Photo by THE Dave Schrader at Timber's in Black Creek Feb., 2014...THANKS DAVE!
The Lizardz began tracking our new album
in early March

>Shows for The Lizardz<
(updated June 18, 2015)

* June *

Thrs. June 25
Lake Arrowhead (Clubhouse)
Rome/Nekoosa, WI
Outdoor on Patio weather permitting
(else indoors)

* July *
Sat. July 11
The Fabulous Intermission Bar
Wausau, WI

Sat., July 25
Private Party

* August *
The Beautiful Anchor Bay
Sunday Funday - Aug 23 at 4pm
Wis. Rapids/Biron

* September *
Sun. Sept. 6
Trail's End
Nekoosa, WI
(our first time there in years so please support this)

Sat. Sept. 19
A.R.M. Tomahawk Rally

* October *
Fri./Sat. Annual HALLOWEEN Bash
T. Murtaugh's
Minocqua, WI
What a GREAT TIME this was...
be sure to check out Our Brothers,

* April *
Sat. April 4
Wildhorse Saloon
Kellner, WI

(KILLER Poster by Mark Larson)
FREE Beer and BBQ!
Saturday at Wild Horse in Kellner: Lizardz & Hushdrops
Deb Cleworth, Daily Tribune Media 8:25 p.m.
CDT March 31, 2015

KELLNER — Lizardz fans will get a special treat Saturday at Wild Horse Saloon and Banquet Facility — the Wisconsin Rapids-based band will open for Chicago-area band, the Hushdrops.
Described as a "power pop trio," the Hushdrops features John San Juan on guitar, Joe Camarillo on drums, and bassist Jim Shapiro. The band is touring the Midwest to promote their new album, "Tomorrow."
One might ask why the Lizardz — Milo Plante, Jeff Gauss, Travis Plantico, Jamie Bruhn and Mark Larson— are opening for the Hushdrops?
In a word? Friendship.
"Jeff Gauss and I, specifically, go back a good 25 years," San Juan said, referring The Lizardz's lead guitarist. "(The Lizardz) cover one of our songs, 'Myrtle,' on their 'Eyeblinder,' LP."
Lizardz fans might remember "Eyeblinder" as the crowd-funded vinyl record recorded by the Rapids band. The Lizardz' first album on Zard-o-Fone Records is a debut of all original tunes by The Lizardz and friends — including the Hushdrops.
Gauss and San Juan were introduced by Wisconsin Rapids resident, Bill Rodencal (former Lizardz member) at Columbia College in Chicago. The friendship has lasted through the years, San Juan said.
Although Gauss wasn't a student at the college, he hung around a lot with the guys in Chicago, bonded by the mutual interest in music.
"Music was absolutely the 'glue,'" San Juan said. "This has been a consistent in my life — no matter how deep the friendships end up going, and how fully the lives end up intertwining, music is typically the initial point of bonding."
And while the friendship has spanned more than 25 years, this is the first time the two bands will play at the same venue — well, that's what San Juan said.
Gauss has a different story — he has a CD of a recording from Nov. 14, 2004, when the two bands played at Renee's Red Rooster, between Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point.
"That is the night that the Hushdrops and The Lizardz shared the stage," said Gauss
"The boys from the Hushdrops had never tasted local liquid cuisine — until Point beer that eventing — and they really enjoyed it," Gauss said with a laugh.
That performance impacted The Lizardz, especially Gauss.
"Once I heard their stuff, I was just blown away," Gauss said citing the Hushdrops vocals, instrumentation and songwriting as top notch.
"I was very impressed," Gauss said.
It's the diverse influences — Todd Rundgren, The Who, Steely Dan and others — that have helped bond the bands.
"We share similar visions between the two bands," he said.
The music kicks off about 8 p.m. — and there is no cover charge. The evening also will feature free barbecues and beer, courtesy of the two bands and the Wild Horse Saloon.
Wild Horse is located at 9031 Highway WW, Kellner, and can be reached at 715-421-2122. Follow The Lizardz and Hushdrops on their respective Facebook pages and at their websites: and

Deb Cleworth can be reached at 715-423-7200, ext. 6730 or Follow her on Twitter @DebCleworth


These PROS Do!
Albert Bouchard
Buck Dharma
Prairie Prince
Jesse Gress
Kasim Sulton
Jr. Brown
Al Stewart
Dave Nachmanoff
Dave Davies
Jason Scheff
Bruce Kulick
Camile Baudoin
Rob Stoner
Joe Bouchard
Grayson Hugh
Richie Castellano
Rock and Roll Cafe
Jim Prideaux
Randy Charles

Electronic Press Kit
The vinyl is HERE!
Click here to order $15 includes U.S. shipping

'I had vinyl in my satchel you should honor me with gratitude'
- Bevis Frond/Nick Saloman

The Lizardz "Eyeblinder" is NOW available!
 Above photos taken/LPs and CDs available at Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI...THANKS Mike!

LPs and CDs available at RadioKAOS in Stevens Point, WI...THANKS Randy!

LPs and CDs available at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI ...Thanks Angie and crew!
CDs and LPs available at Mad City Music Exchange in Madison, WI Thanks Dave and crew!
LPs and CDs available at b-side music in Madison, WI

LPs and CDs available at The Exclusive Company in Appleton, WI and Green Bay, WI
CDs available at The Exclusive Company in Oshkosh, WI

CDs available at C note Music in Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Thanks Jamie C!

CDs available at Heid Music in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Available at Deaf Ear in LaCrosse, WI

LPs and CDs available at Go Johnny Go Records in White Bear Lake, MN

LPs and CDs available at Revival Records in Eau Claire, WI Thanks Billy!

LPs and CDs available at The Vinyl Cave in Superior, WI Thanks Toms!

CDs and downloads available at CD Baby
Lizardz Eyeblinder Funnies and Outtakes

Car Radio

MORE from the Germans!
Bing Translation
On the force of the Lizardz I stumbled through Facebook, and talked about her CD in the last
issue on the import side. In this issue you will find a Vinylreview. The Lizardz from the United
States are a tip for all those who are on various rock sounds. So, it's time to offer a platform for
the boys in this country. Woofer Jamie Bruhn answers the questions:
A look at the band's history shows that the Lizardz are active already since the end of the
eighties. Why did it take so long to your debut "Eyeblinder"?
"Originally we started as a local cover band. To do so one must know that we live in an area with
industrial and agricultural economy. And the pub density is high, with many performance
opportunities. You however to enforce, to get the chance for gigs, to earn some money, you
have to play just said covers. In the course of time, the constellation, which was made possible,
then found himself to concentrate on their own material. It was important to present a step now,
to distinguish us from the other acts from our area. This included also, to integrate different
styles, to attract a wide range of rock fans."
The two Blue Öyster Cult members Donald "Buck Dharma" ROESER and Richie Castellano are
to find "Eyeblinder" as a guest. How's it happened?
"Our lead guitarist Jeff Gauss and I have buck Dharma many BÖC concerts hit, as well as more
frequently communicates with him through his Web site. He has been has always been a big
influence from us, musically as well as his person here. When we recorded 'Newcastle', we
came to offer the guitar solo of Richie Castellano, who at the time with the production of his
album ' morning Starlett' is involved. He agreed and played his part in New York. Buck had
originally nothing to do with our plate, until we met him after a Blue Öyster Cult-gig. I asked him
whether he had interest because to get involved somehow. Buck said that if we could make a
few tracks come to him. After BÖC had finished their show for the 40th anniversary of the band,
Buck had the time to play some guitar parts for 'Back From Milwaukee', and because he liked
the title, he offered to produce and mix the pieces. The Lizardz flew then to London at the Abbey
Road Studios, where some of the things to be mastered; and buck wanted to do something in
the title track 'Eyeblinder'. So mixed and co-produced it. Both things, where he is brought up,
sound class, and for all of us, it was a great experience, to be able to work with such a great
and legendary musician."
When I listen to your album, I discover it very different styles. How would you describe the
sound of the Lizardz because?
"The Lizardz are a rock band first, though of course all band members musical influences bring
a very different, especially since we grew up in different areas of the United States. In a field but
there are a common basis for all: musical we follow the traces of great songwriters like Todd
Rundgren, the Beatles, Badfinger, Steely Dan, the who, the radiator, the Hushdrops, Roger
Waters, and of course Blue Öyster Cult. They are all able to combine different sounds, resulting
in repeated differences in the individual plates. And we want to implement it with the Lizardz and
to fuse different styles to some private, all backed by good songwriting."
What definitely succeeded in the Lizardz on "Eyeblinder". Now, a start is made with the plate. It
is currently writing new stuff for a further disc. To have all the Lizardz members still supporting
projects are integrated with other things and more. In this issue, a meeting of KGP conspiracy, a
project in which two the Lizardz people involved can be found also.
2014-01-05 Recent LIZARDZ Airplay!

Utah Moon on COAST TO COAST AM - Dec. 1, 2013
NOTE The Lizardz in the middle-right picture above...!

2014-01-30 "Vinyl Richie"
Newcastle on WORTfm Madison, WI

 Make It Happen on WFKU NY, NY with "Origins" with Albert Bouchard

2014-02-08  gojohnnygo

"Eyeblinder" reviewed by a German magazine! 2013-12-20
(One of Jeff's HEROES on the cover!)

Here it is ..translated from German
"More than two decades have passed from the first steps in the late 80s, including some lineup changes until now’s release "Eyeblinder". But here we are, and The Lizardz present their debut "Eyeblinder" which is released as cd and vinyl also. Attention please: This isn’t the Southern group Lizard from Germany or the US band The Lizards. If you have a look on The Lizardz’s homepage they declare their style with many influences from The Kinks, The Who, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty or The Allman Brothers Band. This is true, and so we find on "Eyeblinder" a colorful musical journey with stops in different areas. If you listen to the album the first time this might be a little bit confusing, but the more often you listen to it, you get a great view into the Lizardz’s sound cosmos. By the way: the record was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. There are some musical guests performing for The Lizardz: Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and Richie Castellano from Blue Öyster Cult, and Buck co-produced two tracks also.
All in all "Eyeblinder" is a fine debut with a lot to discover."

Eyeblinder" reviewed by a French Dude

France! 2013

Japan! 2013

Australia! 2014

2013 WWSP Radiothon - we donated CDs and LPs
R.I.P. MaritimeJon Weiss

He booked us (and The Weavils) for 20+ years and was one of the BEST!

We will sure miss him...
all our best to his friends and family

Mark did a special remix of "Mormon Girls"
It is an old-timey approach that is stripped down like something from the 1920's,
it's MONO and complete with vinyl scratches
Much Fun!
"Good gravy! Sounds like something found in an old collection. Nice twist!" - THE Redcap!
"Ye Olde Tyme Radio Showe!  Thanks, that was fun." - LD

Lizardz Roadtrip
2013-10-14 Waverly Beach Menasha, WI Blue Oyster Cult
(Photos by myself and Jamie, I was Front Row)

Buck is the BEST!

Kasim still has the brace (Broken Foot)

A Line of Lizardz' "Eyeblinder" atop the bass bins and ready for signing from Buck and Richie

Roadhouse Blues EP. A recent aquisition gets SIGNED! Jeff told the guy he got it from that he'd give here a new and wonderful home!

 Bob Bosch was a buddy of mine in Madison and a good song-writer.
Travis grew up in a Real Country home and his Dad is a MONSTER Guitarist!
SO...I shared the lyrics with Trav and he came up with this
He played, sang, engineered, mixed the whole thing, including a performance on his then-brand-new steel guitar.
The lyrics have always cracked me up
Dig it!

Jeff with Redcap at Hollyrock's 2013 - 10 - 18
"In Thee"
Evening Closer
2013-10-18 Hollyrock's Stone of Love>Stairway to the Stars FREE Download (.wav)

B Side Stamper from United Record Pressing

Track Listing:
Newcastle (with Richie Castellano)
Who Do
Utah Moon
Mormon Girls
Rough Mama
Eyeblinder (with Buck Dharma)
Let It Go
Make It Happen
Swamp Thing
Two-Bit Napoleon
Walk Through That Door (with false start)
Back From Milwaukee (with Buck Dharma)
Utah Moon
Rough Mama
Eyeblinder (with Buck Dharma)
Two-Bit Napoleon
Let It Go
Walk Through That Door
Back From Milwaukee (with Buck Dharma)

Oct. 8, 2013
Lizardz album available in stores - Daily Tribune Press
The Lizardz album “Eyeblinder” is available locally on vinyl at Inner Sleeve in Wausau and RadioKAOS in Stevens Point. It also can be ordered on CD or downloaded at
The Lizardz, a Wisconsin band with central Wisconsin ties, has been together for more than 25 years. This is its first release of original music. Buck Dharma and Richie Castellano of Blue Oyster Cult contributed by playing on the album
and mixing two songs.
The Lizardz will play at Oct. 18 at Hollyrock’s in Wisconsin Rapids. There is no cover charge.

Photo taken/LPs and CDs available at Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI

Strictly Discs says some guy came in during the hustle of Monroe St. Days. He searched the store & asked 'Do you have The Lizardz CD?'

"Eyeblinder" orders from England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, and Austria.

#5 IN WAUSAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Blue Oyster Cult's Official Site!
Buck and Richie Appear on new Eyeblinder album by the Lizardz
June 1, 2013
Buck Dharma and Richie Castellano make cameos on the new album, "Eyeblinder" from Wisconsin band, The Lizardz.

The Lizardz have been together over 25 years, and this is their first release of original music. Two of the members are big BÖC fans, and asked Buck and Richie to contribute. Richie plays a guitar duel on one song, and Buck contributes not only guitar playing on one, but also the mixing of that and another song.
(BTW-Buck actually plays guitars on TWO tunes, not one as listed)

The album mastering and manufacturing just had a successful Kickstarter,
and the album will be available on vinyl and CD by August.

You can hear some snippets from the album here:
"Newcastle" with Richie Castellano.
"Back From Milwaukee" with Buck Dharma.
"Eyeblinder" with Buck Dharma.
For information on ordering the LP and/or CD, please see The Lizardz website.

"We are blown away, grateful, and humbled for press on the BOC site,
Thanks so much! This is press we never even dreamed of."

Check out our new Promos for WWSP 90fm in Stevens Point, WI!
Easy Download
"Eyeblinder" Fan Reviews

RM Digs in!
IMormon Girls song kind of reminds me of some of the stuff by the Gear Daddies.  Loved it!
Shiocton and Black Creek club owner
I really like this album so be prepared for me to play more of it on WWSP 90fm
Amber/Club Wisconsin
I'm really enjoying the album, well done.
THE RobReich
The cd is very good, I enjoy listening to it.
Keep on rocking!
2013-10-24 THE Warren Hewetson (includes bits of KGP Conspiracy)
Now, I get to headphone listen to 'em. My word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are such a treat. Such a contrast between bands. And that's what impresses me. You're so pro-talented. The KGB...well reminds of the cross between The Byrds/Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty. Ummmmm... except 'Head Lock ‘and 'What Lies Ahead'...ballbusters. And I think 'What Lies Ahead' is my fav. Warren Zevon would love the lyrics to KGB's stuff! Eyeblinder is a powder keg. I like the vocals of that Jeff Gauss guy. All of it has such twists. Just like you advertisement says, 'genre-bending’! I now finally have 'Make It Happen' and 'Myrtle' and 'California'(not on the vinyl)! 'Let It Go' is on the vinyl (not on CD). Believe me when I say that it reminds me of BOC is not an insult. The Lizardz complement them.
Thank you Jeff for these two journeys! I'm proud of you and proud for you!
This stuff rocks me.
2013-10-23 * Makis in Greece
 THE LIZARDZ "Eyeblinder" VINYL 2013 VIDEO
2013-10-22 Anonymous * Hudson, WI
"We got the music on Friday. Ken was confused and kept reading before he saw your name. He then headed to his man cave to listen to vinyl. I got the fireplace and "the chair" and listened to the CD. WOW! Annie was here for the weekend and was in shock. She had a few listens before she left. She felt very proud and amazed by the talent of your band.
Thanks so much. I will be sharing your talent with friends (well, not many) and neighbors."
2013-10-22 Edosaurus at J&A/BOC Forums
You guys should be very proud of the record, great stuff!
2013-10-10 THE Dave Schrader * Appleton, WI
"Thanks so much for mailing that record! It sounds fantastic - you can really hear the quality of the mix and master. I was picking out your particular guitar in the mix.
Thanks also for the autographs."
2013-08-07 Z-man at trconnection forums * Colorado
"I got my copy of Eyeblinder, and my wife and I really jammed on it yesterday! 'Newcastle' sounds like it would have fit well on BOC's Tyranny and Mutation, and we especially liked 'Rough Mama', 'Utah Moon' and the title track, and what a splendid surprise to hear a cover of the Weavils' 'Make It Happen'! My wife can be very critical, and she really liked the album.
A great effort, and it was fun to be part of the process.
Thanks for the band autographs, and it doesn't suck to see my name in the credits!"
Part 2
"Man, that's smoother than vintage scotch! Very cool to hear that like that, Buck really can make that axe sing!
Still diggin' the new tunes, my friend. Thanks for making my life a bit more enjoyable!"
This album gets its fair share of rotation from me (and now I'll move it up again)
2013-08-08 specialEd at trconnection forums
"I just got home to find a copy of the Cd "EYEBLINDER" in the mail today.
Thanks for that.
I've only made through the first three tracks so far and I have to say, I'm very impressed.
Newcastle has a polished 60's groove to it and the guitar work is stellar.
Utah Moon (as I told Mark in an email) sounds as good as any Eagles hit.
I wish you guys the best of luck with this recording, the production values and song writing are top notch. I'll listen to the rest of the disk tonight.
Very approachable stuff, I hope you get some airplay."
2013-08-11 FenderControl at J&A/BOC Forums
"Hey - I have received my copy of the new Lizardz album over in the UK. I have played it maybe half a dozen times and I am really enjoying it. Some great songs and great playing throughout. I am enjoying the variation in style and a number of songs are definitely sticking on repeat on the juke box in my head!! The opener rocks like a rocky thing and it doesn't let up from there on in. Good work guys. Really good work. If you haven't checked it out you really should. And all of this with my name on the cover along side Albert and others...It is a great album. I agree that Richie's solo is epic. He is such a great musician. Lots of BOC musical references across the album -  to my ears - inevitable I guess and certainly not a criticism. I really like Mormon Girls but am also enjoying Swamp Thing, Two Bit Napoleon, BFM and, of course, Newcastle. In fact I love just about all of it."
2013-08-14 LD at J&A/BOC Forums * Texas
"Yep, that opening tune rocks like a muthah.  Please tell me that's your live set opener?  Take no prisoners!
Tune 2 gets a nice J Geils groove going, and it all rolls on nicely from there.
RE: Buck - that man has more texture than (insert superlative here) !
nice work, guys!!"

Sept., 5 2013
Test Pressing of Vinyl arrives!

Its VERY surreal to hear Lizardz vinyl ... on my turntable ... in our studio. A dream come true

Inner Sleeve Wausau, WI 9/10/2003

Radio KAOS in Stevens Point, WI
Daily Tribune (WI Rapids) piece on Kickstarter 2013-08-18
Crowdfunding: Get money for this, that and the other thing

Some of the rewards offered for supporters of the Lizardz album, 'Eyeblinder.' Reward value correlated with the amount donated to the project. / Contributed photo
Photo courtesy of the Lizardz
Sites, projects vary locally and around the world

Written by Deb Cleworth
Central Wisconsin Sunday

Members of the Lizardz band, a central-Wisconsin band, signs products they are sending to backers of their album and CD, 'Eyeblinder.' The pressing of the vinyl album was funded through a crowdfunding site, 'Kickstarter.'
Some crowdfunding sites
Note: Gannett Wisconsin Media does not endorse these sites. They are listed for informational purposes only.
Crowdfunding, an Internet-based funding project, has found its way to central Wisconsin. The concept lets the public give money to finance a variety of causes and projects.
Projects in Wisconsin range from large scale — a $41,850 documentary, “Wisconsin Rising,” about Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on working families — to smaller projects.
Two central Wisconsin bands were successful in using the process to garner funds for albums: The Lizardz, a central-Wisconsin based band, and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, a band out of Stevens Point.
Fans were asking members of Horseshoes & Grenades when the band’s next album would be out, said band member, Adam Greuel.
“Essentially, the hold up was not for lack of material, it was lack of funds,” he said. “In our cases, we were all paying back student loans.”
The Lizardz wanted to put out a new album of original music — and in addition to the CD, wanted to do a vinyl pressing, which is more costly. They were going to do it, but to what scale depended on available finances, said band member, Mark Larson.
The groups found Kickstarter — and success. Both projects were funded.
Using the recommended one-month window, both bands met their project goals — between $3,000 and $3,500. Kickstarter gets 5 percent and the 3 percent to 5 percent fees for Amazon, which was how donations were handled. It was all-or-nothing — if the goals weren’t met, donors wouldn’t be charged.
In return for their donations, donors get rewards, which included everything from download cards, autographed drum heads, albums and CDs, and even private shows.
“The key to Kickstarter — and I think the most valuable service it did — was it kept the database for the project,” Larson said. “They were mission control.”
Kickstarter requires background checks, and also provides assistance and accountability through the entire process. Supporters aren’t charged unless the project meets its goal. Kickstarter also encourages rewards to be sent to donors and asks project participants to back other projects.
(Page 2 of 2)
Crowdfunding sites vary. With categories that range from “Accidents and Emergencies” to “Weddings and Honeymoons,” and school funding, requests on run the gamut.
Like Kickstarter, GoFundMe offers an “all or nothing” option, charging donors only if the set goal is raised. There’s also a charity option, with money raised being sent to the charity on a monthly basis.
Casey Jo Borchardt of Marshfield chose the site’s third option, and according to the site, its most popular, a personal donation campaign to help her dad, Arnie Dassow of Medford with medical bills due to a series of health issues. So far, more than $1,000 has been donated to her cause. Borchardt has a $10,000 goal, but the campaign is ongoing and has no end date.
“If people donate money, you can pretty much withdraw it as it comes in,” said Borchardt, 25.
Borchardt had her reasons for giving the GoFundMe fundraising a try.
“I was trying to figure out a quicker way than a benefit,” she said. “I just wanted something that could help him right now.”
Like Kickstarter, GoFundMe has fees involved; it takes 5 percent off each donation; it also has payment processing fees similar to other crowdfunding sites.
There is work involved in order for the process to be successful, said Larson, adding Kickstarter claims a 44 percent complete funding success rate. It’s important to get the information out and shared, Larson and Borchardt said.
“If you share it on Facebook, you have to depend on people to open it up and check it out,” Borchardt said.
Having donors be a part of the project was a plus for the bands.
“One of the biggest (rewards) people have mentioned is their name on the CD,” Larson said.
In a way, crowdfunding allows people to become personally invested in the projects, Greuel said.
“Community members, really a lot of people from all over the place, were really willing to help us out with the cost,” he said. “Our experience was it was very, very positive for the community associated with our band.
“The whole community aspect around it was neat, and that was something we did not know would come out of it,” Greuel said.

Members of the Lizardz band, a central-Wisconsin band, signs products they are sending to backers of their album and CD, 'Eyeblinder.'
The pressing of the vinyl album was funded through a crowdfunding site, 'Kickstarter.'

 *** The Lizardz ***
Thank you for helping us fund our Album "Eyeblinder"

Blue Oyster Cult founding member and lead guitarist Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser to make a guest appearance on the new Lizardz album “Eyeblinder.” The creative genius behind timeless rock hits such as “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, “Godzilla” and “Burnin’ For You” contributed some smokin’ hot rhythm and lead guitar for The Lizardz project. Buck also mixed his contribution. The album will also include Blue Oyster Cult and Morning Starlett’s Richie Castellano
on the rocker “Newcastle”.
This marks the first time these 2 hot guitarists have been on the same album!
"Newcastle" The Lizardz with Richie Castellano
Snippets 6-24-13

600+ HITS!
"Back From Milwaukee" The Lizardz with Buck Dharma
Snippet 6-4-13
From the album, "Eyeblinder"

We did it - met the pledge today, June 11, 2013.
Thanks so much to EVERYONE for your help!
We got some local press from BOTH papers in town
Local band reaches for pinnacle with new recording
Local band reaches for pinnacle with new recording

"My first thought was no way. It seemed too good to be true.
Heck, the band put out a press release to quell the rumors.
The part press release, part 50-word string of intrigue started like the dozens or so that the VOICE receives each day.
“Hello Jeff. We understand there has been some confusion on what The Lizardz are up to with our upcoming album, ‘Eyeblinder,’” guitarist Jeff Gauss wrote in his email to me. “We have even heard that this is some type of a practical joke. We assure you that this is not a joke as our upcoming album does feature members of Blue Oyster Cult, as well as some local musicians, and we are mastering it at London’s Abbey Road…for real.”
For their upcoming new album, the Lizardz enlisted Abbey Road Studios and iconic guitarists Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and Richie Castellano from Blue Oyster Cult.
Seemingly unbelievable for a Wisconsin Rapids-based band that can be heard at many of the area’s local taverns.
It is an ambitious undertaking for the band that originally formed in the late 1980s. The current line-up — Gauss on lead guitar; Mark Larson, keyboards; Milo Plante, guitar; Jamie Bruhn, bass; and Travis Plantico, drums (they all sing) — approached the album like a tribute to music by reaching out to Roeser and pressing the release onto vinyl.
“We realized we had some really good songs and guests that we never dreamed would be on an album with us,” Larson said.
The rest of this story is for subscribers only ..."
Rapids pride...
"in similar creative circles, I was immensely proud to hear about the original music the Rapids band The Lizardz have recorded.
They had this mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London and had members of Blue Oyster Cult play and sing on some tracks. This is evidence of the high standards they are achieving. I've seen the Lizardz play enough to know they are a great covers band, but I'm so proud that their creativity might give them a chance to be known worldwide. ..."
- David Farmbrough
Local band set to go on the record
Wisconsin Rapids-based group meets funding goal
for vinyl pressing
A popular Wisconsin Rapids-based band is set to realize a dream.
A popular Wisconsin Rapids-based band is set to realize a dream.
As of Tuesday morning, the five-member Lizardz reached its goal of raising $3,500 for the mastering and vinyl pressing of its first original album, “Eyeblinder.”
That’s right. “Eyeblinder” won’t only be on CD; it also will be available on actual vinyl. That’s not the only somewhat unique thing about the 14-track album, which also features local artists, guest vocalists and instrumentalists.
The original songs on the album include rock, Philly soul, arena rock and even a country tune.
“We felt it was time to really create original music and see where it took us,” said Mark Larson, who plays keyboards with the group.
Where “it” took a couple of the band members is a bit interesting.
Jamie Bruhn, bass player for the Lizardz, and Larson had planned a trip to London, including a trek to Abby Road Studios — where bands such as the Beatles and Pink Floyd have recorded music. The studio masters audio files for any artist, and the two Wisconsin Rapids-area men decided to book a session to master two tracks, one written by Larson.
The other? A song by Don “Buck Dharma” Roeser, founding member and lead guitarist of Blue Oyster Cult — the guy who wrote “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” and “I’m Burnin’ for You.”
The bands met up at a Wisconsin concert and that’s when members of the Lizardz asked Dharma if he would be interested in contributing to the album. About a year later, Dharma sent guitar tracks for the song, “Back from Milwaukee.”
About a year ago, Bruhn, a longtime fan and follower of the Blue Oyster Cult, connected with one of its guitar players, Ritchie Castellano, through an online fan site. Bruhn sent Castellano a couple of Lizardz tracks.
“Within a week, Ritchie sent back a searing guitar solo now featured on the song, ‘Newcastle,’ on the album,” Larson said.
The guest artists are modest about their contributions, Larson said. It just all adds up to cool.
“Abby Road was magical and being in the same spaces as the Beatles and Pink Floyd was a truly humbling experience,” Larson said.
When Bruhn and Larson returned to the States, band members decided they wanted to have the rest of the album professionally mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
“Since we’re all vinyl fans, we wanted to do a vinyl pressing,” Larson said. “The album in particular has a retro ’50s feel on the label and album back.”
The band decided to use Kickstarter, a form of crowd funding, which finances projects from pledges. Kickstarter accepted the project after band members successfully completed extensive credit checks. Those who pledged will get rewarded with band-related items, depending on the amount pledged.
The fans rose to the challenge and helped the band reach the needed amount two days before today’s funding deadline. United Records will press the 180-gram vinyl album in Nashville.
Rock on.
Yes, there are journalistic errors in both stories!
The biggest of these is:
"The other? A song by Don “Buck Dharma” Roeser..." WE (Bruhn/Gauss) wrote the song!
We are NOT covering a Buck Dharma song!
The KGP Conspiracy album has also been released,
Travis and Jeff perform on this album and it is great. We spent almost 4 years assembling this fine album...
FREE Hi-Res (24/88.2) files and Surround mixes of 4 songs
with purchase of CD
Also available at CD Baby
You can also preview all songs at CD Baby
Available at Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI ...Thanks Mike!
Available at Deaf Ear in LaCrosse, WI
Available at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI...Thanks Angie!
Available at Mad City Music Exchange in Madison, WI

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Lizardz T-Shirts!!
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7/27/12 Hotel Mead
Photo by Jamie Bruhn
New photos at Official site


Hey, someone spells our name correctly!

* December 2014 *
Wed. December 31-January 1

Classics in Shawano - GREAT CLUB we hope to get back to soon
"Jan 11th, 2014
The Lizardz
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Central Wisconsin's Hardest Working Band - active since 1987 - this band plays British, Classic, and Original Rock. They are currently in the process of recording their debut album. They have been known to cover the album cuts, B-sides, and will occasionally cover their own songs.
Artists We Also Like:
Blue Oyster Cult, The Radiators, Badfinger, Todd Rundgren, Levon Helm, Richie Castellano, Rory Gallagher...the list goes on."

Mark did a special remix of "Mormon Girls"
It is an old-timey approach that is stripped down like something from the 1920's,
it's MONO and complete with vinyl scratches
Much Fun!
New Lizardz page at DeliRadio

Kickstarter...THANKS for funding our Album "Eyeblinder"
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Listen to The Lizardz on WWSP's "On Point" show from Mon., Dec 10
FREE Download HERE
Thanks to the crew of "On Point"

9/19/12 Sentry Insurance World HeadquartersUnited Way Fundraiser

9/15/12 at the Maritime Tavern in Appleton, WI

Photos by the ever-amazing Dave Schrader

"Thanks for putting on a great show. Always a better show than the last one. I'm very impressed."
-Tim Root, stand-up guy and music lover

"You guys sounded really great at Anchor Bay and when you played
"Stairway to the Stars" by BOC you blew my mind.
Love your band.
You guys are a talented bunch and have the best setlist by far of any band around here.
As far as I'm concerned, The Lizardz are Central Wisconsin's best group."
-Jerry King
Excellent Musician/Tilly's Village
"HEY FOLKS!!!! If you don't know these guys, you ain't hip!! (Do people still say "Hip?") Jeff Gauss is one of the first cat's I met when I moved to WI years years ago. He was impressive then, and he's LEGEND now!!! His old Weavils' keys player, Jim, became my best friend, and remained so until his passing. Mark Larson, his now keys cat, is phenomenal!!!! And, funny!! That's a prerequisite to belonging to a Gauss band!! Jeff plays in the true Brit style, and it's so damned refreshing to hear someone render old styles with such new breath!! They don't merely regurgitate like so many others, they re-interpret!!! Hey, go see 'em!! The LIZARDZ. They definitely put the "Rock" back in Rock and Roll!!!!!!"
-Michael Murphy
KZMU in Utah debuted The Lizardz' "Mormon Girls"
TODAY to Rave Review!

The Lizardz FIRST gig at McNasty's (R.I.P.) in Wis. Rapids  ~ 1989
photo by Pat Bruce
The Lizardz would like to thank our sponsor
Norstone Natural Stone Veneer,
the premier provider of  stone veneer panels
for home or commercial use.



Songlist as of March 2014

Original Tunes appear Bold, Green,andLarger
Ace In The Hole - The Radiators
After The Fire - Pete Townshend *
Aiko Aiko - Traditional/Dixie Cups/Grateful Dead/Neville Brothers
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers *
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix/U2/Dave Matthews *
All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
All Over Now - Rolling Stones
Almost Cut My Hair - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Another Brick in the Wall (Parts 2 and 3) - Pink Floyd/Korn
Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
Back From Milwaukee - Lizardz
Beware of Darkness - George Harrison/Concert for George *
Beyond Here Lies Nothing – Bob Dylan
Big River - Johnny Cash/Grateful Dead *
Brain Damage/Eclipse - Pink Floyd
Brand New Cadillac - The Clsh
California - Lizardz
Chicago - Crosby, Stills & Nash *
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones/Cowboy Junkies/Guns-n-Roses *
Didn't Come To Dance - Lizardz
Drive - The Cars/The New Cars
Early Springtime Rainfall - Lizardz
Eyeblinder - Lizardz
Eyes of the World - Grateful Dead *
Fearless - Pink Floyd*
Feelin’ Alright – Traffic/Joe Cocker
Find Your Way (Some Other Day) - Lizardz
Firey Feet - Northbound Train/Lizardz
For Your Love - Yardbirds
Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band
Getting Tighter – Deep Purple
Girl Like You - The Smithereens
Glass Onion – The Beatles
Gold – Jon Stewart *
Gypsy Moth (Trouvelot's Mess) - Lizardz*
Hey Bulldog - Beatles/Toad the Wet Sprocket *
Honey Bee - Tom Petty
Honey Don't - Carl Perkins/Beatles *
I Can't Explain - The Who
I See The Light - Cracker *
I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper *
I'm In Love With My Car - Queen *
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees
In The Flesh - Pink Floyd
Insider Extra - Lizardz
Lawyers, Guns, and Money - Warren Zevon
Let It Go - Lizardz
Let It Be - The Beatles
Level - The Racounteers
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix
Listen to Her Heart - Tom Petty
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix/Derek and the Dominoes
Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
Low Rider - War/Cyprus Hill/Blues Traveler/Korn *
Make It Happen - Weavils/Lizardz
Make Fire - The Radiators
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Buddy Guy/Stevie Ray Vaughan *
Me and My Uncle - Grateful Dead *
Medicine Jar - Wings
Mercury Blues - Steve Miller Band/Alan Jackson
Mormon Girls - Lizardz
Myrtle - Lizardz
Newcastle - Lizardz
Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly/Rolling Stones/Grateful Dead *
Nowhere Man - The Beatles
Oh Donna - Richie Valens *
Outside Chance - The Turtles
Outside Woman Blues - Cream
Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
Party ‘til The Money Run Out – The Radiators
Perfectly Good Guitar - John Hyatt *
Pocket - Blue Oyster Cult *
Pretzel Logic - Steely Dan
Raspberry Beret - Hindu Love Gods version
Ready For Love -  Mott The Hoople/Bad Company *
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash/Frank Zappa *
Roadhouse Blues - The Doors/Blue Oyster Cult/Jeff Healey/Creed
Rough Mama - Weavils/Lizardz
Season of The Witch – Donovan *
Secret Agent Man - Ventures/Johnny Rivers/Devo/Blues Traveler
She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones *
She's Got Everything – The Kinks
She's So Cold - Rolling Stones
Shiny Ford Truck - Lizardz
Spooky - Classics IV/Atlanta Rhythm Section
Stairway To The Stars - Blue Oyster Cult
Staring At Silence - Lizardz
Stompface - Lizardz
Stone of Love - Blue Oyster Cult
Suitcase - Badfinger *
Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran/Blue Cheer/The Who/Alan Jackson
Suzie Q - CCR/Rolling Stones*
Swamp Thing - Lizardz
Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones/Guns-n-Roses
Taboo - Santana *
Take The Devil – The Eagles
The Last Time - Rolling Stones/Paul Black
The Music Never Stopped - Grateful Dead *
The One I Love - REM *
They Love Each Other – Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead
Till The End of the Day - The Kinks
Time/Home – Pink Floyd
Two-Bit Napoleon - Lizardz
Utah Moon - Lizardz
Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones/The Who
Vicious - Lou Reed*
Walk Through That Door - Lizardz
Walk Away - James Gang
We Can Work It Out - The Beatles
Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon *
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? - Elvis Costello*
When I Paint My Masterpiece - Bob Dylan/The Band
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Who Do - Lizardz
Who Do You Love - Bo Diddley/The Doors/George Thorogood *
Wild and Free - The Radiators
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd*
Wishing Well – Free/Queen*
Willin' - Little Feat/Linda Ronstadt/Steve Earle*
You Don't Understand Me - The Racounteers
You Got Me Rockin' - Rolling Stones

* = seldom played


Forward with the Past

Shakin' All Over->Gloria
When the Music's Over
The End
Down So Long
Back Door Man
Love Me Two Times
Rocket Man
Let It Bleed
Brown Sugar
The Last Time
Gimme Shelter
Monkey Man
Start Me Up
Let The Good Times Roll
Hard To Handle
Ain't Fixin' to Die Rag
They Love Each Other
Alabama Getaway
Big Boss Man
Highway Patrol
Hey Joe
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
Julia Dream
The Torture Never Stops
Never Can Tell
Norweigan Wood
White Wedding
(Turn on Your) Lovelight
6 Days on the Road
Sweet Thistle Pie
Good to Be King
Runnin' Down A Dream
Something In the Air
The Torture Never Stops
I Don't Mind
Point Special Beer
Dear Prudence
Ain't Too Proud to Beg
The Rapper
Sweet Thistle Pie
Big Boss Man
Lake Shore Drive
Last Dance with Mary Jane
Loose Lucy
One After 909
Ramblin' Rose
Glendale Train
Dirty Business
Oakie from Muskogie
Fire on the Mountain
Waitin' On A Friend
Pipeline->One Step Beyond
Won't Get Fooled Again
Have A Cigar
Stuck in the Middle
Cover of the Rolling Stone
Honkey Tonk Woman
Wishin' Well
You Ain't Goin Nowhere

June 2008 NOTE: Some of these songs were done when The Lizardz had a frontwoman.
it may be obvious as to those songs, which aren't done anymore...THANKS
Female Singer Tunes/The Past
99 Red Balloons - Nena
After The Gold Rush - Neil Young/Linda Ronstadt/Natalie Merchant/K.D.Lang
Am I Too Blue - Lucinda Williams
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
Baby Don't Go - Sonnny & Cher
Bad Case of Lovin' You - Moon Martin/Robert Palmer/Ron Atkinson
Back On The Chain Gang - Pretenders
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell/Counting Crows/Amy Grant
Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes/Face to Face
Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison/Linda Rondstadt
Born On the Bayou - CCR
Breakdown - Tom Petty
Can You Feel the Sun - Barb Bazaldua
Come Together - Beatles/Aerosmith/Diana Ross/Guns-n-Roses
Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray/Vonda Shepard
Daniel - Elton John
Danny's AllStar Joint - Rickie Lee Jones
Down at the Twist & Shout - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac/Carrie Underwood
House at Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins
I Saw Her/Him Standing There - Beatles/Jerry Garcia Band/Elton John
I'd Die Babe - Badfinger
If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
Happy Together - Turtles/Frank Zappa/Simple Plan
I'm A Believer - Neil Diamond/Monkees/Smashmouth
I'm Coming Home - Shannon Curfman
Just A Girl - No Doubt
Keep On Growing - Derek and the Dominos/Sheryl Crow
Me & Bobby McGee - Kris Kristopehrson/Janis Joplin/Grateful Dead/Gordon Lightfoot
Passionate Kisses - Lucinda Williams
Point Special Beer - Traditional
Poor Poor Pitiful Me - Warren Zevon/Linda Ronstadt/Terri Clark
Runaway - Del Shannon/Bonnie Raitt
Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash
Still The Night - BoDeans
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty
The Weight - The Band/Shannon Curfman
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Casinos/Loudermilk/Neil McCoy
They All Asked for You - The Meters
Tired of Waiting for You - The Kinks/Green Day
Travelin' Soldier - Bruce Robison/Dixie Chicks
True Friends - Shannon Curfman
What I Am - Emma Bunton/Edie Brickell/Spice Girls
When Will I Be Loved - Linda Rondstadt
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

Listen to The Lizardz on WWSP's "On Point" show from Mon., Dec 10
Thanks to the crew of "On Point"

Listen to The Lizardz on WWSP's "On Point" show from Mon., Dec 10
Thanks to the crew of "On Point"
It was MUCH Fun
Free DL here!
Kickstarter...helped us fund our Album "Eyeblinder"
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The Lizardz support furthering your education, and here are a few links to health
related programs that can be completed online:
Adventist Online Bachelors in Radiology
Norwich Online Masters of Science in Nursing Program and
UC's Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

8/27/04 Jeff in Lizardz studio -Area 31
(photo by Wesper)
jersey by

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the incredible TODD RUNDGREN tours too!

the amazing BLUE OYSTER CULT...on tour forever!

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