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What starts off innocently enough as a rousing roots rock rave soon moves into honky tonky territory with jive white boy boogie sandwiched between Cajun shuffles and R&B grooves. The Weavils new album, "Make It Happen", has the mojo rising with a love of Little Feat, Hooters and The Neville Brothers carrying the disc down the Delta and through the bayou. Like their insidious namesakes, the Weavils dig deep to creep down into your musical consciousness. Choose from a jumbo serving of gumbo in "Since I Grooved Witchu," or the tastefully rendered ballad, "Free Friends." Either way it's a well designed menu of musical feasting. From the propulisive throb of "River City Blues" to the splintered nerves in "Sleepin' Pill" this record is a banquet of newgrass grunge and cockeyed rock. The keyboard magic of John Finucan and the songwriting skills of Jeff Gauss and Hawk Hawkins elevates The Weavils from being just another party band without leaving the party behind. In fact, despite making a prime getdown disc, "Make It Happen" happens to leave one with a sense that the Weavils may be even better live. 
                                                              John Noyd    Maximum Ink  Volume III Issue VII 

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Review of MAKE IT HAPPEN by jeff gauss 

Rating: 10 

make it happen is the weavils first cd. we spent several years fine-tuning these 13 original songs of various styles while playing many clubs throughout the midwest and about 2 years tweaking and mixing this half studio/half live disc. featuring both our extremely talented bass players combining with the incredibly tight drums-this disc features blues, rock, cajun, psychedelia, and pop. bonus track IHOP Bop is really a lot of fun, satisfy and celebrate rock hard with funk. this disc still holds up years later. 


1 Intro (4:48)> 
2 Phantom Jam (Webber/arr:Weavils) 5:05>
3 Make it Happen (Gauss/Finucan) 4:58
4 Satisfy (Hawkins) 5:05
5 Dance of Death (Finucan) 3:59
6 Mike's Song (Gordon) 7:05
7 Steely Weavils (Finucan) 4:58
8 Rain (Lennon/McCartney) 7:05
9 Since I Grooved Witchu (Gauss/Miller) 5:20
10 Heart of Yours (Gauss) 3:05
11 Happy Land (Finucan) 5:12
12 Sleepin' Pill (Gauss/Weavils) 7:30
13 Television Zombies (Finucan) 5:12
14 Celebrate Yourself (Hawkins) 4:42
15 Outtro (3:32) 

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Amazing show and disc by tina dancer 

Rating: 10 

i was so excited to see the weavils at madison's lovely barrymore theatre in may of '99 that i scoped out a spot in the front row center. after seeing guitarist jeff at a weekly blues jam in town for a year or so, i figured it was finally time to catch his "real" band-the weavils-and i was extremely impressed with the solid rhythm section, great vocals, incredible diversity of musical styles, and great keys and guitar that dance atop that solid groove. 

the house was close to sold out (about 1000 people from various walks of life) and the energy and vibe was thick and high. excitement grew wildly as the weavils took the stage with guitarist jeff dressed as a psychedelic gypsy. as WORTfm's radio personality frank perez took the stage to introduce the band, i was overwhelmed while jeff took a brief moment to say "high" and introduce me to the band. for the next 75 minutes i became enthralled and mystified by the web they weaved before my eyes and ears. 

i am so excited that the band had the foresight to professionally record this gig on digital multi-track recorders with studio earth remote recordings because now i am able to re-live this great night (5.8.99) over and over. the sound is fantastic, the performance is top-notch, and the mix is superbly hot! the disc cover also has a reminder of that great night, the barrymore marquee lit up in wonder. 

the infamous phantom jam opens the disc (after frank's intro) with screaming keys ala phantom of the opera and a soaring guitar solo that rises far above the solid funk groove. this is followed by a wonderful segue into make it happen, the original rock anthem that is the title cut of their first disc...but not on that great disc. jeff then fronts the next tune, satisfy, a funky blues rocker with high energy. i seem to remember him breaking a string on this one but there is no evidence of that on the recording-the marvels of digital editing and mastering. john luc finucan fronts the boys on the next tune, dance of death, a cajun rocker with words of warning...great piano solos throughout. next it's geppy's (bassist) turn to sing the first cover of the night-phish's mike's song. this is a wonderful exploration of time and space that transcends reality itself, is truly amazing and clocks in at over 7 minutes. very psychedelic! the great jazzy instrumental steely weavils follows with keys and guitar swapping orgasmic solos that uplift the human spirit. (nice song john!) the second cover follows with jeff fronting a killer version of the beatles' rain with an extended outro that rocks hard and climbs up the scales beautifully and is one of the best interpretations of the beatles that i have ever heard. 

the rest of the disc is all originals with the super stinky and fonky since i grooved witchu appearing next-great guitar solo from jeff. the fun and loveable pop genius of heart of yours follows with high energy. a then-new song follows, the uplifting happy land from the pen of keyboardist john luc. another example of great soloing from both "front guys" culminating in a harmonic ray of sunshine. my favorite tune follows, sleepin' pill, about an experience with downers from jeff that is super funky, rockin', and psychedelic at the same time! next we go back to john's 50's style rocker television zombies, a great tune that's sung well and performed with energy, emotion, and stamina. all good thangs must come to an end so the boys close with the funk-rock groove of celebrate yourself, the opening tune from the first disc-make it happen. incredible screaming keys dance throughout this tune with glee and splendor. an outro full of thank yous and sustaining and swelling feedback follows to close the disc. 

thank you weavils for the great performance and this fantastic documentation of one your best shows... 

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