison
Iran finger-chopping machine seen as political strategy
Do background checks on guns really work? Critics AND supporters say ‘No’ as they look for a better answer
Farrakhan: Right To Bear Arms An Outdated Concept
Presidents may get pink slips for spending deficits: Bill
Sandy relief bill eats up taxes on the rich - Lawmakers to approve $50B
Obama Gives Fighter Jets to Islamic America-Hating Egypt
WI Sheriff Tells Residents “You Have A Duty To Protect Yourself & Your Family”
Coast to Coast am
Joining John B. Wells in the first half, author Howard Bloom provided updates on vaccines and geopolitics. Next, homeopathic physician Andreas Bachmair shared his contention that vaccinations are dangerous and deadly.

Obama Learns He Is Not Omnipotent; Will He Overreach?
Court Finally Awakens to Obama’s Increasing Contempt for Constitution

CNN: Obama Can Ignore the Law
Court to Obama: What Part of ‘The’ Do You Not Understand?
Communist Party USA Cheers Obama’s Gun Grab
Fed Court: Obama Broke Law On Recess Appointments

'Maybe Israel should give us foreign aid instead'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage unleashed his anger at Hillary Clinton after her absurd testimony at the Benghazi hearing.
"Now you understand why the Middle East is on fire," Savage told listeners.
"Hillary Clinton doesn't understand what difference it makes as to why the Americans were killed in Benghazi," Dr. Savage observed, adding:
    Nor does she care, of course.
    It's like she's saying, "What difference does it make, you peasant?"
    We know she's incompetent. We know she's a liar.
    We know that she destroyed the entire Middle East.
    We have to turn to Russia to get the truth, to understand this debacle brought on by this group of radical leftists from the academic world who are now in the White House, and what they have done to the Middle East.
    The sycophantic drunks and the drug addicts in the American media are certainly not going to tell you that Hillary did anything wrong.
    They're part and parcel of the problem.
    Now what if Condoleezza Rice, after the tragedy of 9/11, had been grilled by Congress and she'd said, "What difference does it make why they attacked us?"

    Think about that.
'Obama printed money to stage that fancy inauguration'

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage continued to analyze Obama's inaugural festivities, asking what they say about the president's attitudes towards America and the rest of the world.
He also wondered why such a costly ceremony was staged at a time when so many citizens are bankrupt and unemployed, thanks to Obama's own policies.
"What does Obama's inauguration auger for America and the world?" Dr. Savage asked his listeners, adding:
    Did Obama try to unite a divided country yesterday, or did he crow over his critics and those who voted against him?
    How do you feel about the pomp and circumstance, the expense of this royalist inauguration at a time of such unemployment and uncertainty?
    They printed money to stage this royal festival.
    Obama could have done it quietly.
    If you were going to have a wedding for your daughter and you were bankrupt, would you put on an affair like this?
    Maybe if you were Bernie Madoff. But if you had no money, you'd hold a quiet little wedding somewhere.
    Obama should have held a quiet little inauguration.
    He could have come out somberly and told the people, "Look, we can't afford a fancy one, so Michelle and I are forgoing it. Now we'll get on with the people's business. Thank you for electing me."
    That would have been more appropriate.
    Isn't it interesting how all of the communist left celebrates splendor when they're in power?
 'Brennan should not be confirmed to head the CIA'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage raised the alarm about Obama's choice for CIA director, John Brennan.
Brennan has delivered obsequious speeches praising Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance, completely ignoring the genocide of Christians and other non-Muslims going on right now across the world.
"Today we have leaders in positions of power who violate the Constitution in the name of liberals," Dr. Savage told his audience, adding:
    They appoint people to head the CIA like John Brennan.
    Brennan says nothing about the current genocide by Muslims against Christians throughout the world, but he has glowing praise for Islam.
    I've never heard such propaganda in my life. This man should not be confirmed.
    During one speech, he spoke in Arabic for over a minute. Brennan used terms designed to flatter his audience, using the word "al Quds" for Jerusalem and the phrase "the Quran reveals" because Muslims believe that book was revealed to Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel.
    So there it is. That's what we have now.
    That's who Obama picks to be head of the CIA.
    You should be very worried indeed.
    Instead of using the powers of the CIA to ferret out terrorist sleeper cells, he will ferret out any American who wants to defend themselves against the sleeper cell.
Obama Officially Arms Radical Islamists
Clinton Blames Congress – Not Herself – for Benghazi
Farewell to Neal Boortz' Radio Show...
this was one of THE best 3 hours I've ever heard on the radio.
Thanks to Neal and crew, you WILL be missed!
He will still be doing some bits on the website so TUNE IN when ya can
23 Executive Orders in one day?!?! = Dictator!
(139 executive orders so far and you can't fool me by calling them "executive actions' as that is BS)
Response from Purple Penquin:
An ol’ buddy of mine recently made that statement on his blog, but unfortunately he doesn’t allow commenting there so I’m responding here.
I ain’t an Obama fan at all, but I am a fan of truth. As much as I like the number “23? (’tis one of my top 5 favorite numbers!), our President has actually signed (as of last Oct) 139 executive orders. While that may make it sound worse, the fact is that Bush signed 160 in the same time period and Clinton signed 364. And it ain’t just them: Reagan signed a total of 381 executive orders, and Truman signed 907.

R.I.P. Clay DuVal 1961-2013
Here in his own words...
 "When I die, don't be sad because my long suffering will be over. Please be happy for me in my passing.
This passing opens doors not otherwise known
and a big part of me has always been curious.
Clay DuVal 1961-2013

'A dictator from Indonesia has no right to invoke executive orders'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Vice President Joe Biden just announced that Obama is
ready to take "executive action" on gun control.
This chilling revelation led Dr. Savage to warn listeners about possible dictatorial orders coming out of the White House, and to ask them how they plan to respond if the president tries to seize legal weapons owned by law-abiding citizens.
"I want to remind you that executive orders were never intended to make law," Savage explained, adding:
   Executive orders were created to clarify existing law put forward by the Congress, not by a
dictator from Indonesia.
    What will you do when the dictator Obama says, "Turn in your guns or else"?
   We already have the largest prison population, proportionately, in the world.
    We're living in a semi-police state already.
    Will we put another million people in prison because they wouldn't turn in a hunting rifle for dictator Obama?
    It could be a boom time in America.
    Obama could build a hundred new prisons across the country to lock up all the "gun resisters."
  If you think it's a laughing matter, you're wrong.
Coast to Coast am
Liberation of the Planet:
Filling in for George, John B. Wells welcomed the man code-named Cobra, who for 35 years has been in contact with an underground movement, resisting the dark forces attempting to control humanity. UFO contactee Rob Potter also joined the discussion about the nature of the dark forces, the havoc they have wreaked on Earth, and how the resistance movement is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Potter spoke about a recent trip to Egypt that he and Cobra led, and how they conducted meditations and "activations" at sites such as the Sphinx, and captured some unusual photographs of orbs, and other objects. They lit the Queen's Chamber at the Great Pyramid with a rose quartz crystal and Cobra started speaking in Pleiadian, he reported.
Joining the show for about an hour, Cobra chose to speak with his voice masked by electronic modulation due to safety concerns. He described his contacts with an advanced underground civilization, the "Agartha Network," who are connected with the Pleiadians and other ET races. This network is helping to stabilize the situation on Earth, and has prevented WWIII and nuclear attacks from occurring, he explained. Cobra, who also claims to be in communication with beings from Planet X that are assisting in the resistance movement, said we are nearing the time when a galactic prophecy will unfold-- "a galactic network of light will be completed, and darkness will be no more."
Potter filled in details on the identity of some of the dark forces. There are free floating Reptilian forms in the astral plane that have the ability to attach themselves to human auras and create negative, emotional conflicts, he said, as well as 'Archons,' beings mostly from the Orion system that have incarnated as humans and infiltrated positions of power. Potter and Cobra believe that Pleiadian technologies developed by the late Fred Bell, such as pyramid crystals and lasers can help the heal the planet.
RFID School Ruling:
First hour guest, privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht reported that a court decision had been announced in the San Antonio school chipping case. High school student Andrea Hernandez lost her bid challenging her suspension, which she received for refusing to wear an RFID card around her neck. She'd claimed that the RFID card was the "Mark of the Beast" and objected to wearing it on religious grounds. Albrecht commented that the RFID technology, which is used to track students' whereabouts at all times, creates a police state mentality, and won't eliminate the threat of gun violence when it comes from students themselves. She also suggested that wearing an RFID lanyard, which contains an active electronic transmitter, is a health risk, particularly to developing children and teens.
Coast to Coast am
The Government’s $800 Billion Social Security Math Error
How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Hurt a Recovering Economy
Another bad Obummer pick-Israel responds with concern and caution to Hagel nomination
Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account - 2nd Amendment gone by end of Jan?
Obama to Boehner: ‘We Don’t Have a Spending Problem’
Disgusting: Left’s Push to Normalize Pedophilia
The Biggest Under-Reported News Story in the World
President Obama’s True Agenda Emerges
Egyptian Magazine Confirms Muslim Agents Influence Obama Administration
Biden promised Boston Mayor that Obama will Pass Sweeping Firearms Reforms
by End of January
Al Gore Sells Out To Big Oil
Obama Will Lie Under Oath
London Gets First Atheist Church
Will Trillion-Dollar Coins Fix the Debt Crisis?
NO, The Congressional spenders and the President are thieves
Obama’s Annual Hawaii Vacations Net $20 Million
Obummer Blueprint for Disarming Americans
Obullshit Outright Lies Again Saying 98% of Americans Will See No Tax Increases…Who Believes This Garbage? NOT ME!
Obama Prepares to Defeat NRA with Speedy Legislation
2nd Amendment: Overthrowing a Tyrannical Government
Concern Growing About Low Turnout at Obama Inauguration - DUH!

 'The FCC should block the sale of Al Gore’s TV channel to Al Jazeera'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage reported the breaking news that Al Gore had sold his failing Current TV channel to Al Jazeera, the televised mouthpiece of radical Muslims around the world.
Savage called upon the agencies responsible for regulating the U.S. airwaves to halt this opportunity for Al Jazeera to acquire "a pathway into American living rooms."
"It was announced just hours ago that Al Jazeera just acquired Al Gore's Current TV," Savage told listeners, adding:
    That's the almost zero-rated TV channel that was founded by that quisling Al Gore and his business partners seven years ago.
    Current TV will now provide the Arab news giant with something it has looked for years to acquire: a pathway into American living rooms.
    Al Gore's Current TV is now available in about 60 million of the 100 million homes in the U.S. that have cable or satellite TV.
    How do you feel about an Arab network buying Al Gore's Current TV?
    How does the FCC allow such a sale? Should they block such a sale?
    What does this tell you about the so-called "progressives"?
    "Progressive" is a code word for anti-American.

Essential Songs Of Philadelphia
David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket: Essential Songs Of Philadelphia
From the band that brought national attention to Philadelphia's pop music scene, The Hooters' David Uosikkinen is recording what he feels, are the Essential Songs of Philadelphia.
The songs that drummer Uosikkinen chose to revisit were either recorded in Philadelphia or written and performed by Philadelphians. These essential songs feature David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket, a rotating line up of Philly's most respected musicians.
Digital downloads are available at songsinthepocket.org. Award Winning producer/director Steve Acito of Bluewire Media produces a video documentary of the recording of each song.
A portion of the proceeds benefits Philadelphia's Settlement Music School. With six branches in PA and NJ, it is the largest community school of the arts in the United States serving 15,000 students each year regardless of age, race, or financial means. Settlement Music School's alumni includes some of Philadelphia's most beloved residents including Kevin and Michael Bacon, Chubby Checker, Stanley Clark, Kevin Eubanks, Buddy Greco, G. Love and Frank Rizzo.
For more information, visit http://www.smsmusic.org/
Todd Rundgren-related songs include Open My Eyes and I Ain't Searchin'

Happy New Year!
2013 was celebrated well with The Lizardz at the 'Mish...
New Media Push: “Give Up” on Constitution
The Greed Of An Obama Generation
No matter who wins the White House, the People always lose.
The corporations win big! As does the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex and the criminally-run pharmaceutical industry.
The lobbyists win, the pesticide companies win, the Wall Street banksters win, and the oil companies win.
That's what this election is really all about: No matter how you vote on November 6th, the corporations win big and the People lose big.
The government gets bigger, the corporations gain more power, and the police state enslavement of America accelerates.
How do the People WIN?
America is already too far down the road to tyranny to turn back now. Ultimately, the only way this is going to be halted is through collapse, then revolution. That scenario is coming soon, by the way. And it may even accelerate depending on who occupies the White House for the next four years.
The current system of corruption, criminality and exploitation simply cannot be sustained. Therefore, it must end, and it's going to end catastrophically because the bureaucrats in charge have no courage to make the difficult decisions needed to head this off.
When this current failed system does come to an end, it's going to thrust the nation into a period of short-term chaos, and what's important from that point is that intelligent, informed people like you (Natural News readers), are ready to jump in and shape the future society so that it is based on liberty and freedom rather than tyranny and enslavement.
That's the game plan from here forward: Stay informed, stay healthy and be ready to step in after the collapse to help create a more fair, just and free society.
The current system is crumbling, no matter who wins the election. What we need as the human species is to evolve to a more free, abundant society that does not suffer under the oppression and tyranny of Big Government, Big Pharma, Monsanto and the evil corporate cabals.

Tame Impala - Kevin Parker, my new Hero

and I thought I used a LOT of pedals...and I DO! My setup is great but pales in comparison
Like Hendrix Crossed with the Beatles - Recorded in a cardboard box!

Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah, Racist
Holding Obama Accountable for the
Attack on Our Embassy

!!!! STOP NDAA NOW !!!!

Trickle Down Tyranny Is The Blueprint For Defeating Obama

Where is the Anti-War Movement?
Obama’s Ring: ‘There Is No God But Allah’
Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'
He's worn it on his wedding-ring finger since
before he met Michelle
Obama's Real Father
Hope and Change of 2008 has become
Fear and Intimidation of 2012
We MUST Vote the Current Occupiers of the
White House OUT...
We are weeks from waving "goodbye" to Obama and his Chicago thugs.
We've faced NDAA, a government health care takeover, burdening Americans with over $500 billion in new taxes, four straight years of spending trillions of dollars we don't have, billions wasted on green energy companies like Solyndra which then went bankrupt, and over 42 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent
(actually more like 15-18% without using fudged figures-Jeff)
The LIES about the recent 911 attack are dispicable!
It had NOTHING to do with a video, it was an ATTACK

Homeland Security Releases List of Keywords
That Cheese Them Off
Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you

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...so on Sat., 7/17/4, I was hangin' with guitarist Roger Steen in a hotel bar in Port Washington, WI after the Fishday Festival in which The Tubes opened for Blue Oyster Cult. He suggested that I start a blog to document my times and travels. In those times I have seen many fun and exciting things. And met a lot of cool people along the way as well. Those people are as diverse as the experiences. Whether it be from meetings at local bars, feedback off NY classifieds ads, or through other musicians, I've enjoyed every adventure I've encountered.

Liberal Lies About America’s Founders


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The Real History Of Barack Hussein Obama

me with roger steen of the tubes on 7/14/4

...and 4/21/6
This is my blog...thanks Roger

Why Mitt Blew It: 8 “Head-Scratchers” That Led To A Loss
Money for Nothing, 13 Million Fewer Votes, and a Less than Conservative Candidate Won it for Obama
8 of 10 Richest Counties Voted for Obama
Obama’s Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America

****2012 ****
Obama signs executive order giving Biden, Congress pay raises...WTF!?! Thieves!
 'Fire 10% of the federal workforce'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage talked about the raises Obama just doled out to all federal government employees, many of whom earn six-figure salaries plus benefits.
Dr. Savage also declared the inheritance tax "a crime" and wants to know why other countries like Russia, China and Canada don't have a similar "death tax," one clearly designed to punish success.
"Now we have a government that wants to take away all the gains of hard work," Savage said, adding:
    The worst part of it is the inheritance tax. You can argue about any other tax, but to me an inheritance tax is a crime.
    It's like a Mafia protection racket.
    Why would Russia and China and Canada have no inheritance tax, but we do?
    And why would Barack Obama raise it from 35 percent to 55 percent unless the man has no idea what he's doing.
    Or unless he knows exactly what he's doing and wants to destroy the incentive people have to work hard and build something.
    Meanwhile, he's flying around like King Midas, lording it over everybody then giving raises to federal workers.
    Did you see how much they make? Level One employees make $200,000 a year plus benefits.
    And you wonder why the country is broke.
    The first thing a private business does in tough times is fire people,
but that seems to be unheard of in Washington.

Media Manipulation
Date:         12-29-12
Host:       John B. Wells
Guests:        Michael Rivero, Al Fadi
In the first half, activist, webmaster, and talk show host Michael Rivero
joined John B. Wells for a conversation about how the U.S. government
manipulates information to generate support for military conflicts and the
financial factors fueling these wars. "We're fed this constant diet, by
government and corporate media, basically telling us what will get us to
do what they want us to do," he observed. However, Rivero pointed to the
barrage of media reports concerning WMDs in Iraq, which convinced many
Americans to support the war, as a potential watershed moment, since it
exposed this manipulation on a grand scale.
The driving force behind these "military adventures," Rivero said, is a
desperate attempt by the banking cartel to maintain the dollar as the
world's reserve currency. To that end, he noted that both Iraq and Libya
tried to stop using the dollar which led to the subsequent US invasions of
those countries. Chillingly, Rivero warned that China and Russia are
"digging their heels in" and seem poised to introduce their own
international currencies which would challenge the dollar. As a result, he
lamented, "we face the real risk of a nuclear war to prop up this paper
dollar." Even if such a conflict can be avoided, Rivero suggested that,
ultimately, the US government could "collapse from within" under the
weight of financial mismanagement much like the Soviet Union.
Facebook = Fascistbook
Coast to Coast am
Facebook Purging

First hour guest, Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com, reported on a recent Facebook account purging, as well as freedom issues. He said his Facebook account was suspended after he posted a quote from Gandhi, and then later he learned this was part of a massive political purge by the social network, with such people as the Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth, writers for Infowars.com, and whistleblower Amber Lyon all having their accounts deactivated or suspended from Facebook. We're also seeing assaults on the environment with contaminants and pharmaceuticals in the water supply, as well as on the 2nd Amendment with efforts to curtail gun rights, he added.
Coast to Coast am

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are an elaborate CIA spying scheme
Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts
Facebook = Fascistbook
There should be a HUGE revolt if we wanna keep our
1st Amendment!
America has brand-new Benedict Arnold,
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.
Indefinite Military Detention Of US Citizens To Be Signed Into Law By Obama
The U.S. federal government is pretty sneaky. Last year on New Year's Eve, President Obama signed into law the NDAA that "legalized" secret arrests, indefinite detention, the execution of American citizens, and other horrors of a police state. This year, during the Christmas holiday weekend, the FDA has approved genetically modified salmon to be introduced into the U.S. food supply.
Looks like it's time to stop eating salmon!
Senate To Go For Handguns & Gun Owners’ Fingerprints!
 'Muslim terrorists have been attacking
Americans longer than you might think'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage served up a timely history lesson listeners wouldn't hear anywhere else, relating the fascinating history of .45 caliber firearms, and why the U.S. Army was forced to invent the most powerful ammunition of its time.
Now let's go back to the development of the .45 caliber weapon and why it happened," said Savage, adding:
    1902. Theodore Roosevelt. The Philippines was inhabited by the Moro tribe.
    The Moros were 35,000 fanatical Islamic warriors. They were really Muslim terrorists.
    They declared a jihad against American infidels. They had no fear of dying.
    They actually feared that their families would survive them, so they often charged into certain death holding their children in front of them as human shields.
    The Muslim Moros kept fully one-fifth of the U.S. Army fully occupied for 10 years.
    Among other things, the Moros were drugged out of their minds on God knows what compounds from the jungles.
    In one instance, a Moro warrior was shot 14 times in five minutes. Three of the bullets penetrated his brain, and yet he fought on, under the influence of narcotics.
    What happened was, the U.S. Army developed the .45 caliber Colt 1911 pistol.
    It was only a slug from one of these guns that brought down this warrior.
    That's the kind of history lesson you won't get anywhere else.
Christmas isn't merry for Egypt's Coptic Christians'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage declares that the Coptic Christians who have lived in Egypt for over 2000 years "are now facing the same genocide that the Jews faced in Nazi Germany in 1939."
He notes that Obama seems indifferent to their fate, as does the new secretary of state, John Kerry.
"The future looks bleak for Egypt's Coptic Christians," Savage announced, adding:
    The stooge Obama, put into office with George Soros' money, has literally brought the Christians to their knees in Egypt.
    The Christians in Egypt today are facing the same problem, the same genocide that the Jews faced in Nazi Germany in 1939.
    Now, after the election of Egypt's new Islamist Hitler, Mohamed Morsi, Coptic Christians are terrified about their fate.
    There have been attacks already.
    Not one member of the Egyptian armed forces has been convicted of the killing of 30 people earlier this year.
    Egyptian army vehicles rammed into crowds of unarmed protesters during demonstrations.
    Coptic Christians in Egypt have long suffered discrimination and violence. During a 2011 New Year's Eve service in a church in Alexandria, a bomb killed more than 20 Christians and injured 70.
    The Muslims have only one thing in mind: to enslave or convert the Christians and the Jews in Egypt.
Obama Mentions Himself 63 Times – At Someone’s Funeral
Obama Praises Himself During Eulogy for Sen. Daniel Inouye
Obama’s Real Plan: Soak the Middle Class
Obama to Restrict Guns Without Congress
Obama To Go For Guns
Is DHS Giving Americans 50 Million Reasons To Think Obama Is Gearing Up For
A Civil War?
Obama Shuts Down Coal Plant He wants to TAKE US DOWN...and it is worKING!
Hey...the world didn't end!
Michelle Obama Perpetuates Black Lies
Texas Curriculum Teaching Allah is God Almighty - WRONG!
Are We Creating a Culture of Moral Misfits?
Treat Illegals the Way Mexico Treats Americans

My take on 121212 Concert
The Brits to the Rescue...again!
Roger Waters - Excellent set and fabulous band. Eddie Vedder was killer on "Comfortably Numb"
Clapton's Power Trio - Excellent, especially "Got to Get Better in A Little While", perhaps the most fitting song of the night
Rolling Stones - Much like their Super Bowl performance, they phoned this in
Bruce Springsteen - over-the-top tripe as always
The Who - Smokin' for the most part but it is difficult to watch Roger sing...and what's up with the open shirt? (LOL)
McCartney - Best set of the night by far, great setlist, amazing band...stellar! The "Nirvana Reunion" was the low-light of his set but historically cool. "Let Me Roll It" was HOT HOT HOT! I liked the new song with Diana Krall
Billy Joel - Fitting but boring
Sandler/Schaffer - Kinda funny in Adam's "little kid humor' way
Kanye West Sucks
Bon Jovi - I don't see what people like about this but fitting that he/they were there
Alicia Keyes - Good but "a bit pitchy, dog"
Overall, it was VERY enjoyable
 'Why did police and firefighters vote for Obama?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
Dr. Savage reflected on the union violence going on in Michigan and asks why so many working people voted for Obama.
Savage asked a local contractor just that – and received a revealing response.
"Many of you know what happened after the governor signed a bill making Michigan a ‘right to work' state," Savage said, explaining:
    Some union thugs – who in my day would have been arrested by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI – attacked a bunch of peaceful protesters.
    Of course, the FBI today works for the unions, because they work for Obama.
    I don't understand why so many police and firemen voted for Obama.
    This is a strange phenomenon that proves that Obama is a liar on another level.
    You see, Obama says America is a racist nation, but without the white voters, he never would have been reelected. There were not enough illegal aliens and black voters to have elected him on their own.
    Anyway, today I saw an electrician's truck parked at a work site.
    The truck's plate said "Wounded Combat Veteran."
    I asked the electrician if he'd been in Vietnam and he told me he had.
    Then I asked him how he felt about the people he'd fought in Vietnam – meaning, the communists – now running America.
    His answer surprised me. He shrugged and replied, "There wasn't much choice."
    That's the crux of the matter.
    The Republicans could have won, but they threw their chance in the garbage by backing a candidate nobody wanted.
    The worst possible candidate for the times was Mitt Romney.

Power Hungry Dicatator-Spy Mandates Black Boxes for All Cars – Beginning in ’14
How Dummies Argue: Obamacare Taxes


Beatles Collaborator Ravi Shankar Dead at 92
Aaron Rodgers Day!

Rush, Heart, Randy Newman Lead 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Armed Citizens Thwart Criminals
Twisting the Constitution to Raise Taxes
Re-election of Obama was Truly an Unholy Alliance
Will Alabama Supreme Court Rule Obama Ineligible?

Why the federal govt. will attack Colorado over marijuana decriminalization
Warning to all pot smokers in Colorado and Washington: You are about to experience a costly lesson in federal tyranny and Obama betrayal
"Mark my words: Obama, who is himself an admitted pot smoker, is coming after YOUR right to smoke pot.
It will start with polite-sounding lawsuits. The federal government will claim total control of all individual activity under the "commerce clause" of the U.S. Constitution and pressure a few key federal judges to overturn state decriminalization laws.
If, for some reason, that fails, the DEA -- which operates much like a pack of hungry wolves barely restrained on a short leash -- will be given the green light to start conduct armed federal raids in Washington and Colorado. The point of the raids? To send the message that the feds are still in charge, regardless of what the voters say."

Obama: Give Me Debt Ceiling Power Or I’ll Veto My Own Tax Proposal
(What a fucking Jerk!)
Detroit Politician Demands Bailout Because City Supported Obama
You won't believe who Obama is getting advice from now'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Dr. Savage admits that not much shocks him any more, but a story coming out of the White House almost left him speechless.
Wait until you find out who Obama invited to the White House this week to discuss such weighty matters as tax rates and fiscal policy.
"I can't believe what I'm reading," Savage announced, adding:
    I see from the Drudge Report that our president has consulted with radical leftist MSNBC hosts -- Al Sharpton, the street rat; Rachel Maddow, the anti-family lunatic; and Lawrence O'Donnell, an avowed socialist -- on tax rates.
    Al Sharpton is one of the lowest people in the United States of America in terms of his past history -- a man who falsely accused a police detective of molesting and smearing feces on a teenaged girl, among other things.
    Now he's rewarded by being invited to the White House to talk about fiscal policy.
    Al Sharpton, as far as I know, has never produced a product that anyone ever needed, nor a service -- other than providing rent-a-mobs to demagogues.
    But he's invited to the White House, along with someone who has no qualifications to discuss economics,
plus an avowed socialist.
    What if a conservative had won the presidency and invited three people from the KKK to the White House?
    What kind of outcry would there be?
'Islamofascism is a bigger threat now than it was 10 years ago'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: A seemingly mundane observation on his daily walk inspired Dr. Savage to ponder the threat of Islamofascism, which is being willfully ignored by America's liberal leadership.
This refusal to acknowledge harsh reality, warns Savage, may prove fatal to the nation's future.
"The philosophy of Islamofascism is not different than that of Adolf Hitler, with his idea of a 'Thousand-Year Reich,'" Savage explained, adding:
    Radical Islam is a bigger threat today than it was 10 or 15 years ago, because liberals won't even acknowledge it.
    Yesterday, I went for a walk, and I saw a tree that had uprooted a sidewalk. It had gone from a little sapling, to speeding out its roots and eventually coming through the pavement.
    We have an Islamo-Nazi movement in this country and around the world that's like that tree.
    Whether you want to accept it or not, there is only one way to deal with a tree that's going to destroy your sidewalk and uproot your way of life.
    Obviously, there are a few people in this country who know that, who fight in the military and have sacrificed everything.
    They understand that we're in a battle of civilizations, a battle of life and death.
    Either we win, or we'll be dragged into a thousand years of darkness.
    But do you actually believe that our leaders see it as we see it?

Outta Control!
TSA Claims Congress Has No Jurisdiction Over Them
Muslim Brotherhood Advising Obama?
Massive Anti-Obama Rally Planned for Inauguration Day
Democrat: Amend Constitution to Allow Control Of Speech
Obamas’ Extravagant Hawaiian Holiday Plans
Talk radio in America is imploding'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: While other conservative talk radio hosts are "still arguing about the election," Dr. Savage declares that he’s moving on.
"I'm not going to run a crusade on this show, tonight or any other night," Savage informed listeners, adding:
    Oh, I have strong beliefs. You know what they are.
    I've written the books – many books over 18 years.
    But I'm telling you about what's happening with the conservative media in this country.
    They're imploding.
    They're still arguing about the election.
    I turn it off.
    Everyone with an IQ above 90 knows Obama is a socialist.
    So what?
    So what if the average dummy who gets food stamps doesn't know it? If they know it, then they just love Obama even more.
    That's why I'm not running a crusade to alert America that we have a socialist in the White House. The rest of us already know that.
    This leaves a vacuum in talk radio.
    My job is to be entertaining and enlightening, and I'll try to do that.
Obama Acts Like His Tax Plan Is the Only Gig In Town
Our Problem: We Have Taxation WITH Representation
Feinstein’s Indefinite Detention Amendment May Actually Expand Executive Power
Obama More Secretive Than Ever
Cops Want Logs of Americans’ Text Messages
RIP Dave Brubeck
“Obama is a Direct Threat to the Safety and Security of the United States” Says Lawsuit
Subpoena Granted for Obama’s Occidental College Records...finally!
Obama’s Quietly Released “Insider Threat Policy” Memo

Pelosi: Give Obama “Unilateral Control” Over Debt Ceiling
Obama Acts Like His Tax Plan, which he does NOT have, Is the Only Gig In Town

Mitch McConnell ‘Bursts Into Laughter’ At Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal
Entire Fiscal Cliff Controversy Is Not Just About Taxes
A Reality: Death Panels For Babies
Ayn Rand’s Warning Against Obama’s Totalitarianism


Fantastic "final" performance from Otis and the Alligators at UW-SP
A bit of a cross between a Witz End reunion and a student awakening,
this was one for the ages that included an impromptu meeting with Michael Boyle, his son, and Sue Red Drawers...
Incredible Fun!
Jim Prideaux is one of the best axemen one could ever hope to see!

Boston Tea Party Was Act of Terrorism Says
New School Lesson Plan

Obama Re-Elected by Illiterate Society Says Russian Newspaper Pravda

Pravda Calls Obama a ‘Communist Without Question,’ Chastises ‘Illiterate’ Supporters
(and they would know)

Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah, Racist

'Everything the Soviets rejected is being embraced by America'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: One of Savage’s most famous ideas was vindicated this week by an unlikely source.
The notorious Pravda, once the official mouthpiece of the former Soviet Union, lauded Dr. Savage for developing the theory that "liberalism is a mental disorder."
"Is liberalism a psychosis? Is it evil or ignorance?" asked Michael Savage rhetorically, adding:
    I wrote a book some years ago called "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder," and I was quite pleased over the weekend to learn that the communist newspaper Pravda had written an article about that same topic.
    What struck me is that they seem to be listening to my show and that they agree with me.
    The Russians can see that Obama is a naked Marxist, as I wrote in my book "Trickle Down Tyranny."
    They said that everything the Soviets have gone through and rejected, America is embracing.
    Everything Obama is telling you he will bring you is what the communists preached in the former Soviet Union.
    The countries that adopted communism only thrived after they abandoned it.
    You think that these Bolsheviks of the 1960s have gone away, but the fact is, they're everywhere and
they're running the country.
    If they could, they would put you in a re-education camp.
FBI Asked to Probe ‘Vote-Changing’ Machines
Obama Is Making Us a Homicidal Nation

 'Why are the peaceniks silent while Obama prepares for war?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage explained that the left will remain silent as Obama sends more and more American troops into the Middle East, because the president is "one of them."
He added that Obama's sympathies with the Muslim Brotherhood and the "Islamist revolution" should be obvious to anyone, but few dare to talk about it.
"In the midst of its own sex scandals, the Pentagon now says up to 75,000 troops might be sent into Syria," Savage told listeners, adding:
    I started calling Obama "Obummer" before the election, but now I think "Obomber" sounds more appropriate, since he's probably going to start bombing countries.
    The left won't complain, though, because Obama is one of them. That's how the liberal mind works.
    A war with a "D" on it for "Democrat," a bomb with a "D" on it, is a good war and a good bomb according to them.
    Any such item with an "R" on it for "Republican" is evil and fascistic.
    Notice you haven't seen those so-called anti-war protesters Code Pink around lately. They have nothing to say to Obama as he ramps up war in Iran and threatens war in Syria.
    We're getting these reports out of Central Command. Who is that these days, Petraeus' girlfriend in Tampa? She probably has more classified information than this "senior American official" the New York Times is talking to.
    Earlier, Obama said he wouldn't send any troops into Syria, but he also said he might "change his calculus" later on.
    Why would he send troops in now? To make certain Hezbollah wins.
    That's right. To make certain that the Islamist revolution is complete, he might send in troops to help them.
    Why doesn't anyone see the connection between Obama's thinking and the Muslim Brotherhood?
    They don't see his middle name "Hussein" as having anything to do with the insanity we're watching around the world,
during the Arab Winter.
'The presidential election of 2012 was fixed'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage relied on his background in science to explain why the polls predicting a Romney victory were wrong.
He points to a scientific principle called the "confounding variable."
"When you see that liberal polls such as Gallup and others were wrong in their prediction that Romney would win, you have to ask yourself why," Michael Savage said to listeners.
    I'm the only person in America who has the answer.
    Because of my background in epidemiology, I've come up with a viable theory.
    There is a factor in science called the confounding variable.
    Let me explain to you what a confounding variable is.
    They are the variables that the researcher failed to control for or eliminate, which damage the validity of the experiment.
    My theory is that the illegal aliens in America, who pollsters placed in the category of "not likely voters" or "not registered voters," were the ones who elected Obama.
    Just as Arnold Rothstein fixed the 1919 World Series, I believe the presidential election of 2012 was fixed.
    In actual fact, all the polls were probably correct, except they didn't account for the confounding variable of all those illegal immigrants voting, sometimes twice or three times.
Obama Administration to Go After Retirement Accounts
Egypt Gets a New Dictator like the Old Dictator
Obama Losing Support Among Major Group of Supporters
Jamie Foxx: ‘Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama’
Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Christ
Chris Christie Showing Affinity for Muslim Extremists
Obama Confessing Election Fraud
Black Leaders to Obama: You Owe Us
The Government Wants to Watch Our Every Move
TSA Kills Thousands Every Year
United Nations: Give Us Drones!
Obama Website Shows Blatant Racism In Latest Email Collection


Senate bill allows warrantless access to email
Barack Obama blunders again on the world stage
Student Fights Schools RFID Tracking
Government Peeping Allows Every Peeping Tom to Spy on Us
Head of Agency That Edited Rice Comments has History of Errors
It has NOTHING to do with race!
Unlimited Borrowing Pushed by Treasury Secretary
Pelosi on the Wealthy: Don’t Tax Them. Wait, Tax Them or Else!
She IS the wealthy!...as is Obummer
Hamas overestimated Arab world support for strikes on Israel
Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?
Egypt Blames Israel for Gaza Conflict
CIA climate-change unit closes its doors
Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi
Ron Paul's farewell message to America: Embrace liberty or face self-destruction

“We’re Flying Blind,” Says Federal Reserve President
Military timeline of Benghazi attack begs more questions
We are not a Democracy, but you wouldn’t know it
Secession Petitions from 20 States
Employer: Obama Won, So I Fired 22 Employees

Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist
Chris Matthews: “I’m so glad we had that storm last week…”

Evidence of Rampant Fraud in Obama Election
According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio’s Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio’s 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.
Obullshit Admin Rolling Out 68 New Regulations Per Day – 6,125 in 90 days
Forget Immigration Reform! Try Some Immigration Enforcement!
Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?
Obama holds firm to tax hikes
Obama Admin Releases Benghazi Records to Senators…While They’re Out of Town
Illegal Amnesty Is America’s New Vietnam
Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West
Louisiana residents petition to secede
Disgrace: Barack Obama Broke Promise to Honor Cold War Veterans
Nullify Obamacare Like Three Other States Already Have
College Students Cheer for Karl Marx, Socialism, and Barack Obama
Petraeus, Benghazi, and the Naked Cover-Up
Hispanics Now Demanding That Obama Give 11 Million Illegals Amnesty
First "President" Barack Obama violated federal law by instructing the feds to not enforce federal immigration laws.  Then Obama violates the Constitution with bypassing Congress to create law with the DREAM Act.
His goal was achieved as he overwhelmingly won the Hispanic vote, which we all knew was his purpose all along.  Now the Hispanics are following the only logical course there is to follow and that is to demand that Obama extend amnesty to the more than 11 million illegal aliens here in the U.S. NOW a Hispanic advocacy group by the name of United We Dream, believes that Obama and Congress owe them amnesty and citizenship.
Petraeus, Clinton, Ham … Benghazi Witnesses Going ‘Away’
Border Patrol: Bean Bag “Bullets”
Obama’s Alleged Plan for ‘Revenge’?
The Slow March To Fascism

The Myth of the Missing Three Million Republicans
 'The real reason Petraeus was taken down'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage told his listeners he believes there's something behind the David Petraeus scandal that no one is talking about.
"We know the behavior is unacceptable," Savage said of the extramarital affair that was revealed just days after President Obama was re-elected. "We know that philandering is potential grounds for court martial."
"But it didn't apply to Bill Clinton. Oh no. At that time, all of the vermin in the media, who are such Obamaites today, called those shenanigans. Oh, look the other way, it's the evil right wing trying to bring down a good man, Bill Clinton. I don't hear that now.
"But you don't understand the real reason Petraeus was taken down," Savage said.
Savage revealed his suspicion:
    It's somewhat to do with Benghazi and his testimony, for sure. They want to block it, which makes no sense, incidentally, because he' still an American citizen, he could still testify. I don't know where it says if you resign, even in shame, you lose your right to speak. We don't live in Nazi Germany. He could still speak. But there is something more to it that you don't know.
    Do you want to hear what it is? Are you ready for this?
    Tell me who is going to run for the Republican ticket in 2016 who has a scintilla of a chance to win. Answer, nobody. Not one of these sacks of loserdom could ever win. The bloated hippo from New Jersey (Gov. Chris Christie), finished. The embrace of Obama finished the bloated hippo from New Jersey. Period. (Sen. Marco) Rubio, a lightweight. Zero. There's nobody. I'll tell you there was only one person. It was Petraeus.
    Petraeus was the only one the Republicans could have floated who would have had a chance to defeat whoever the Democrats run in 2016. We love our generals. Especially, real generals. As opposed to the fake ones there who in the Pentagon who do it just for the benefits and the contracts.
Savage, noting that as a novelist, he "thinks in novelistic ways," said he suspects both parties got together and worked out a deal.
    Here's the screenplay. Here's the scene. ... The Republican Party leadership decided they didn't want Petraeus as a candidate in 2016, because they couldn't control him, because he's too honorable. The Democrats didn't want him to testify about the Benghazi debacle, because it would have possibly brought Obama down.
    ... So the Republicans said, 'We'll go along with your exposure of this affair, because we both win.' That's it. This didn't happen from one side. Both sides wanted to get rid of him.
 The hidden reason why pundits got it wrong
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: With Republican prognosticators such as Dick Morris and Karl Rove still licking their wounds – along with pollsters such as Gallup and Rasmussen – Michael Savage weighed in.
The pundits and pollsters may not have been all that wrong, he said, because they were not taking into account a major Democratic Party constituency: illegal aliens.
Savage asserted Obama had illegal aliens "in his pocket" with the granting of de facto amnesty to at least 800,000 in June:
    I'm going to explain to you why so many intelligent pundits appear to have been wrong about the election. But none of them seem to have either the ability to understand why they were caught off guard or why they were not wrong.
    The polls were based upon likely voters, right? Is an illegal alien a likely voter? No. They couldn't even call them, could they?
    So follow Michael Savage's logic – the hidden reason why the pollsters were wrong.
    There are millions of [illegals]. Not only the millions that Obama openly granted amnesty to with the so-called Dream Act, but the millions who are here illegally who have no right to vote.
    But because the illegal, illicit Democratic Party fought the states that wanted a strict voter ID requirement in order to vote – we're the only Western nation that doesn't require it – that is how they got the election again.
    It's the missing link. And that may allow the Dick Morrises of the world to save their hide.
    The question is, will they actually come to that conclusion after they heard it on my show or it filters back to them? I doubt it. And you know why? They are afraid of being called anti-Hispanic.
    But either you want facts, and you want to use logic, or you don't. If you don't want to use facts and logic, then don't. That's all. It's as simple as that.
'Romney lost on the three Rs'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Michael Savage warned on his show last night that Republicans, as they examine why they failed Tuesday, are coming to the wrong conclusions.
Savage summed up the reasons for Mitt Romney's crushing defeat with "three Rs": Ryan, radio and reasonableness.
On the day after Barack Obama was re-elected despite a terrible economy and a foreign-policy implosion, Savage said that as far as he knew, Romney didn't go on any conservative radio shows during the campaign. He continued:
    Romney was too nice. He should have torn Obama to shreds on Obama's very real deficits and corruptions.
    He should have canceled the last two debates, seeing what the liberals are. He should have known what they would do to him.
    Instead, his idiot advisers told him to stop being so tough and to become even more meek.
    Now, the fact of the matter is he had the worst campaign managers in American history.
    His strategy team was led by a Stu Stevens and a Russ Schriefer. They were the most absurd staff in the history of the Republican Party.
    ... He lost the Hispanic vote. Even the loyal Cuban Americans turned on him. Why? Because he picked Ryan, not Rubio.
    Why would he spit in the face of Rubio? Rubio had the best story at that convention. Do any of you remember Rubio's stirring speech about his father, who was a barman in a hotel? He had no anger about his father serving in a bar. He said his father knew his son's time would come.
    I was moved by that, because he was telling the story of tens of millions of Americans.
    And what did the old guard Republican Party do? They threw Rubio in the gutter. And consequently, the one Hispanic group that has voted consistently for the Republican Party – that being Cuban Americans – many of them went over to Obama this year.
    If it had been a Romney-Rubio ticket, he may have had 2 million more votes ... then it would have been a lot closer as a race.
I miss SAVAGE in Central Wisco
 Take comfort: 'Things don't really change that much'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: As the mounting Electoral College tally portended Barack Obama's re-election last night, Savage observed that America is more divided than it has been since the Vietnam War.
He wondered how it could be, as an exit poll indicated, that only 5 percent of voters cared about foreign policy.
"The most ineffective president on foreign policy, and no one cared about it," he said. "They care largely about bread and butter issues."
Looking to history for insight, as he often does, he told his "Savage Nation" listeners: "If you want to take some comfort in any of this, it's that things don't really change that much."
Savage, taking his audience back to the observations of Roman statesman and historian Cato the Elder, said:
    The Romans did not care where the legions were in Germania, just as Americans don't care about foreign policy. They don't care that the other guy's son is getting whacked in Afghanistan.
    What they cared about was the pebble in the shoe, in ancient Rome. What's the pebble in the shoe? The price of cheese, the price of meat, the price of wheat. That's it. That's all they cared about.
    What does that tell us? It tells us Romney ran the worst campaign in history, because he didn't sell the idea that he was better on the economy than [Obama].
    Why didn't he sell it? Because he got gutted by that slob, Newt Gingrich. Gingrich cut the guts out of Romney and threw him to the wolves.
    It was Gingrich who destroyed Romney's credibility as a successful businessman. Period.
    He ripped Romney's guts out, sent him out there bleeding. All of the opposition research Axlegrease (David Axelrod) would have had to dig up on his own on Bain Capital – the man's strongest calling card they turn into his weakness.
    Thank Mr. Callista Gingrich for that.
    So get out the hemlock, Socrates, you can thank the Republican Party for having destroyed themselves.
Savage closed his show last night assuring his listeners he will remain behind the microphone as the nation faces the prospect of another four years of Obama.
"Alright, we're going to do this tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow," he said. "I know many of you are heartbroken and sad. I gave my all. I did the best I could for you. I tried to educate the country. Apparently the morons don't want to know what's true and what's false. But don't worry, I'll give you turkey tomorrow, anyway. And some chicken and some carrots and some chips. … God bless America. God bless America. Good night."

Iran Fired at US Drone Week Before Election
So Who Stayed Home?
Puerto Rico Votes To Become 51st State
Obama Won; Now What Do We Do?
The Beginning of the End of U.S.
Obama Wins: The Leash Is Off the Lion
Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday
Why Romney Really Lost
Chris Matthews on Obama’s Win: ‘I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week’
Ted Nugent Calls Obama Voters ‘Soulless Fools’
Divided GOP Resulted in Obama Victory
Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama
53 House Members Demand of Obama: Were Pre-9/11/12 Benghazi Bombings in Presidential Daily Briefs?
Obama victory means four more years with no hope of change
CBS Hides Obama Refusal To Call Benghazi Terrorist Attack
Trump hastily backtracks over calls for a 'revolution' after branding Obama's re-election a 'disgusting injustice'
The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best hope on Earth
Stocks Skid 2% After Election, Dow Drops 250
5 Questions with Michael Savage
‘Our society is being turned into a sort of prison camp’
Democratic Victory Will Unleash Obama, Top Backers Say
Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To ‘Accept The Will Of The Arab People’

Coast to Coast am
 George Noory hosted a special 5-hour show (download Hour 5 mp3) with coverage of the presidential election results, featuring a variety of guests offering their analysis of the outcome and what it means for the United States. Starting the night off, analyst John M. Curtis cited Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as being too far to the right, and that he would have done better if he'd chosen someone like NJ Governor Chris Christie to be his running mate. Curtis also suggested that Romney was hurt by running on the theme that the US economy was dire, when data suggested that such areas as housing, the auto industry, and the stock market had recovered.
Investigative reporter Greg Hunter lamented that while $6 billion was spent by both parties getting their message out during the election cycle, they ignored the most pressing issue facing Americans-- a coming financial crisis, brought on by the Federal Reserve printing $85 billion every month. This open-ended currency creation will lead to a U.S. bond market collapse, and a massive interest rate spike that will wreck the economy, he warned. For more, view his recent article. Financial analyst Mish Shedlock talked about how "late deciders" moved toward Obama, when Romney's momentum stalled after Hurricane Sandy. In terms of the economy, he cited a negative effect of Obamacare, in which corporations employing more than 50 people, such as chain restaurants, are reducing worker's hours to skirt health coverage requirements. For more of Shedlock's take on the election, see his blog.
Numerologist Glynis McCants, who correctly predicted Obama's victory (related article), talked about how in 2013 Obama is going into a Personal Year of 9, which usually means clearing one's space for new beginnings. She also noted that 2013 is a "6" year which relates to family and business. "The cycle of 6 is power; it's magnetic. I see it as a good cycle for everybody who felt this year they couldn't get it together...they have another chance," she enthused. Author Jerome Corsi, who'd been traveling with the Romney campaign, spoke about the wide division in the United States between the two parties, and rural and urban voters. He credited Obama's advisors for putting together an effective ground game, and getting out the votes they needed. But, he noted, Obama's supporters could in be in for a shock if "sequestration" (forced budget cuts) go into effect in January.
Researcher Bev Harris spoke about election and voting issues. She was critical of the way some of the network's called certain results. For instance, the Tennessee results were announced before they would have had time to count any votes-- and this was a state that had no exit polls. She also noted that in the close race of Ohio, there were over 200,000 provisional ballots that won't be counted until November 17th. Appearing during the 4th hour, prophecy expert John Hogue reviewed his correct prediction of Obama's victory, and suggested that because of the deep problems America is facing, we may see Congress working together more, and being less obstructionist to the opposing party. The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.
Coast to Coast am
Ian Anderson performs my favorite album of all time,
Thick As A Brick
(and Thick As A Brick 2)
at the wonderful Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee
Went with Brother Grant-Thanks for the great seats Gary!

MTA recording bus conversations to eavesdrop on trouble
Privacy Expert!

How cool is this? Mark's LP of Fagen's latest KILLER album!
Team Obama orchestrated the plan to steal Ohio
Patriot Super PAC, the official Super PAC of Grassfire Nation, has been on the front lines in Ohio all year long. Tom Freiling, Executive Director, predicted months ago that the entire election would come down to Ohio. That’s why Obama’s union thugs are in Ohio.
Here’s what the State of Ohio looks like today:
Rasmussen: Tie
CNN: Obama +4
PPP: Obama +1
ARG: Obama +2
Survey USA: Obama +3
Gravis: Obama +1
So not only is this a close race, but the union thugs who’ve been running the Obama Ohio campaign all summer are trying to steal votes. We all know that unions are experts at voter fraud!

Michael Savage's radio show No. 1 via Internet
Surpassed Limbaugh before legal victory made him free agent
Is voter fraud already being committed in Ohio?
Obama offered to reestablish full ties with Iran
CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say
Indonesia: Suspects planned attack on US Embassy
Al Qaeda leader urges kidnapping of Westerners
Operation Security to air anti-Obama ads during 'SEAL Team Six' broadcast
Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert
 The Terrifying Rise of Greece’s Nazi Party
They own the streets; is parliament next?

The Most Important Article He Has Ever Written
Finally Someone Is Talking About Obama’s Imperial Presidency
The Big Apple Is a Big Banana Republic

Voter Fraud Alert!
Did Voter Fraud Win Obama a Second Term?

Absurd! Nevada Voting Machine Auto-Selecting Obama
18 Facts That Expose Obama’s Lies About the Economy
Déjà vu All Over Again – Who Knew What When?
The U.N. (Our Enemy) monitoring OUR election?
The perfect storm..the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda connection
Liars May Lie, But Numbers Are Numbers
The Most Despicable President
Review: The Hope and The Change = Bullshit!
Obama’s Tactics Are Sending Women Running to Romney
U.N. Partner to Monitor U.S. Elections for Voter Suppression by…Conservatives?
From One Who Knows: Universal Health (S)care
10 Things About Obamacare That Just Don’t Make Sense
Shocking Secrets and Verifiable Facts about Barack Obama the Lame Stream Media Refuses to Report
35 Gut-Wrenching Reasons Why a “no vote” is a Vote For Obama

Obama-bots Threaten Riots if Romney Wins

Obama campaign accepted foreign Web donation -- and hiding more
Ready to come clean on Iran, Mr. President?
Report of secret nuclear deal grabs attention on eve of foreign policy debate

Detroit and San Fran...
CONGRATS on making the World Series!
!!!! Operatives in China are Illegally Funding the Obama Campaign !!!!
Obama Campaign Rocked By Foreign Campaign Contribution Scandal
More evidence of deception
Obama's Female Debate Coach Complained About 'Hostile Workplace' at White House
Clinton takes responsibility for consulate security, blames confusion on 'fog of war'
(It's about time someone does!)
French business erupts in fury against "disastrous" François Hollande
(THIS is what is coming our way)
Former Aide on Obama: 'Stunning that He’s in Politics,
Because He Really Doesn’t Like People
(Duh-He HATES the masses)
Islamists beat people, seize amulets at north Mali market
Fidel Castro Hired Nazi SS to Train Military, German Intel Documents Reveal
Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it
Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems Files Bankruptcy

CONGRATS to the T-Rats
Timber Rattlers arrive home in Appleton to many fans - Video
The Timber Rattlers deserve this and their fans are some of the BEST EVER!
What a great organization.

I got my shirt! Thanks Aaron
Tame Impala - Modern Psychedelia that is AWESOME!
Their new album "Lonerism" was released Oct. 9
I've bought the double-vinyl and it is GREAT

!!!!Operatives in China are Illegally Funding the Obama Campaign !!!!
Obama Campaign Rocked By Foreign Campaign Contribution Scandal

Obama’s Brand of Marxism
It’s Not $16 Trillion — It’s $222 Trillion
Obama's Real Father
Disseminate to Educate!
Obama Sleeps While The Muslim World Awakens
The Real Poverty in America is Moral Poverty

Hold Obama Accountable for the
Attack on Our Embassy
!!!!Operatives in China are Illegally Funding the Obama Campaign !!!!
Obama Campaign Rocked By Foreign Campaign Contribution Scandal

After an "early gig" from 7p-11p outta town, I arrived back at The Den to hang out and chat with bassist Jamie. Of course, I cranked up COAST as soon as he left to find Jack Casady being interviewed. One of my musical heroes, Ian Anderson, was up next and then I stuck around to hear Paul Rodgers and the full Jack Casady interview as they re-ran
(yes 'til 6am)
Coast to Coast am
Legends of Rock
Host:  John B. Wells
Guests:  Paul Rodgers, Leslie West,Jack Casady, Ian Anderson
In separate hours, John B. Wells welcomed four classic rock musicians, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company & Free, Leslie West of Mountain, Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane, and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, for a discussion on what it was like being at the forefront of a musical movement that is still significant today.
"For me, music is something I love to do and it's my main form of expression," Paul Rodgers said, reflecting on a career which has earned him the nickname "The Voice" from his fans. He attributed the initial explosion of rock music to a younger generation being free from the fears and horrors of World War II as well as the invention of the electric guitar which allowed for an evolution in sound. While he expressed concern about the influence of digital technology on contemporary music, Rodgers contended that "there's always going to be room for the expression of heart and soul" which cannot be created via computer processing.
During the 2nd hour, Leslie West reflected on the serendipitous nature of successful music and shared the story of how his 1969 song "Long Red" was appropriated by hip hop artists Jay Z, Kanye West, and Common for their contemporary tracks. Collectively, he marveled, those three artists sold nine million records featuring aspects of the song. Similarly, West noted that, in England, his song "Nantucket Slayride" was used as bumper music for a weekly four hour news program. "In writing songs, you never know what's going to hit," he observed.
"We mostly just wanted to play the music and search for something a little different," Jack Casady recalled from his early days in San Francisco, contrasting the era with contemporary music where 'stars' are manufactured via reality shows. On the circumstances that spawned the rock and roll revolution of the 60's, he mused that "at the time things were a lot more confusing than they seem now." He attributed the rapid succession of assassinated leaders along with the "backdrop of the Vietnam War" and an active youth culture fearful of the draft as key elements which played a role in the music becoming more political.
In the final hour, Ian Anderson talked about being a part of music's 'British Invasion.' He credited the influence of the "curious mixture of black American music and the music that became rock and roll" in the United States as "what kick started everything" for musicians in Britain. However, he noted that the long history of folk and classical music traditions in England allowed for an "eclecticism" which "produced a more complex blend of herbs and spices to enrich an otherwise bland diet of sometimes not very interesting, simple rock and roll." Over the course of his appearance, Anderson also discussed the plight of homelessness in Europe which was an issue explored in Jethro Tull's song "Aqualung."
Coast to Coast am
Did NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft Just
Exit the Solar System?

Coast to Coast am
Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips
 In the first half, privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht responded to a report about Texas schools punishing students who refuse to be tracked with microchips. Due to truancy problems, several schools in San Antonio have been requesting that students wear ID badges which contain radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) on lanyards, so they can track their whereabouts at all times. Some of the students who have protested the decision are being told that they will lose certain rights, such as voting in school elections, or even being advised to attend a different school.

Such technology is being rolled out on kids first, as they have little ability to fight back, said Albrecht, who believes this is part of a process to condition children, so that later in life they'll accept the "Mark of the Beast," as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The tracking technology in the Texas schools is not only needlessly invasive, but students could suffer negative health consequences from the radio frequencies constantly being emitted, she pointed out. Albrecht has set up the Chip Free Schools website, as a way of calling attention to the Texas school policy,
and to form a course of action against it.
Coast to Coast am
A Giant Bird with Government Handouts has become the Left's mascot...PATHETIC!
Coast to Coast am
Collapse & Evolution
Featured in the acclaimed documentary Collapse, which warned about Peak Oil, and the collapse of industrial civilization, Michael C. Ruppert discussed his mission of "holding a lantern at the crossroads" to warn a world in darkness, as well as making way for a massive shift of consciousness. We live in a world that is sick and destroying itself, he said, citing climate collapse, methane release from the Arctic tundra, and the Fukushima disaster. However, he views the coming collapse in a positive light, as a kind of liberation and evolution for humanity, which he believes has been controlled by fear for the last 5,000 years.

The cause of the collapse of industrial civilization has been a fundamental disconnect in consciousness that has led humankind to tell itself that it is exempt from the laws of physics and nature – that infinite growth is possible on a finite planet, he stated. He further explained "the Great Disconnect" as the concept that human beings are cut off and separate from everything else on the planet. This way of thinking has led to violence and environmental ruin, and goes against Native American spirituality, as well as current science which suggests that everything is connected in a web of life, he said. "Until we heal that disconnect, the places where it hasn't been healed are doomed to their fate," he continued.

Ruppert talked about his move to Colorado, and touched on his past work in the 9-11 truth movement, as well as his journalistic involvement in revealing the facts about the Pat Tillman case, and CIA/drug money laundering. Currently active on his Facebook page, he also hosts a Sunday night Internet radio show, The Lifeboat Hour, on PRN
Coast to Coast am
Pictures from OBullshit's "home-town" last week

Tanks in the streets as Venezuelan electoral council declares Hugo Chavez victory
Big Bird responds to Romney on SNL as show lays into Obama's debate performance
My comments while watching the show live:
GE owns NBC & they pay NO taxes despited making Billions. They r totally in bed
with Obullshit SO Im blown away@the way theyre rippin him apart4shitty debate!
Battleground Tracking Poll: Dems less enthusiastic
Plant that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries furloughs workers


'Stay tuned for the most powerful announcement in modern radio history'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Michael Savage announced that he's been "very busy meeting with many interested parties over the past week."
"While I cannot divulge my decision at this time," he wrote, "I can say I hope to be back within two weeks, with the most powerful announcement in modern radio history."

Proving he's a Commie, Obama To Designate Chavez Home As National Monument
Hey Obummer...how's about YOU move to a Communist country!
Obama Issues Executive Order Against Wind Farm Acquisition By Chinese
Enough with the fukkin Executive Orders!!!!!
Smart Meters – Dumb & Dumber Ideas
The latest energy scam? Smart Meters. Modernizing the energy grid for our nation seems like a good idea. Everyone wants a reliable energy supply. But the devil is in the details. Smart Meters are an offense to all citizens for many reasons:
    #1. Real time surveillance by utilities and government – 4th Amendment search and seizure infraction.
    #2. Health risks due to higher Radio Frequency concentrations.
    #3. No cost benefit to consumers, higher rates, peak hour rates, opt out fees.
    #4. Higher danger of home theft, strangers’ knowledge of personal activities within the home.
    #5. National security issues, larger grid networks at risk of hacking, larger area of vulnerability.
    #6. Personal energy use information will be sold to manufacturers.
Are you willing to pay astronomically higher rates to cook your dinner in the evening or take your shower in the morning? Are you willing to give some stranger access to your personal life habits? Are you interested in exposing your family and yourself to extremely high radio frequencies? Do you think our energy grid should be one huge system, vulnerable to enemy hackers? Who do you want in charge of your thermostat? Laundry at midnight, anyone? All the while you are being told to cut your energy use, the purveyors of these lies continue to jet around the world and live large. (President Obama, for instance)
Biden: Yes, We Want to Raise Taxes by $1 Trillion

Reliving Madison moments with Garbage
My Garbage moments in Madison
* My buddy worked at a great steak place and bar so he called me one evening to tell me that some VIPs were coming in that evening and I should get a good seat at the bar to meet them so I got over there pronto...
Yes, I had hoped it was Todd Rundgren.
At the time, I was collection James Bond Lighters and happened to have The World Is Not Enough lighter in my pocket. I anxiously awaited 'the big arrival' over a few lemon drop martini's, the house special.

My buddy informed me to move to a different seat next to the 4 special seats being held for the VIPs. This gorgeous woman sits next to me along with the rest of Garbage...yes, it's Shirley Manson and, yes, she is amazing!
She pulls out a cigarette, remember when one could smoke in public?, and turns to me and says "Got a light?". I am stunned by her beauty but somehow manage to pull my lighter out, the James Bond The World Is Not Enough lighter. She grabs my hand and gives me the most amazing smile I've ever seen. I asked her to sign it with the Sharpie my buddy threw in front of me and it became an instant Collector's item.

* The Residents came to Madison for one of the most unique shows I was ever able to see. As we awaited the band's arrival I noticed that EVERYONE in the room seemed to be staring at me! WTF was going on? Yes, I was very visible as a Madison musician and soundman but not that 'famous'. WHY is everyone staring at me? It can't be me so I'd better turn around...and there's Garbage (all 4 of them) sitting right behind me. Shirley says, "You're the guy with the James Bond lighter!" as she sits up and leans forward to give me a kiss on the cheek. WOW...amazing!

* I was the house soundman for the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison, right up the street from Smart Studios where Nirvana's "Nevermind" was recorded and mixed. It was one of 3 band nights and the headliner was on the stage when 3/4 of Garbage walked in (without Shirley) after finishing a session at Smart. They were pretty 'invisible' at this point, with very rare 'public appearances. Butch and Duke proceeded to walk the room, obviously studying the sound...then they walked the room again. They both approached my corner with thumbs-up stating, "This is the best this room has ever sounded. Can we get your info so we can put you on our list of possible employees?"
Although no gig at Smart Studios came out of this, I was honored and delighted to receive such praise, one of the greatest compliments I had ever received.

1stDrop LP Hi-Res captures today...advance copies of
Tame Impala - Lonerism
KISS - Monster
Coast to Coast am
Gruesome Hauntings & Open Lines
 In the first half of the program, author and paranormal researcher Chad Lewis discussed his research into some of the most gruesome haunted locations in the Midwest—places cursed by tragic accidents, suicides, and murder. Lewis said he investigated more than 100 locations over the course of several years, all of them open to the public. You can even spend the night where notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer took one of his victims, he noted. Other creepy places he visited include Luna Pier, Michigan, where an orphanage burned down and its caretaker committed suicide, and Bloody Bride Bridge in Wisconsin, where stunned witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly image of a woman in a blood-soaked wedding gown roam the area.
Lewis recounted a 'woman in white' story that a man at his speaking engagement in Minnesota shared with him last night. According to the man, he picked up a woman who appeared to be in need assistance. The man told Lewis that after the mysterious female got into his car he turned to ask a question, but she had vanished without a trace. Others have described seeing a woman dressed in old-fashioned white attire standing on the side of a road who can enter the car even if its driver doesn't stop and the windows and doors are locked, Lewis continued. Some witnesses in Wisconsin have reported a woman in white figure pushing an antique carriage late at night along lonely stretches of road, he added.
Visitors to haunted locations are often affected by the grisly history even if they have no knowledge of what happened there, Lewis explained. As an example, tourists to Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota, have contacted him about feeling a strange suffocating sensation upon entering a certain room in the house. They do not know that a woman and her housekeeper were murdered there but they can feel the sadness and terror nonetheless, he explained. Lewis revealed the creepiest place he has investigated—Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa. The curious can spend the night there, he said, noting reports from those who have heard screaming children and a figure carrying a bloody axe disappear into the walls. Sensitives and others with psychic abilities should not visit these locations, he warned.
He also mentioned the ghost of a woman near Wisconsin Rapids- I HAVE SEEN HER!

Coast to Coast am

Romney Mopped the Floor with Obummer!
Word Clouds from the debate show MUCH

Romney energizes campaign with feisty debate performance

4 U.S. Government Plots to Steal Your Rights
FBI Facial Recognition: A Foothold to American Biometric Branding
Aerial Drones: Designed to Track and Kill Enemies Overseas,
Now Flying over America...
TSA: The Shakedown Authority
NSA's All-Seeing Eye, All-Hearing Ear, All-Knowing Data Center
SAVAGE Is Obama playing for the opposing team?'
Obummer Ad using his own words - "more flexibility with Russians"
Obama the debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome
NBC sued over Trayvon tape
Savage: 'Spineless' Obama 'crawled' before U.N.

Where do “Obama phones” come from?
As the UN opens its General Assembly session, it is already thinking up new global taxes
Man behind Muslim video JAILED

Why you shouldn't have voted for Obama

Welcome Back NFL Refs!
 ^^^^ Sad ^^^^
Savage wins historic legal battle against radio syndicator Hooray!
Michael Savage leaves radio show after legal win Boo!
!It's even gotten too crazy for Michael Savage and I didn't think that was possible!
^^^^ Sad ^^^^
Savage: 'Spineless' Obama 'crawled' before U.N.
Accuses president of trying to appease 'Third World gangsters'

Obama’s Libya lies crumble -
Ahmadinejad tells U.N. messiah's return at hand

Network Morning Shows Completely Skip Report That Obama WH Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism
Netanyahu: 'Clear red line' needed to stop Iran's nuclear program
Egypt’s President Morsi tells U.N.: Insults to Muhammad ‘unacceptable’

The Lizardz worked on our Album some more and it's really starting to look like the end is almost in sight. My two compositions for the album were tweaked and
have grown much in the past couple weeks.
Packers get robbed!
" 'tis a sad day when more people revolt over incompetent referees
than they do over incompetent politicians!"
Neal Boortz

(Photo by Jamie Bruhn)
RUSH in Minneapolis at the Target Center...GREAT show!
Set One
The Big Money
Force Ten
Grand Designs
The Body Electric
The Analog Kid
Where's My Thing? (with Drum Solo)
Far Cry
Set Two, with string section
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (with Drum Solo)
Halo Effect (with extended Guitar Intro)
Seven Cities of Gold
The Garden
Manhattan Project
Drum Solo
Red Sector A
The Spirit of Radio
Tom Sawyer
2112 Part I: Overture
2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
2112 Part VII: Grand Final
Review from Star Tribune

9/21/12 EQUINOX

Sign outside the FABULOUS Intermission Bar in Wausau on 9/21/12...a FABULOUS place!
Christopher ROCKS the Port football game

Magical Double Rainbow...pre-game
Cult of Obama: See Narcissism Unprecedented

 'We're witnessing the greatest foreign policy disaster
in American history'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage looked back at Obama's speeches in Cairo and Istanbul in 2009, in which he flattered his Arab audiences with false tales of great Islamic achievements.
In truth, Michael Savage explained, these speeches simply "cheapened America in the Muslim world." They were a symbol of weakness that Muslims around the world are now taking advantage of.
"The Middle East is burning," Savage told listeners at the top of his show, adding:
    We now have the greatest foreign policy disaster in American history.
    And the obsequious media focuses instead on Mitt Romney's words at a private fundraiser, not the president's.
    Remember Obama's obsequious speeches in Cairo and Istanbul in the spring of 2009? Do you remember what he said to the Arab world? How he appealed to the politicians and the so-called "intellectuals" in the Arab Muslim world?
    How Obama came up with lies about Arab enlightenment while Europe was supposedly in the "dark ages"?
    There was no enlightenment in the Arab world in that time.
    How about the contemporary Arab world, where women are abused and homosexuals are killed? What about the death of intellectualism? The lessening and cheapening of human life?
    Look at the Arab world's barbaric legal codes, the marriage of children, the economic practices at every level of Muslim society.
    None of this was mentioned by Obama in 2009.
    Instead he flattered them. He made up important Islamic contributions to America and to the world we live in.
    The fact is: Obama made a disgrace of himself and cheapened America in the Muslim world.
    And it's come home to roost.
The Real History Of Barack Hussein Obama
'Obama's tribute to the late Ambassador Stevens was nauseating'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage reflected on the tragic fate of Ambassador Stevens, who was murdered by a Muslim mob in Libya last week, thanks in part to the naive worldview of liberals in government and throughout the media.
The final insult, Savage added, was the "nauseating" tribute that President Obama and Hillary Clinton paid to their late colleague.

"This poor guy, this do-gooder, this nice liberal ambassador, was actually on the ship that brought weapons to these revolutionaries," Michael Savage told listeners, adding:
    He was one of them.
    He was like someone in the Occupy Movement.
    He was an anthropologist type who thought the Third World was better than the First World.
    He was sure that the people in the Arab world knew more about life and reality than any American could ever know.
    So he devoted his life to those in Tunisia and Libya. He devoted himself to the boys in tight jeans with BlackBerrys who excited CNN's Anderson Cooper (sucks) so much.
    Anderson Cooper was sure this represented a real revolution. He thought it was just like the Berkeley Free Speech Movement back in the '60s.
    If only these boys in tight jeans were liberated from the evil dictator, then somehow things would flower in the Middle East.
    At least, that's what they thought, because that's as far as their minds could take them.
    Of course, as we all know, the opposite turned out to be true.
    So for Obama and Hillary to give a somber tribute to Ambassador Stevens and his staff, and "lay them to rest," is nauseating.
Obama: The Muslim Court Jester
What Is Quantitative Easing? - It's about to KILL the Dollar
Islamic Sermon Calls For Attack On US: “Stab Them In Their Main Artery”
Who’s Lying about Pre-Planned Attacks on US Embassies? - Obummer, Duh!
Liberals’ Nightmare Predicted in 1983
Is Hillary’s Aide’s Family Promoting Slaughter of Christians in Egypt?
Liberals Pretend to Mess Themselves Over Romney’s Truth-Speaking
$7 Million in Gold Found at Dead Person’s House
The Government Can Now Legally Detain You Indefinitely - NDAA SUCKS!
DHS Buys More Sniper Ammunition - DHS SUCKS!
Four Reasons Why the Obama Administration Can’t and Won’t Protect the US
Pro-Obama Professor Harassing Students to Vote for Obama
Move to Remove Sharia Judge From Pennsylvania Bench
Obama’s Ring: ‘There Is No God But Allah’
Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'
He's worn it on his wedding-ring finger since
before he met Michelle
Obama's Real Father
What exactly are GMOs and why should they be labeled?

 'Muslim mobs only understand one thing: power'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage reflected on the failure of the Obama administration to acknowledge the basic facts on the ground in the Middle East and beyond.
In the Arab world, he pointed out, violence and power are the only thing millions of people respect and understand. Last week, our enemies sensed American weakness and struck – and White House policy (not an obscure movie) is to blame for every act of horrific violence.
"The fact is, there are millions if not hundreds of millions of people in the Arab world who share the vision of Osama Bin Laden," Michael Savage explained, adding:
    No matter how many times you apologize to them, no matter how many idiotic diplomats you send over there who think they're so wonderful because they went to Berkeley, one thing is clear:
They only understand power, and they see that you're weak.
    A German daily paper writes today:
    "Three years after Obama's speech in Cairo which was supposed to initiate a new beginning in the Middle East, the United States now has even less support in the region than before.
    "Naked hatred is raging against the country that millions of people regard as a symbol of freedom.
    "When U.S. flags burn, embassies are vandalized and diplomats are murdered, it is an attack on the West and not just America.
    "We rooted for the demonstrators at Tahrir Square, and many of us have longed to see democracy in the Arab nations. But democracy includes honoring the lives of fellow humans."
    But we know those people can't honor the lives of fellow humans, especially infidels.
    They used Obama. They used Hillary. They used the ambassador to get where they are.
    And then they killed him.

!!!!!Obama Took $1 Million From Liberal Anti-Islam Filmmaker!!!!
Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars to Obama Campaign
Middle East Mayhem: Congrats Obama,You Built That
Obamas mideast incompetence IS criminal
Obama makes War on America instead of Terrorists
Libya deaths a ‘tragic reminder’ of need for US leadership
Black Pastors Say ‘Stay Home’ Election Day
Democracy Has Turned out to be a Bad Thing for the so-called "Arab Spring"

Radical Muslims declare war on the U.S.
From Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel
How far reaching is the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic sects into our government and our foreign policies? ? ?
I believe the events of the past several days are strong indicators of our government’s policy of pacification toward the growing Muslim influence in our nation. ? ?
Earlier this week, our embassy in Cairo issued this statement about the Islam outrage over a film which depicts Mohammed negatively…
“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims…"
The United States Embassy apologized for hurting the religious feelings of Muslims! ?
While radical Muslim groups attacked U.S. embassies and consulates, on Thursday the House of Representatives pass a continuing resolution bill that includes continued aid to Egypt, Libya and other Muslim-backed nations which have expressed disdain for America.
•The United States has already provided $53.5 million in aid to Libya.
•In March, President Obama released $1.3 million in aid to Egypt.
•The Muslim Brotherhood has greatly impacted the overthrow and subsequent power grabs in Libya, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries. They are poised to do the same in Syria.
•President Obama has invited Brotherhood leaders to the White House and has endorsed their violent takeover in Egypt.
?++Radical Islamists have already declared war on America!? ?
The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal is to wipe out America, the “Big Satan,” – and Israel, the “Little Satan.” They are tightly aligned with terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).? ?Their chief strategy for conquest, called “civilization jihad,” consists of infiltrating governments and affecting their foreign and domestic policies; introducing Sharia into the nation’s laws; silencing Christian churches and other non-Islamic sects; and permeating the victim society with their own oppressive religion and culture.??
They want to fly the flag of Islam over the White House!

'Have things really changed since 9/11?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: As news broke that American embassies throughout the Middle East were under attack, Savage reminded listeners who was really responsible for this disastrous state of affairs: former president Jimmy Carter and the current occupant of the White House.
"Today, radical Islamists have taken over Egypt because of Jimmy Carter, EVIL George Soros and Barack Obama, who told us it was a so-called ‘Arab Spring,'" Savage announced, adding:
    I smelled a rat from day one and I was right.
    And today they tore down the American flag at the embassy.
    Our reaction was, "Please don't do any more harm to us! We'll send you a billion dollars so you can buy U-boats from Germany to attack Israel."
    That's right. I didn't make that one up.
    That's Obama, the friend of the Jews from West Palm Beach. But you pay no attention. You'll vote Democrat anyway.
    You'd vote "D" if the cattle cars were rolling right next to you.
    Then today the White House said "drop dead" to Netanyahu, who had begged for Obama to meet with him.
    Barack Hussein Obama said, "I'm too busy."
    This is a new low.
    Have things really changed since 9/11?
    You could wake up one morning and Israel could be wiped out

Coast to Coast am last night
NSA Whistleblower
 George Knapp was joined by former senior executive of the NSA, Thomas Drake (related article), who discussed his decision to blow the whistle on the agency's Trailblazer Project and illegal spying operations, which led to his being charged under the Espionage Act. He explained that the Trailblazer Project was designed by the NSA to respond to the massive amount of new data being generated by the advent of the digital age. According to Drake, Trailblazer was launched in the Spring of 2000 and, following 9/11, generated billions of dollars for NSA contractors because it was seen as the "flagship program" for harnessing intelligence information, despite having numerous faults. Chillingly, he observed that corporate interests, which worked with the NSA, viewed 9/11 as a "gift," since they could reap massive profits from the War on Terror.
Drake revealed that his concerns with the NSA's conduct began when the agency rejected his proposal for an alternative spying program, known as "ThinThread," which was designed to safeguard the privacy of US citizens. Following that, his colleagues began to question why they were being tasked with spying on Americans using a "super top secret" program called "Stellar Wind." Drake's attempts to determine the legality of the program were thwarted by the NSA and he was subsequently told that the spying had been approved "by the White House" and to stop asking questions about it. In light of these unconstitutional actions, Drake served as a witness to Congressional and DoD investigations into NSA malfeasance, which led to his responsibilities with the agency being dramatically curtailed.
Following a revelatory New York Times article on NSA spying, the agency launched a massive investigation into finding the sources behind the story. Since Drake was privy to the secrets revealed in the article, he became a suspect and the target of intense surveillance "on a scale that I would never want any American to experience." Faced with no other outlet to hold the government accountable, Drake decided to contact the media with his story. This decision resulted in the government indicting him for ten crimes, including the felonious mishandling of classified documents. "I had become an enemy of the state," he declared, noting that the government planned to make an example of him to stop future whistleblowers. Ultimately, the case against Drake "collapsed under the weight of truth," when the government dropped all 10 counts and he accepted a plea deal for a "very minor misdemeanor."
Coast to Coast am
The Secret Sharer
U.S. v. Whistleblower Tom Drake
Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers Approved by House
The Program - NSA Spying
UFO 'Secrets' To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum
NASA crosses fingers that Mars rover won't find water - THEY WILL!
Why Are Republicans Whitewashing the TSA?
The Obama Administration desperately pretends their Mid-East Policy is not a failure
Is Shariah Compliant Banking in America Funding Terrorism?
Afghan inside attack kills 4 US troops
Ryan Criticizes Obama on Foreign Policy
Morsi calls for calm as protests grow
U.S. Is Not Prepared for a Long Siege of Arab Unrest
Where’s the Media Outrage Over Black Flags Al-Qaeda Flags Over Embassies?
Obama Skips Briefing Following Ambassador’s Assassination

Islamic takeover hatched in Obama's 'ivory tower'
"From the Ivory Tower to the Loss of Power in 1 Administration!"

'The tyranny they have unleashed will come home to haunt us'
Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, it's time to wake up and smell the global jihad

Taliban fighters wore US Army uniforms in attack on Prince Harry's base
Loveland school seizes rosary beads from student, says they’re ‘gang symbol

WH Still Pushing ‘The Film Made Them Do It’ Narrative = BULLSHIT!
Great news
US Judge Strikes Down NDAA’s ‘Indefinite Detention’
Bad news
City Prepares To Outlaw First Amendment
Fed Cranks Up Printing Press & Causes US Credit Downgrade  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Bernanke and the so-called "Administration' are INSANE!
Muslims Respond In Violence To Blasphemy, Christians Respond With Truth
Judge Strikes down WI Union Law
Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard - What is the world coming to?
Krauthammer: Clinton Implies Terrorist ‘Mob Is Right’
The Lizardz SMOKE Appleton!
Timber Rattlers go UP 2-1 on Ft. Wayne in Playoffs!
State Department Was Warned Of Attacks 48 Hours In Advance – Did Nothing
Obummer Doctrine: Brace for More Violence
Marines Won’t Have Bullets to Defend Embassy
Democrats Should Stop Arming Terrorists Who Attack Us
Obama Politicizes Solemn Ceremony
Convicted Felons to Vote In November Thanks to Obama Supporters
Muslims Killed Pastor for Showing ‘Jesus Film’ but no Media Outrage
White House Deflects Responsibility for Islamist Attacks
Black Flags Flying At U.S. Embassy – What Do They Mean?
Anti-Jewish and Christian Conspriacies are Alive and Well
FEDs Hunt Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Rather than People Who Killed US Ambassador

Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law Struck Down By County Judge
here we go again...

Freedom of Religion is One Way Street for Muslims
Middle East Embassy Attacks: A False Flag Moment?
Funny Money Fueling the Stock Market - QE3 is another SCAM that will devalue the Dollar even more!
“Country Should Panic Over Fed’s Decision” - Ron Paul
It’s All Starting to Unravel for Obama
Unreal: On Day Following Libya Assassinations, Obummer Skips Another Intel Briefing
Obama Gaffe: Clarifies Egypt No ‘Ally’ Statement
Obama Admin Disrgards Law & New Policies – Releases Illegals Into US Population
Romney Slams Obama Over Embassy Attacks
9/11 and the Islamization of America
Obama’s Friends Murder American Ambassador and Members of Staff
President Supports Islam but has Repeatedly Trashed Christianity
Obama Offends Muslims with OBL Bragging?
Media Trying to Make Romney Fall Guy During Embassy Disasters

with Front Row Amy at the Timber Rattlers last Home Playoffs game...Go T-Rats!
Israeli Science: Obama Birth Certificate Is A Fake
Obama Administration Aids Muslim Brotherhood With $1Billion of Taxpayer
Money For U-Boats
Netanyahu: Obama Has No Moral Authority To Stop Israeli Attack On Iran

We get ATTACKED ON 911 again, this time on 'their field', and it seems the so-called
"Current Administration" is doing
Where is the Anti-War Movement?
Coordinated 9/11 Attack in Murder of US Envoy

Flashback 9/11(2001): As It Happened

A quick glimpse of the presidential candidates' accounts on the anniversary of 9/11 shows a
stark contrast between the two


Real Unemployment Rate Is 23%, Not 8.1%

U.S. Arming Muslims Around World yet Wants to Disarm U.S. Citizens
Top 5 Reasons to Repeal Obamacare
Fact Check: Osama Bin Laden Alive, General Motors Dead - NOT!!!
White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama
Obama aids Egypt as it tries to buy U-boats
Parents of SEAL Team Six member say unit endangered by Obama administration statements
Senior MF Global Executive Said Corzine Knew About Misuse of Funds
Channel 4 cancels Islam documentary screening after presenter threatened
Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth time
Long-awaited 'Furious' report places blame on ATF, Justice
Savage: Dems rejection of God 'the turning point'
GoDaddy attack likely a psyop to discredit Anonymous while pushing cyber security executive order
Obama’s Defense of Islam and Muslim Rights
Can Christians Ever Vote for Mormons? - YES
Obama Campaign Took Cash From Bain Outsourcing Execs
TSA Mocks Deaf Man, Steals His Candy, Eats it in Front of Him
Coast to Coast am
Electronic Voting Update
First hour guest, researcher Bev Harris shared updates on voting system issues in the United States. A Spanish company, SCYTL, bought America's SOE software (used for tabulating electronic voting), and will be announcing the results from some 1,200 voting locations in the November presidential election, she reported. Rather than hackers, the real risk is that the system cannot be secured from its own administration, so an insider could potentially alter election results; "this company is centralizing the level of control over an election with insiders to an unprecedented degree," she lamented.
Coast to Coast am
I pre-ordered Bob Dylan's great new LP and got an advance copy.
Here's my initial spin on it as printed in Strictly Discs' Newsletter "Words on Sound"#32
I just listened to an advance of the new album, Tempest, and it is very good. Moody, dark yet beautiful, melodic, and wise, this is a very enjoyable and laid back album of tales and tribulations. It's almost like he's bringing the vibe of the '20s and '30s right to our door in 2012. Side 4 is my initial favorite with a tale about The Titanic and a Song for John Lennon, both of which are quite touching. He's still the master of lyrics and his band, which includes David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, is top-notch, laying beds of somewhat simplistic grooves for the Man to tell his tales over. His simplistic and sparse production brings it all home. Very real and down-home.
- Jeff

Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like
Obummer: Without Tax Increases There Will Be No Bipartisanship
Since When are We the United State of America?
Coast to Coast am
9/11 Attack & Terrorism Threats
Coast to Coast am
Jeremiah Wright is the Key to Understanding Barack Obama
DNC Platform Claims Obama Saved Ford from Bankruptcy
Party of Atheists, Homosexuals, Abortionists, and Muslims
Dems’ Rejection of God the Turning Point
Democrats Unveil Extreme Platform
Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!
Obama Classmate Reveals Why College Records Sealed
Obama Lies About Mother to Promote Obamacare
NFL Star Urges Blacks Not to Vote for Barack Obama
Romney should declare the entire nation a disaster area'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage contrasted Mitt Romney's response to the Louisiana floods with Obama's and offered the president some whimsical suggestions for ways a typical Democrat would try to "help" victims of the disaster.
"So Mitt Romney's going to the flooded area to show solidarity with the people who are underwater,"
Michael Savage informed listeners, adding:
    Then Obama suddenly said at the last minute, yeah, I'm going there too.
    But what's Obama going to do in the flooded region?
    Maybe he can set up some windmills for them.
    Maybe he can bring in Nancy Pelosi to set up solar panels.
    Then the people can convert the solar panels into rafts.
    Or maybe Obama can invest in some factories that convert algae into fuel.
    Then he can put motors on the solar panels so the people can get away from the flood.
    That's about all he's good for.
    Frankly, it's not just Louisiana that's underwater.
    I think Mitt Romney ought to declare the entire nation a disaster area after what Obama's done to us.

Ironic: U.S. Citizenship Needed to Buy Obama Products
Democrats Proclaim They are Officially Godless
Yes, Sen. Durbin, the DNC Platform Is ‘Godless’
Saul Alinsky is Alive and Well at the Democrat National Convention
THE NSA May Have Tapped Your Phone
Obama’s Brand of Marxism

Muslim Group: ‘Wipe Christianity from Face of Earth’
A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All
Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership
  As the election nears, where’s the hope?
'EDITORIAL: Another bummer Obama day
DECKER: Savage damnation
Is Obama playing for the opposing team?' - Savage!
'America put a man on the moon – then Obama gutted NASA' - Savage!
Interview: Obama Had Marxist Vision For US At Occidental College
‘Obama Sux’ – President Gets Eye-Opening Greeting At Airport

Barack Obama Continues To Make Energy Prices Skyrocket
Paul Ryan Issues Challenge To Obama On Eve Of DNC
Dem Gov: No, We Aren’t Better Than We Were Four Years Ago

Ted Nugent Brands Chief Justice John Roberts ‘A Traitor’ Over Obamacare Vote
Coast to Coast am
Conspiracy Theories
Coast to Coast am
Happy Birthday Brother Craig!
PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as 'insecticide' and 'adhesive preservative' in addition to water treatment chemical
Obama’s Guilty Silence On The Economy
Obama’s Executive Order Targets Industrial Efficiency & Emissions
ICE Agents Suing Napolitano to Let Them Do Their Jobs - 'Big Sis' Sucks
How screwed up is that?!
Why Women Should Not Vote For Barack Obummer
Oliar’s Birth Certificate is Back in the News

 'We're seeing the beginning of Soviet-style repression here in the U.S.'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Savage was outraged when he learned that Marine veteran Brandon J. Raub had been detained for psychiatric evaluation after posting anti-Obama messages on his Facebook page.
"Are we living in the USA or in the USSR?" Savage wondered, warning that these sorts of arrests were commonplace in the former Soviet Union.
"Ask any Russian who lived in the Soviet Union," "AND I HAVE" - JEFF, Michael Savage continued, "and you'll find that President Obama is doing exactly what occurred in the early days of Stalinism."
    Those people lived behind an iron curtain. Everything they knew, all the information they received about the world, came to them from the government.
    The average Soviet had no idea what kind of lives people were leading outside the USSR They didn't even know there were tomatoes in Western grocery stores; such "luxuries" weren't available to them.
    They were living with very little but were told they were living with a lot, and their lives were wonderful thanks to socialism.
    Soviet people had no idea what reality actually was.
    Meanwhile, here in America through the late 1950s, liberal newspapers ignored and buried stories about work camps and prison camps in the U.S.S.R.
    The truth is, more than 20 million people who were accused of opposing centralized government were worked to death or executed in the Soviet Union.
    Now we are seeing the beginning of this in the United States of America.
    If the U.S. government can snatch a Marine off the streets simply for posting anti-government feelings on Facebook, then we're living in the old Soviet Union.
Obama the communist keeps spreading his lies'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Savage continues to focus on stories the mainstream media ignores: the possible connection between illegal immigration and the spread of contagious diseases across the country; the federal government’s purchase of hollow-point bullets while the nation shoulders a massive deficit; and Obama’s hypocrisy regarding party campaign donations.
"Obama is busy tearing down America, while crazy leftists keep attacking a congressman for something stupid he said about rape," Michael Savage complained, adding:
    They're ignoring all of the really big problems.
    How about the Russian submarine that snuck into the Gulf of Mexico without detection?
    What about the hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow-point ammunition the government is stockpiling?
    Or the trillions of dollars in deficit?
    Meanwhile, Obama the communist keeps spreading his lies as I pointed out in my book -- the one book you need to read this year – "Trickle Down Tyranny."
    Buy it for a friend before we lose all our constitutional rights.
    Obama accuses the GOP of spending "more money than you've ever seen" to get elected and criticizes "folks writing $10 million checks" to the Republican Party.
    But what about rich, powerful, fanatical Hollywood donors, Mr. President? What about all those illegals you're trying to register?
    It turns out they're bringing the West Nile Virus and other contagious diseases into America, not to mention more crime.
    Now I've been invited to broadcast from the Republican convention. Should I go?
    If I went, would I have any impact? You might as well put me in Siberia.
Rice warns Republicans that US standing in world ‘endangered’
Obama Bans Catholic Prayers at DNC Convention
Cheer Up: Four Reasons Why Obama May Lose Big in November
DNC Embracing Radical Islamists At National Convention
Lubbock Co. Judge Warns of Potential Danger if Obama is Re-elected
Texas Judge Warns of Civil War
Congressmen to Obama: See You in Court
Where is the Anti-War Movement?
U.S. Arming Muslims Around World yet Wants to Disarm U.S. Citizens
The new CMN event went well and the bands I booked really brought their A-game!
Galynne Goodwill with Mark on Drums
The Kommissioners
The aTOMix
Surrender Dorothy
THANKS SO MUCH...you ALL rocked the House! Book these bands!

Some thoughts on the new location:
Lions Park has a DICK running the show!
Keith...CHILL OUT or GET OUT...or BOTH!
It's a bad location for people that would like to party a bit as both WI Rapids and Grand Rapids have cops combing the area.
The location also has a bit of a 'bad rap' and their 'hired guns' have no idea what they are doing,
unfortunately this included the CMN volunteers.
This event seemed to lack the proper promotion:
kolorforkids.com is cute but most people I talked to were confused and couldn't find info as they
spelled kolor with a "c", properly, and searched no further.
Unlike past CMN events I have been involved in, I heard NO radios spots and print promo seemed light as well.
Plenty of parking, port-a-potties and restrooms
Good food BUT no vendors allowed so all proceeds are 'cut' a bit by the Lions
Excellent shelter from possible rain BUT the shelter has a tin roof that is not ideal for sound

KGP Conspiracy show TONIGHT
Post-show thoughts...
This was the most-pre-pared I've ever been for a KGPC show...LOTS of practice and rehearsals yet I blew a few chunks on the stuff I had really prepared for...that's live music for ya!
Michael Kinney's song-writing is amazing and somewhat difficult to understand-that "palsey chord" hurts my left hand...
and it's one of THE main chords he uses. I'm attepting to get 'used to' the fingering for that one.
It is difficult.
Mike is one of THE best singers and bassists and songwriters you will ever find.
Travis is a MONSTER drummer ala Bonham and Moon, a great song-witer, and one Helluva nice guy.
Craig "Hawk Hawkins" Hawkinson stepped up to the plate as Utility Man, covering keys, guitars, and vocals.
I formed Bol Weavils with him back in '92 and it was a pleasure to perform with him again. He was very well-prepared and I hope we can bring him back 'in the fold' for future shows.
Steve Kuehn of Take 1 Audio was easy to woirk with and I heard nothing but compliments about the sound out front.
Axel Gessner did a fine job...THANKS Axe!
We gave away a 6 song sampler of the upcoming album and all seemed pleased.
I hope they are BLOWN-AWAY by the CD when they spin it...took us 3 years to complete but it's GREAT!

It was an honor and priviledge to perform with these great cats!
 'Is Obama playing for the opposing team?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Savage offered listeners a history lesson about the similarities (and differences) between Benito Mussolini’s domestic spending policies and those of Barack Obama.Michael Savage explained, "When Italian dictator Benito Mussolini came to power, the first thing he did was start public works projects along the same lines as Barack Obama: bridges to nowhere and roads to nowhere."
He added:
    They were immensely popular in Italy, because at least they put people back to work.
    This model of massive public works projects was then adopted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, and again, the people approved of these projects.
    One difference between Mussolini and Obama (and the differences are many) is that while Mussolini was building roads and bridges to nowhere, he was also building up the Italian navy.
    In fact, at the outset of World War II, the Italian navy was larger than that of Germany and Great Britain combined.
    On the other hand, while Obama is building roads to nowhere, he’s destroying the American military at the same time.
    There's one thing you don't know about Barack Obama: He is true to his cause. He's following the script that was clearly laid out for him.
    His calling is to weaken America in any way he can and to strengthen America's enemies in any way he can.
    How else do you explain they're still calling the rise of Islamic regimes "the Arab Spring" when everyone knows the regimes rising there are far worse than those which were just overthrown?
    Why is Obama cheering the Islamists everywhere across the Arab landscape?
    It leads you to ask yourself what side he's on and whether he's not playing for the opposing team.
    It leads serious men to stay awake long into the night and ask themselves: Have we been invaded and have the enemies already taken over this country?

Illegals to Receive over $7 Billion in Tax Credits
Team Obullshit breaks precedent to spoil Romney’s convention in Tampa
Obama has turned America into a petty dictatorship'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: While the mainstream media is trying to turn one politician's skinny-dipping jaunt in Israel into a national scandal, Michael Savage wants Americans to focus on the bigger picture.
Namely, that Obama and his "criminal gang" have transformed the United States into "a petty dictatorship,
" and they must be defeated in November.
"San Francisco is now enmeshed in one of the greatest scandals of the 21st century: 'the subway to nowhere,'" Savage explained to listeners, adding:
    The city has spent billions and billions of dollars for no reason whatsoever. It's one of the most phenomenal stories of our time.
    Yet CNN is covering Republicans who went skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee, who were spied on by the FBI.
    What has happened to the FBI? Has it become an arm of the Justice Department, strictly spying on Republicans now?
    Should they add Republicans to the list of potential terrorists along with returning war veterans and those who oppose abortion and big government?
    Is that the country you want to live in, under this criminal gang?
    Obama has turned America into a petty dictatorship.
    God forbid Obama wins again, because we're going to have a full-blown South American dictatorship in this country as sure as I'm sitting here.
    It's not just one guy vs. another. It's not just one style vs. another.
    It's disaster vs. survival. Period.

Obama Caught in Misspelling of a Four-Letter State "Oihi"

BUSTED: Obama Spent Stimulus $ On Political Ads
Coast to Coast am
 Chemtrails & Weather:
Appearing during the middle two hours of Tuesday's show, journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael Murphy discussed how chemtrails are allowing corporations to manipulate natural systems including weather and soil, for their own gain. Chemtrails are chemicals that are sprayed out of airplanes for the goal of "geo-engineering" the planet. Specifically, aluminum and other chemical particulates are used to block the sun, create artificial clouds, and generally cause a cooling effect, he continued. But these chemicals have been found to be toxic to human health, and the ecology, and are associated with respiratory problems and other medical issues, he noted.
"Geo-engineers are very open that their programs will disrupt weather patterns," he said, pinning the recent drought over parts of the US on their actions. Particulates introduced into the sky act as "cloud condensation nuclei," causing rain to drift away from areas it normally would go, he explained. Such "corporatized" weather control in which new environmental circumstances are created, allows goods and services to be specifically tailored, such as Monsanto's "abiotic seeds," which are said to grow in drought conditions, Murphy revealed.
Further, he cited commodities trading done by "disaster capitalists," as well as in the derivatives market, in which they use inside knowledge of weather manipulation and control in order to make money, sometimes by betting that certain crops will fail. For more, check out this trailer from Murphy's new documentary, "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
Possible EMP Attack:
First hour guest, history professor William R. Forstchen commented on a potential EMP attack that Israel might stage on Iran. An electromagnetic pulse detonation high in the atmosphere could fry all power and communication grids below. He believes that such a confrontation would escalate, and other countries like the US and possibly Russia would be dragged into the conflict.
Coast to Coast am

Obama’s Ring: ‘There Is No God But Allah’
Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'
He's worn it on his wedding-ring finger since
before he met Michelle
Obama's Real Father


Congrats to the Loggers for winning the Northwoods League this year...YOU DESERVE IT!
(The best stadium in the league)

The Lizardz perform in Minocqua

Obama Attacks Navy Seals
Navy SEALS Start ‘Swift-Boating’ Obama
IRS Refunds $4.2 Billion to Illegal Aliens for Taxes Not Paid
Army Officer Imprisoned For Challenging Obama
Obama Caught in yet Another Lie!
Is This How Obama Will Steal the Election?
Cancer Ad Turns Malignant
The Weavils perform in Minocqua

so I took a Roadtrip to Plum Lake, where my Parents' took me on
AWESOME vacations when I was a kid

The Lodge

...and then off to "Dillinger's Place", Little Bohemia


Me with the great Augey Bill at Historic Witter Field
Photos copyright Erin's Photo Creations

 'Why do men like Woody Allen hate America?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Unlike most radio talk show hosts, Michael Savage doesn't focus on electoral politics every night.
Woody Allen is shooting a movie on Savage's street, so your host took the opportunity to talk about Allen's efforts to destroy the image of the Jewish male and the comedian's disturbing views about America itself.
"Why do men like Woody Allen hate America?" asked Savage, adding:
    A man like Woody Allen comes along, debases the image of the Jewish male and rises to the top of the heap.
    Just as there was a very popular black actor in the 1940s called Stepin Fetchit. He played a servile black male, and audiences loved it, because he confirmed their stereotypes.
    I call Woody Allen the Stepin Fetchit of the Jewish world.
    The reason I'm talking about Woody Allen today is twofold. First, the tragedy of the shooting at the Sikh temple, which I covered in great detail yesterday, is very sad, and I don't think there is anything I can add right now.
    Second, Woody Allen is on the street where I live.
    I live in the San Francisco area, as you know. The other day I saw signs all over the street saying "No parking: tow away zone."
    I found out it was because they were shooting a movie, and would have movie trailers and trucks up and down the street.
    It turns out Woody Allen is shooting a movie in a rental house down the block.
    Of course, the local liberal press is falling all over itself to cover his every move.
    So the question for the day is: Why do you think Woody Allen hates America?
    After all, Woody Allen has said that he'd like to leave America. In an interview with a Spanish newspaper in 2010, he also said President Obama should be granted dictatorial powers for a few years.
    That's a strange take on the democracy that made him rich and famous.

It’s Unofficial: Social Security Is Broke
Welfare for Fat Cats Hit $100 Billion in 2012
$11 Trillion Increase in Federal Debt in One Year


Timber Rattlers = MUCH FUN!
2016: What Will America Look Like if Obummer Gets Re-Elected?
Obama: I Don’t Think Anyone Would Suggest I’ve Tried To Divide The Country - Proof He is CRAZY!
The federal government is spying on every single American, say NSA whistleblowers
The Video TSA Does Not Want You To See!
NOAA Buying Hollow-Point Ammo … for Weather Service?
WHO panel warns that cell phone use may cause cancer
Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide'
Health Ranger's intelligence analysis of military drones: payloads, countermeasures and more
Pfizer and Merck under investigation for colluding with Obama Administration on health care overhaul
U.S. Senator sounds alarm about 'precarious' Fukushima situation, warns of imminent release of radiation
Dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation headed for West Coast, say scientists
The Lizardz perform at Heaven's Devils "Can't Afford Sturgis" Party...our 3rd annual trip to the backside of the Wildhorse.
These guys are great and I feel honored to perform at this event.
Unfortunately, my car broke down a mere mile from the venue
(my gas gauge is fukked)
and I had to sit on the side of the road while a PARADE of 850-1,000 old cars worked their way around me!
I am a big fan of old cars, thanks to Uncle Bob (R.I.P.), but this was NO way to see these beauties.
I gacked on the old engine smells and felt quite sick. This parade lasted 75-80 minutes!
Fortunately, the Kellner natives next to me took me up the street to get some gas...I was VERY close to the gas station
BUT I am sure the talk of the old cars people was "Who's that dick on the side of the road?!"
I felt like a douchebag and was sick for 3 days from the gas fumes
BUT I played the show and we rocked the house and were invited back for next year!

Father Mac, featuring The Weavils' Dean, Geppy, and Michael Boyle performing
The Beatles I Wanna Be Your Man
Video by Dave Schrader

Arizona’s Governor in Showdown With Obama on Welfare for Illegal Immigrants
Proof the Media are in the Tank for Leftist Causes
Obama’s ‘Success Story’ Headed for Bankruptcy

 'Watch out for labels on food – and on politicians'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."
In today's issue: Being a man of many interests and specializations, Savage brought his expertise in nutrition to bear on the surprising connection between kosher junk food and political party affiliations.
"Twenty years ago, I went through a very religious phase," Savage began, adding:
    I noticed a lot of Jewish people were very unhealthy. They were fat. They were pallid. They were eating bad food. They threw salt all over everything.
    I noticed especially that they ate a lot of junk food just because it had a kosher stamp on it.
    So I wrote an article for a Jewish religious magazine, asking if it was really proper for religious Jews to eat all this junk food, just because it was kosher.
    The entire Jewish community should've thanked me for that. I was way ahead of the curve. I was trying to help them, to stop their diabetes epidemic.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying, "Go out and eat a shrimp or a ham sandwich." I'm not mocking you.
    The Muslims are the same with the halal stamp on food products.
    Many people are herd animals. They figure Obama's good, because he has a "D" next to his name.
    Obama's not good. He's a corrupt president. He's an incompetent president. He's got more corruption swirling around him than the last five administrations.
   So you have to watch out for labels.

RNC Chair to Reid: Dirty Liar
Americans Turn Out in Droves to Support Chick-Fil-A
Should Obama & Congress Be Arrested Under The NDAA? YES
Obama Plans to Decide Your Salary
Obama Wants to Control the Internet and You’re the Target
How Historical Myths are Keeping Americans Stupid
White House Confirms Obama Wants To Ban Guns
Terrorist Freed After Obama Denies Gitmo Entrance - The Prez can do NOTHING right!
Obama Admin Releases Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Soldiers
Surprise: Obama Campaign Explicitly Approved Reid’s Anti-Romney Lies
Liberal Tyranny and the Cluck Heard Around the World
DHS Defines New Terrorists: Conservative Americans
Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!
Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting
After Obama the Destroyer Blocks Pipeline, China Readies $15.1B Canadian Oil Deal
U.S. Arming Muslims Around World yet Wants to Disarm U.S. Citizens

 'Race relations are worse today than ever before in my lifetime'

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Discussing the horrific mass murder at a Wisconsin Sikh temple by a white supremacist, Savage wonders who so many similar incidents are happening in Barack Obama's supposedly "post-racial" America.
"The first thing that came to everyone's mind when they heard about this shooting was: What was the race of the shooter?" Michael Savage said to listeners, adding:
    Let's not fool ourselves.
    No one asked, after we found out a white supremacist did the shooting, who was the hero cop who saved the other Sikhs and took nine bullets in doing so?
    No one talked about the race of the hero, the Brooklyn-born cop who stood up to this racist madman.
    He is police lieutenant Brian Murphy, aged 51, born in New York. Murphy also served in the U.S. Marine Corps.
    Now if you want to generalize about race and racism, you can do that. Yes, it was a white man who did the shooting, and it was a white man who prevented further bloodshed.
    The real question is: Why is there such a cluster of insane shootings in America under Obama?
    The question answers itself to a certain extent.
    Race relations are worse today than they ever have been in my lifetime. I've never seen anything like this.
    We know that the Democratic Party itself thrives on dissention between people. Obama and his minions are conducting class warfare.
    We have the most divisive administration in modern American history

Rockers Who Died at Age 27

Why is Obama arming federal agencies with
hollow-point bullets?'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Savage shared disturbing news reports about federal agencies stocking up on hollow-point bullets, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of rounds.
He wondered why the Obama administration is so eager to help government employees stock up on ammunition, as well as why the average American isn't up in arms over these revelations.
"Federal agencies are trying to tamp down speculation over their hollow-point ammo purchases," Michael Savage explained to listeners, adding:
    Why does the Social Security Administration suddenly need 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point pistol ammo?
    A message on the official blog for the Social Security inspector general says, "Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately."
    To do what? So that if senior citizens riot when their benefits are cut, they can always gun them down like in South Africa?
    We're hearing that the National Weather Service also bought hollow-point ammo. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just purchased 46,000 rounds of such ammunition.
    What sane citizenry on earth would not be alarmed when they read that a criminal organization like the Obama administration is arming every agency to the teeth with hollow-point ammunition?
    Why would any government need hollow-point bullets in any case?
    You don't need them for target practice. When you shoot at a piece of paper you don't need a bullet that expands inside a body and tears up organs.
    Nobody has an answer. You'll never get an answer from the Department of Homeland Security.
    That sorority house is not in business to help you. They're in business to keep you in line.
Obama's Real Father
Obama Signs Congress Approved Bill Giving Him More Power
Congress Agrees To Expand Presidential Power

 'There is no conservative element inside the Republican Party'

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Savage played two troubling audio clips on the air, illustrating the naked
arrogance and corruption of the nation's elites.
First, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City was heard "joking" about how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get into the country and stay here. Then Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch smugly advised candidate Mitt Romney to simply ignore average Americans who object to undocumented aliens swarming across the border.
Michael Savage expressed his disgust with both men and warned listeners that the Republican Party elite are, in their own way, as contemptuous of ordinary, law abiding citizens as the Democrats are.
"The traitor turncoat mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is now encouraging illegal aliens to come up here and overstay their visas," Savage explained, adding:
    But that's not as bad as it gets. It gets even worse.
    Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News (the so-called conservative alternative on the television dial) also had some things to say about illegal immigration.
    He's advising Romney to just ignore citizens' concerns about illegals and just "run right over" these critics, who he calls "nativists."
    Now you know why the personalities at Fox News would rather have pimps and murderers as guests on their shows, instead of someone who disagrees with them or anyone who is actually a nationalist.
    Anyone who believes in borders, language and culture is anathema to the Faux News Channel.
    Now you understand why: The boss himself is pro-Obama.
    Murdoch just told the Republican Party to ignore the so-called "nativists" -- who happen to be the core voting base of the GOP.
    But the fact is, there is no conservative element inside the Republican Party.
    Please understand that the word "Republican" does not mean "conservative."
    The communist Left in the Democratic Party differs only slightly from the socialist Left in the Republican Party on issues such as immigration, and on many other issues.
'Maybe we should get aid from Israel
rather than the other way around'

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: In light of Romney's recent trip to Israel – and Obama's failure, so far, to put that nation on his travel itinerary – Michael Savage mused on America's special relationship with Israel.
"It's a little long in the relationship for us to embrace Israel wholeheartedly, without any question," he told listeners.
"The real question today," Savage declared, is whether or not America should still care about Israel, and why?"
He added:
    I know it may be a shock to some of you to even ask the question, but there's an awful lot of talk these days about Iran, Israel and America.
    Why are we focused so heavily on Israel?
    I think it's because Obama has clearly turned his back on Israel. That's why Romney went there.
    But should we still care about Israel as much as America once did?
    It seems to me that Israel's economy is doing better than ours is. Maybe they should bail us out.

    Maybe we should get aid from Israel rather than the other way around.
    To put it another way: I'd think there are more Mexicans here in the United States than Jewish people. You could say the United States should be more concerned about Mexico than about Israel.
    This is not to say I think we should abandon Israel.
    I know that we have cultural ties and emotional ties, but we have cultural and emotional ties with many countries.
    Of course, none of those other countries are facing existential annihilation the way Israel is.
    But how much can we worry about Israel when our own country is a basket case?
 'The Republicans want to lose this election'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your weekly insider report on all things "Savage."
In this issue: Michael Savage explains that while Obama has been "a terrible disaster for the country," the Republican Party is simply the other side of the same corrupt coin – and an anonymous high-level political operative agrees with him!

"I warn you," Savage gravely informed his listeners, "this is the last chance we have to crush Obama's dream of a Socialist States of America."
He continued:    Now, I agree that Obama is a terrible disaster for the country, but what choice do we have?
    The Republicans ran an anti-Tea Party milquetoast because they don't really want change.
    You're not going to believe this, but I heard from a very highly placed individual who really knows the ins and outs of both parties, who told me the Republicans really want to lose this election.
    He explained that the Republicans do much better when they have someone to blame in the White House. They need a scapegoat, and Obama is the perfect foil for the Republicans to continue their con game.
    This way, the Republicans can pretend to be against "big government" while they dip their beaks into the public treasury like never before.
    They like to hold onto the House, but they want to lose the White House.
    And you know what? I agree with what this man told me. I've been saying the same thing for years.
    But despite this, I think we'd better elect Romney, because even if we only get 20 percent on the dollar, so to speak, it's better than minus 20, which we have under Obama.


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Trickle Down Tyranny Is The Blueprint For Defeating Obama
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